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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Street Fighter IV (PC)
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£2.99+ £1.99 shipping

on 11 July 2009
This game seems almost to have come out of the blue to make a surprise appearance on the PC. It is the latest in the long-running series and was very well received in it's original console format.

The developers have done a good job of porting the title over to the PC, and it should perform smoothly on only a mid-level system or better. There are plenty of options to configure the setup to suit your hardware. However you cannot use your mouse to operate the menus, you have to instead configure your gamepad first to mimic the buttons of a 360 controller.

Once into the game you will find a highly polished title. The graphics are beautifully drawn in a stylised fashion and the backgrounds are full of life. It will look great if you run it on a big monitor.

There are several play modes available. Arcade mode sees you fighting through a series of opponents, Vs mode allows you to fight one-off matches against a friend or the CPU, and there are Training and Challenge modes to hone your skills with.

There are 25 characters in the game in total. Only 16 are available at the start, 12 of them classic:- Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Blanka, E.Honda, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and Bison, and 4 new ones:- Rufus, Crimson Viper, Abel and El Fuerte. You have to beat arcade mode with certain characters to unlock the remaining fighters. The extra characters are:-
Cammy - beat arcade with Crimson Viper
Fei Long - beat arcade with Abel
Gen - beat arcade with Chun Li
Rose - beat arcade with Bison
Sakura - beat arcade with Ryu
Dan - beat arcade with Sakura
Akuma - beat arcade with all the above and then once more
Gouken - beat arcade with all the above and then once more
Seth - beat arcade with all 24 of the other characters (!)

The gameplay will feel very familar to anyone who has ever played a Street Fighter game before, although the new characters add some extra variety. The game doesn't have the depth or realism of something like Virtua Fighter 5, but it offers frenetic, highly playable arcade action with plenty of over-the-top special moves.

Onto the negative:- The subject of the difficulty of the final boss in arcade mode has been much discussed elsewhere. This personage is nigh-on-impossible to beat in even the easiest difficulty mode. He has all the other characters' best moves plus many cheap super moves of his own. If it wasn't necessary to play Arcade mode to unlock all the characters then I wouldn't even bother playing this mode as this final character almost ruins it.

The game is probably at it's best anyway when played against a friend, or online.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of the series or of the fighting genre then this PC version will be very welcome, and it would be nice to see more fighting games released on the PC in future.
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on 19 March 2010
Now i don`t use a PC for arcade games. I have a couple of sims and such, but usually its for work. Anyway, I felt like going back to something quick, yet satisfyly violent from my old arcade days, but i don`t have a modern console.

StreetFighter 4 caught me by surprise. I checked the reviews and took a chance. usually, PC fighters are usually rubbish, but this game is very good.

It has that great arcade start up routine to set the adrenalin going and gets you straight in there, no waiting. The game plays on a 2D plane, but uses limited 3D. Often you`ll see that stuff happening in 3D as characters use special abilities which are very dramatic, over-the-top and fun. A few of the characters are still there and one of my old favourites `thunder thighs` Chun Li is still there and with the impossible helicopter special that made her a fave for me 15 years ago in the arcade!!

The controls are the typical streetfighter controls and after 15 years still take some finger dexterity to pull off the harder ones with the control pad. I still have yet to do Chun Li`s super special. Maybe it`s my bigger fingers from when I was a teenager...

The AI is pretty tough and smart just on Medium, seemingly able to adapt fast to different tactics you use. Also, how is it on one day I was able to get to the 5th level adversary relatively easily then the next day it just kept battering me on level 1? I spent 2 hours trying to beat it on the same level (Medium) and it was as if it`d learned and pushed up its own difficulty! I wasn`t tired... The game certainly don`t play nice- even Easy is quite a challenge. but I like this, means the game willlast.

Multiplayer: I don`t do multiplayer, but I can say that Windows live had no problem with me staying Offline which is also another great reason to purchase. I installed the entire thing completely disconneceted from the net no probs, just a code required. I hate these more draconian DRMs and refuse to buy such games with it.

It has great cartoon\arty graphics which can be altered in 3 styles. The graphics are excellent for the characters as you see their expressions and all that during a fight. It`s quite funny looking at the stunned face of Chun Li as she flies through the air after being punched skyward in a 3D special. Some pretty sexy cartoony female characters in their too, I might add.

The backgrounds are also well drawn and animated. after a while you`ll realise just how much life is going on. For instance, people will see the fight and run forward to watch. they`ll wince or duck and even clap or boo after a battle. Watchers will fall out of windows or off a seat and even a passing cyclists fell off his bike after one big punch between fighters and someone else helped him get up on his bike again! Basically, the backgrounds react to what`s going on in the fight. brilliant!

