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on 3 September 2017
Ministry of saints has a very deep meaning if you consider Armageddon but the way it's sung and played gives it meaning in the ROCK sense - it's a belter! The album is GREAT!
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on 7 September 2009
This is no doubts a good album, but not very typical of Edguy on the whole, as it is somewhat reminiscent of a hard-rock album -- on the other hand, it is very original in this sense, as this is only a relatively accurate description of the overall Style of the album, which to me is the most pleasant thing about it.

The definitive highlights of the album include

A) 'Ministry of Saints' (a killer track reminiscent of King of Fools, for instance)
B) 'Pride of Creation' (A Power-metal mid-tempo amalgam - interesting track
C) 'Dragonfly' - catchy chorus and with a really nice Overall rhythm (just as Ministry of Saints)
D) 'Thorn Without Roses' (A mid-tempo ballad amalgam - another interesting mix - though it may lack that last spark, so to speak - which some of the earlier ballads have.

The rest of the tracks in some way feel like fillers, although some of the melodies and intros are quite catchy.
Overall, I would give this album 3 (or maybe 3.5) stars. The average Edguy fan is likely to find at least something good in this album, but in my view there is reason not to expect quite as bombastic tunes as on Theater of Salvation, Mandrake and the next two albums by Edguy (2004 and 2006) -- on the whole it is a more or less successful attempt to offer a different kind of Edguy onto the metal scene, though:)
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on 2 June 2009
After reading Bob Twain's rather miserable review, I felt compelled to add my own thoughts.
Edguy, the brainchild of the genius Tobias Sammet, have released a string of excellent albums. Tinnitus Sanctus is by far, the best so far.

It does exactly what is says on the tin - glorious hard rock riffs, fantastic vocals and catchy, memorable choruses, as nobody writes a chorus like Mr Sammet. This an album that you can enjoy.
Edguy are up there with the best of them. Edguy will rock your world.
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on 12 August 2013
I bought this mainly because of the opening track 'Ministry of Saints' which had to be one of the greatest rock/power tracks of all time. Atmosphere, excitement, bass, guitar solos, pounding beat - what more do you want.Now my phone ringtone as well. 'Dead or Rock a great track to. Superb album
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on 7 November 2013
Great album all in all. The bonus content is (as usual from Edguy) superb.
This is Tobias Sammet at very close to his best (I still think "Rocket Ride" is better).
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on 5 March 2010
Edguy were one of my favourite bands but their last 3 releases have got progressively worse and more commercial. Culminating in this quite awful album which sadly doesn't contain a single track worthy of the name Edguy. It's hard to understand why Sammmet has taken the band down this road which for me is the end of the road. If you're looking for power metal you sure ain't got it here !
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on 10 February 2009
This is not really Edguy,but a very bad Bon Jovi clone.Boring and shallow.I think Tobi is finished as a power metal rocker.He sold his soul to this radio friendly garbage gentre.Well,I am not a fan anymore.
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on 24 June 2014
Firstly I thought Id mention the next upcoming two Edguy albums after Tinnitus Sanctus for a comparison. I believe most people will own all Edguy albums. But they maybe some Edguy fans whom like the comparison to Later Edguy albums and may have bought much of the classic Edguy albums and wanna know whats best past 2008 - 2014. I have done 3 reviews on Edguy, one on Tinnitus Sanctus, Age Of The Joker And Space Police.

Firstly I recommend buying the two disc if you like live albums cos the album does contain awesome stuff from 2008 and below! But if you prefer just the studio stuff buy the Single edition. The two disc does include one extra studio album song Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?! It is quite a cool song but i rated it on my player as nothing special and still agree its just meant as a little comical jam and nothing more, theres many on others like age of the joker and space police, though this one could be argued it is more USA related as opposed to space polices song England! The albums meaning Tinnitus Sanctus is also meant to be comical jab at religion. this is probably linked to the songs ministry of saints and sex fire religion. If your a musician Tinnitus is an awful low buzzing hiss in your ear usually the effect of a loud band practise or a loud live gig! However the affects can be temporary and usually not long time though it has been known and the affects are to be taken seriously if you suffer partially or long term from it. And living in a world were we over compress studio tracks definitely worth having your ears checked out if the case! Sanctus is : an ancient Christian hymn of adoration sung or said immediately before the prayer of consecration in traditional liturgies. Hence the person has Tinnitus but instead of hearing low frequency or high buzz is hearing christian hymns low buzz high frequency!

