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on 24 March 2017
Great game plenty of hours in it to keep you occupied for a while but personally I'd go for Elder Scrolls Skyrim but still a good game.
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on 3 June 2017
Very good
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on 5 May 2017
Excellent condition, excellent game.
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on 9 October 2008
This is easily one of the best games I have ever played. I wouldn't normally touch this sort of game with a partically long pole, but decided to give it a chance. It gets the balance between action and role-playing just right. Once you get your head around the slightly complexed leveling up system (best learnt by jumping into the game and working it out as you go along, It'll all suddenly seem so clear)you'll be hooked. Unlike World Of Warcraft it doesn't take 50 hours to get to the point when you finally feel upto taking on that deadly mudcrab. There is a remarkable amount of quests and side quests & the Game of The Year Edition includes the Shivering Isles expansion which has around 15 hours worth of extra gameplay. Overall I must have spent upto 200 hrs playing this game and there's still stuff I haven't seen yet. Also the different characters you can create genuinely give a completely different way of playing the game. If you play through the game as a warrior say, then the next time as a stealthy assassin the game has a completely different feel to it. As you've probably guessed this isn't the sort of game you rent for the weekend. Prepare to have your life hijacked!
P.S. This game includes no beards. Well only one... but that's ok. He's a mad god. He's allowed.
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on 17 September 2010
The people who have written the bad reviews for this game are clearly of a certain age. Their 'reviews' demonstrate a lack of understanding with regards to what makes a game successful. A lesson for those people.. Running from A to B and shooting everything in sight does NOT make for a good game. - At least not in the minds of intelligent, mature gameplayers.

I want my games to suck me into another world. I want an immersive environment, rich characters, deep story-lines and a plethora of options. Oblivion delivers on all counts. It's flawless. If you thought Fallout3 was good, then you've not even scratched the surface. Oblivion will teach you the true meaning of 'epic'.

A note on the Vampyre bug...
Yes, if you get infected and don't do anything about it, you turn into a Vampyre and are then unable to go out in the sunlight or complete one specific mission. However, this is VERY easily avoided. Without wishing to spoil the story, I will simply say that at some point during the game you (might) get infected with a disease. You have three game days to find a cure (very easily done), and then all is well.
Honestly, the people that make such a song and dance about this issue clearly have no clue about the basic premise behind a role play game.
It seems to me that the Vampyre 'issue' is a deliberate ploy by Bethesda to weedle out the people who just play Call of Duty all day and night, and exclude them from the Oblivion world. - no bad thing in my opinion.

Seriously folks, if you have a brain and want a game that will truly affect and challenge you, then part with your money with confidence in the knowledge that a better game won't grace your screen for years to come. Unless you play Fallout3 of course. Possibly. Maybe. Lol. Ok, they're both awesome games, hardly anything separates them, its just down to taste. Fallout3 is set in a post-nuclear war wasteland, Oblivion is set in a medievil-esque fantasy world. The choice is yours, but one is certain.. You won't be able to play one without trying the other aswell.

Oblivion is gaming gold. Ignore the fools who aren't able to fathom such complexities as walking and talking at the same time. Buy a game for grown-ups.
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on 2 January 2009
Bethesda Game Studios achieved something that is to-date, unrivaled on any next-gen console in my opinion.

Oblivion is both beautiful and harrowing, vast but at the same time very intriquit, it has immense depth whilst giving the option to explore only if you desire.

Your character is customizable in nearly all aspects from the race, type of player you wish to be and exactly how you wish your character to appear in game. Depending on what race you choose depends on what attributes you will be assigned like how intelligent you will be or how good you are at bartering to how you fair with different kind of weaponry. Will all these aspects, the game has such longevity and replayability it is untrue. I have owned this game on 2 separate occasions now as the first time I traded it in. Then I came across the "Game of the Year Edition" which I didn't previously have. My Oh My, the game is EPIC in every which way what with the additional expansions (Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine). I must have played this game well over 60 hours with much more to play and I was not once bored. Okay so some caves, castes etc are identikit in that they look identical but I could see past that. Missions are plenty and varied, like the following guilds you can join (all at the same time if you like):-

The Fighters Guild - you are there as an army for hire.
The Mages Guild - You are there for the good of the mages, you will learn magic etc
The Thieves Guild - You are hired to steal many items for the guild
The Dark Brotherhood - You are sent on assassination plots, here you get to act like a hitman & "whack" people.