I don`t like the corny singy menu music, but the ingame battle music is great and changes depending on the situation, say if one of you or about to lose, the music becomes more suspenseful. In the second round the music becomes more excited than in the first round. There`s a Replay which never seems to work, at least not Offline.


1.Well, there could be more characters, although you can free more. I`m still working on getting the Bruce Lee clone which will probably be my male-affirmative action character!
2.Menu music is rubbish.
3. Not much in Offline modes. I would`ve liked more Offline modes, but everyone except me it seems, is online crazy.
4.Oh yes, more costume designs would`ve been good, but guess what? You can get loads of SKINS for the PC version from great Modders! i already have about 20 for various characters, so that makes up for the Offliner as well as Online.
5.Slower than previous SF, but i actually like that.
6. Story is like a very bad Japanese manga movie where nothing actually makes sense!
7. How do I get the Replay to work- or is it only Online?

A recommended game for those wanting a good PC beat-em-up and harking back to the good old days of gaming!
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on 13 December 2009
I was suprised to see limited reviews on this game and was desperate to contribute because it is a good game and deserves more recognition. It seems like to should be forgotten since the arrival of the Tekken and soul calibur series. 3D and mashing was the way forward and never look back.

I welcome the timely return of the SF series to find:

1)) It has not gone 3D and stays strictly as a 2d fighting game.

2) All the classic characters that made street fighter the game it was return. Guile is an annoying character to play against like usual. sonic bung-sonic bung-leg sweep- fish kick!

3) Introduces a trial mode to help develop your understanding of the characters style of play and to unlock bonus material. This also includes crazy but addictive combo trials which can lead to aching thumbs.

4) Online gameplay. Very addictive. The majority of players seem better mannered when they have lost or won a fight unlike if you are playing the ps3 version. OR unless you are called LORBUC....no doesn't matter.

5) It requires some technique, the more technical the better, likelier and more satisfying the win. Difficult to mash your buttons in the hope of a win.

Please note:

Requires a bit of clever play and technique when playing difficult and "difficult" online opponents.

The game is only as good as the joypad/joystick. Moves can be executed well with a ps pad. You can buy a pad/usb converter from amazon. The xbox pad is great for other games but sadly will not work well in this one. You will know when you sho-ryu-ken FADC only to find you have jumped...into another fish kick.

The graphics are great, much better than the PS3 version and will run smoothly as long as you have a reasonable spec. I run the game on XP/AMD X2 2.8ghz/ATI 4670/4GB Ram.

Only con is that the game is slightly slower than the PS3 version. So don't jump into an online match on your little bro's ps3 version until you adapt to the tempo.
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on 19 August 2009
I was really looking forward to this game especially for two reasons: 1st, I played loads of Street Figher II on the arcade and became a real fan of the series since then. And 2nd... finally a good fighting game for the PC?? Nice :D The reviews were very good and I couldnt wait to recieve the game when I got confirmation from Amazon that the item was dispatched.
So, first off, the graphics... Beautiful! Gameplay... amazing! On-line play... very well done, rankings, tournament play, earning new icons and titles for acomplishments, very cool! On-line implemented in SF4 is an excelent way to gaurantee the game's longetivity. The cut sequences, cartoon like chars and story line of every fighter is very fun to watch too :D
With that said, You like fighting games? Are you a Street Fighter fan? Curious to check out the best Beat-em-up game for the PC? This one is a must have! Cheers!
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on 3 September 2010
Well first off i see some people here saying it runs like garbage on there PC and apparently 10 gb is to much HD space for this kind of game? :/ well anywho i made a cheap mini ITX machine mostly for everyday work and some mild gaming.
It has a Core 2 duo E6600 (2.4ghz) 2 gig ram and i use the onboard graphics.(Geforce 9400) and Windows XP. The game runs fine on Medium to low settings i can have backgrounds on and i get around 55 fps so don't gimmi that 'Integrated graphics suck' mlarky lol.I recommend the game as its alot of fun to play. You have training modes and what not to get used to the new style of gameplay and every character has there own move table like in other SF games so you're never left in the dark...you got charge characters and normal input characters. Charge characters are where you hold a direction for a couple of seconds for example and then do whatever the move is (M.Bison, Chun Li use this ect) i personally suck at charge characters lol so i use the input ones like Ken for example...they took away parry but thats ok the games still pretty good and you have these things called focus attacks now (I dunno if they were in earlier SF games but hey ho) and you press 2 buttons and you sorta charge up a powerful attack. If it hits your opponent they are dazed and fall to the floor but if you're quick enough you can do your super or ultra on them and they can't do much about it. Another good thing is the game has achievments if you like to collect those. Be aware though if your PC goes wrong and you reinstall Windows and this game it will work a couple of times but normally after that the game is no longer useable...some stupid copyright thing they implemented...anyways get the game its fun and its online to cya.
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on 3 August 2009
I'm really glad Capcom made the decision to bring this to a PC platform; which adds a somewhat new dimension to computer games enthusiasts in terms of modding and its open online communities...the PC platform will always have much more 'liberty' than it's console counterparts