In regards to the album they are three songs that make this album worth buying. They are Ministry Of Saints, The Pride Of Creation and Wake Up Dreaming Black. They are a lot of reasonably well composed tracks that can leave a memorable impact too and listening to the album in one leaves a positive impact on you, but nothing as memorable as the classic albums. however you will find this to be a regular thing with the 2008 onwards edguy albums. Though they are some good tracks on this album along with Dragonfly, Sex Fire Religion and Speedhoven

In a short summery this album is worth getting along with space police. If its between The last three albums Space police is the best but this is a close 2nd following age of the joker!!
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on 30 November 2008
If there is ever one musician that does not let the grass grow under his feet, then it has to be Edguy's founding member, Tobias Sammet. From his day job in Edguy, to Anastasia his side project, along with guesting on other musician's albums, he is one heck of a busy individual. For the most part, I have enjoyed every album that Edguy has released, however 2006's `Rocket Ride' sealed the deal for me, as it was kerosene fuelled power metal album with a razor sharp edge to it. The riffing was sublime, their song-writing prowess was top notch and even by today's standards, I still find pleasure in listening to `Rocket Ride'.

I was elated when news got to me that the new album `Tinnitus Sanctus' was in the making, but I wasn't too sure quite what to expect from Edguy in 2008. From the first listening session of `Tinnitus Sanctus', I knew we were in for something very different as this album has a more commercial and melodic side to it. Dare I say there might even be a few `radio friendly' songs on this album! Gone are the huge meaty riffs of yesteryear, to be replaced by straightforward guitar playing and the power metal elements (bar one track) have been replaced by hard rock. There are still some memorable guitar solos, but what is noticeable is the use of the double bass drum is virtually absent.

The overall feel of the album has a blissful vibe, journeying as mentioned into hard rock territory. However, the typical Edguy chorus' are still present and nothing has changed with regards to the vocals of Sammet, as he still sounds awesome. From a production standpoint, the services of esteemed German producer Sascha Paeth have been used and like always, the production and clarity are superb with each instrument being well represented in the mix. The production is comparable to anything that Kamelot has recorded in the last few years, which coincidently is another band that Paeth has produced during his career.

My favourite tracks are 'Ministry of Saints', which has a great recurring riff and is the only power metal number on the album, reminiscent of days past. Being the first song on the album, it did give a false sense of reality, as it is a fast-paced power metal number that worked at odds to the remainder of the album, which generally travels in hard rock territory. Other standout tracks are the epic tinged `Dragonfly' and the delectable ballad with a cheesy title `The thorn without a Rose'. Sammet relishes in his own sense of humour (or should I say toilet humour!) and again he has written a catchy song called `Aren't you a little pervert Too'?

I think the title says it all, with rather humorous lyrics as the album concludes on an upbeat note. I am wondering how this album is going to be received by the Edguy fan base? Personally, I believe that this album is a total grower and with repetitive listens, like a bottle of vintage wine, it will get better and better with time. The way to appreciate this album is not to compare it to previous material that Edguy have recorded, but rather view it as an individual album with a subtle difference. Yes, I would highly recommend this album to old and new fans alike, as the music has been written well and Edguy has shown us they are unafraid to take risks and still have plenty of diversity left in them to explore different avenues.
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on 15 July 2009
Well i can't say that i'm a fan of this new direction that EDGUY took. I think Tobias was meant to play melodic power metal and we can see that with every AVANTASIA album he releases
the new EDGUY is not a bad album. The best song on the album is Dragonfly. Either than that there are 3 or 4 good songs like the first 3 and Speedhoven but after that what....? 3 or 4 completely pointless 'rockish' songs.. Why Tobias? What do these pop/rock songs have to offer to the rock/metal scene? Nothing is my opinion.
You guys need to get back to power metal. Power metal is already full of uninspired clowns (except Kamelot) so you need to return and blow our heads away with a power metal dynamite like Vain glory...NOW!!!!
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