Then you have the expansion packs, they add easily an additional 20 hours (minimum) to the overall game. They really are the cherry on the icing and blew me completely away. Where you actually can become a god or get a team of knights together - FANTASTIC stuff, the stuff of boyhood dreams!

The graphics are great and the sound is really good with voice acting from such people as Patrick Steward (Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek and Sean Bean (Silent Hill movie or the TV series Sharp). Although these two legends are just a couple of the voice actors, the dialogue can become overused and many of the characters have the same voice but nevertheless, this doesn't distract from the brilliance of the game too much). There are a few bugs and glitches that I came across but for the size of this game, I simply didn't care. There has been so much effort poured into this game you really do appreciate what has been done.

I cannot do this game justice and put into words how wonderful this game is and just how engrossing I personally found it to be.

I'm actually thinking about buying it for a third time!
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on 12 April 2010
Despite what some other reviewers might have you believe, life in Cyrodil does not end when you become a vampire in this game because of the well-publicised glitch.

For a starters if you regularly drink enough blood to remain a stage 1 low-level Vampire, the only adverse effects that you will notice is the odd passing comment on how unwell you are looking of late. You will NOT incur any sun damage if you choose to venture out during the daylight hours, and so can pretty much go about your daily business as if nothing were up. You will however start to see a number of positive effects, whereby amongst other things your strength, agility, and eyesight all start to greatly improve.

Be warned though, if you do decide to let your vampirism develope beyond stage 1, you will start to experience a number of negative effects, with the afrementioned sun damage being undoubtedly the worst.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. If you have no wish to be a Vampire, simply cure yourself before the disease takes hold (no longer than three game days). But if, like me, you do choose to become one, you will soon find that there is a lot of fun to be had being a night stalker.

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on 27 August 2014
This is the oblivion that has the two expansion packs, which I have not played yet but really cant wait. I cant wait to see those mushrooms and swamps it looks crazy trippy. I'm sure it adds plenty more hours on top of the ridiculously large main game. I could play the main game for years and still have stuff to do. This is a no brainer when it comes to value for money and replay ability. the size of this game is truly mind boggling.

This game is the king, far superior then any other I have played, including skyrim (eye popping sequel). I have played skyrim continuously for a number of weeks and I do love it but it failed to keep me interested, probably because I keep getting killed by dragons and am not good at playing it yet. with skyrim you really have to commit and practice, its much harder and more serious = less fun. Plus I found that everywhere kind of looks the same. Mostly just snowy mountains and caves - Oblivion has so many different environments I cant keep up. when I think I have seen everything I seem to come across another giant quest that just keeps going and going and going and......

Skyrim is by no means a bad game it just has different controls and the combat system has been tweaked so it takes a while to get used to them. Though it has incredible graphics and just looks beyond stunning, I found it has little substance or humour. The intro is amazing though, it will get your heart racing. I will go back and play it again some day because I love dragons but Its just no where close to as fun as Oblivion at the moment. I am sure though one day I will reverse that statement.....maybe some day.

There is nothing more satisfying then marching into oblivion gates, slaughtering every single evil sob and shutting it down with a smile. All you have to do is close the very first gate from the main quest and they will start to popping up all over the place. Once you close the last one there will be no more. Plus every time you do you can enchant items by adding them to removed sigil stones. This is a good way to make some serious cash as the selling price of enchanted items tends to sky rocket. Normal items that were around 100 coins reach to over 1000 when you put sigil stones with them - Hell yeah!

Each sigil stone is different and will enchant items in different ways. Some increase your stuff while others will damage your enemies more. Some have fire/frost damage ect. It took me a while to figure that out and then became obsessed with closing the gates, now I am loaded with cash all the time, woohooo. All enchanted (magic) items will run out of juice and have to be refilled with soul gems. some are larger then others. enchanting rings and jewellery is best because you can carry tonnes of them as they are very light.

