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on 14 April 2010
This is my original review

Brilliant snug fit that does not make your iphone bulky. Looks really good on as well. One negative is that you have to take the case off to use on a docking station. Some other cases have a removable section at the bottom. All in all recommended.

This is after 4 months
I am adding this after using the case for 4 months and it is in tatters. The case broke at the point where it curves around the bottom at speaker end and then the back snapped in half. This is with usual daily use and keeping in pocket daily.

The finish of the case deteriorated after a month which is to be expected to a degree.

Overall the case is OK for the time it lasted but a bit expensive for only 3 or 4 months use.
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on 29 August 2009
I have just received my neo case and it is even better than expected. I did lots of research before making my purchase. The Neo case consistenly rates highly in all reviews. I bought it for my 3Gs and I needed someing that would protect it all round and stand up to being bashed in my pocket. This case gives confidence that it will protect the iphone. The video stand it comes with is also a nice unexpected extra. Very easy to put on. The screen protector takes a little while to make sure no air bubbles. Definately recommend
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on 2 September 2009
Having just acquired my iPhone and wanting to keep it shiny and new, I was looking for a good case. I wanted something that was sleek and didn't add too much to the bulk of the iPhone itself. After searching around and reading reviews, including those here, I decided to go for this case. It is well engineered, be it only silicon rubber and plastic. It fits very well and will protect the phone from abrasions and low-impact knocks. It looks good too, although I prefer to see the iPhone in its naked state to be honest.
The only problem I have is with the screen protector. As pointed out by another reviewer, this proved impossible to apply without some specks of dust getting underneath. I spent some considerable time making sure the iPhone was spotlessly clean and used the microfibre cloth included with the kit to give it a final rub down. However, I believe the rubbing actually causes a build up of static which tends to attract dust. When you expose the adhesive side of the screen protector by peeling off the protective backing, this also seems to cause static. After being extremely careful with the first screen protector (two are provided) I still managed to trap a speck of dust in the last 5mm of screen. Being even more careful with the second protector, I still failed to apply it perfectly. I guess you need to be in the cleanest place you can be and be extremely careful if you want to apply it successfully. On the parts where the protector went on without dust, it is almost undetectable.
The kit also includes protectors for the the docking port and the earphone socket, but I can't get them to stay in. They simply fall out once you start using the phone.
The kit includes two silicon rubber body covers, two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, an applicator (squeegee) for the screen protector, the hard body cover parts and the socket protectors.
Easy to apply and good looking. Overall, very good, but be aware of the screen protector.

Postscript: I've had it just over a month now and I've changed my mind. I have to say it looks pretty tatty, with the casing scratched, the rubber sleeve grubby and the screen protector peeling off. I might as well have left the case off and got the phone tatty - the visual effect is the same. I have removed it and consigned it to a drawer and bought a cheap leather flip-case, which I think is much smarter.
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on 3 August 2009
This case is great in many ways. It looks smart, it's easy to fit and protects the iphone perfectly. The case has 3 sections to it.

First you have to fit a little flexible silicon type jacket over the back of the phone to add a little extra protect layer (I was really pleased with this as it ensures the silver trim won't be scratched by the case.

Then you fit an "H" style plastic backing that clips around the iphone on both sides, before fitting the vertical section that clips over the top and bottom.

It's perfectly secure and makes the iphone look great. You get heaps of extra stuff with it too: an extra silicon jacket, couple of screen protectors, a screen cloth, a plastic cover to fit over the USB lead connection (to stop dust build up - it's easy to remove when needed though) and also a little cover to slot into the headphone socket to protect that too!

Overall, I'm delighted with this case. I've tried others and didn't like them for all different reasons but this one suits me fine.

