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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2005
If you were a massive Take That fan first time around, no doubt you have already long had Take That - Greatest Hits from 1996. But even if you have that then there may still be need to buy this, thanks to the previously unreleased single 'Today I've Lost You' which was apparently to be their next single and appear on their next album, had their split not occurred. Listening to it now nearly ten years after the band split is taking it out of context and it is therefore hard to fully appreciate it. It would have got to number one of course, but that tells you nothing about the song. Its a ballad very much in the vein of Back For Good, but with a slightly catchier chorus. As usual Gary was on lead vocals, and the song is pleasant enough, but we will never know if had it been released would it have joined the pantheon of Take That definitive anthems like Never Forget and Back For Good. Maybe releasing it as a single might be an interesting idea, just to see what happens? If you were the biggest Take That fan back then, then the new single alone should justify purchasing this again, and no fan would exactly object to listening to all the other hits again would they?
The album features all the singles from the Greatest Hits as well as a remix or two and the new track, but does not feature their first single, 'Do What You Like'. However it only got to number 82 in the charts anyway, so it's not exactly a hit. So as long as you don't mind missing that song, and you don't have the original Greatest Hits, then this is an essential album for any serious music collectors. Take That were the biggest thing around in Britain in the early 1990s, so this album charts an important phase in British music history. Take That were of course the first boy band of their type (unless you count acts like Bros and Wham) so they were fresh and new. Their template has been copied time and again, often to great success (e.g. Boyzone, Westlife) and often moderate to little success (e.g. Five, 911, Upside Down - anyone remember them?).
Also it should be noted that the track 'Babe' on this album sounds slightly different to the 'Babe' which appears on my Greatest Hits album - slightly rockier with more drums and guitars after the last verse. That may just be me though, but it seemed unfamiliar.
If your original Greatest Hits has worn out from RSI (which is likely) then buy this. If you are the obsessive fan and need the new song, buy this. If you've never heard of them (if such a person exists!) buy this, as Take That were the definitive pop act for the 1990s, producing some of the greatest pop songs ever, which Westlife, Boyzone and the like never equalled, let alone bettered. So get it and listen to the outstanding pop anthems that are Never Forget and Back For Good, the haunting Babe, the dancefloor filler Relight My Fire, and the underrated early releases, which include my personal favourite; Promises. If you are happy with your current copy of Greatest Hits and aren't fussed about the new single then don't bother with this, but I can't think there are many of those out there!
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on 11 December 2006
what a great album. would recommend it to any boy band lovers and take that fans. great songs such as "back for good" "relight my fire" "pray" "never forget" are absolute classics. i'm glad the boys are back with a new album good for them. a great xmas present.
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on 30 December 2005
Well what can i say, its like going back to the good old days! Its got all the best hits on it and this is one not to be missed (well thats if you was a take that fan), great songs and great memories. Give it a go :-)
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on 19 December 2005
They're back and this time i hope it's for good. Take That are the only quality boy band out there unless you count McFly who seem to be evolving from boys now but we'll leave that for another review. So Gary writes the tunes, the lads harmonise, add some dodgy dance moves and you've got THE best boy band ever. Anyone who tries to deny 'Back for good' is in any way inviting is totally out of there mind and you gotta get up and dance when 'Relight my fire' comes on. they've got the ability to make people dance and just sit back and relax and their music is so variable. It goes from techno dance to r'n'b to pop. You must buy this album and relive the 90s whether you were in your teenage years pining over Mark Owen or whether you were making a fool of yourself at the office party. It's a classic
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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2005
When Take that were first on the go, I didn’t like them at all. I am sure that did not worry them as they had a vast legions of adoring teenage girls for fans and I was a thirty something discriminating music fan.
There is no doubt that at the time they were absolutely huge internationally and made pot loads of money.
Anyway, time for a re-evaluation with the release of this compilation and actually it is rather good.
Their original songs (composed by Gary Barlow) were well written pop numbers. They also did cover-versions the best of which was their discofied version of the Barry Manilow fave, Could It Be Magic.
Looking back, these songs were fantastic pop and Take That were probably the last huge UK pop group to make an impression worldwide.