It takes a little while to get to a stage where everything seems to happen faster and with ease. I think its level 20 when the real fun starts. At level 10 you should most certainly have good experience and be confident enough with getting into fights or spell casting. I am at level 24 and have picked up some really handy items. I chose to be a redguard (naturally immune to disease and poison) so I never become a vampire (but save before I sleep just in case) or contract anything nasty from rats.

you can upgrade your armour in the introduction of the game by letting rats and goblins attack you, they will do little damage and your light/heavy armour will upgrade very rapidly. So will your regeneration (while you block and heal), block (before attacking back) and blade skills. So by the time you get out of the sewers and intro you are already a bad ass and can take a beating without breaking a sweat. Sure it takes a while but I always find its worth to at least upgrade your armour to at least 50 so that you wont die as quickly. I don't kill them straight away, I let them carry on for a bit until you are happy with your at a good level, or you get bored standing there taking the hits.

At this stage of the game I am unstoppable and can go anywhere. I was on a quest (part of dark brotherhood where you have to kill an innocent family - heart-breaking!) and found myself surrounded by around 15 guards (only saw 4 sitting down but then loads came like a flood up the stairs) all slicing me to ribbons and calling me scum but I managed to get into a corner and fight every single one of them off me. I saved it before I threatened the woman because I really didn't think I would make it even with 4 guards at once, even though my armour was up past 70. I wont lie though, my hands were shaking and heart was pounding but it was so much fun. I cant believe I actually survived. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

After much exploration of caves, mines, forts ect, I can now breathe under water (enchanted helmet), walk on water (enchanted necklace), I have the umbra sword (weighs ZERO! level 18 damage), I also have the best item in the game which is the skeleton key. I would advise you do yourself a massive favour and get this amazing key (think you have to be level 10 to do the quest) as early as you can, its actually quite easy to get it. Find the Nocturnal shrine or check out the walkthrough on YouTube. It will allow you to enter any chest or door once it doesn't require a key~ just one lock pick (unbreakable), oh and don't let anyone catch you breaking into stuff either. just because you can its still breaking the law and the guards will be on top of you calling you a criminal scum, which I find very offensive.

There are thousands of weapons, armour, rings and clothes that you can find in chests or take off your defeated foes. Some let you detect others behind walls, run faster, become invisible, glow in the dark or reinforce strength (I could go on for 5 mins listing everything). You just have to get out there and search for them. The next bandit or oblivion prince you kill past level 20 could just might have that certain ring or necklace. See what happens when you add glass armour/weapons to a sigil stone. Other special quest (some side quests are side quests for side quests its madness) items you have to search for or ask for. Seriously it goes on and on and on and on and on.

I also have 2 houses and hunting for a third.....because I have so much damn money I can buy what ever I want now HA. Money helps you get people to tell you thing through bribing them or avoiding jail time. Try to avoid jail because it results in 2-4 decreased points for a lot of skills. This means you have to do all that hard work over again.....no thanks il pay gold....because I have so much of it hahaha.

My acrobats are so good now that I can fall for roughly 4 seconds and still survive. I can repair enchanted items (including the umbra sword). I gained access to the fastest horse in the entire game ~ shadow something or other. They say this horse cant die. its freaky looking with big bloodshot eyes. you can get this little beauty by completing the dark brotherhood quest. I am a baby when it comes to completing quests so I cant compare it but il tell you now it raised both my eyebrows and my heart was pounding at parts. Insane fun.

The only part of this game that is no fun at all are those ghost thingies that keep draining your magic juice. I have not found out a way to kill them (without flames) but I will...oh yes I will. hmm i wonder if the umbra sword can hit them? They are putting me off going near caves and that is not cool at all. caves have good treasure.

The creatures are formidable after a certain level and don't take anything lying down. Some people complain that that they level up every time you do. If you don't want to level up just stay awake. don't sleep and you cant level up but you will remain week and that is so boring. I honestly think this is great otherwise the game would be way too easy. If you are getting your ass kicked just turn the difficulty down in the options. I agree that you can find yourself trapped in a courner at times, they will hand you your ass if you don't know how to defend yourself and fight back. So in saying that, the perfect place to practice this is in the arena. let them smack you around and keep healing yourself and blocking. This will seriously increase your badassness. The guy in the arena will pay you for each fight you win and the cash gets better, while the fights get a bit harder with time.

This is another really quick way to earn cash and buy nice weapons. Don't forget to grab a few repair hammers. if your weapon gets too damaged it can be knocked out of your hands and you will be left to fight with your fists. the champion match can be won easiest by helping the grey prince and doing the quest to find his history. I wont give away the surprise, its so satisfying when you get into the arena.

