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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2009
Faith Like Potatoes

What an eye opener.This is a great movie and it hopefully will get someone to realize there's more to being a Christian that spending an hour at church on Sunday morning. Churches today should realise its not about the building but about the people, they are the Church who Jesus is in love with...and calls it His bride. It shook me and my husband to the core and we need to stand up and be proud of what a mighty God we serve!
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on 23 August 2009
I had heard of Angus Buchan a number of times and that he had written a book on the same title. He is of Scottish origin though he was born and brought up in Africa. The film begins with the reality of racial hatred and what is the inevitable for Angus and his wife and then 3 young children. Angus is a man who is 'driven' (by the old work ethic) and all that goes along with it which his wife and family have to endure. What keeps them together is deep down they truly love one another albeit very challenging at times.
On moving to south africa they get some land and end up living in poverty and a small caravan. Bit by bit some Zulus' connect with them but Angus is impatient, intollerant and a very angry man so life is difficult all round. Eventually it gets to the stage where his wife thinks he needs drug intervention because of his depression and dispair. His wife has coffee one day with one of the other mums from school and from there things begin to change. If you have lost your job, lost your home, lost a member of your family, lost your way in life, or if you have given your all and nothing seems to be working out this true story will certainly give you some answers and a way forward which offers real hope and LIFE beyond your own efforts.
It has to be viewed several times to grasp the amazing treasures and truths contained within it. Enjoy, wonderful! I'm off to watch it for the 4th time!!
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on 8 December 2008
This film is beautifully and sensitively acted. The story line is clear. It is very moving for the whole family as they are uprooted from their home in Africa due to racial hatred and resettle in a place with nothing, going from comfort to poverty. Quite emotional as there is raising of the dead and an accident leading to the death of a child. The whole film shows very clearly that God is passionately in love with all of us and as we trust Him in our everyday lives in work, family and leisure time He will work miracles. All the more poignant as it shows the family in 2006 that the story is based on at the end of the film. Excellent viewing.
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on 22 June 2010
Angus Buchan was a farmer in Zambia with some serious attitude problems. This inspiring true story is about how he and his family left to start over again near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa with virtually nothing. He had a remarkable conversion to Christianity, and his subsequent energy and passion for outreach, his miraculous experiences of God's power and answer to prayer and, most of all his deep and unshakable faith, in the face of great challenges and tragedy, are truly inspirational. This is a powerful and moving movie that you will want to share with as many others as possible. Superb. As a post-script, Angus today has an international ministry, and he has been instrumental in leading many thousands to Christ.
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on 9 December 2009
We have so many teaching books on the subject of faith... At last a book on someone who lives it to prove to us how God intended faith to be: simple, easy as it is having faith in a great God! It is such an encouragement to see how a life can be completely turned around when we allow our trust to be in God! It is such a fresh breeze encouraging us to have an intimate and enjoyable relationship with God. Like this farmer, we need to plant our seeds: a simple trust in a loving God. We don't see the results during the growth until God - who is the One performing the miracles -brings out great results in spite of what glooming circumstances were showing!
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on 29 July 2015
This true life experience is a good testimony from a man who realised at the end of himself there is a God in heaven and cares about all his creation. So often God is blamed for the wrongs in this world, Angus portrays a man needing God and seeking Him by faith. Circumstances often cause us to reflect on ourselves and how far we have strayed from a God who wants to change lives through His Son Jesus. A brilliant film, suitable for all ages and has a challenge for all who see it.
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on 22 July 2016
i watch TBN on tv and angus is on there i never knew it was him till i saw the film on TBN its a wonderfilm worth buying although ill haveto stop buying to many more as i have a walk in cupboard full of dvds
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on 12 March 2010
It's not just the excellent acting, direction, casting and performances of everyone in this film that makes it so gripping- it's also 'meeting' Angus himself, his family, friends, workers and associates who feature on the extras which come with this DVD.
A humbled man by the transformation of his life after giving his whole self to the Lord Jesus, this is the amazing series of events which has brought that same transformation to many, many other helpless and hurting lives - both black and white.
If you really thought that Christianity was a dead and mothballed religion, have a look at the impact of real faith as depicted here. Jesus Christ in action through men and women who know Him; this is where it's at!
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on 7 August 2013
This is based on a true story. I recognized the highlander character, and identified with him straight away - he could be any one of the men in my family, warts and all. Angus is a scottish farmer in Africa, and the going is really tough, forced to flee and start over in south Africa, the story tells of his family's hardships, how God got through to him, and the amazing transformations in his life as a result, There are some really miraculous things that happen, such as God sending rain during the dry season to put out a raging fire which threatens to run wild along with a crop of corn battered and lying flat after a storm, which magically picked itself up the next day, to a zulu woman who comes back to life.
It's not all roses though, the tragedy of his nephew's accidental death, and how he came through it all still loving and believing in God is a real tear jerker, but the entire story was just too real too honest to be anything but a true story. I'm glad that part was in the film. So many people lose their faith when tragedy strikes, and we all have the same questions.that need to be answered, and go through the same emotions. I wish more christian films like this would be made, It made an impression.
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on 3 April 2016
Really thought provoking film. I bought for my mum to watch but an incident with a child and a tractor did not go down well. She never likes children being hurt and actually did impact on my enjoyment of the film as sadly I do basically like to be happy with films, I know I hate people like that as well but when they are not happy I just do not like the film as much.Incidentally that is not the ending just during the film and generally really positive.
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