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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2008
I love this DVD, I will explain why I only gave it 4 stars though later. I bought this DVD because of the trainer, Dee Thresher, who did the Natalie Cassidy DVD last year, which I have done many times and I wasn't disappointed with this one.

Letitia Dean looks great after her amazing weight loss, she doesn't say a lot in this DVD when exercising, but gives a workout explaination at the beginning of each section.

The setting looks like something out of a 70's film set, but you don't really notice it when you are exercising. The sound tracks are great and motivating when doing the moves.

The fitness trainer - Dee Thresher is as good as she was in the other DVD. Her cueing and explanations are brilliant. The moves in all sections (except for the Muffin Shrinker section) are well thought out, easy to get the hang of and enjoyable to do.

First up is the Body Warmer, which as it says is the warm up and lasts 10 minutes. It is not hard to do and warms you up nicely, but not too much, for the other workouts.

The Latin Sizzler section is 15 minutes of dance moves that you can pick up really quickly and enjoy doing. You can feel it really working and you certainly get breathless. Broken down the first 5 minutes are the most tiring - consisting of high impact aerobic style dance moves, the second 5 minutes are slightly lower impact and the final 5 minutes are doing a run through of the previous 10 minutes, but a shortened version in 4 runs.

The Bingo Buster section is a further 15 minutes of more areobic dance moves, there is some arm work, but I wouldn't go far as to say there are a lot, its more like a workout for the whole body, which I prefer anyway. Like the Sizzler section it's broken down in 5 minute sections, high impact, followed by low impact and then a shortened version of both sections in 2 runs.

The Muffin Shrinker section is 10 minutes. Personally, I thought this section could have been thought through a bit better. The first 5 minutes started off with abdominal exercises - Dee should have alternated the abdominal exercises better, it started off with the good old sit ups, which are always great and effective in working the abdominals, but if you suffer from neck pain, beware, the repetitions of the same exercise are way too many in my opinion (I know some may disagree) and if you are not doing them properly i.e. using you tummy muscles instead of your neck muscles, the neck can really start to hurt (even if you are doing them properly, you will know about it the next day). She could have done a few repetitions of sit ups for upper abs, then gone to lower abs, then waist, then back to upper, lower and waist, instead of the intensity of doing the same types of exercises for too long. It would have been far more enjoyable to do, as it was, I kept having to take more breaks than I would have to (the Davina DVD is a lot better constructed with her abdominal workouts). That is why I only gave 4 stars. The final 5 minutes was a good cool down stretch, but I would have preferred a cool down in a separate section (especially if you are rushed for time and can only do one of the 15 minute main sections). This was the same mistake Dee made in the previous DVD too and my only criticism!

In summary though, I will certainly be doing the DVD on a regular basis and recommend this as a good buy and investment for a better figure.
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on 15 January 2009
This is a brilliant workout dvd!
I have bought in the past, the Natalie Cassidy and the Charlie Brooks dvds, which feature the same trainer, Dee. I have enjoyed both those, so when I saw that Dee was the trainer for this newest celebrity workout dvd, I decided to buy it!
I have a very high fitness level, so am always looking for new dvd's to add some variety, and I the past have been disappointed by how low impact some of them were. The Natalie Cassidy and the Charlie Brooks ones, are a moderate level for me, so I use them on my lighter training days. I thought this would be the same, but I was surprised (in a good way), to discover that this is quite a high impact, and unlike the previous two, where Dee was the trainer, this one really goes all out, and gives a full impact workout, concentrating more on high imapct aeorbics rather than lunges and stretches!

It features 4 sections.

Section one a warm-up which is low intensity and lasts 10 mins approx.

section 2 a 15 mins workout which is high impact,(although can be taken up or down in level depending on your fitness ability) this first section is based on latin dance moves, which I found really easy to pick up!

section 3 featured more aerobic moves and was all high intensity, (but again could be taken down or up a level by marching or jumping the moves). This also lasted 15 mins approx.

Then comes section 4 which is a toning section.

The levels are split so you can pick the warm up and one section, or do them all for a full workout. The only down point is there is not a cool down following the sections, which is a shame, as I have to add my own stretches to make sure my calves etc are not damaged. All in all this is a good variable workout which is kept interesting by the short sections that you can mix up so you do not become bored.
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on 18 January 2009
I bought this DVD from Amazon recently and must admit I was a bit reluctant as I thought it would be a big dissapointment, like most of the exercise DVD's after xmas. However I really enjoy it, its very "strictly" and energetic and is great fun without killing yourself.

Its set out in four fifteen minute routines (warm up, dance moves, bingo wings and muffin top) and although you do feel it you know you only have 15 minutes of each section so it doesnt seem like your pushing yourself forever, after 15 minutes you can move on to the next routine.

It is very latin dance orientated so if you dont like dancing as a form of exercise this dvd possibly would not be for you.

The main thing I like about this dvd is the fact that letitia obviously follows the routine set out in the dvd herself, I hate putting on an exercise dvd and they say "the star has lost weight doing this routine" when it is clear they have never done the routine before in their lives..it makes you feel cheated!!!

all in all I love this DVD and if its got rid of letitias muffin top (she looks Fab by the way) than bring it on!!
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on 23 October 2009
I enjoyed the Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout with trainer Dee Thresher and bought this one to add some variety to my workouts. I have lost weight and toned up with the Charlie Brooks DVD and the Letitia Lean Routine continues the good work. It is split into 4 sections of 15 minutes each. Although the sections are given titles which relate to specific areas of the body, the workout is really just cardio and interval training designed to burn fat. This is, of course, a good thing as you will lose fat from the areas you are toning up. But don't be fooled into thinking that the section on Bingo Wings is just a strengthening workout for your arms - it is actually 15 minutes of jumping up and down aerobic exercise where you happen to move your arms a lot.