What I just told you is a minute tiny grain of sand on a 3 mile stretch of beech. This is a game is HUGE and will keep me going for well into years I would imagine. I do get bored of it after about a week or three of building my character (you can really get into this game and forget everything else) and move on to things like actually having a life but I will always take time out of reality too and disappear into oblivion. After all its a game and it is here so we humans heaven forbid have fun once in a while.

This is my favourite game so far and is the ultimate excuse to take time out from reality. The thing that I love most about this game is that there are no rules. you can do what ever the hell you want, I mean anything. Freedom for the player gives this game huge plus points from me.

If you want a game that you can commit to and really get into this is the one. Not only will you want to play it well into the morning hours but you will really enjoy the experience of running around the stunning landscape that is riddled with beautiful sunsets, thunderstorms, huge moons, snowy mountains and deep forests to explore. Don't forget to visit the Oblivion planes. When you get close to an oblivion gate the entire sky turns blood red which is just so trippy and that never gets old.

The only game that comes close to this is Skyrim but I am a long way away from committing to that game. Even when I finish the character and can do no more I know I will want to start again with an entirely new character and do it all again. There are many characters too. I am sure by the time the new Elder scrolls 6 (black marsh I hope) comes out in 2016 I will still be playing this or at least moved onward to skyrim (the shouts alone are worth playing). By then il have to get a ps4 and I am not in a hurry to do that.

This is not a game where you can just sit down for a few hours and say oh yeah that was ok. You really should sit down and build up a good foundation for your character, learn to love your character because there is just SO many adventures you will be going on. This is a game that will be going for years to come.
This is the ultimate game that has everything in it 100 FOLD and then you discover more. its a no brainer~ add this to your basket.
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on 14 July 2009
There is simply no other game available for the PS3 which equals the enormous breadth of content, scope and freedom offered by The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year edition. It will take you literally hundreds of hours to complete every quest and to discover and explore every location. Character creation is excellent. There are ten different races and even more classes to choose from. You can create your own class if you so wish. The game world is enormous and beautifully realised. There are flower-filled meadows, snow-capped mountains, eerie caves, bustling towns and villages, crumbling ruins, ancient haunted underground cities, infested swamps and of course the hellish demonic world of Oblivion waiting to be explored.

Freedom is the name of the game in Oblivion. The moment you emerge from the dungeons into the beautiful world of Cyrodiil you're free to do as you please. You can completely ignore the main quest if you want and simply explore the world, picking up the odd side quest whenever you feel like it. The quests themselves are fun and varied. There are also guilds to join, homes to buy and furnish, items to discover and trade, monsters to be slain.

It might sound corny but there are some genuinely special moments to be had in this game. The combination of the award-winning ethereal soundtrack, and the gentle breeze moving through the long grass as you watch the sunset makes for gaming heaven. Of course, a game as large as this will inevitably have some flaws. A fairly small number of voice actors were used, which can spoil the immersion a little bit. You'll also encounter the odd random glitch, but nothing game-breaking. The vampire glitch as mentioned in other reviews ONLY occurs if you are a vampire AND you are completing the long optional quest to cure your vampirism. All that happens is you remain a vampire. You can continue to play the game as normal.

You will not get a better value game for the PS3. It will keep you occupied for a very long time, as there are so many ways to play it and you will constantly be discovering things you missed out on previously. Go on, enter the world of Cyrodiil and begin your adventure. You won't want to come back.


Edit, March 2013: Graphically the game has aged a bit, in particular the character models and some aspects of the landscape, eg. snow-capped mountains, all of which have been improved substantially in Skyrim. However, this remains one of the best games I have ever played.
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on 11 August 2011
This is simply the best game on the market and is almost incompletable hundreds of hours of gameplay. to resolve the vampirism glitch you simply have to change your language settings to German for some reason. A must buy game for fans of rpg games I have had this game for years and have only just managed to complete all 3 main quests. Also there is a glitch to get infinite money but when you first start the game your class must be lovers kiss as this paralises people once you get out of prison travel to the talos plaza district in the Imperial City and go to a man called Dorian's house go inside paralise him and pickpocket him and his money does not go no matter how much you take. Overall a superb game and cannot wait until Skyrim comes out.
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