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on 23 February 2016
The specs on this battery are great. A Lithium Polymer type battery which is a superior type storage to normal Lithium Ion. 21000mAh of storage charge (though specs dont say what voltage this applies to so assume at its lowest output 5V), weighing just 680g. Operates at high voltage for devices such as laptops and other 12-24V devices. Comes with a plethora of adapters including a very welcome cigarette lighter adapter for many camping 12V devices. Has a rugged tough construction. Comes in quite a nice premium packaging.

Well dont be FOOLED. The Powergorilla sadly, turns out to be an underperformer for its high price as I will prove and demonstrate its real world performance and value by pitting it against two other Polymer Lithium batteries that I own under exact same conditions in real world use. Furthermore, you can purchase similar polymer lithium batteries here, on Amazon, that outperforms this Gorilla and costs less than half the price. So why, you might ask, do so many reviewers give this 4 or 5 stars? Now I am not a cynical person and I will assume all reviewers are genuinely sincere users and NOT employed by Powertraveller. The reason I think for the 4/5 star ratings is this...most of them believe in the battery remaining level indicator...and that is so understandable yet most times very misleading because most people expect this to be calibrated out of the box. Powergorilla has a lovely large battery level LCD with a 6 bar indicator...very nice...and very off in a very deceptive way as you'll see shortly.

I know some expert reviews will use voltmeters and stats to make their judgement (which are useful). Well, I did the same initially and all looked good. But that kind of testing never gives the whole story. What matters most to you and me is how much juice will it REALLY give us for our money and how it performs when put to real world practical use when compared to other batteries of similar type under same operating conditions.

So these were my results of each battery testing under the same conditions (ie consistently same laptop CPU usage and room temperature).

11:57pm At room temperature. Power Gorilla fully charged at 6 bars begins charging laptop at 10%
1:00am laptop 42%, Gorilla 5 bars
1:21am laptop 52%, Gorilla 4 bars
1:48am laptop 65%, Gorilla 3 bars
2:03am laptop 62%, Gorilla 0 bars!!! No longer charging, Gorilla depleted

TOTAL: 2 hrs 6mins discharge from full charge to depletion, providing juice to 55% of my Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 laptop battery.

So, as you can see, the gorilla took a whole hour to drop from being 6 bars to 5 bars, which upped my laptop's juice by 32%. Fantastic start!, At that rate, one would expect the Gorilla to provide juice for 6 hours on my laptop and giving nearly two cycles of laptop juice.

But then, shock, notice how the rest of the 5 bars vanish in the next hour! In fact, the last 3 bars vanish in the last 15 minutes. Shocking, huh? The laptop usage is in a consistent use, with just internet open (static pages) and CPU at a recorded 18-22% constant use. So there is absolutely no excuse for this drastic depletion to happen in that second hour. So a very very misleading battery level gauge.

I did the exact same test with two other 12V+ Lithium Polymer batteries that I own.

The Deben Tracer 14ah costs one hundred and sixty quid, thirty quid more than the Power Gorilla as I write.

1:04pm At room temperature. Fully charged Tracer begins charging laptop from 10%.
4:19pm laptop 97%
disconnected battery at this point. laptop drained down to 10% again
6:45pm resume tracer battery discharge, charging laptop at 10%
7:27pm laptop 29% . Tracer Battery depleted, Laptop begins discharging

TOTAL: 3hr 57mins discharge from full charge to depletion, providing 106% charge to my Dell ultrabook XPS 13 laptop on a 18-22 CPU usage.

So look at that, incredible. The Deben tracer DOUBLY outperformed the Gorilla. So that extra thirty quid looks more than justified after all, doesnt it?!

But recently, I discovered here on Amazon, another lithium polymer battery called the Aukey 28000 which has similar charge specs but only costs fifty two quid ! (again at time of writing) That's sounds too good to be true but I bought it anyway and tested it under the exact same conditions as the other batteries.

Results for AUKEY 28000mAh:

Aukey 28000 battery test:
7:52pm laptop 10%
9:22pm laptop 51%
10:13pm laptop 76%
10:17pm laptop 77% Aukey battery depleted, laptop begins discharging

Total: 2hrs 25mins discharge from full charge to near depletion, providing 67% charge to my Dell ultrabook XPS 13 laptop on a 18-22 CPU usage.

And there you have it. The Aukey 28000 lasted 19mins longer to discharge and charged 67% of my laptop battery as opposed to the Power Gorilla's 55%...yet costs nearly eighty quid less!

So lets simply compare the cost per every 1% juice provided to my laptop: (please remember, all costs are as of time of writing, if prices have changed simply divide the percentage charge on my laptop for each battery by the new price...ie Powergorilla: 55%/new price, Tracer: 106%/new price, Aukey: 67%/new price).

Power Gorilla 21000mah (one hundred and thirty quid) pounds per 1% juice: 2.36
Deben Tracer 14000mah (one hundred and sixty quid) pounds per 1% juice: 1.50
Aukey 28000mah (Fifty-two quid) pounds per 1% juice: 0.78

So clearly, Aukey is the winner for best value for money, getting more charge for your buck (3 times better value than the Power Gorilla). Even though your laptop or devices will have different charging rates, the relative comparisons of each battery would be the same.

