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on 8 May 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I requested this product via the Amazon Vine programme and was sent it for free. I thought that it would be a useful product as I had used Nero's CD burning software many times in the past. I had never encountered any major problems with Nero products in the past, in fact I had found them very easy to use, as had other less computer-savvy members of my household. However, this product would not even install properly! I checked beforehand that I had the right specifications on my PC etc. but it did nothing but crash each time I tried!

I was woefully disappointed by the product, just lucky that I did not pay for it. It's still a shame though because if it met the bold claims it makes then it would be a very handy convenient piece of software to have at my disposal!

Let's hope this was a one-off and Nero will be back with more stable, user-friendly, feature-packed software.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was hoping this software would be a useful tool for moving files around, particularly as I've used Nero products in the past and been pleased with them.

I'm not sure this one serves any useful purpose though. I didn't experience any problems installing it (although I note other people have - but on the laptop I used I didn't have any earlier Nero products, so perhaps that's why). My laptop is a fairly powerful Toshiba, only about six months old, so I was surprised to find this software seemed a bit slow.

For me it did do what it promised - enabled me to move files around and change formats, but I still have reservations. I don't believe an inexperienced user would find this easy to use, which defeats the purpose of the software. Some of the text displayed to the user is ambiguous, and any product where a large number of reviewers have had problems installing it is bad news for an inexperienced user. I'm also not sure it offers enough functionality to be worth the effort. There's a lot of free software out there on the internet (or software that comes bundled with most PCs, like media player) that will do a lot of what most users want. I'm not entirely convinced it isn't easier to just learn to configure your own mobile devices to move data to the PC, and convert it into a format to put it onto the internet, rather than trying to use a "one size fits all" tool for all of them. If you'e gadget mad, you're probably capable of doing this, and if you're not, you may only have one or two devices that you regularly use anyway.

Be warned as well - this software doesn't work with every social networking site or internet site that you might want to add files to. I think before buying this you need to read up on it carefully, and try to establish that it works with your mobile devices, and will allow you to do what you want to with the data - otherwise you may find it a waste of money. There is a trial version on Nero's website - you definitely need to try before you buy with this software.
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm running this on a not-too-exciting laptop running Vista (basic), and I have to hand a Sony PSP, one external 70GB HDD, an i-Pod Nano, and my Sony digital camera.

I'm alarmed that so many reviewers are having trouble with this software, when I've found rather effective. As you're probably aware, it enables you simply, and quickly transfer files from one device to another at the click of a button. The wonder is the file conversion it undertakes while it transfers the files.

After installation, I found device detection to be pretty speedy, but file reading to be rather slow. However, this may vary depending how many devices you plug into your computer at any one time. It does take some time to search and catalogue your files on the various devices, but once done, I have found it to be no slower than say i-Tunes.
However, if you find it runs slow with several devices connected, you can disconnect a few, but still perform the transfer/conversion... the software holds the converted file for you until you reconnect the relevant device. This is quite handy, and could be a solution for other users.
I've not used this for the online community features, so can't comment on that (YouTube, etc).

If you're a bit of a messy computer user who doesn't keep on top of your data/media, you may find this a life-saver (or personal organiser, at least).
I don't think I could recommend it if you're a light media user, as you probably only convert files occasionally, and have a way of doing so. If you're forever using various media, especially if you're forever converting music or video files, then you should give this a go.

If you're concerned your machine won't run this software, give the Demo a test - it's available from the Nero website.
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on 19 April 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got Move It to help me organise my music and move it between different PCs. I didn't have to many problems doing this; the interface is very user friendly and easy to use. It is however very slow, painfully slow infact. This is about the best product of its kind, and beacause there isn't any real competition, if its moving or converting files you want to do, this is probably your best option.
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on 4 February 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Collecting, editing and cataloguing your media files has been made significantly easier with this software. The program opens with a relatively blank - but customisable - screen listing your detected devices (hard drives, flash discs, media players or websites) down both sides. The software takes a little time to search and catalogue all the files on these but once this is done, should you wish to move files between one and another, you just open the necessary devices, highlight the respective files, and click on the transfer arrow.

The only issue really is that at this price, it's really not an essential purchase. The interface is simple and user-definable but on the flipside, uploads are quite slow. Unless you often transfer content from device-to-device and upload online, it's probably not worth a purchse. If you do struggle to keep on top of your media every day, it could prove to be money very well spent.
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VINE VOICEon 18 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been a fan of Nero's products for many years, but this one just doesn't cut it. Its greatest failing is its over-confidence: it promises but doesn't deliver.

The booklet says this: "Simply connect your mobile device to your PC and Nero Move it transfers the files automatically in the ideal format." Which leaves the user few options if the program doesn't do that. Which, with my 2008 Samsung U600, it didn't (even though this phone is listed in the drop-down menu).

