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Death Magnetic
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 February 2017
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on 19 May 2017
A great album to listen to
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on 5 November 2017
Thank you
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on 29 January 2014
nice price and quick delivery. what else can a man want?? thanks again theo vanderheyden music shop lommel belgium
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on 23 May 2016
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on 25 March 2017
Love Metallica
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on 12 June 2017
There was 'Load' and 'Reload' that massively divided fans, there was a covers album, and a live album that featured an orchestra. Their bassist left, and their supposed big "comeback album" ending up being a critical flop. To make matters worse, they released a DVD which did nothing but portray the world's biggest rock stars as petulant children. It'd certainly been a tough decade Metallica.

But all of that was about to change.

Deciding to finally go "back to their roots", Metallica released 'Death Magnetic' in 2008, which sees the band bringing back their thrash-inspired sound not heard in 20 years. And it kicks all the critics square in the face, firmly establishing that despite their age and everything they'd done over the last decade, Metallica were still the kings of metal (Sorry, Manowar).

While 2003's 'St. Anger' had its faults (I don't mind that album, for the record), it was definitely a step in the right direction in terms of Metallica returning to the metal sound that made them famous in the first place. But every cringe-inducing problem that record may have had has been rectified ten times over with this release. The riffs are heavier and more complex than before. The guitar solos are back. The lyrics are more inspiring, and James Hetfield's voice sounds much, much better than it has done in a long time. Even Lars Ulrich's fairly simplistic drumming is more intense than anything he'd done on the previous album.

Metallica are back, baby!

The production on this record is far from perfect, but it's certainly beefier than it was on 'St. Anger', and despite the mix levels being a bit off, at least the drums sound like drums again!

The songwriting harkens back to the days of 1988's '...And Justice For All', with a return to intricately structured ten-minute songs. And although a lot of them are full of energy and complex musicianship, this is mostly the only major detriment to this release, because towards the end the album really does feel like it's dragging a bit. As awesome as the songs are (and indeed, they are!), each one of them could have benefitted by a minute or two being cropped off. Aw well...

'That Was Just Your Life', 'Broken, Beat & Scarred', 'The Day That Never Comes', 'All Nightmare Long' and 'The Judas Kiss' all demonstrate that despite all the years and everything this band have been through, there is still plenty of gas left in the tank.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2009
I think many die hard fans of Metallica will quite easily agree that when compared to the Metallica of old, they started to drift into the realm of commercial mediocrity and delivered a shambolic last album in St. Anger. When Death Magnetic was announced for '08 I think many like myself said "bah humbug." Well, not in those words but you get the metaphor I'm trying to put across here. Our bah humbuggery was put to rest on September 10th when the album was released, with a finger in one ear and our eyes closed expecting the worst, I could finally rest. Metallica had escaped the clutches of that mediocre commercialism and said "hey, we messed up, but we're gonna make it up to you."

Hettfield, Ulrich, Hammet & Trujillo I salute you and thank you for keeping me out of hospital this time around. I couldn't bare another trip to repair my eardrums damaged by terrible music. I've just gotten over the Ashley Simpson album. I would usually just go right ahead and give you my top 5 favourites and let that be that, but I can't pick 5, it would make me feel guilty as I want to pick them all but as you can see there are 10 songs and don't fit into my top 5 charting model.

This is just a truly awesome album and is reminiscent of the Metallica of old. Forget St. Anger, Loaded and the other one, cast them out of your mind and replace them with the memory of Death Magnetic, the true return of heavy/thrash metal music and the band that made the genre what it is today.
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on 31 May 2017
Unequivocally, Metallica have matured and evolved from an epic '80s speed metal phenomenon into a very hard rocking hard rock band but their standards haven't slipped. This is an epic, exhilarating and exciting album : great production, brilliant vocals, big, dynamic and passionate drumming, incredible lead guitar and powerful songs. In fact, all the ingredients of what epitomises a classic hard rock album are here. You listen to it and it moves you to another place. I love this band's sound - so gifted, individually and collectively..

Highlights : 'Cyanide' (played this > 10 times yesterday), 'The day that never comes', 'That was just your life', 'The end of the line'.
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2008
Radiohead did one, Nine Inch Nails did one, The Verve did one, and it seems like every major band's doing one - Metallica no exception.

4 stars goes to both the album itself as well as the set. While Death Magnetic pales in comparison to the first decade of their career, it's easily the best thing they've done since ill trodden attempts at blues rock and garagey nu-metal.
Production wise it's good but poor mastering means there is some distortion in unnecessary places, but this is not the band's fault and unfortunately a lot of new albums and remasters are like this. Yet it still doesn't take away the power of the riffage that is a combo of their cult and mainstream years. Hetfield may sound more like an angry teacher than a Sergeant and Lars' beats lack 80's creativity, but they do their best here. And as for Kirk - an explosion of solos is natural after being tied up for the last album. Unfortunately, despite the full band writing effort, Rob is still only a little audible, but that said I think too much bass at the forefront would have diluted the songs. Don't put him up front just because he's 'new' (at least they didn't bury him like Jason on AJFA).

The coffin box itself is white, sturdy and about arm's length in size. The CD included is the limited edition Digipak version which looks better than the Super Jewel box version, but it's only drawback is that like the St. Anger case, the cardboard is prone to easy wear and peeling on your shelf. The concentric hole through the pages also obscures the lyrics.

Then there is a 'Demo Magnetic' CD which is fairly late stage demos of all the album songs with original working titles. Many songs sound very similar to the final versions, most changes being lyrics or arrangement ideas. For demos, it's quite well produced but you won't listen to it too much. You'll just want to own it as a completist.

Then there's a DVD of extra stuff not found on the £10 Mission Metallica site. It's not similar to 'A Year And Half...' or 'SKOM', so just expect raw footage - just longer - on here. It's fascinating if, like with Demo Magnetic, you're interested in seeing the scaffolding of the album.

The t-shirt is in the large size only for UK buyers but will be okay for the average person. It's 100% cotton in black with the band logo and album name on the back, and a white coffin attracting 4 Metallica logo M's on the front. It's quite stylish.

The flag is a full size flag that you can drape outside your window or whatever...This item though feels a bit like it's padding the set with novelties. The same goes for the very thick cardboard picks and laminate in lanyard (despite the cool ribbon on it with the Metallica logo and album name).

The coffin shaped poster is basically a large blown up image of the inner back of the lyrics booklet.

Finally there is a credit card with a code which entitles you to download the recently passed Berlin, or upcoming London O2 show for free. It's assumed much of Death Magnetic live has/will be aired, making this essentially a CD of 'Live Magnetic Plus Live Rarities'.

Also note the sticky logo on the shrinkwrap doesn't re-stick on the box, which is a small shame.

This box is pretty expensive, perhaps less than some but it's just about value for money. You're no less of a fan if you don't buy it, but if you want to be immersed in all things DM to the max, it's a worthy purchase save for the few filler items.
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