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on 24 December 2008
Received this as a Christmas present from the stepchildren and love the machine - great coffee and really hot - however our package was missing the welcome pack and despite numerous emails etc to amazon we have been left without a satisfactory result. Once we got over the initial disappointment of not being able to test the machine before we went shopping to get a variety of pods, and also having to measure our cups and mugs to see which were the right size - we are delighted with the machine - wonderful coffee with great aroma and taste and temperature - would recommend this to any coffee lover with a good selection of pods being available to suit any coffee taste - just disappinted in amazon's lack of ability to replace the missing starter pack or offer a suitable alternative.
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on 14 April 2010
Got this for my birthday present. Very simple to use overall, and quick to produce rich, great tasting coffee.
I hadn't appreciated before receiving it that most coffees require two pods (one coffee and one milk), this adds up quite a bit and can make it quite expensive (works out at around 40p a cup).

I also noticed the milk pods are slightly sweetened which is a shame as I prefer a cappucino etc. to have no sugar in there.

If you've never used this pod machine before (like me), keep in mind that you control the amount that fills a cup. When reading the instructions for an espresso, it recommends 60ml. I had to guess this being that my cup doesn't come with measuring lines(!) and ended up producing a vile tasting watery coffee.
I'm sure after a few attempts I'll be making perfect coffee every time, but do keep this in mind as they're expensive mistakes to make!

I love this machine though, and look forward to many years of lovely tasting coffee. The iced cappucinos are a real bonus, and taste fantastic over lots of ice.
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on 7 December 2008
Fantastic little mean machine. Makes perfect coffee every time, don't use the kettle anymore. Great range of different coffee products means that there is something for everyone. Machine dead easy to use, you literally just plug in and go, it's that easy. Definitely recommend.
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on 25 June 2009
My new red Dolce Gusto arrived this morning. I've tried 4 of the varieties so far and I thought they were all really good.
I dismantled one pod to check that the coffee was really ground coffee and not instant. It's really fine ground coffee.

Some people have said their drink wasn't hot but mine was scolding hot - just how I like it.

The machine is quicker than the Senseo and even easier to clean. The construction is satisfyingly chunky and seems well made.
I loved all the little extras which came with it. The glass cup and the cup and saucer are good quality.

There's a pod bin to put in the used pods - The pods are very hot after use so it's as well to tip them in the pod bin until they're cool enough to put in the bin.

There's also a box of samples of the various kinds of coffee.

You add the coffee and then take the coffee pod out and add the milk one.
You decide how much of each gets added to the cup and this takes some getting used to but this does allow you to vary the proportions to suit your own taste. More milk and less coffee still works and still tastes really good.

Some people have complained about the sweet powdered milk in the milk pods but I don't think it's that bad. It's not that sweet and doesn't taste like any powdered milk I've ever had.
If you didn't like it you could just get the espresso pods and add hot milk seperately.
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on 10 October 2009
Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto KP210640 Coffee Machine, Red, 15 Bar Pressure Pump

This little machine looks like a cute little animal on the work top!!!Not taking up much room. The speed at which it works is great and it is very simple to use. The person having problems must be doing something wrong as I have had no problems at all. The chocochinno is very sweet and Nescafe have just introduced "skinny" versions of the cappachino and machiatto. I LOVE all the drinks and the expresso is up there with the best. The pods are not that cheap and watch out for the postage charge on the online Nescafe site. Make sure you DON'T throw out your boxes as the codes inside them give you points which you register on your online account with Nescafe. Once registered online you do get sent money off vouchers so remember to register asap!!!I have ordered some more glass mugs as some of the drinks look spectacular in them. Well worth buying if you like to treat yourself every now and again to comforting hot,tasty gorgeousness!!!
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on 30 January 2009
my wife bought me this for christmas and i'm very pleased with it.i had a much more expensive one which did not work as well.the only thing i would say is dont use the milf cartons if you are diabetic or dont like sugar so avoid the cappachino.iheat milk in the microwave and give it a wizz with one of those little battery why pay 40 pence for a little pot of sweet milk.i recommend it to the house!
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on 27 January 2010
I very nearly sent this machine back but persevered and I now get a decent cup of coffee. Little tips that might help you as follows. 1/. Warm the cup with boiling water before placing in the cup holder.... this really helps you get a much hotter drink, bit of a pain but worth it. 2/. Make sure you use the recommended amount of water, if the instructions say to use 200ml of water for a certain flavour of coffee, then don't fill a half litre mug, it will taste weak... obvious really but how many people bother to follow the recommendations? 3/. No doubt about it, the thermoblock heater inside the machine just cannot maintain a high temperature for very long, but if you fill your cup in 10 second bursts rather than in a single burst you'll get a HOT drink. i.e. move the heat selector switch to the middle after 10 seconds, then wait for the flashing red power light to turn green again before giving it another 10 second burst. This really makes a big difference. Only real downside of the machine is build quality, it looks great but there's a lot of plastic and the thermoblock heater is probably under powered, machine can feel a bit delicate (especially the water tank) and needs handling with care.... oh.... and entering the points codes from the capsule boxes can be a hit and miss affair... they don't always work... slight annoyance factor! As they say, "you pays your money and you makes your choice", this is a superb if unforgiving machine for a relatively low price with a truly superb range of moderately priced and well designed accessories. Enjoy !
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on 29 January 2010
I'm not quite sure what I expected from this machine, but I didn't quite get it. Although it looks VERY nice and fits in with my new kitchen wonderfully, it doesn't quite deliver. I expected it to be a lot more intuitive and need very little input from me but, unless you stop the machine yourself, it just keeps on pumping out water until it's empty. I don't know about anyone else but, without measuring, I don't know how much 210 mls of water is. The instructions were akin to playing a game of charades. I know the idea is to present them to as many different languages as possible, but it would be nice to have more detailed guidance about how to use the machine. Lastly, the welcome pack wasn't as described. I didn't get as many sample pods as listed and there was no pod holder.

All in all, nice looking machines, makes good coffee, but certainly not worth the full price - or even the reduced price.
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on 3 September 2010
I really wanted this machine and I have not been disappointed, it is easy to use, I can get the pods in my local supermarket, dont have to order on line like some pods. Only 1 thing gives me a small problem - my memory! If you don't take the used pod out of the holder when you have made your coffee it seems to fill with air and then becomes stuck in the holder, this is where Brute force and a knife take over.

Have had to tape a note to the machine to "Remove the Pod"
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on 1 October 2009
i bought the krupps nescafe dolce gusto coffee machine and couldnt believe how great it was it makes coffee which tastes great in no time at all also the hot chocolate is good i would be lost without mine now so would highly recommend this product it looks great too and so easy to clean which is a bonus
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