The over-confident notes continue: "Even if you're an inexperienced user, you have a clear overview of both the sources for your files and of the corresponding data volumes thanks to the software's intuitive interface." Even if I were not looking at a pair of empty boxes, I could see that the interface is far from clear and the instructions are ambiguous. An "inexperienced user", even with a device that the program could read, would be slightly confused. The phrase "You can access all pictures, videos and music files with no problem whatsoever" is likely to antagonise disappointed users who have no sense of irony.

Nero makes the mistake of assuming everything will work automatically and offering no options if it doesn't. They should know better than that.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I installed Move-It initially on a PC with Windows XP to SP2 and having all the system requirements listed and on the first run it immediately connected to install a 91Mb update to version which repeated the whole installation procedure.
The second try to run it gave an error message "Nero Move it encountered a fatal error. If the error persists you may need to reinstall the application "
This was followed by "Critical Error in installation of Nero , please contact support" followed by numerous "NeroMoveit.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
I then did a system restore but was unable to re-install from the original boxed CD only the Update I had downloaded. All the original problems remained and the program was uninstalled.

As I was asked to review this product I tried an installation on a higher specification PC running Windows Vista Ultimate which installed and updated as before but after it catalogued and listed the devices gave error messages, "Could not Copy avi to Creative Zen device before it to gave the familiar error message "NeroMoveit.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

The support site for Nero Move-it gives a search on FAQ's but returns nothing on any word you put in so I have logged all this to the Nero Support team.
In 20 years of computing I have never had a piece of software this bad from Day One and trying two different PC's does indicate there is something badly wrong with it.
Should it be resolved I will update the review but for the moment I can't recommend you purchase this software.

Update to the above after Nero Support Response. The installation was problematic because already installed on both computers was an early version of Nero 7 Burning Software.
Although this was bought on Ebay as legal software it was in fact a serial number issued to many users and therefore now invalid due to installing Move It. The error messages did not convey this information but my Nero 7 is now invalid and will not run.
A link to the Nero support site downloaded a link to clean up and remove all installations and Move It was re-installed.
I have now found it to be very slow in initially cataloguing compared to Picasa for example and some of the thumbnails do not correspond to the images once opened. this could cause you to delete duplicates in error.
As stated initially all actions this software does can already be easily achieved by Windows and freeware file conversion such as Format Factory.

Update 2nd March from Nero Support regarding the above problem paticularly freezing up

This is a known problem that will be solved in one of our next updates.
Our development team is working hard on a solution for this.
We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by this problem. Thank you for your understanding!
Please send the Windows Error Report to microsoft so that our developers can investigate this problem.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, I don't like software that in its installation instructions says "exit any anti-virus software that may be running". This may be necessary sometimes, but for most software it should not be. Why not just change those instructions to "make your machine as vulnerable as you possibly can to attack by malware, then whilst it is in said vulnerable state put an installation CD that you haven't used before into your CD drive and hope that the CD's manufacturer got their quality and release procedures right"? I'm not implying anything about the procedures at Nero - my anti-virus certainly didn't complain, but I REALLY don't like being told to lower my machine's defences before installing software.

Second, I like software that I trust to install without causing issues, but having read other reviews here where people complain about problems I switched from installing on the Vista machine that I would have preferred to use to an old XP sp2 machine that is less vital to me. That's a nuisance, because now if I want to use Nero again I have to dig that old machine out (actually I won't, because I uninstalled Nero again shortly after writing that!). Having said that, I didn't encounter the problems that other people have reported.

Thirdly, I like to have a clear idea of what the software is capable of being buying/installing it. In this case, the blurb was so vague that I was not sure whether it would do precisely the task I wanted done.

Fourthly, I really dislike installations that try to add third-party things to my browser toolbar. Even if it is optional, the option should default to not add Ask to the toolbar.

Fifth, I don't like having to enter long serial numbers where it is unclear whether something is a `0' (zero) or `O' (the letter oh). And anyone who is not very confident with keyboards (I am thinking of some of my older relatives here) would be nervous about getting such a long serial number right even without confusion between `0' and `O'.

Sixth, I don't like license conditions that you only get to read towards the end of the installation, which start `By opening the sealed packing of Nero's software on the "Effective Date," you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement'. Actually by opening the package I agree to absolutely nothing and no sane court would uphold that condition. The alternative clause that follows does not help this woeful start.

Seventh, any decent GUI should manage to display the text under icons without clipping it. Am I going to have faith in a tool getting format conversions right if it can't even cope with something as simple as different screen resolutions?

Eighth, if you have poor eyesight you are really going to hate the white or grey text on grey background. Yes you can change it to some combination involving blues, but why does the application need to be restarted to change colour scheme?

Ninth, when on the "Select folders for indexing" pane, would it allow me to turn off Local Disk and just have My Documents selected? Nope. Some of us do only keep documents in My Documents, so indexing anything else just wastes time, both processor and user.

