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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo DS|Change
Price:£24.90+ £4.99 shipping

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on 10 March 2017
Great version of gta for a handheld. Works good on new3ds which is what I use
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on 3 June 2011
Grand Theft Auto is one of my all time favourite games so I was thrilled when Chinatown Wars was released on the Nintendo DS. The DS version is shot from a birdseye view, and is a nostalgic throwback to the original GTA released on the first Playstation. Although in most recent years GTA has been adapted to visually high graphics on Playstation 2 and 3, the format translates incredibly well to the DS platform and makes for fantastic gameplay.

What makes GTA so addictive and enjoyable is that it is pretty much an open ended game. Along with the main missions, there are a wide range of side missions, such as warehouse raids, hijacking vans (many of which contain drugs and weapons), police car and ambulance missions, earning fares as a taxi driver, street races, rampages and missions involving helping random pedestrians on the street. Aside from completing the main missions, my favourite aspect of the game is the drug trading, where you will receive emails on the touch screen when traders are selling drugs cheaply or wanting to buy them for high amounts. In this game, trading drugs is the best way to earn lots of money, of which you can buy weapons from the ammunition store and buy safe houses all over the city. Owning lots of safe houses is ideal as you can flee to any one of them to get the police off your tail.

The use of the DS touch screen works really well in this game, for example when stealing a parked car you have to either hot-wire or input a security code into the vehicle using the stylus. You can also go to a tattoo parlour and give and receive tattoos using the stylus as well as going into a shop to buy scratch cards and using the stylus to scratch the cards. There is also the option to search dumpsters for treats which can result in either finding top prizes like weapons and drugs or nasty surprises such as used condoms and mouldy hot dogs! In addition to this, there is a useful PDA system which allows you to create routes to destinations such as safe houses, pay and sprays, as well as drug dealers, to name just a few. The PDA is particularly useful when trying to escape the police.

Overall, I would highly recommend Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to anyone over 18 who wants a fun and exciting game for their DS. It is action packed with a great storyline and lots of exciting missions and interactions that will keep the player occupied for a very long time. In my opinion it is one of the best games for the DS and I am hoping for another GTA release in the near future.
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on 30 December 2016
Puzzles in first hours nice but mission after that, undoable. Will trade away.
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on 22 March 2009
You are Huang Lee, you have just been "Welcomed To America" in no uncertain terms, and you have work to do!

As with GTA games on other platforms, you can take and drive an assortment of vehicles as you go about your "business": chasing down opposing gang members, hunting for weapons, trying to make/take money, seeking vengeance and running from the police.

The DS controls for this game can take a bit of getting used to, for which you do get some help by a default option that aims to keep your vehicle on the road. The soundtrack inevitably lacks some of its big brothers' sophistication but the music is suitably atmospheric, backed up with suitably pithy comments from people you hit! The main characters do not "speak" though: as is common on the DS, dialogue takes the form of rolling comic book-style captions below drawings of the characters, which can get a little slow/annoying if you have to attempt a mission several times in a row.

The 3-D graphics are detailed and well executed within the limits available - especially the DS' screen size. The in-game GPS is easy to use and gives a handy means of locating important places and routes to follow - even updating in real time if you miss your turning (which, believe me, you often will). Just do keep your eyes on the road as well!

If you have enjoyed GTA games on other platforms and are looking for one you can carry around with you on your DS, this will not disappoint.
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on 15 April 2010
I thought this game was really fun to play and was just like the good old school grand theft auto. There were lots of tasks to do and this game took me ages to complete so it wasn't just over in 1 sitting. The only downside to this game is it became a little bit repetative. However overall its a game i would reccommend.
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on 21 May 2009
I cannot see how some reviewers have completed this game in 15 hours, and more importantly - why? There is so much detail to this game, and just because one has explored an area does not mean to say that it will not be slightly different a month or so later. This game is about having fun and discovering hidden missions to accompany the blatant ones. One could, for example, spend 15 hours just finding all the cameras and destroying them, one of the game's many parallel but non-essential objectives.

I would say that at least 24 hours has got me 39% complete. I have re-played some mini-games despite getting all three medals. If I wanted to complete this in a short space of time, I would have stuck to Sudoku's. I am having such fun with this game that for me the sub-missions (taxi driver, police, driver, fire driver, street racing league) are as much fun as working on the core objectives.

For the tenacious and patient players among you, this is great value for money and the game learning curve does not limit the continuation of play as I found with Zelda-where if you cannot figure out a certain sequence you cannot progress onwards.
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on 26 March 2009
I am probably not the typical player of this type of game, I am a 40 something female who normally plays stuff like Professor Layton, Scrabble, My Health Coach and My Spanish Coach...so why Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars?

It may be explained by the fact that I caught the GTA San Andreas bug when I owned a Playstation 2, when I sold the console on because it simply stopped getting played due to lack of time, I also sold San Andreas, with genuine regret because I had spent a lot of time playing it and really enjoyed it (as far as I got). The DS was the perfect solution to me, because of its size and transportation advantages - being able to take it away in my camper van (with charger), at home whilst the other half is on the computer or watching TV and even to work to play in my lunch break if I wish - meant that I had more time to enjoy playing games.

