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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 26 September 2016
If you look at at any 'Top 10/20/50 Hardcore/Punk' albums of all time chart, being online, in a magazine, YouTube video or whatever, you are highly likely to find this, perhaps the most famous Dead Kennedys' album, somewhere on the list, and more often than not the top half. I know very little of this band really so I'll spare you a history lesson, what I do know, is that this is a kick ass album!
Punk is often very unfairly derided as Metal's dumb, nontechnical cousin, filled by poor guitarists, average vocalists but an occasional top drawer drummer. It's albums like 'Fresh Fruit...' that smash the stereotype to bits!
Being a guitarist, I was surprised how complex songs like 'Holiday In Cambodia' are. It's not your standard 'power chords only' punk song, and is more reminiscent of 'Surfer Rock' with a mean streak than anything else. OK, it's not exactly a 10 minute+ Steve Vai fretboard marathon, but it showcases a great understanding of melody, keys and shows there is much more to the genre than chugging power chords and ska beats. East Bay Ray may just be one of the most under-rated guitarists of all time.
The latter track is one of the highlights ('...Cambodia'), and the track listing is done very effectively, so that the album builds up to that track as its undoubted highlight, which is then followed by an excellent and fun cover of Elvis Presley's 'Viva Las Vegas.' Other highlights include 'Kill The Poor,' 'Let's Lynch The Landlord,' and 'California Uber Alles.'
Jello Biafra's vocals are also very unique, no doubt it'll have some detractors, but the the almost gleeful way he delivers the raw, harsh violence of his lyrics is something to behold, as it melodically suits the music whilst also verbally contradicting the feel good vibes.
The production has aged magnificently well. I assume this CD has been remastered(?), if not, it's a remarkable achievement of mixing! All elements are well represented and still very raw and punk, whether it's East Bay Ray's echo-fuelled slides and arpeggios to Biafra's OTT vocals, you can't help but feel amazed this album is nearly 40 years old!
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VINE VOICEon 29 April 2008
The Dead Kennedys debut album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables was originally released in September 1980 ( On Cherry Red records in the U.K., though it gained a later release on the bands own Alternative Tentacles label).Coming on the coat tails of the original punk movement- which had now morphed into post-punk the album showcased a harder edged hardcore tinged sound with genuinely political themes. It is in fact more a punk album in true punk attitude than just about any released during punks halcyon years.
The music is frenetic and loud but has a real songwriters nous behind the surf punk mayhem. It is not just a barrage of vociferous pummelling rhythms . The odd song apart this is a fiercely intelligent yet aggressive disembowelling of classic American AM rock. The playing too is incredible with Klaus Fluoride providing jet streamed fluid bass while the guitar of East Bay Ray, who also produced, is just sensational , especially on "Holiday In Cambodia" which in my humble opinion is one of the greatest guitar led tracks ever.What makes it even more impressive is the entire album was recorded live with the only additions being backing vocals, courtesy of various guests and some rhythm guitar.
Lyrically too, this is a tremendous album with Jello Biafra providing some of the most stringent satirical barbs ever committed to tape .It,s like Bill Hicks fronting Minor Threat.....or indeed The Dead Kennedys. Biafra lambastes the left and Governor Jerry Brown on "California Uber Alles", the right on "Kill The Poor" and the closeted middle class on "Holiday In Cambodia". Avarice and stupidity in society are lampooned mercilessly though the band are not above a bit stupidity themselves as their breathless cover of "Viva Las Vegas " proves. Biafra,s voice , like Johnny Rotten before him, is very distinctive with a tangible warble adding to the caustic sneer.
This special edition has an extra CD with different versions of "Kill The Poor" and "Holiday In Cambodia" which are,nt as good as the originals but still worth a listen. There is also the notorious and to be honest slightly asinine "Too Drunk To F**K". The other extra tracks are,nt that great but completists will no doubt be thrilled by their inclusion. The most striking aspect about this album , apart from the music of course, is that the very things that Jello Biafra is railing against are if anything even more prevalent today. A song like "Kill The Poor" has even more resonance in George W Bush,s America of 2008 than it did in 1980....same in Britain under New Labour(Though it may have to be amended to Tax The Poor).Which begs the question where are the contemporary bands with the same sense of outrage and indignation as The Dead Kennedys?
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on 3 September 2014
Something that I like about the rating system ar AMG is that you also get to pick half-points. That's what I would have done here - I would have ticked 4.5. It's that mega-good, but you know how it is. It's not Exile on Main St, or Revolver, or even Blood On the Tracks, Dark Side of the Moon or OK Computer. But it's such a punk classic that it deserves more than four stars. So imagine now that it's 4.5. Why? It's raw. It's angry. The lyrics are nearly as clever as Dylan's, and he's kind of a punk too, although ahead of its time. The music is top notch throughout - how on Earth is it possible to be on the bar at a hundred miles per hour? What with the speed they play, who checks whether they play it right anyway. What's right, anyway? "Holiday in Cambodia" must be my favorite, and while it's not exactly clear whether Mr. Biafra knows what he wants to say, we feel that he should run for President once more, every time he sings.
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on 16 May 2007
after listening to this album 6 times in one day i cant give it any less than 5 stars,i truly cant,this is a masterpiece of political punk,an album that is dangerous,provactive,in your face,aware of whats going on in its time and all that laced with a sense of humour and perhaps irony at times,but all the while has its eye on the ball.Of course this album was released in 1980 and i was still wearing nappies then so some of the related anger is lost on me,but being a politically based album the fears are the same today and while the faces have changed the same chaos remains and thats why these songs are still relevant today,take for example the song 'chemical warfare',a threat that we all are aware of today still,you bet!