Also, well done Amazon. Yet again brilliant service. I ordered on Friday lunchtime and had it delivered by midday Saturday. Perfect!
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on 11 April 2009
Received the case today, had no problem installing it (although I have read from other reviews that lots of users have problem installing it). The build quality is better than the most cases I've seen and the case fits around the phones nicely. I use to have the Invisible Shield, but the edges started to peel off after a few months use. I don't see the similar problem with this case as it is a hard case, and also, it covers more area than the Invisible Shield. I'm very pleased so far, I'll update the review when I have used it for a longer time. Also, I'd like try out the white version of this case as it dose look better than the black one, although some reviews mentioned that the white rubber bit is easy to get discolouration, will see when I get to try one.
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on 26 March 2010
I don't normally write reviews for the things I buy on amazon but this product is brilliant!
Obviously designed by a true geek who has seriously studied her/his iphone. It is perfect in that the accessability to the minimal controls is A1 and at the same time the phone is totally protected.
Forget leather cases - this is the ultimate in phone protection whilst keeping the look and feel of the actual iphone. The product is a "second skin" to protect from all the scratches and knocks of everyday use. The iphone should be sold with one of these thrown in for protection!
It even comes with "plugs" for the headphone and charging sockets so you could drop it into water and with these fitted it would still be protected, (although I don't intend to test mine!)
Go for this and be truly delighted with your purchase every time you use your iphone!
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on 25 November 2009
I think my review is a bit surplus, after all the other great reviews. But I thought i'd give my 5 stars. Fantastic case really encloses the phone completely coupled with the screen protector (x2 come with it, one spare) there are no exposed surfaces to get damaged. The case does come with two plugs one for the Headphone socket and one for the charger/USB lead, I can imagine these will eventually get lost if not careful, personally i've stopped using them as i don't see not having them in as a problem. The case is fairly easy to fit, take ya time and ensure you get the silicon inner glove straight (Of which by the way there is a second spare one in the kit) and once thats on the hard plastic covers go on easy. There was one reviewer that didnt like the case as it wasnt a rubberise outer like he thought it was, it isnt but whats the problem with it not being. In summary this case is to protect a £500 plus phone and it does that in spades and whats more i think it looks good as if your looking at the phone itself. Mines a black case, but i have seen it available in other colours and in a serpent stlye pattern from the same manufacturer. I also questioned a supplier as to whether it would fit an ipod touch (3rd generation), and i'm told it would so when i get my ipod 64gb to back up the iphone i'll definately be getting another of these cases.

On a point to note and i'm not putting this as a negative point as its depends on an individual's use not a fault with the case, but if you have a docking station with a tight docking socket with the case on the phone may not dock. I had a £14 desktop docking charger which had a very tight socket with the case on it wouldnt fit, and its not the type of case to keep taking it on and off, just be aware of this. I have an iphone/ipod docking alarm clock and the case doesnt stop it going on that, it depends on what you have.

In summary as long as i have an iphone/ipod i'll be using a Capsuleneo case.
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on 14 February 2010
I am a fan of the products Switcheasy let out, but this one is a major diappointment.

I comes in 3 parts, the first being a thin rubber membrane, which is THIN! You need to be so careful or it will tear (at least they give you two). The second is a plastic H shell. Now this is so tight it is unbelievable and a real struggle to get on without putting the membrane out of joint, then you'll have to start all over again. The third piece is the rear clip. And it goes on quite easily although if you can manage it without getting the bottom of the rubber membrane all out of place please tell me how!

When you do finally get all three parts on, this is one smart looking case! Very tidy looking, although the hassle you will go through...is it worth it? Not for me.

I had an Invisible shield installed, and by putting this on it was so tight that the H frame lifted the corners of my shield, which I must say was on perfectly! Not any more! It was then so tight around the screen that it lifted one of the edges causing bubbles.

This thing is a nightmare to install! I would be interested to hearing if it was because the shield makes it that little bit too tight or if this is a common problem?

My opinion on this one is simply, Switcheasy do awesome covers, so choose one of them! Just not this one, unless you are mega patient and like the slick look (which again it does have).

Check out some review videos on this one before you part with the cash for what is an expensive product!
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on 2 August 2009
Soft silicon case protects your buttons, while the hard plastic case protects the extremities. Screen protector and plugs for the power and headphone socket complete the package. I've had a couple of cases from better known manufactors, but this is first that actually fits properly. Relatively cheap for the quality of the product.
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on 19 April 2009
A superb case for the iPhone; by far the best one that I have bought. The attention to detail is very impressive; there are covers for all the exposed ports and the case itself fits like a glove. It even comes with a small stand! Highly recommended.
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