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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2008
i have now finished the game and played both the 8 player co op and multiplayer mode. so time to list what was good and what was bad for me:

good parts

1. expansive maps - ive gotta say the levels are quite expansive, not so much in room to move around but more distance to end objective.

2. variety of weapons - there is the collection of the old weapons plus some new one's such as the marksman, magnum, wraith and even the rossmore has went through a model change.The marksman is of course my favourite gun though.

3. multiplayer is fast - really fast paced and very enjoyable, no lag even on the 60 player mode. abosuletly brilliant. you can also pick which weapon you want from the start. instead of having to pick them up as you go along.

4. 8 player co op!! - this has got to be the most enjoyable thing i have played in years. its really funny taking on 50+ on screen enemies with 7 other people, beware the enemies are much there is a EXP system in place so you can level up to unlock new guns etc.

5. challenging AI - this seems to be a standard for FPS games, the enemy has on occassion killed me from behind by knocking me out cold with a kick to the head.

bad parts

1. ally AI - it is appualing, they will ignore enemies and leave you to attack every single on screen chimera that moves, plus it isnt nice fighting two titans on your own.

2. 8 player co op - there is only one problem with this, this is that you cant sign in the other profile on your playstation. LBP had this where for any level you could sign in the other account, with resistance 2 you cant. instead it creates a copy of your profile name and treats it as a guest. shame really.

3. story mode ending - i was warned by reviewers that it was abrupt, and indeed it was. trust me it just ends very abruptly leaving questions for the next game. well i guess we will just have to wait.

final score 8/10 - looses two points for a conviluted story and changing nathan hails voice actor. first one was better.

but of course this review wont be helpful, why is that you ask. well because no one points out the bad parts ;)
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on 3 December 2008
This year Incomniac have taken the concept of Fall of Man and completly revised the game into something brilliant. The original was an ok game, it lacked much atmosphere and the game felt rushed in places. However the much anticipated sequel is better in everyway. You get bigger maps, bigger enemies, bigger multiplayer, and a lot better graphics. No more do you have a silent Hale with the use of a Narrator, and gone is the 1950s England. For Resistance 2 Nathan Hale has a voice, and this time he is in classic 1950s America. This game feels like the original was simply buildup for the sequel. Yes the campaign mode may not be the best on offer, but this is made up by the extensive co-op and 60 man multiplayer.

If you want an excellent shooter, or you just want a game that you can have a lot of fun with, then Resistance 2 should not disappoint. And you do not need any knowledge of the original to play this game!
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on 26 December 2008
What made the first game for me and my son was sitting down in the evening loading this game up for 2 players and playing a splitscreen offline game of the Single Player story and having an absolute blast

through my own lack of research i just assumed that this sequel would give me that same option so imagine our disappointment to find out on Christmas day that we couldn't do this

Me and my son were Bitterly disappointed , there is an option to play some counterstrike style offline games but even setting them up is frustrating beyond belief and not a lot of fun

this will be a play through the SP mission once for each of us then sell it on here the CO-Op mission is what still brings me and my son back again and again to the first one but the sequel wont even get a replay


Single player mission = excellent
Sound = Excellent
Video = Excellent

just bombed out with the Co-op and thats a real shame
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VINE VOICEon 2 December 2008
The original was a crushingly average launch title, so little was expected from this seemingly rushed follow up. Yet Resistance 2 is superb, and one of the best shooters of 2008.

The opening begins fairly sombre, with protagonist Nathan Hale picked up by a mysterious squad, who intend to run tests on the virus he is infected with. Before they get chance, their craft is shot down by a Goliath. The opening level is a glorified training section, but theres a huge sense of urgency as this Chimeran vehicle towers overhead. The linearity is also well disguised, creating the illusion of open spaces well.
From this opening section onwards, Resistance 2 is graphically impressive. The traditional greys and browns no longer dominate; instead the environments are brimming with colour. This gives Resistance 2 much more character and individuality. Nice graphical effects like motion blur when running and reloading maintain this presentation throughout. Cut scenes are also much improved, linking the story better than the static images of Fall of Man.
The weapon set has also been tweaked, and Chimera now drop after a few shots. As a result, the combat feels much more visceral. Weapons like the Auger rifle (which can shoot through walls and solid surfaces), and the Marksman (a sniper assault rifle) create new tactics and approaches to combat. Consequently, Resistance 2 plays like no other shooter.

Single player is well paced, and offers lots of variety. Almost every level throws up a new enemy, weapon or gameplay element to keep things fresh. Flooded sections become deathtraps for waterborne Chimera; advancing through a forest is made unbearably tense when cloaked enemies ambush; and the first time a spinner hatches is a horrifying sight. Boss battles are also memorable and truly immense.

There are a few bad points. Enemy AI is weak compared to other sections of the game. The game is also prone to freezes and glitches; my save file corrupted at one point, which has never happened before. The single-player campaign also ends abruptly, leaving questions unanswered and setting up the inevitable sequel. Another small point, but the actor used to voice Nathan Hale has been changed, and doesent work as well.