I didn’t think this was gonna be my kind of thing but I really enjoyed this. The production is fine and the whole package just works fine. There is a live version of Pray and a Relight My Fire remix for the Take That completists.
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on 28 April 2006
The greatest hits re-packaged I'm sure, but as a former true blue Take Thatter, i fail to see the problem!! For all of you out there who believe that buying this album is fuelling some old teenage delusion (you know who you are...)ask yourself this, Like it or not, boybands are a life blood of British Music, DEAL WITH IT!!

Anyway to the album, as you can expect, all the classic TT tunes appear. It also includes a live performance of 'Pray' which I have to say is brilliant! the element remix of 'Relight my Fire' was a waste of tape if you ask me....

However, whether you be an original Barlow Babe or Jason chaser, even those of you who weren't old enough to appreciate them then, i extend the arm of TT appreication to you. Please step forward and buy your copy. P.s Have fun at the forthcoming gigs!!
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on 15 November 2005
Take That were the original modern boyband.GARY,MARK,JASON,HOWARD AND ROBBIE (yes robbie williams superstar before he was a superstar!!)defining the 1990's They split 13th feb 1996 and broke a million hearts NEVER has a split been so big in making and impact on teenage girls!!!!
They sold 10 million in 4/5 years and created a new hoard of pop lovers!!
They re-defined the term boyband and made it about susbtance not just style. They had 8 number one singles and unlike todays bands they didn't release every 3 weeks they normally had 5 or 6 months between each single and still racked up all those number ones in 5 years!! If you like westlife, boyzone, blue five etc Take that were the reason all those bands got record deals they made pop BIG again!!
This album contains all the number ones like Everything Changes, Babe,sure, pray, back for good etc and it also contains the other huge hits they had whilst climbing the ladder Love ain't here anymore,why can't i wake up with you, could it be magic,i found heaven and more. I doesn't feature 1st single Do what u like however this is most likley to be because this single didn't make the top 40 and wasn't a big hit so its fair enough its not on a Greatest hits album!! It also includes a new song Today I lost you - which was written in 1995 and was orginally planned as the first single from the New album (the follow up to nobody else)that never happerned as they split instead!! Its worth getting for this song alone, emotional, beautiful harmonies which were re-recorded by the band in the studio last november especially for this collection and a perfect follow up to back for good this track goes perfectly with the others and fits into the classic collection.
Buy this album for a piece of fabulous pop history, some great memories and as an example of PERFECT POP!!
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on 20 February 2007
Okay...i'm sure that 'A Music Fan' below probably feels a little bit foolish now, which I have no sympathy for because it was a strange & pointless rant anyway...surely a real music fan recognises that bands come & go, some leave a legacy, some don't...they might as well have said 'those Beatles eh...where are they now? they satisfied all the screaming girls and then disappeared without trace' - SOme bands leave on a high, not flog an old formula to death like some bands have done, and if the time is right for a comeback later down the line (like The Police, Take That, Pink Floyd), then they will do so, and the fans will still be don't listen to morons like that poster below, this is a great album of its time.
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on 30 December 2007
Obviously all the TT fans from 10 years ago will have the greatest hits album but this gives you chance to have the greatest hits plus the additions of several live performances and also a previously unheard track 'today I lost you' classic Gary Barlow lead with great BVs by the rest of the fab 4. A must have for all TT fans.
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on 30 November 2005
Take that have been the only boy band i have ever been crazy about, i've liked others, but i was obsessed with them, and like so many people i was truly devastated when they split up. Recently i've had this desire to listen to take that, and been meaning to get their greatest hits... and then all of a sudden they realise this.. i was jumping for joy, i summound mum to go buy it, and i listened to it again and again, and yes i do know every single word to every song.. but who doesn't?! If your expecting new songs.. dont .. there's one previously unrealised song.. which is good.. but dont expect a whole new album... expect what they did so well... and get ready to dance around your living room, whilst ur boyfriend thinks your a fool and cringes in the corner... If you loved take that, you will LOVE this cd... It will make you feel about 12 again.... !!!!
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