The Deben Tracer wins for delivering by far the most juice...but not at the best value. The Tracer only operates at 12V by the way so is not as versatile as the other two batteries but are renowned for robustness and highest charge capacities (they go up to 22ah@12v) which is worth considering if you need as large a capacity as possible in one unit. But most laptops have a 12V cigarette lighter charger available. You can also buy a usb hub for charging USB devices from it.

A couple of other important reasons for my giving the Gorilla battery a very low rating is that this battery was temperamental operating in cold temperatures from 1 degrees below. As an amateur astronomer/astrophotographer, I need it to work for me mostly at nights. The Power Gorilla marketing shows pictures of skiers and mountaineers all dressed in thermal wear suggesting sub zero temperatures. Nowhere on the Amazon product page does it state the temperature operating range. After my field trip test disappointment with the Gorilla, I looked in the manual for any mention of temperature ranges and it does actually state in the specifications at the back of the manual, operating temperatures to be 0-40 degrees. Clearly the skiing pictures (not to mention those cute penguins) are another marketing deception. Also, temperature in London on the night I used it was 1 degree. So quality control is clearly amiss here and does not meet the claimed operating spec. By the way, know that ALL lithium batteries drain faster in colder temperatures, that is simply their nature.

Of course, this battery has enough charge to give your laptop a little extra juice (in my case 2hrs on a modern laptop) or give your mobile phones a few cycles of power which for some of you, is all that is needed. But why buy this when there are other far far cheaper and better alternative powerbanks for mobile phones which are lighter too? If its because you are attracted to that optional solar panel...well, know that solar panels are available that can connect to many other powerbanks. Unless you also want to be giving your 12V+ devices such as your laptop, extra juice, you are better off buying much lighter and cheaper USB portable chargers giving several cycles of power for your mobiles.

Having said all of the above, the Power Gorilla doesnt deserve complete knocking. It does have juice to deliver to your devices. It has more voltage settings than other batteries. It feels very robust and I actually like its slimline form factor. The numerous adapters provided is incredible and I especially like that it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter so I can run some 12v devices such as a dew heater, 12v hair dryer and computerised telescope mounts. I can even run them simultaneously with a cigarette lighter hub.

There are other lithium polymer batteries available on Amazon (such as the MAXOAK 50000) which I wish I can also test and compare but I simply cant buy them all, sorry!

Now one final piece of advice in looking for the right powerbank for you. Dont be fooled by the capacity specs in mah or Ah (milli-amp hours or Amp hours). Powergorilla claims 21000mah but dont state at what voltage. So always assume its at the its lowest voltage output setting which in this case is 5V. But other batteries state their amp hour charge at different voltage. So you need to convert them to amps hours of a specific voltage. So I am going to compare the above 3 batteries capacity claims at 12V.

Simple formula to use is: amp hours @12V = stated amp hours * at stated voltage/12V (if you want to compare using your laptop voltage, than just change 12V to your required voltage but it doesnt matter, we just want to compare battery specs at any same voltage...12V is usually the best to use as that is always one of the voltage output settings used for large capacity batteries)

So PowerGorilla states 21000mah (or 21Ah) but doesnt state voltage so we assume it lowest at 5V. So at 12V, it would provide (ignoring conversion energy losses):

21000mah * 5V/12V = apprx 8750mah.

Deben Tracer states 14Ah which is 14000mah at 12V. No calculation needed there as we have our answer at 12V

Aukey states 28000mah at 3.7V. So at 12V, it would provide:

28000mah*3.7V/12V = apprx 8633mah (so pretty much same spec as PowerGorilla)

So when comparing the claimed specs to the results of my comparison tests, they nearly correlate except Powergorilla clearly underperforms for its claimed specs when compared to the very similar (actually slightly lower) spec of the Aukey.

I hope this serves as a useful analysis for you. I just hate seeing companies ripping off customers KNOWING that customers wont know they are being ripped off because innocently, customers trusts the claimed figures and what the battery level remaining meter shows.

Now if Powertraveller offer this battery at either same price or even a tenner more than the Aukey....I might actually recommend this as the one to get and up rating to 4 stars, given it comes with a cigarette lighter charger and much more adapters...but not for very cold weather as it fails at even 1 deg. So operating at low temperatures, I would recommend Aukey or Deben Tracer.

Otherwise, Powertraveller, should be ashamed of themselves for its huge overpricing, false advertising that it can operate at lower temperatures as its pictures show and underperforming for its specs. What a pity.
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on 20 July 2015
OK, so I'm a photographer who was looking for a good power source to take away on trips and use where limited power supply was available.
I use a Macbook PRO Retina 15" and found it extremely difficult to find a review or any post confirming if this actually worked with the later retina screen MacBooks from apple because it requires an adapter rated 85W ... NOTE most adaptors stating they work fine with the powergorilla are rated at 60W or 65W, even the Lavolta 85W wasn't compatible because the max output was 16V and the mac require 19V minimum, even though it stated it was! I suggest these are fine for earlier models but not the later ones as I found out!