Tenth, having put this on an old machine, it became abundantly clear just how slow this software is. On a high-specification machine things may be different, but on the one I put it on (which has been fine for everything including games up until this point) it was dire.

Eleventh - actually I gave up at this point. The software was so slow that I didn't have the patience to find out if it could do what I wanted. It seemed to be struggling to even display thumbnails for my pictures and it failed to even find my videos. As a test I went to Windows Explorer, which produced thumbnails almost instantly. At this point I uninstalled Nero Move It.

If you put this software on a high-specification machine, if you have good eyesight, if your machine is in a room with good lighting, if your screen resolution is set the same as the resolution of the people who developed and tested the software, if this software does exactly what you need, then it may be great. However, you would have to have more patience than me to find that out. I work with software all day, every day of the week. It is very rare for me to find new software so annoying - in fact I cannot remember the last time, but for me, my time is too valuable to waste waiting for software like this, so it has been uninstalled.
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VINE VOICEon 21 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Nero make a series of media transformation applications, including Nero 9, which is a market leading conversion application that enables you to create music and image files suitable for an iPod, MP3 player, YouTube etc.

The aim of Move It is to allow you to move these files between devices or into your online spaces such as YouTube or Facebook. In that sense it works a bit like an FTP application. You would use it instead of the built-in application provided by your device (iPod, Blackberry etc) or online space, or indeed Windows or an FTP application such as SmartFTP (which enables you to control transfer of files up between your computer or device on your computer and an online space).

Here is the problem: I gave up trying to transfer some music to my Blackberry. I took the standard installation package on my Windows Vista (business edition) machine, and opened the application. First I tried to see if it would recognise an old Olympus voice recorder that I have, and the answer was no.

Then I plugged in my Blackberry and it did not find it, so I closed Nero down and tried to reopen it, and it would not open. So I checked the task manager and saw that it was still running (and taking between 20% and 50% of my CPU - which it continued to do all the time, presumably only while building the index). So I had to hard close it in order to reopen it and this time it found the Blackberry.

I wanted to try transferring some music. Nero enables you to open two windows, one showing files from where you want to transfer and the other where you want to send them and you drag or click an arrow to transfer. Problem was, a long list of music files appeared all featuring gobbledygook names. So I went to see what was being indexed. All seemed to be well: i.e. my music folder was selected. On this computer it has actually got relatively few files (50 to 75). My pictures folder was also selected. I tried to turn this off (testing and reviewing) and found that I could not! So I went back to do the transfer window to try and find the files I wanted to transfer (some tracks from a folder called Schubert Late Sonatas in my iTunes folder). I tried searching on Schubert and got two files that have nothing to do with it (wav business recordings from the voice recorder). I will not bore you with all the details, but it is far from intuitive, I did not find a way to navigate to a folder and select particular files, rather the interface seems to be via its index, which also means you are going to be carrying the overload of another index. And it did not seem to be picking up friendly information from iTunes and the files. I also had to repeat the process of closing the application using the task manager since it did not close when I closed it.

It did show me pictures and it would transfer these pictures to your online space. You can setup your connections to YouTube. So if you are struggling at the moment, this could be a solution. You can also use it to sync files between two devices, which can be very handy.

I have to say that I did not download the already existing update to the December 2008 version that I loaded during this test. Maybe it would have fixed all the problems? I also did not leave it forever to build its index, and it probably had to rebuild it after I hard closed it, but gee, how long should it take to build on index of 1000 or so pictures and less than 100 music files on a chunky machine?
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What has gone wrong with Nero and it's software installation of recent times??, I managed to install Nero 9 successfully after a struggle with installation errors, and now I have encountered installation problems again with Move-It, it didn't come as a surprise really.

Yes, I have disabled anti-virus software AND firewall, but this makes not one bit if difference.

I am using XP Pro with SP3 on my laptop (2.4ghz, 1gb ram, 80gb HDD)

Nero Move-It appeared to install correctly at first, but was nowhere to be found in my program list or in Nero 9 , so tried a re-install only to be faced with a message that Move-it had encounter a problem during installation, I have tried running Nero's clean up tool but it cannot find Move-it and does not list it, so it seems I'm now stuck with an incomplete installation of this software, I've tried around half a dozen times to uninstall, reinstall and clean-up this software, it's has took me the best part of 2 hours and I'm no closer to trying this software out because of this problem.

Move-it has quite literally moved-it and disappeared somewhere inside my laptop, I know that Nero support is poor so will not bother, I will download the update and try again, I will update my review if successful, but if that don't work then Move-it will be moving it to the nearest bin, and when I find it, off my laptop.

Surly Nero test run this software, or are we the consumers, test run dummies?? What I do know is that Nero 9 and Move-it have got terrible bugs somewhere in the installation process, Nero try to fix this with updates that come out from time to time but should these products not be right from the start?? They should, at least, install first time.

If you want a frustrating evening trying to install Move-It then buy it, if not then Move-it quick and avoid like the plague.
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