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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Central Reservation
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on 19 April 2017
Another fabulous Beth Orton chill out CD. Again, I use in my car when travelling on a long journey. I'm a big fan of Beth Orton - a very big fan indeed.

The Last Days of Thunder Child: Victorian Britain in Chaos!
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on 10 September 2001
God bless her, she’s a saviour! I agree with one of the other reviewers here, when he says that Beth Orton is almost a genre unto herself. If I had to describe her music, I would definitely say that she has elements of folk, chillout, pop, rock and even trip-hop. It sounds crazy but it really works! Some good comparisons to other artists would be Sheryl Crow or Dido (without all the hype). If Beth Orton had Dido’s marketing she would be just as big, but more deservedly so. This is probably Beth’s best to date, and a good place to start if you’re a newcomer to her work. But don’t you dare miss her first album, Trailer Park and the Best Bit EP. Standout tracks include Stolen Car, Central Reservation and Devil Song. I find myself singing along to many of the songs on this album, which is a bit silly when you’re a bloke! Usually I only write reviews on this site when no-one's reviewed them before, so I have a chance to win the £50 :) But in this instance, I really feel like spreading the word. It’s truly, food for the soul.
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on 25 April 2016
Lovely vocals and great instrumentals too. Not to mention that the lyrics can pack an emotional punch as well. The live/acoustic tracks on disc 2 show that Ms Orton's voice can stand up on its own without fancy electronics. Mrs B spotted the similarity to Everything But The Girl immediately (Ben Watt of EBTG produced some of the tracks). Lots of other artists tend to get namechecked whenever Beth Orton is mentioned but all I can say is that comparisons with Sandy Denny are not too far wrong.
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on 3 March 2003
beth Orton is one of the most striking singer/songwriters we have produced from this land, and this album (her 2nd) blows you away with beats, folk, soul and depth. If you havent heard Beth before, get this album and Daybreaker - in fact get all of her albums incl. trailer park. her voice soothes and is original and unique and the music is spot on and totally Beths, all from her heart. And, lets be honest, heart music is better than any other.Keep writing and singing pls Ms Orton. See u at the Dome in March.
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on 7 November 1999
This album is gorgeous ! From the first track on it delights and soothes the heart and soul. Beth Orton (even the name is beautiful), is the best and most creative female singer I have heard in aeons. I once went to see her in concert and she was so humble and shy...which kind of came across on the album...I think definite favourites are 1) The Sweetest Decline 2) Pass in Time...oh this is futile..they are all fabulous tracks and some how all different, perfect especially late on a Summer evening when you want to relax. Since buying this CD I think I have listened to it a thousand times and loved it every time...I still think Beth Orton with this album is one of the undiscovered musical heroines (heroes?) of our time, and I kind of feel it is best this way.... Colin Morgan
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on 28 April 2001
Whereas Trailer Park was split between beautiful tunes and trancey technofolk, Central Reservation is from start to end a beautiful, beautiful album. Just check out 'Feel To Believe' or 'Sweetest Decline'....there is not one duff track or album filler. If you can appreciate gorgeous melodies and emotive music or just love to chill out then you'll LOVE this. And to keep the technofolkers happy there's even a hint of the spacy chilled-out vibe that was present on Trailer Park. I don't think I can express how much I love this album, it just has to heard! To summarise: Beth Orton is a BRILLIANT artist, Trailer Park is a great album, and Central Reservation is even better!!! Absolutely beautiful and DEFINITELY in my top 3 favourite albums of all time!!!BUY IT NOW!!!!
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on 6 November 2002
I bought this CD after listening to an interview and a few tracks from Beth Orton on the radio. This is really good album that succesfully blends a number of different styles. The romantic 'Sweetest Decline' is a definite highlight. Then there are the two versions of Central Reservation - one verging on folky the other fairly and squarely in the dance category. Stolen Car is also a really good track. Pass in time is both sad and uplifting at the same time. This is Dido with an additional something. Beth Orton has really done well on this and Trailer Park to combine a wide variety of styles on one CD. One of my favourites. On this CD there is only one dud track in twelve - buy this if you are in any doubt!
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on 7 July 2014
The intriguing new record label '3 Loop Music' have licensed and reissued a 2CD version of Beth Orton's classic '99 sophomore LP as part of their avowed effort to get recognition and more importantly money (!) to under-appreciated artists. In this streaming age this is an admirable aim but I wonder if they are swimming against the tide on this ..... we shall see but if they are going to re-release music of this high quality I wish them all the best.

The original LP is quite simply a modern classic, brilliant songwriting and performances and most of all Beth Orton's amazing ethereal vocals which bizarrely were sometimes criticised at the time for not always staying in key ..... critics huh?!? This LP is a definitely step forward from her much admired debut ('Trailer Park') in that for the majority of the tracks the electronica elements of the debut have been stripped away for a much more organic, rootsier sound which still sounds fresh 15-years later whereas her 1st LP now sounds somewhat 'of its time' with a definite time-capsule feel for better and worse. Mentioning stand outs is somewhat pointless in such a strong set but the opener "Stolen Car" is exceptional as is the original version of the title track (which is also presented in a remixed electronica fashion at the end of the set to lesser effect).

The 2nd disc of this set comprises an 8-song acoustic live session with just Beth and a 2nd guitarist performing strong versions of many of the LP's best tracks including a stunning solo (non duet) version of the eulogy to her late mother, "Pass In Time". The remainder of this generous disc (1hr 11 mins) comprises four B-Sides (3-good performances inc. a non-electronica version of "Stars All Seem To Weep" which is superior to the LP version, and another missable dance remix of "Central Reservation") and 4-demos (a solo acoustic version of "Love Like Laughter" [excellent], a 97-second ho-hum electronica version of "So Much More" and two strong full band demoes of the title track [again] and "Couldn't Cause Me Harm"). Therefore a bit of a mixed bag as might be expected for unreleased stuff but there is about a hour of really good, worthwhile music here.

There is also a good set of liner notes with evocative pictures from this era (and at 15-years remove somewhat poignant [my, my she was pretty]). Therefore in conclusion a very worthwhile expansion of Beth's best album (only really approached in consistency and quality by 2006's 'Comfort of Strangers') ---- fans and the curious should pick this one up.
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on 27 June 2003
How can you fault a woman who obviously puts all her emotion into her music? In my opinion you can't. This is the new breed of folk music at its best. The tracks are easy to listen to, gentle on the ear, yet can provoke emotions because it is obvious that her music is so true to herself. Her voice is gentle, but haunting, and the music emphasises this is such a beautiful way. Some of the stand out tracks are the opener 'Stolen Car', the title track, and 'pass in time'. She shows both sorrow and optimism within her words and has created a truly heart rendering album in 'Central Reservation'
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on 27 December 2012
Ahh, how good it is to stumble upon a brilliant 5 star album! Earthy voice, completely unpretentious, talented song writing, talented band. Can she sing? Is her singing voice sweet and harmonious? Is not Van Morrison living proof that you don't need to be able to sing in order to be successful? Yet give me the voice of Beth Orton any day. This is great music, and the singing voice complements the music in every song. Lyrically thoughtful, excellent songs. Chill out and get into this album. Track 1 claims your attention, and there follows lots of mellow easy listening, with also a very good trance-dance like track thrown in. Lovely album.
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