If you haven't exercised in a while I would recommend the Charlie Brooks DVD as a better place to start out. Letitia's Lean Routine is definitely faster and more aerobic than the Charlie Brooks version. The sit ups are more intense in the Letitia DVD and also focus more on the waist and the middle (muffin) part of the tummy. The stomach exercises in the Charlie Brooks DVD focus more on the lower tummy. Once you are used to the Charlie Brooks DVD and can complete the High Intensity section without having to stop then I would recommend alternating with the Letitia DVD. This seems to have helped speed up my fat loss. It is clear that the trainer, Dee Thresher, is much more out of breath in the Letitia DVD and so I think the Letitia routine is better if you have a larger amount of fat to lose.

On a personal note, I found the music, setting, outfits, style etc of the Charlie Brooks DVD a lot more pleasing. Charlie comes across as very normal and down to earth. Letitia seems rather "luvvie" and is constantly smiling through gritted teeth. Who cares though? So long as they help me to shift the flab I will watch anyone!

With regards to learning steps and routines, Letitia doesn't feature any difficult steps but there is not much preparation for new moves so you have to learn quickly. More time is given to getting the moves right in the Charlie Brooks DVD.

I have been doing the routines for 10 weeks now, not following any particular diet but cutting down on cakes/butter etc, and I have lost 1 stone. I feel a lot fitter and stronger and have even managed to lose my double chin!
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on 19 January 2009
I brought the Letitia Dean DVD because of the instructor Dee Thresher, as I have the Charlie Brooks and Natalie Cassidy one and found them to not only work, but great fun, inspirational and motivating. Letitias is no exception and done 3-4 times a week, I know I will achieve the results I want, weight loss and toning.

This dvd is a clever mix of cardio, which includes some achieveable dance moves and also higher impact stuff and also toning every single part of the body within all the sections.

I can't recommend it highly enough! Go on girls, go and get it, you'll love it!!
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on 14 September 2009
As someone who prefers to do an aerobics or exercise class of some sort I have purchased a couple of exercise DVD's in the event that I can't attend a class for whatever reason. It's a fairly good workout and the muffin shrinker section feels particularly effective. However, it was a bit difficult to pick up some of the steps first/second time round as I expected the trainer to go through them slowly before speeding things up and it took me a few attempts to pick up the steps. I would recommend.
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on 19 January 2009
I was given this DVD for my birthday as I need to lose a few pounds after xmas, as we all do! I have both of the other DVD'S that Dee Thresher has done and I find them really easy to follow as I am so uncoordinated.

The first time I did it my 10 year old son was joining in and loved it, I have done it quite a few times since then and have got quite a few friends round to do it with me instead of coffee and cake!

I really feel like I have worked out after this DVD and it's long and hard enough to satisfy me.

The warm up is great and definately does the trick, and I love the latin sizzler, as I love to dance and it's not too complicated to follow, The other two sections are great and love the muffin shrinker as that's where the few extra pounds seem to have gone on.

Thanks Dee and Letitia, great DVD!!
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on 5 July 2012
This is an excellent workout DVD and definitely helps you to lose weight and build up a sweat! I bought this DVD as I'd been using the Natalie Cassidy one previously which is great but fancied a bit of a change. I think Dee is an excellent trainer and both workouts are fantastic. My recommendation would be that if you're not used to exercise to start with the Natalie Cassidy one first as it's a little easier and the routines are explained more clearly. Build up to the Letitia Dean one as this is more intensive but still fun! The sweat will be dripping off! Enjoy!!
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on 18 July 2009
Have used the DVD three times so early days, but so far so good. The mambo steps & other little moves taken from dance are very easy to pick up, but you don't need to be able to dance to follow the workouts (although rhythm definitely helps!), they are just more fun to do than regular aerobic steps.

Good instructor who gives you plenty of warning of what's coming up & is enthusiastic without being irritating. Music is lively and Latin American, a welcome diversion from the usual aerobic music!

Not sure the 'Bingo' section really does what it claims but there are two sets of press ups & one set of dips in the final section so I feel if I've also used my arms strongly during the routines then they have had a sufficient workout.
Abs section repetitive but very effective; I work out 3-4 times a week & this is the first time I've longed for abs to finish (the 15 pulse sit up is a killer!)

Just had a bit of back ache after each workout but this might be me getting used to all the hip wiggles etc, aerobics tends to be more rigid.

Don't know how long it'll keep my attention as it's too early to say, but as it is upbeat, fast paced, enjoyable & (most importantly) raises a healthy sweat I think I'll keep going back to it for quite some time!

UPDATE Dec 09 - have used this DVD regularly since purchase and still find it enjoyable and effective. Am now used to the 'abs section' but it is still not 'easy' which is always good.

I am still really happy indeed with this DVD, it's definitely the best 'celebrity' one around!
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on 30 January 2009
I have been doing this workout for 2 weeks now and already feel more toned in my legs with the slight feeling of tightening around my waist.
The overall workout is high impact with intervals of lunges/marches etc.
The music is great to get you working and the trainer is very througher and explains everything very well, I already have her other 2 dvds and I would still recommend all of them. The great thing about this dvd in comparison to the other two is that the abs section is much better and longer, she does do far to many reps of the sit ups but then they are the best form of exercise for the area.
To get any visable results I would think you would need to do this dvd nearly every day for approx 3 months with watching what you eat aswell. There should be no reason why anyone cant get good reuls from this dvd,it is high impact for majority of the workout which will burn all those calories and then the tonning exercises in between shud work magic eventually. It is hard work and will take several months to achieve what Letitia did but it is well worth it...... and to think summer is just around the corner what better incentive then to make this workout a regular in your dvd player.
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