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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2001
Some people don't like the sound of Macy's voice and I thought that included me, so I didn't think I'd enjoy this CD, especially as some of the tracks were alien to my taste - but after listening a couple of times I became addicted to the earthy animal in Macy's voice.....and after a couple more times I was completely hooked! Her sound is so DIFFERENT; her music so SPECIAL! If you like R & B - Motown - that sort of thing - and you're young-at-heart enough (I'm nearly 60!) to be able to move on into 21st Century music, then my guess is that you'll REALLY enjoy this artist and this album once you've given yourself a chance to listen to it, particularly if you enjoy SEXY rhythms. For what it's worth, some of my other favourites are Enigma, Sade, Moby and Massive Attack.
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on 26 July 2000
The anthemic 'I Try' is of course a highlight, but the other nine songs are equally impressive. From the singalong soul grooves of 'Why Didn't You Call Me' and 'I Can't Wait To Meetchu' to the sexually charged upbeat numbers like 'Caligula' and 'Sex-o-matic Venus Freak', the album is an instant classic. 'The Letter' and 'I've Committed Murder' are gems of lyrical storytelling and 'Do Something'seems to reach out to everyone with its 'Get up Get out' message. 'Still' beautifully conveys heartbreak before reaching THAT euphoric conclusion. Macy shows her versatility in the laid-back swing of 'A Moment To Myself', and her sublime vocal and lyrical talent in the alnum as a whole. A must for all music fans.
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on 4 March 2003
I fell in love with Macy Gray when I first heard 'I Try', but I didn't think I'd like the other tracks on her debut. I recently bought the CD and fell in love with every single song. The majority of the album is groovy and ultra-funky, but the real show stopper is Macy's voice. Raw, confident and at times downright animalistic. The album has a great vibe, even when she is singing about heartbreak. Definite highlights are 'Do Something', 'Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak' and 'I've Commited Murder'. Strange titles but excellent music. A must for any fan of modern soul!
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on 27 January 2001
This album rates top of my collection. Here is an unbiased track-by-track review: WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME? This track opens the album and is one of only two weak tracks. It's meant to be a tribute to Sly Stone but not as exciting. All right to chill to though.3/5 DO SOMETHING Influenced by old skool hiphop, this song is good with some zany lyrics, but slightly over long and monotonous at 5 minutes.3/5 CALIGULA... is the funkiest, sexiest track on the album, and leads to an excellent instrumental solo. Also the lyrics are sexy without being embaressing.4/5 I TRY The smash from this album is a definate stand out, and is destined to become an absolute classic.5+/5 SEXOMATICVENUSFREAK... is the sequel to Caligula, and works just as well, but is completely different; faster, chugging organs and a mad anthemic chorus. 5/5 I CAN'T WAIT TO MEETCHU This track works lyrically and musically well. It talks of Macy's belief in God without being overly preachy. The excellent breakdown at the end really makes the track.5/5 STILL Gorgeous ballad, which really dwarfs any other ballad of 2000, for sheer emotion, emotion and majesty.5+/5 I COMMITTED MURDER Another standout. A jazzy instrumental underpins a lyrical masterpiece, about a murderous fantasy, with a touch of humour. If Eminem is good at wordplay, Macy's ten times better.5+/5 A MOMENT TO MYSELF Along with most of Sade's Lover's Rock, this is my ultimate chill-out tune.5/5 THE LETTER Another track that proves Macy's lyrical prowess, this track intelligently and positively handles the issue of suicide. A perfect closer (with a anthemic chorus) to a perfect album. So there you go, a review of the album. By it now, but be warned, give it time to grow on you!
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on 21 April 2015
When I spent the turn of the new millenium touring Australia and New Zealand, this was the soundtrack. It was everywhere, at every party, bar, pub and club (not to mention the internet cafes). Though I didn't own it on CD, so I still have fond memories rather than a nagging hangover of major earworming.

Delighted to find this on minidisc, my new dead format of choice (cassettes are so 3 weeks ago, and frankly pretty much unlistenable), so I can enjoy the soundtrack to Y2K pretty much anywhere.
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VINE VOICEon 1 October 2003
macy gray is mad. there is no denying it she is complety flufty ducker! however this first album designed to launch her supersonically into the charts is restrained compared to current standards. thats not to say its bad there is not one bad song on this album and with a whopping five singles released from it it gave her the rock solid fan base she needed to develop herself and her music. the songs range from the upbeat funk-o-licious "why didnt you call me" to the hauntingly beautiful "still". every song is written by macy and shoes the sheer awsomeness of her talent, she quotes prince as one of her musical heroes and this shines through on songs such as "i cant wait to meet you", "sex-o-matic venus freak" and "why didnt you call me" which are all infused with that delicious funky beat that gets inside your head and does the hustle on your brain.
the songs themselves cover a wide range of topics from the everyday letdowns of life to topics such as religion and domestic violence yet never once does this album get morose or depressing the songs "i try" and "still" although dealing with sad subjects both contain a quiet optimism which seeps through the songs and into the listener that says "nothing will ever keep me down" this probably comes from macy's rock solid faith which can be sampled on i cant wait to meet you-the funkiest hymn in history!
if i was forced to pick my favorite from here i'd struggle they are all five star songs but at a push id say it has to be still, or i try, or do something, or-what the hell all of them!
if you dont own this album-why the hell not!
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on 8 January 2000
A mix of funk and soul this CD captures aspects of the last century but aslo sets sights and standards for the future. Macy has an unique voice, which, when mixed with the well crafted rhytms and excellent lyrics, is enough to get anyone off their seats and shake their funky stuff. Her first track to be released, 'I try' is a beautiful track and represents the album well, as the other tracks live up to it's success. You will lose yourself in each masterpiece.
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on 29 July 2001
'On how life is' is the ultimate album to chill out to. The lyrics of 'the letter', 'still', 'i try' and 'a moment to myself' wash away any stress you may be feeling and leave you fresh and ready for anything. This album is mainly brilliant due to the soul-chilling lyrics and the calming sound of Macy Gray. It is definately worth buying and playing at any time as the range of music from the almost saddening 'still' to the strong beats of 'i can't wait to meetchu' suit any mood of any person. My favourite track is definately number 10 'The letter' because of the lyrics. This debut album from Macy Gray is well worth listening to and although some people compare her voice to a creaking door in a haunted house, personally i think the voice just helps to emphasise the calming, laid back vibe created by this album.
I just love it
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on 11 January 2000
I bought this album on the strength of 'I try' and was well and truly blown away by the rest of it. All the tracks are stong and you don't have to skip any. The best thing is that you can dance to it, listen to it whilst driving and also have it as a conversation piece. The music is infectious and the whole album has a very relaxed vibe to it. You can get lost in so many different parts of each track, the bass lines, the guitars and sometimes when they just leave some 'space' in the music. They get into a really nice groove and hold it just long enough for you to want some more. I don't know how she is going to follow this one up successfully. Oh! I forgot to mention the voice. A must buy!!
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on 14 November 1999
For a debut, this is one amazing cd. Everyone has likely already heard the highly infectious "I Try" and this continues to be one of my favourite songs on the cd. However, there are a lot of other great tunes on this that make the cd worth buying. I have heard it being compared to Lauryn Hill's solo release, and although they are slightly similar Macy Gray has a very unique voice and a unique sound. There is a good variety of smooth, R&B songs as well as some faster paced numbers. Although I usually try and stay away from the "chart topper" cd's as they tend to be quite "pop-ish" I highly recommend this cd.
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