However with a little bit more searching and I found an XTPower cable with a magsafe 2 adaptor that fits and does the job perfectly, connect it all up, set the powergorilla to 19V and Result!

The first powergorilla I received was faulty (It would't turn on) and to be honest I'd read a few reviews of customers saying the same thing, so was quite annoyed by this to start with. Thankfully I am not far from their head quarters in Hampshire and after speaking to them, they simply replaced the item the same day, tested and all was good. All in all a pretty good service.

I've only tested this on a few occasions and thus far it been very good, charging my phone and laptop etc.
With my laptop fully charged and the powergorilla plugged in I had it running a slideshow for 6.5hrs continuous with the screen on max brightness and I still had approximately 30% power left in the laptop at the end of the day. So I'd estimate the powergorilla gave me an additional 3+ hours of running time, which I am very happy with.

The true test will come when I use it out in the field for a few wks and see how it performs then coupled with the solargorilla I'm hoping to be able to keep contact with the people I need and post images live from my trip.
(I'll be adding to this review in October when I get back)
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on 19 September 2015
I bought this specifically for my Dell Laptop after seeing all the positive reviews on how long the power gorilla can last. I was however disappointed to discover that it doesn't last much more than a short hour on a full charge. Eventually the whole thing packed up. Still it can be handy for other smaller electronics apart from big laptops. However it is very pricey.
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on 1 August 2013
Bought this back in 2009 along with a Solar Gorilla. Together they have meant that I am never without power - useful in so many different situations as it can be charged from the solar panel or a wall socket and there are many different fittings to charge all sorts of gadgets. I don't tend to use it for my laptop which as it is really rather too thirsty for this battery, but I imagine if you have a little notebook this would be pretty handy. It will happily charge a heavy duty smart phone several times over. Beware though, it will charge slower than from a wall socket and make sure the power pack is switched on for smart phones - USBs run in both directions and your phone might try to charge the power pack by mistake.
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on 21 April 2012
I bought the Powergorilla as I work on the road for much of the time, and wanted something to keep my gadgets and laptop running for a while longer, and the Power Gorilla has surpassed all of my expectations.

The device itself is a robust and solid piece of kit, with a metal body and rubber grips on either side. The onboard display lets you know how much charge is remaining, and it's output voltage which can be changed by pressing the power button.

There's a nice selection of tips that fit just about every device you could think of, and I've even found that the Power Gorilla can power my WiBE 3G Mobile Broadband Gateway/Router for a good four hours.

My only niggle is with the case that comes with it for the tips and cables - it's not quite big enough to fit all of the cables and the transformer for laptops/charging, and the elastic on the pockets isn't tight enough and the tips fall into the main sleeve, but other than that, a top product that I would heartily recommend.
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on 14 August 2015
This battery offers all it says with regards to power and attachments. It is considerably expensive but well built. One of the two i bought had some issues with the display which broke in two after a couple of weeks use. The battery still worked well and charged tons of items. The second unit worked wonderfully.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 April 2012
I have had my Power Traveller for three days now, and I am so impressed. On its first charge (overnight) it has recharged an iPod, kindle and iPhone, powered my Mac Book Air for an hour and is still showing a full charge. So I can confirm a very good battery life.

The carry case is snug but well made and all the tips I needed were included.

The USB socket is a great idea.

I am using Apples airplane adapter to connect it to power my Air.

I guess the best praise of all is that I am so impressed by the design, build quality and performance of this product I have followed the advice of another reviewer here and ordered the solar charger for this, so I hope to be able to power all of my gadgets using solar power, which would be cool.

For build quality, ease of use, and capacity I cannot fault this product.

I purchased it from Amazon using Lemon Digital, and it arrived well packaged the next day.
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on 7 April 2014
This was a replacement for the previous unit and it has fit right in, charging Ipad, Tabs, Phones and other bits and bobs. I did use it for the Laptop and it powers (rather than powers and charges) the laptop although this drains the unit quickly. If you are apt to be on the road things like this are useful as you will get caught out some times, in my case it is if I have to use the wifi tethering from my phone as this kills the phone battery.
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on 19 February 2014
So, this one is great. Runs my MacBook Air for hours and hours. Together with the internal battery, I'm getting more than 10 hours of battery. Bring it with me whenever I'm not sure I'll find a socket.

Great for charging iPhones as well. I brought it with me whilst kayaking for 2 months, and it's really badly protected from water, so you have to be careful there. I thought the Gorilla-bit implied sturdiness and waterproof-ish-ness, but I wouldn't give it a try.
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on 22 April 2013
I was waking through town, phone in my pocket and power gorilla in my back pack charging my phone. A friend really couldn't get he head around how I was charging my phone without a plug socket anywhere in sight.
The power gorilla really is a great portable charger, it's light weight, comes with a multitude of connectors and I was able to charge my phone and tablet 5-6 times before I need to recharge it.
It's not pocket sized but will easily fit into a back pack or brief case.

My only disappointment was that I thought it came with the solar charger but it doesn't, you have to purchase that extra. That may have been my mistake for not reading through thoroughly enough.

All in all, this guy is going to let you charge anywhere, so really good value for money.
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