There's probably not much that hasn't been said already, since PS3 and Xbox360 versions have been out for a long time already; but as this is my first time experience of SF4, not having played it previously on the consoles, I'd have to say it's pretty much spot on;

I have a trio-linker usb converter which i use with either a playstation streetfighter 15th anniversary pad or my dreamcast arcade stick; which i assure you, is a much cheaper alternative to getting one of those fight sticks for the consoles...but one that doesn't lose out on quality.

The game play feels like nice balance between classic SF2 and the less well-known but outstanding SF3 3rd strike, retaining elements like target combos, EX specials and dashing, whilst parrying, special canceling and juggles are now all encompassed in the new Focus attacks system; this is really adds a new dimension to the classic gameplay, but is something only seen mastered by the advanced players of SF4...I'm guessing for most of us, who are from the SF2 boat, the learning curve is one that is gentle at first but gets exponentially steeper!

The visuals on the PC is one area where it excels over the consoles imo, I can achieve a super smooth 60+fps at a higher than full HD resolution of 1920x1200 with everything turned up to the top notch...

I'd say the main attraction of SF4 PC is online play; the ability to play a relatively lag-free game with a friend in Europe or the US, or just with other people has been on the wish-list for a long time, now every battle gets exciting, especially when you meet an outstanding player! Although there will only be handful of characters available initially, the game requires you to have personally unlocked the characters before you're able to make use of them online;

Fortunately, it's not too difficult to unlock most the characters, which I suppose will serve as warm up for your online experience...

The only gripes i have are of the online gfwl system; i would like it to be a little bit more PC friendly, more customisable options, perhaps have the ability to type messages direct in game...and the game lobby only shows up 3 players at a time, forcing you to constantly refresh for a suitable connection;

overall, I'd say it still delivers a great experience to a fighting game fan, somewhat better than my experience of playing emulated SF/KOF over kaillera clients, if you're a fighting game fan, it's definitely worth buying, if you're a newcomer, I'd still recommend this, as a way of experiencing the revolution in 90's gaming again! the only reason I'm reserving 5 stars (sorry Capcom!) is for a much anticipated King of Fighters 12 that's due to come out soon...fighting game purists would probably want to agree with me there, but I really hope they deliver this time :)
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on 7 August 2009
I found SF4 is really a good game and it gives me a lot of fun. I like this game. It's graphic feature is fantastic. Online challenge mode is very interesting where you can challenge the "warriors" around the whole world. I'd say it is a well-balanced game, however it seems impossible to play with your keyboard, as it needs to enter each action/combo accurately. Moreover, trail actions you have to enter in an extremely quick way. So, play SF4 with a game controller should be the best way. I give SF4 a four star!
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on 17 July 2009
well most of you say but the game is brilliant and good fun to play. got mine on full everything 16xAA and 16xfiltering res 1280*1024 and its locked on 60fps even online its fine. am running a 8800gts(g92) and Q6600 @3gig 4 gig ram and on vista.

the pad does seem really clumsy in this game so prob invest in arcade stick soon.

pleased to see the game come to the pc and it shows it can compete with the consoles if not better them.

thanks for the quick delivery amazon

overall very pleased so far.
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on 5 August 2009
Game is what you would expect from street fighter 4 fun looks great and easy to pick up and play. Shame there are muppets giving it 1 star because there system can't run it.

Ive tried it on my old gaming rig:

Intel 3.0ghz p4
1gb ram

And it runs at 60 frames like my main gaming rig so it runs great bring on resident evil 5 capcom nice work!
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on 27 July 2009
There has been a lot of love and attention given to this port and it shows. It installs and configures easily, runs brilliantly, (save a little slowdown on Blanka's stage) and has the most fluid controls and balanced characters of all the street fighter titles in existence surpassing EX+A as my favorite with ease. It even automatically configured to my gamepad without me having to lift a finger.

The voice acting is the kind of fun silly you'd expect from a streetfighter game, the videos are a nice extra, it plays intuitively and looks fabulous. Sure, it takes up 10GB of HDD space but it's worth it. Who doesn't have 10GB to spare these days?

My only real complaint about this game is the lack of game modes and that's what keeps it getting a 5 star. This, finally, after decades of waiting, is the home computer port that the street fighter franchise deserves.
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