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on 16 June 2015
Saw this at the cinema in 3D. Now we are at a race track and a guy has a premonition of the track falling apart and a lot o people getting killed -or does he? This was okay in 3D as we all dodged wheels flying at us bu the rest was very run of the mill gory and carried on the story of people cheating death and coming to a sticky end. You can see in 2D where the 3D was good but although the story is okay it seemed by this time to see just how gory they could make it.Gore doesn't scare and there few if any jump shocks.It came well wrapped in very quick time.Not a bad film if you like this sort of thing.
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on 11 February 2012
well wasnt really expecting much from this film, i orignally brought it when it first came out, but could only watch bout fifteen minutes of it before i switched it off and sold it. then after watching the fifth one decided to give it another go. so in a sense an ok film, but for me as i have been proclaiming like a bible preacher on the street preaching the end of the world. 3D is the end of decent films. hollywood has gone 3D Mad. and to me that is bad. so why my distaste for 3D? Ok i shall use the final destination as it is the film im reviewing.
the death scenes where lazy, i mean come on the CGI was terrible, i miss the good old days like hellraiser, candyman (im 31 years old so im not old) :) the fifth instalment of final destination was good.but the final destination was too 3D If that makes sense, but this film just didnt fit with the series, its enjoyable dont get me wrong, but i would have made a better version of it, as i wouldnt have done it in 3D and actually thought about the deaths properly and mix CGI with old fashioned prosphetics, (prob spelt it wrong) :)
so in closing will this film amaze you and bring shivers of excitement down your spine nope. will this film change your life... Nope... will you enjoy this film maybe.
i must state that im not one of those reviewers that find this film inplausable and unrealistic, as we all know the set up of the movie, so who cares if what happens in the films could never happen in real life its a movie not a documentary...
hope this is useful and apologize for my anti-3D rant
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on 13 April 2011
As many have already noted this is standard "Final Destination" fare. If you have seen the others in the series this is little different and, I have to admit, weaker than the previous entries. But then what should you expect from a series of films? Elm Street got weaker with occasional good scenes, Planet Of The Apes weakened, The House movie series weakened (possibly they didn't even start that well!) so is it any surprise that an effective rewrite of the first in the series doesn't pack the same punch?

The deaths ARE very contrived and (possibly) too far fetched but then if Death was cheated and wanted the escapees then their deaths would be contrived even if they weren't so far fetched! The film does move at quite a speed and the characters don't really come alive before they are killed and with a cast of pretty much unknown actors it doesn't make the movie leap off the screen but again the expectations shouldn't be high if you consider how much this is a remake rather than an original idea.

I agree with another reviewer that the CGI was too much here and perhaps the over reliance on entrails to mark deaths was overused but this is where the slasher/serial death movie has come to after so many years. It's okay if you are happy with this kind of movie, which I am, even if it does have more weaknesses than the previous films IMHO, but it may just be too same-y for others. Mind you if you didn't like the first three, as another reviewer has commented, then why buy the fourth??
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on 27 October 2017
Bad script, no suspense whatsoever, stupid death scenes. The director failed to understand what made the first 3 films successful. I feel sorry for the actors who try their best but nothing can help this movie apart from starting from scratch. Forget the problems with 3D, 2D is not worth watching.
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on 26 December 2017
Do not buy it thinking it's a passive or active 3D, it's the old red and blue glasses 3D, the film is only about 81 mins long too, it's ok but not anywhere near the first 3 films in the series.
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on 18 August 2012
Many people on here say that the fourth instalment of FD is the worst. They say that the acting is pants. That the script is lacking. Well, by now most people know what to expect from an FD movie. Teenagers getting splattered all over the place in a variety of creative ways. Not really Oscar material is it? So, who cares about the acting. It's functional, it does the job. If you want quality performances may I redirect you to 'The Piano' or 'The English Patient'. Yawn!

This is my favourite episode of the five. It's a complete tear-up from start to finish. The opening Nascar scene is a blast, literally. Great fun! Don't be put off by the nay-sayers. If you like FD movies, this will not disappoint.
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on 18 December 2017
Bit disappointed with this it says 3D but is not really 3D is the old version 3D with red and green glasses. But hey what do I know some people might like it
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on 12 July 2016
Great film. I got this because I am collecting the series. They are good films. After the first one they are semi predictable but it's still interesting to watch the story play out.
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on 5 April 2015
The film is what you expect. The review is more for the product. I have a 3D TV so I bought this thinking that I would be enjoying my new technology. As it turns out, you have to wear the blue and red glasses so it doesn't matter if you have a 3D TV or not. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you want. For me, it was a bad thing. The coloured glasses do your head in, nowhere near as good as the true 3D films that are out there. I'll try not to get duped again.
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on 17 August 2017
Bought this to replace the one I lost. It came I'm great time and was in perfect condition, not a scratch on it and it played perfectly. The 2 disc special came with a 3D version and 3D glasses (2 pairs). Definitely value for money!
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