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on 15 April 2010
I am overall satisfied with the player. I have had no issues with it, though some functions are missing from my previous Samsung T10 (which stopped working less than a year after I bought it). My Sony NWZ-S638F (same as NWZ-S639 but with 8 GB of memory) is already a year old with no signs of battery degradation or some other malfunctions.


- sound quality - even with the supplied headphones which are of better than the average shipped with players. I got Sennheiser CX500 in-ear phones and the sound rules. I have only bumped the Bass a bit.
- equalizer and sound tweakers with many modes (but not so many bands)
- battery life - I charge it once every two weeks with 2-3 hours use per day
- build quality - solid player with no creaking noises (metal frame)
- SenseMe functionality - it detects the tempo of the music on-board and puts it into categories (Pop ballad, Extreme, etc.). Depending on the time of day it has Morning/Day/Night lists with music to wake you up, sound as background or put you to sleep. The time shuffle function will pick up one random year and play the music from that year
- browsing music - It has all the necessary categories (artist, album, year) as well as folder view
- pictures, radio and video - don't personally use them though it's good to be there
- hardware volume and play controls - if you have ever used touch player with volume being of the touch type, then you'll appreciate putting your hand in the pocket and having control over the player without the need to look at it.
- instant-on feature - If the player has been last used less than 24 hours ago then pressing play will wake it up in a split second. The startup time otherwise is around 15 seconds maybe (have not counted, though).


- track year is not synced properly - The player won't show the year of the MP3s if you are using it in USB flash mode and use Explorer to load the music on it. The only way to get the year correct is to sync it in MTP mode (WMP, iTunes)
- lack of Bluetooth - with my previous player it was so easy not to miss a call - just pair the player with your phone and on incoming call you can use the player as a Bluetooth handsfree. Really convenient.
- oldish looking menu system - Well, the UI is just plain boring. Even the font is boring with letter dots and angles visible. If my Samsung was a Windows XP UI, then the Sony is Windows 95.
- no games, calculator - Oh, no, Sir.
- pathetic playlists - No possibility to add, edit or organize playlists from the player. You can sync a playlist from PC then play it. That's it.


If you're up for playing music and not using the player as a fashion accessory or entertainment centre Sony NWZ-S638F will suite you well. The player is boring but has good battery life and very good sound quality. Just don't expect blinky UI.
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on 16 March 2009
I have to say that this is the best investment I have made in a long, long time. It is remarkable that something with so much capability is compressed into something so tiny. The screen is small, but the picture is so sharp and crystal clear that you soon get used to it. Watching BBC programmes downloaded from i-Player is a treat and is something that no i-Pod can perform. This, on its own, is enough to get yourself one of these little beauties. However, when combined with the superb sound quality, the easy navigation system and the "sens-me" mood based playlists, you have a real winner. Commuting has never been so much fun!

We have both Walkman and i-Pod in our house and while the i-Pod is with John Lewis being repaired, the Walkman is playing episodes of Doctor Who. Need I say more?
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on 19 December 2008
Great Price, Great Player.
Excellent value when you consider the other MP3 Players that are currently on the market, many asking for higher prices than this even though their specifications are inferior.
Fantastic quality video, superb as ever for sound.
Buy this with confidence. If you were like me and struggling to decide between various players (including Ipods), then you will no doubt be cautious in deciding to buy a player with so little advertising hyp (when compared to the Ipod Nano at the moment). If this player had a catchy name (Sony Star or something) then i'm sure it would have a higher profile.

Had an Ipod Mini and Shuffle in the past - fed up with lack of reliability and poor customer service. This is a winner out of the box !!
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on 4 May 2009
I got this to go with a docking station (I know this sounds strange..). I bought the CPF-NW001 for a bargain £25 and I needed a walkman that worked perfectly with it and chose this one.

Im absolutely gobsmacked with this tiny mp4 player! Its so TINY Im afraid of losing it (this is my only concern). Sound quality, as ever with Sony Walkmans, is excellent. Even the headphones that come with it are pretty good. Drag and drop works perfectly, videos look very crisp, customisable EQ works very well, battery lasts ages and did I mention the sound? Its excellent!

Its a bargain for this price and I thoroughly recommend it...if only more people were not so easily fooled by Ipods!
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on 20 October 2009
Very easy to use and half the price of an ipod. The software is easy to install, it does it all for you. It is small light and the headphones are the first I have ever found that fit my ears comfortably (after changing to the slightly smaller ones) I have not explored all of the options however am confident that the radio will be as easy to use as the music player. I can not reccomend this item enough and it will be a great buy for a first time walkman purchase.
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on 11 February 2009
this MP4 player is one of the best. i have had a lot of MP3 players in the past but decided to upgrade.
the unit is slim, light and packed with excellent headphones Sony never leave you wanting more.
the battery last for hours and hours, even when it's at "1 bar" it keeps on going.
the screen is very visable even in sunny conditions and the video playback is top.
this is a definate purchase for those who can't stand IPod's
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on 24 February 2009
After reading all of the very helpful reviews on here I ordered a silver portable player late on Wednesday evening, paid for express delivery, and it was in my hands by 11am on Friday.
I've put lots of MP3s on it and I used Media Monkey for the album pictures etc. I've also copied and watched some BBC programs using the BBC iplayer site and today (with some help from my 12 year old daughter) I've put a few tv progs, clips from Youtube etc onto it.
I did have a few problems at first trying to convert the videos using various online convertors and in the end I found a great one called Allok MPEG4 converter which I've paid for...but since then I've been putting all sorts of videos onto it.
This player is very impressive..especially the sound, but I've always been a Sony fan and we already own Sony Ericsson Walkman phones so I haven't been disappointed.
My only small gripes are that I would like to be able to delete music without using the computer...can't think of any others! My daughter is now desperate for one too.
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on 1 June 2009
I bought this little beauty as a gift for my wife. I chose it over the Ipod range as it seemed so much more versatile, as it will work not only with music and photos, but is compatible with BBC I-Player which is a great feature. I bought myself a generic cheapie MP3 player a couple of years ago, and compared to that, the sound quality with the Walkman is truly stunning. Even with no equalisation the reproduction is crystal clear, and adding the optional equalisation settings enhances the sound quality further. Very easy to operate with logical menu structure and loading content onto it is a piece of cake! Also the quoted battery life of around 40 hours (although this hasn't been put to the test yet) is excellent. Great bit of kit, and loads of capacity in a neat compact device.
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on 30 September 2009
this walkman does exactly what it says it will do and then goes one step further. For those of us of a certain age nothing will ever replace the gatefold sleeve on the vinyl album on the day of release. Many of us have since replaced the classics on CD and tape over the years and now we are doing it again and this time we can get them all together. This is where the walkman really scores because it then groups your favourites by various catagories and even offers you the option of your own playlists, if your tastes are as eclectic as mine then the shuffle feature is just great as every track is a pleasant surprise. Mine is currently plugged into the AUX in the car and is providing a welcome break from the radio.
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on 16 November 2009
Had read many of the reviews, but was still amazed at how tiny this player is. As a user of Napster's to Go service I was keen to find an alternative to Creative and this is a significant improvent on my old Vision:M player especially in terms of the audio quality. The battery life too is amazing.

Couple of gripes the bundled software was a real pain to get going and I now just use the Napster player to load everything, also the controls are not massively intuitive first time around especially coming from a Creative player and a short overview in the printed materials would have saved a lot of trial and error.

Overall though an excellent player and perfect for anyone using Napster
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