When I saw that Rockstar were bringing out a GTA game for the DS I thought "Yippee!" as although I love my more conventional well-behaved games, it is always fun to have a walk on the wild side!

To me, as an adult who has never been in trouble with the law, this game is simply a great exercise in escapism - a bit like watching the early Die Hard Films. The other day I got up, had breakfast, fed the cat, stole three cars for Uncle Kenny and bought some coke which I then sold on for an enormous profit. After going shopping and having lunch I recruited some triad gang members, pinched a taxi and picked up some fares for fun. Then it was time to get the dinner on. GTA Chinatown Wars is fun and a bit of a laugh, and not to be taken seriously under any circumstances.

Game play wise, I had been concerned about the possible limitations the DS's size may have presented, but so far I would say it copes well with the obvious necessary downsizing required and I have quickly adjusted. The mapping/routing system makes getting around easier than I expected although it is taking me longer this time to get used to where I am on the map as a whole. I don't feel 'familiar' with the city yet, although I have only been playing a few days so probably just need to give it a bit more time, although you could argue that having the routes planned out makes one a little lazy when it comes to orientation.

Stealing many cars has the added feature having to either 'hot-wire' the vehicle or input its security code, courtesy of the stylus, this makes challenges such as an early one, of having to steal three cars in 'six hours' - actually more like six minutes - far from a doddle and requiring some serious planning and co-ordination - for me in any case.

To summarise, I am pleased with it so far and look forward to playing the rest of the game but maybe as an older player, I personally would be careful not to rush the experience and make sure I take breaks from it from time to time, to do other things, like write this review!!!! and head back to the real world.
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on 12 August 2009
Having only played the gta's on the ps2 and ps3 before I wasn't sure what to expect with a Nintendo DS version. All I have to say is absolutely brilliant. The design to incorporate the two DS screens is fantastic and there is excellent use of the touchscreen. Graphically the game runs very smooth and surprisingly detailed in the environments and cars. The cutscenes which play out in a comic strip way are well implemeted and the lack of voice acting(due to cartridge limitations) does not detract at all. But the biggest winner by far for Chinatown wars is the storyline, which I feel is by the far the best in the GTA series so far. It somehow draws you in and manages to keep you hooked right to the last mission. Normally in GTA games you constantly get bored and end up going and blowing stuff up for a bit, which you certainly can do here, but the storyline is what keeps you coming back. A must but for the DS!!
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on 15 December 2010
Wow! What an amazing portable gaming experience.

This game really has impressed me. I love GTA games and bought this not expecting much more than a very simple take on the home console versions. This game is definitely not simple and is a brilliant addition for anyone who enjoys these sort of games.

The story and missions are as deep as the other GTAs on the home consoles, and sometimes can be more enjoyable. They are very varied and offer an acceptable challenge without being too hard or frustrating. The main story lasts a while but with the usual rampages, hidden missions and the addition of the drug trading this game has great longevity.

The graphics are done very well and give this game a realistic and satisfying look. The birds eye camera angle is a concern to some people but I feel this necessary for a portable GTA and is a nod back to original GTA games. The camera doesn't spoil any aspect of ChinaTown Wars, the combat, driving and other modes of play are all very easy to control and fun.

The sound of the game is very good, with realistic effects, satisfying gun shots, driving sounds and voices. The only issue with the sound is the fact that there isn't any real songs on the radio stations. The songs that are featured are just made up simple tunes without any vocals. This doesn't have a major impact on the enjoyability of the game as the ambience makes up for this anyway, but real songs would have been a nice touch.

Overall if you own a DS and haven't played this game yet. Make sure it is the next DS game you purchase. You will not be sorry.
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on 18 February 2010
Gta on the ds is a very incongruous experience, a return to the 2d top down of the ps1 series rears long forgotten problems, dodgy camera angles, unwieldy movement, restricted perspective and unworkable lock on controls hamper the experience. Combined with the perplexing rational to incorperate d-pad, face buttons and stylus to do different things which need to be switched between at a moments notice means you develop serious gamers claw. The story isn't up to scratch, feeling like a straight to dvd script with instantly forgetable characters. The "commodity" trading is face meltingly dull but essential for a few hours atleast as it seems the residents of Liberty are a bit cash strapped too.
Combat lock has been a sore point for the series since its inception but lacking any way to distinguish who you want to aim at, combined with stiff movement angles, means working around it rather than with it. The restricted view means you get more wanted levels than normal and the incorportation of touch screen minigames may please the first few times but having to manually fill molotovs when all you want to do is blow things up begins to grate. If you've played any GTA before you'll sprint through missions without breaking a sweat due to the patronising difficulty. Options to replay missions and inmrove stats adds' replay but theres no reward other than slowly staving off bordem.
As an extension to the main game it dissapoints, as a nostalgic throwback it infuriates, but as an alternative to the insiped shovel ware filling DS section shelves everywhere? beggars cant be choosers.
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