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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Size: 16GB|Style Name: Compact|Change
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Whilst SD cards are getting cheaper by the day, the same cannot be said about CF ones. This is probably due to the ever increasing consumer electronics shifting towards SD and micro SD.

So finding the Kingston offering at a reasonable price was very much welcome. I have a Canon 7D which uses CF cards and, as with most photographers, I tend to shoot RAW which take up a considerable amount of space.

The performance of this Kingston card is quite respectable, and given the price I really cannot complain.

Bottom line:
If you need CF storage at a cheap price, than the Kingston will not disappoint.
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on 26 April 2013
I bought two of these to use in my 5D2, 5D3 and 7D and no issues with them at all. Fast read write, well fast enough that continuous shooting is restricted by camera buffers not by slow card writing and that's all that matters for me. Not much else to report, they come with a little clear plastic case for storing them and they work as expected.

UPDATE: After less than a year with two of these cards I've had to bin them both as they became unreliable. I shoot 360º panoramic images for Google and several images on a large shoot were corrupt. I initially blamed my 7D and noticed there was a firmware update for the 7D so did that but I'm not on a 2nd 7D and also notice corruption with my 5D3 and I've just had another batch of 300 images with one corrupt.

Unreliable cards may be OK for casual or holiday snaps but for business I should have known better than to buy based on price, both cards binned and Pro-grade cards purchased instead.
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on 15 February 2012
I've been using x133 Kingston cards for over two years (16Gb and 8Gb) with my Canon 7D and I've never had a problem. I bought two x266 16Gb cards in December to go with them after filling up a 16Gb card on one heavy day of shooting raw and video in Borneo. I've not had any issues with the two x266 cards in the last two months. FYI you do not need the x266 speed for video with the 7D. I have quite happily shot the maximum 30 minutes video on a x133 card with no problems. However the x266 will make a difference when you are shooting high speed continuous frames with raw. I hit the limit on the x133 a few times in Borneo when photographing very cute baby orang-utans!
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on 20 September 2012
Great Product, works flawlessly in my Canon 7D.
Will buy this product again.
Did lots of video and photos and the card did just what it was supposed to do at the right speed.
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on 7 February 2014
I have this card, not by choice really, it came free with a second hand camera I bought but i knew Kingston were a well known brand.

The card itself is like any other CF card to the naked eye. the reason for the 3 stars is that in my opinion, it's not a good idea to have an average speed large storage CF card. Let me explain...
Generally, the reason you would be looking for a CF card is that you have a DSLR (most likely a Canon or maybe a Sony), because all other smaller cameras use SD cards. If you're using a DSLR, your going to be taking pretty large pictures (2 - 30 MB per file). This speed of card is OK for taking pictures in JPEG format, assuming you don't want to use the camera's rapid fire which can be up to 15 frames per second (fps). At this speed, the card wont be able to keep up and the fps will slow down while it waits for the camera to write to the card.

The other downside is, 16GB is a lot of storage. I know that sounds like a plus point, but trust me, waiting for a computer to copy across 16GB of images at a fairly slow speed is very frustrating. Additionally, if you have just 1 16GB card, and you have been out taking pictures all day, and something happens to the card i.e. you lost it, or something out of your control like it corrupted, or even water damage because you dropped the camera. These things do happen, and that would be an entire days shooting wasted. Insurance covers the camera, but you will still lose your photos.

I would recommend you spend your money on something quicker, with less storage space. Sandisk offer an 8GB Extreme card (link below), yes it's more money but I would say it's really worth it. Only 8GB per card means you will (probably) carry multiple cards but if you drop your camera, only the card in the camera is at risk.

The Kingston card is average, there is nothing particularly wrong with it, I still have mine but I only use it if I run out of space on my other cards because I hate waiting for it to offload the images when I get home.

Good value for money, lots of storage for a cheap price, if that's what your looking for.
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on 18 May 2012
The card has good and bad points but if you work around those bad points it still has the potential to be excellent value.

70+ MB/s consistent read speed

Write speed is poor, 13 MB/s

The great news is reading from the card is stunning. Moving lots of files off the card takes no time at all with 70+ MB/s read speed. The 'problem' is the write speed is frankly woeful. If you're considering this card for use in a high FPS DSLR for things like action shots e.g. Birds In Flight, motorsport. spend the extra and get a quicker card. If you don't you'll be very disappointed because the write speed of 13 MB/s will leave you very frustrated. If however your shoot is a bit more laid back and doesn't demand rapid shots then i'd recommend the card as for the price it offers excellent value for money because it's big and fast (reading).

As a performance comparison i benchmarked this card against some of my old Sandisk Extreme III 30 MB/s cards. The Sandisk were spot on the advertised read speed of 29.6 MB/s (vs this card of 70+ MB/s) but more importantly the old Sandisk cards achieved 25.5 MB/s write speed which is virtual twice as fast as this card (13 MB/s).

Good value card overall it just won't suit everyone hence 3 out of 5.

(i've uploaded some photos to show the benchmarks)
review image review image
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on 2 November 2012
I shoot mostly with a canon 5d mkii in raw and this is capable of producing a burst of 15-16 images before the buffer is full with this card. It is also fine for shooting video in full HD at 25/30fps with no dropped frames. The issue with this card is the upload speed when back at base camp. I have a speedy mac with an ssd at the other end and it takes about and hour to download a full card. I recommend making a cup of tea and reading the paper after the shoot.
This may hav implications for some pro applications where deadlines are measured in minutes, but other than that, this is fab.
I am rating this 4* though as it represents great value. I have used Kingston and San Disk products for many years and had no reliability issues from either.
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I used this together with an IDE adapter to turn an old Mac Mini into a fast booting, virtually silent, media server (the OS is on the card, the actual media files are stored on an external drive).

Setup was easy, and the computer boots from the card without any issues at all. Previous reports of unreliability did cause me some concern, but I am pleased to report this this has been working well for a few months now and I've not run into any problems.
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on 26 December 2012
Well it works and does what it says on the tin - formatted as FAT but can be formatted as NTFS (I used the Universal Boot CD partition tool). If you want a quick boot on a legacy OS (XP or older) this will do the job when partnered with an IDE adaptor - for how long I don¨yet know.
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on 12 September 2011
Arrived promptly and on time. With each photo of about 4MB in size, I took over 200 shots before it registers on the camera (998 to go!).
It struggles a little when a series of photos are taken in succession, but it is still a lot quicker than my old one. Download speeds are good though.
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