Like most follow ups, bigger really is better with Resistance 2.
The universe has been expanded, and every element of the original improved. Even multi-player skirmishes have been upped from 32 players to 60, and is likely to dominate the PlayStation Network for some time.
Insomniac have outdone themselves here. The pressure is now on Killzone 2.
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on 27 June 2014
One of the Best FPS there on the PS3 !! I played throught the 1st one and was very satisfied and wanted to see what the sequel offers. So i bought it, and i can say that the game is excellent, i have not tried the MP yet but the SP is enough for me !! Can't wait to get my hands on the 3rd one.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 November 2013
This was one of the first PS3 games i ever played (yes i know, i was late to the party). I'm glad i purchased this as it's different from the usual run here and kill these terrorist and run here and defend this against those terrorists. Resistance 2 is set in 1950's America at a time when the Chimera (an alien race) have taken over most of the world but with a small army of people standing up to the onslaught that they have brought. The campaign is pretty enjoyable and lasts for a decent amount of time certainly 7+ hours depending on your style of play but considering the games age i would argue that bang for buck this game look and offers a lot. An easy test of whether a campaign is any good is would you play it again? The answer with Resistance 2 is most definitely yes!

Graphics are solid and consistent and there is audio to match, weapons both human and Chimera weapons are brilliant in their own right although Chimera weapons are better and more fun to use! While the campaign can be played alone i would urge you to play with friends and indeed it can be played cooperatively with up to 8 players online, speaking from personal experience i would say 2 player co-op is about right as any more and it does reduce the difficulty too much. There are different Chimera to fight too, there are the standard Chimera which often come in numbers as on their own pose little danger, the Chameleons who lurk in the forests mostly and are invisible until the last minute as they charge at you (you feel the controller vibrate when they are virtually on you). The Chameleons can tear you to pieces although not as much as the Fury which are the water Chimera and seem impervious to damage. My advise is if you end up in the water near one swimming around QUICKLY get out or you will be torn to bits. Now while there is multiplayer online i recently found that not many (if any) people play it. So essentially you are buying this game for the single player aspect of it (but don't fret as it's thoroughly worth it).

PROS: Different and decent campaign in my opinion, love the Chimera weapons, graphics although old hold up well, easy to learn controls, good value!

CONS: multiplayer is basic and not enough players use it, very much a marmite game that you will either love or hate!

VERDICT: Resistance 2 may be getting on and might not compete with today's big blockbuster games for scale and quality but it looks good and has a worth while campaign. For under £10 i can easily recommend it with the one caveat that you are buying a 5 year old game so don't expect the earth!

RECOMMENDED and i'll be happy to answer any questions regarding this game for those that want to know more!
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2008
Ive just completed the single player Story to this game and i can say nothing bad about it! To that extent im actually starting all over again on aharder difficuly i enjoyed it that much!

The game is a fantastic sequel to the original resistance: fall of man and early PS3 title that brought to life the story of Nathan Hale! Resistance 2 has been created as a follow on, its story is well written the game play is smooth and easy controls make it great fun to play!

The co-operative and online multiplayers rival that of call of duty 4 and are great fun in any mode. They can hold an excessive amount of players on larger maps which makes it more challenging and alot more fun if theres more of you online!

In esscence this game isnt some cheap remake, its well thought out, great fun and with addictive online gaming its great value too! Highly enjoyable from start to finish!
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on 29 November 2008
I got this game just yesterday, in which time I have managed to play a huge chunk of the Story Mode (this being the only game to get me off Fallout 3). This game offers a LOT!

The story mode is enegertic and thrilling! The online multiplayer is IMMENSE!!!! 60 players on the same map and NO LAG*! ZOMG!!!
I couldn't believe this was possible until I got online and experienced the chaos for myself! The leveling system is very in-depth, and offers a lot of rewards for stat-hungry gamers!

I definately recommend this game to any one who's got a PS3 and enjoys playing "shooters"!

(*There are occasional delays but in total not enough to ruin the experience!)
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on 22 November 2008
(I brought this game from the US before English release)
Coming from a person who has played Halo 2/3 many a time at mates houses and who really doesn't believe it deserves the praise it gets "A True Halo Beater" could seem a little bias. The reason why I bring this up then is because the first game R:FOM was dubbed as PS3's answer to Halo. But even though I don't think Halo is all that I really didn't think R:FOM was close to Halo. However it was clear that R:FOM had potential, and with the second one the makers really have created something that is better bolder and bigger. (And I really do mean BIGGER!)
The first two levels are breath taking. When you first come out to see the chimera ships covering San Francisco you'll be amazed at the level of detail and the real illusion of being in a war/invasion, and that really is what this game does; creates the illusion of you being a soldier in a war, and that there are loads of other separate fights happening all around you. The graphics are superb, and that was such an important element for this game, especially fighting the huge bosses which is a brilliant feature. The single player campaign so far has been an experience which rivals Call of Duty 4 and I'd never thought I'd be saying that.

I haven't played a lot of multiplayer but it seemed very enjoyable. When they said 60 players with no lag I was thinking that's unlikely. But the first game I joined I had 80% or less wireless signal strength, it was 55 players, most if not all of the players aren't from the UK and there was absolutely NO lag.

If you have a HDTV with surround sound then you have to buy this game, its that simple.

To sum is up with one word resistance 2 is IMMENSE.
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on 11 December 2008
The game improves on the last game in almost every way. The graphics are better. The story line better online better. It continues the story of Hake and now chimeras AI is brutal (on hard difficulty anyway) Initially i was impressed but by not that much. After the first hour though thinghs kick in and the game really starts to gain momentum.
Basically buy it.
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