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on 7 February 2015
just received this , have been getting lots of us blu rays recently, without problem, just letting everyone know this one is region coded, and will not play on a region 2 machine
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Picture this - just started getting a rotten flu - had to take day off work (which turned into a week - hope you did not get it this year - worst flu Ive ever had!...).....and some films by my player Id not got round to watching.

Id heard of these films - Im a french film fan - Adore D.Atuils Le Bossu and Rimaud and Juliette and most his other stuff, and of course Im a huge Depardu fan (who isn't!) - Id heard of but never got round to seeing where their careers truely started.....and believe you me they both started with
what are undoubtedly two magnificent classics.

The ending of Manon des sources is heartbreaking yes.....but the journey there is bittersweet too - These films to me are the french
equivalent to the harshness of the likes of Thomas Hardy - Jude the obscur (Jude de Obscura! ahar) - there is a barreness and real life
of pain quality to all the characters - behind the bountiful French country life broods ignorance, cruelty, jealousy and the disturbance of
beautiful innocence. Without giving the story away if you have not seen it and are any kind of french film fan, these are must watches.

Beautifully shot - and acted by all involved - I had to stop at the end of the Manon des sources - blew my nose for the 50th time without thinking - added the tissue to my foot high tissue pyramid - and I looked at my pile of snot and i thought - even with this bad flu at least a third of the tissue was needed because the film was so saddening. But also re-assuring in it's realisation of characters and poetic stance.

A must see!
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on 24 January 2017
I commented on @Allysev 's review of the Jean de Florette novel that I completely agreed with @Allysev 's statement that Pagnol's French in the novel is very easy to follow and I thoroughly recommended it both for new learners who have reached level B2 and also for people like @Allysev and myself, who learned French in the past and are returning to it after a long period.

However, the potential purchaser should be aware that the film(s) may not be quite so easy to follow as the novel. Understandably, as the story is set in Provence, most of the main characters speak with a strong accent and/or use dialect words, so it may take the viewer some time to get used to this.

However, if you do a little research on the internet, you may be able to find a transcript of the dialogues.
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VINE VOICEon 20 June 2013
This duet of films is quite simply, beautiful. The acting is superb, the direction simple and yet perfect, the storyline draws you in as do the characters and the music (Verdi) will have you humming the tune for a long time afterwards.

The first film is all about Jean (de Florette) and his wife and daughter who have been left a farm in Provence, and this is their story about trying to make the farm sustainable, but there is a water (or should I say lack of water) problem.

The second is several years later and centres on Jean's now grown up daughter. Another lovely storyline which has a perfect ending.

I will not say more as I do not wish to spoil these beautiful films. If you don't mind reading the subtitles then you are in for a real old fashioned treat, two films with a lovely gentle storyline, well acted and a delight on the eye, then buy these now.
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on 19 May 2013
Jean de Florette/Manon des Source

Anyone who has not seen these two wonderful films, well really just one film, should do so. They are great entertainment and also a fascinating study in human behaviour and the consequences of our actions and the choices that we make over time.

The central characters lie, cheat and betray, and the entire plot comes around full circle to crush them.

John de Florette deals with a friendly hard-working, full of hope, but ultimately naive tax collector from the city who's inheritance means that he can start a new life living with his family on his newly acquired farm in the country. However his two greedy neighbours have other ideas and block his only supply of water making terrible hardship for him.

Ten years later, and Manon is the now teenage daughter of Jean. When she discovers the terrible truth about her father's demise, she sets out for revenge on those who have wronged him.

On the face of it this is a simple tale of greed. But it is also a rich source on many themes, such as morality, devotion, jealousy and the importance of material possessions and money and how these can corrupt people.

An amazing film; one well worth watching more than once.
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on 23 June 2014
Had seen this on TV a few times, before I was lucky enough to get both episodes like here. You just have to see them as
one film without intermission. This is a real study in the different human characters among us, and we recognize them one by one,
finally ending up as a malicious pack, trying their worst to destroy the dreams and hard work of a new family moving into their
small village. The story is already reviewed, so I just want to say that I think this will leave most of you breathless the way it`s
played by the actors, and that the end of the story (some justice) comes as a real unexpected knockout.
This is one of the best movies I have in my large collection, almost worth the effort to study french language so I can get rid of
the subtitles ;- )
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on 3 February 2010
These films are visually stunning and slow-paced as a walking holidy in the Luberon countryside (north-eastern Provence if you just must visit after watching).
I am pleased they come as a set because you need to watch both to understand the story and why the music is so apt (Verdi, translates as "The Power of Destiny").
The acting is excellent throughout, Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil almost goes without saying, plus Yves Montand's best performance I have seen, Elizabeth Depardieu's patient, supportive resignation to the inevitable, and even Emmanuelle Beart (one of France's best looking but not most powerful actresses) is spot-on here. The characters actions and motivations are easily understood, inevitable even, because the characterisation is so well done.
The plot does rely a little heavily on coincidence, but that may be the book rather than the film, and the story is not as complex and multi-layered as many French films. It is probably more akin to "The Go-between", "Dr. Zhivago" or "Women in Love" (the film, not the book) than "Betty Blue", so may not satisfy cinematic francophiles. (Also unlike "Betty Blue" they keep their kit on, apart from one memorable moment.)
I can't give it five stars because neither are truly great films, but it is wonderful, and you, like me, will want to watch both several times. So buy this double set, it is very good value.
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on 22 March 2009
Possibly my favourite movie of all time. I was so impressed with it that I read the book - twice - in French - and took a month's holiday to explore the parts of Provence that were used as locations - and they certainly lived up to the beauty of the landscapes in the film.
It's a terrific story with so many elements to tug at the emotions, very few clichés and some profound surprises, not the least of which is close to the ending, which never fails to leave me feeling drained - even though I now know what's coming. But I shan't tell. Watch it, it has a lot to say about fate and the extremes of human love and greed, and "as you sow, so shall you reap".
As a final word, I have to respond to facile criticisms I have stumbled upon regarding the choice of Emanuelle Beart in the part of the adult Manon. She was dismissively labelled 'just a pretty face' when, in fact - if you read the book - she's perfect for the part: she's somewhat naive without being thick, a bit wild or 'sauvage' from living out in the hills with just her goats, her animal traps, her wits and only the company of an old Piedmontaise couple who don't speak French too well - and she's absolutely gorgeous - which is very relevant to the story, as she's supposed to be the spitting image of her grandmother at her age: Florette.
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on 18 September 2009
These two complimentary videos are outstanding. In an age when it seems films are rated 5 star only if they include violence, the supernatural or sex scenes, it is refreshing to have a story line which is entertaining yet poignant, where the characters are realistic and utterly believable exuding normal, although not in all cases admirable, human traits of jealousy, intrigue, love and revenge and where there is a happy ending. Both film have to be viewed to appreciate the build up to the surprising, but sad conclusion. There is laughter too as well as tears in this tale of hope in the face of adversity, the struggle to wrest a living from the soil against all odds..... the weather, deceit, greed and man-made destruction.

The second video Manon des Sources breathes new life into the tale, and its twists and turns reveal strange truths. The villains eventually get their come- uppance, the villagers are made to feel mean and sorry for their part while the "good guys" triumph in the end.

The videos are in French with subtitles which does not detract from the enjoyment of the presentation. These are "Best Buys".
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on 23 April 2017
Some of the finest French actors of their generation. A story of love heartbreak and rural whisperings. Fabulous 2 films. Possibly 2 of the best to come out of France for decades
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