Aside from the acid tongued lyrics,the band play with a pace and hunger that is very infectious,rapid and indeed rabid are words that spring to mind,much of the bands success is down to vocalist jello who has the skill to pen the lyrics but also a unique voice,almost comical at times,but brilliant nonetheless and his vocal style certainly inspired casey chaos of amens style,thats a guarantee,but the use of the bass here is also pivotal,bassist klaus hammers the bass with urgencey and brings soul to the group,his style reminds me of rockabilly stylings kinda like the bass used in elvis pressleys' fast tracks,it is finger clicking good,indeed its no surprise to find a cover of a famous elvis track in 'viva las vegas' which the band make their own,what a cover.

Of the 14 tracks there is no filler,no moment wasted,no song overcooked,the album only lasts 33 minutes ,some songs dont see the two minute mark in fact but are not just wastes of time,they are memorable,take for instance 'stealing peoples mail' which has keyboard thrown in and is just class.

The albums most definitive track is the classic track 'holiday in cambodia' which is a beast of a track with an underlying sense of purpose about it,laced with venom and spite and all the while a track that will take the shivers from your spine and rip them to pieces.

If you are asking me if i am a punk fan in the true meaning then i say no,as metal is my cup of tea but a brilliant album is always a brilliant album and fresh fruit for rotting vegetables is an album that we all need to hear so pick up this dangerous cd as soon as possible.
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on 16 June 2000
The great thing about this box set is that you get more tracks than you would normally get and i this case that deffinitly a bonus. Dead Kennadys are most certainly not punk-rock although they are easier on the ears than The Sex Pistols. The most well known track on the album ('Holiday In Cambodia') is probably one of the best - and in this box set you get it twice - it has lyrics which are, for a punk band, suprisingly thought-provoking lyrics. 'Kill The Poor' is another that will have you singing along for days, as will 'Viva Las Vegas'. Over all it's a great album for getting ready to go out to or to play at parties in the summer. Everyone should have a copy, if you like that sort of thing....
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2010
There are lots of claims for the seminal sound of punk. In the UK we have the Clash, The Sex Pistols and the Damned who were trailblazers. The US preceeded our efforts with the work of the Ramones, Suicide, The Stooges and more.... but after punks 100 days, what happened?

The influence of the post 77 days of Thatcherism and Reaganism which have shaped our world into the nightmare state we find ourselves in was reflected in a new form of US punk, known as hardcore and at the forefront were the Dead Kennedys.

What carved them out was the politics wrapped up in a fast and yet totally listenable form that meant that those of us who loved the likes of the Damned would feel completely at home in the Kennedys world.

On this, their best album, you'll find sharp politics 'California Uber Alles', 'Holiday in Cambodia' and straight forward anti establishment stuff in the shape of Police Truck and Kill The Poor

What the Kennedys had was a lyricist in the shape of Jello Biafra who made superb observations of the time, yet managed to deliver the subject matter with a kind of spiked humour that worked in tandem with the brilliant musicianship of the band.

When you combine all this with the perfect Kenndys playlist then you have the perfect new wave / hardcore punk album. Which this is.

If you don't own it, then your music collection has one massive hole that needs filling right now. (but try to get the version with the free CD containing Too Drunk... one of the best singles of the 80's.

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on 25 November 2017
Arrived well before the expected delivery date and was exactly as described by the seller.
Love the DK's and this is without doubt their finest album.
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on 23 February 2018
Good edition. Good service.
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on 23 March 2017
This is one of my favourite hardcore punk bands and what a debut cd awesome
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on 26 December 2003
'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables' is one of the Dead Kennedys earlier albums, it was published in 1980 and has a god selection of songs. however Dead Kennedys have a verry distinct sound that you should maby listen to first in you local music store (if you can), if you've never heard them before. Personally they are one of my favorite punk bands but keeping in mind their distinguished sound i only gave them 4 istead of 5 stars. if you choose to buy this album, i'm shure you'll enjoy it.
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