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on 17 April 2012
A cabbie acidentaly runs over a practicioner of black magic being chased by a pitchfork weilding mob, he gets out to check if the guys still alive and theres no body. Getting back into his cab the magician appears behind him and explains that he's ok and it was just an illusion to fool the mob. Unfortunately he explains that interrupting black magic brings bad luck, and tells the cabbie he's now cursed and bad things will happen to his loved ones! (theres grattitude for you!) The cabbie scoffs at this and gives the sorcerer a lift home free of charge (personally I would have kicked him the hell out) and heads home to his wife. Pretty soon the curse kicks in and his wife is seduced by a handsome bowl-cutted stranger at the casino where she works. The two begin an affair (cue lots of gratuitous nudity) but it soon sours when she asks him to leave his wife, he refuses and kicks her out in the middle of nowhere. Waiting for her husband to come pick her up, she's abducted by two young punks, dragged to a nearby abandoned mansion (looking like a set from scooby doo) raped and murdered. When her hubbie arrives and discovers her corpse he's naturally enraged and goes looking for justice. When that fails he goes looking for vengence instead and enlists the aid of the sorcerer he ran over to help work some nasty curses on the people involved.

Seeding of a ghost is a very gooey and unpleasant piece of cinema, yet at the same time its lots of fun. It's nowhere near as sleazy as ebola syndrome Ebola Syndrome [DVD] [1996] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC] at 90 minutes long it dosent outstay its welcome and we even get a tentacle monster that looks like something fro the deadly spawn thrown in near the end for good measure. If you like HK horror this ones worth checking out, the print quality is supurb as is the audio and the subtitles are clear and easy to follow. Not a lot extras wise but i wasn't really expecting anything when I bought it. So long as you can deal with the quesier element of the movie and some of the truley weird plot twists, and a floating corpse puppet making out with a ghost, then this films for you!
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on 23 January 2017
A 'Seeding of a Ghost' offers up a bit of supernatural rape/revenge after an unlucky taxi driver ends up having his life turned upside down after being cursed by a black-magic practising grave robber after accidentally knocking him down.

Nowhere near as nasty or gory as I was lead to believe after reading various reviews of this one. So gorehounds who had bought into that hype will feel very short-changed by proceedings here as they will have to wait for the last 10 minutes to satisfy their craving for the red stuff. Having said that there's still plenty of crazy outrageousness to endure in the build up to the finale. The movie does have a sleazy exploitation feel to it all with its moments of long lingering close-ups of nudity and unpleasant sexual violence. But there's also a dark eerie atmospheric tone which is present throughout, so it's still effective as a horror movie. Despite never really being scary there's plenty of gross-out moments, one of the most bizarre sex scenes ever filmed and a crazy bloody ending with creature effects clearly inspired by John Carpenters The Thing which was released the previous year. So does this go down as one of Hong Kong's goriest films? No, nowhere close. But there's enough entertaining exploitation horror elements to have a good nights viewing with.

Once again this 88Films Asia Collection Blu-Ray release features another lovely transfer, looks real good. My only minor gripe would be a few instances early on where a line of dialogue wouldnt be accompanied by subtitles, and sometimes the subtitles would flash up and disappear too quickly to be read, but this didn't ruin the viewing experience for me at all really. Also on the disc is a commentary by good ol' Bey Logan and a feature on Hong Kong Horror. If you enjoyed the previous 88Films Asia releases like 'Hex' and 'Black Magic' then I can highly recommend this one too.
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on 5 April 2017
Another great edition from one of my favourite companies, 88 Films.
Prime, unique trash from the legendary Golden unhinged era of Hong Kong film (approx. lasted the 1980's and the beginning of the 1990's).
Almost every film made in HK during this period was fun to watch, in some way or another. This Black Magic Movie was funny because of
it's wildly trashy and funny ending with the inspired lowbudget crazy special effects. It really explodes at the end.
Trashy low budget horror, yes, but it's a Shaw Brothers production so it looks beautiful camerawise with warm nice colors.
A great commentary track by Mr. HK Film Bey Logan too and a History of the HK Film told by Calum Waddel
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on 18 November 2016
the best film ever made evil is the new good
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