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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2003
This first release for Deftones has caused them trouble for amny years, as the rawness and heavey sound has labelled them as nu-metal, a tag they have only recently shaken off with the release of the convolting White Pony. But this album is a classic debut, matching Korn's debut and certainly surpassing the first offernig from Limp Bozkit, Three Dollar Bill Y'All.
It starts with the amazing bass of Chi Cheng on Bored, and the formulae of heavy bass, catchy riffs and the again convolting vocals of Chino Moreno thorought until the closer Fireal.
Standout tracks are Minus Blindfold, with the speed of the ending bridge, 7Words with the anger and repeteion of the word Suck by Moreno, and the classic Engine No.9.
However, even though I highly recommend this, i would not start your Deftones collection with it as it does give you a false facade on what the Deftones are about, so I would recoomend, in fat, working backwoards from White Pony (buy the special edition, which includes the track Back To School, rather the EP which conttains this) to this and you will be in awe of one of the best bands to come out of the US in the past decade.
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on 6 January 2012
This album has got some great tracks on with my favourite being Birthmark, Engine no.9 and Root = All killer tracks! The bass lines are great too but the album is lacking depth overall compared to their later work. I also find the vocals and melodies better on their later work too, but there's still a lot of raw passion on this album and it's worth checking if you are a fan of Deftones or just want something heavy. Would give it 3.5 if i could.
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on 27 August 2015
If you like heavy music, try out this album. If you can't cope with anything heavy or angry vocals then don't touch this with a barge pole. But great album if you like hard hitting rock/metal music.
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on 15 February 2001
compared to there other albums adrenaline is the most satisfying of there albums, with great guitar, drums and lyrics from chino which i can only describe as yearning for something which cannot be attained or even sensual, the way his vocals undulate from low whispering conspiratorial to anger, screaming blue rage are simply fantastic. Adrenaline in my opion is far superior to white pony and around the fur in every respect. This is true music to jump around to, rebellion and non-conformity have never been so good.
In two words - simply brilliant
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on 9 April 2001
I got around the fur&white pony before i got adreneline. I never thought it was going to beat the standards of white pony&around the fur! How wrong was i?! It started of with fairly soft tracks. Bored is a great example! The song starts failry calm, but chino's wispers gradually turn into angry shouting by the end. Tracks like minus blindfold even contained some quick rap! Very few of the tracks were soft all round, except birthmark. Here is a few lines describing each song. 1:Bored-Incredible! One of the many standout tracks. Soft wisper's gradualy turn into violent shouting by the end! My personal favourite. 2:Minus Blindfold-Another great track! This one contains quick rap that turns into angry shouting by the chorus! 3:One weak-Much calmer this one! Chino's voice occasionly get's angry. 4:Nose Bleed-Hardcore! Fast, angry and violent lyrics. This is where all of chino's anger is shown! 5:Root-Another great track. Both soft and angry!
6:Lifter-Another of my favourite's! Quite angry and fast. 7:7 word's- Amazin! Has an incredible chorus, angry, fast and violent! 8:Birthmark-Quite clam this one! Still very good though! Perfect lyrics. 9:Engine no.9-Loud and violent again! The chorus is incredible and so is chino's anger in this song! 10:Fireal-It's so clam to start of with, then suddenly the soft guitar rift's become heavy and chino gives it all he's got! Fantastic! 11:Hidden track-A nice soft song! No souting at all! You can occasionly hear chino wisper over the soft drum beat's and bass line's! It is dark, heavy and soft! Chino is incredible with his vocal's. Chi Cheng is great on the bass, especially in bored! I still like the other two deftone's album's, but i reccomend you buy this first. you cant really go wrong? Amazing! Deftones are possibly the greatest metal band of all time!
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on 5 June 2014
Again, bought for a friend who loves this band. He has been to see them a couple of times and still blasts the CD from his work van.
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on 8 August 2001
From start to finish, this album is a spectacle, with the heighlight tracks being "Minus Blindfold" and "Engine No.9". This album is really heavy, and shows the Deftones at their best. Buy it now!
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on 2 March 2001
Adrenaline is the second deftones album I brought and I think that it's the best they've done. The best songs one the album are Bored, Lifter and 7 Words Engine no 9 is also good
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on 25 October 2003
If anyone is planning on buying a Deftones album, I would advise you strongly not to get this one. Most people will tell you that this is their heaviest album, but truth is, it isn't that heavy at all. Sure, there's plenty of screamed vocals chopping riffs, but the thin production and amateurish songwriting make it all sound very tame. Saying that, this album isn't bad as say Linkin Park or Nickelback (few are), but it has a lot of hype to live up and simply doesn't deliver. The only memorable songs here are "Bored" and "Fireal". The rest of the album feels somewhat flat. None of the other songs grab you like those two do and so it ends up that the album feels so samey, that it's often that you won't be able to tell one song ends and the other begins. Saying that though, this album does evoke a raw intensity that is missing from bands that were influenced by the Deftones, such as Linkin Park. Nothing here feels forced either. All of the rage sounds sincere and lead singer Chino Moreno does have a lot of vocal charisma. All in all, this album is the sound of an underdeveloped band. Music that sounds inspired, but not so inspiring. I would recommend this only to die hard Deftones fans. To anyone else, Around The Fur or their self titled album will be overall wiser purchases. Those albums showcase the Deftones at their very best, unlike this album and the horribly pretentious White Pony.
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on 15 February 2001
In my veiw this album is the best in the world! It is loads better than Deftones other 2 albums which are a bit too mellow for me but still realy good! For people out there who like heavy sh*t this is prety god dammned heavy!!! I love Chino's sadistic whispers which sudenly change to mad raps or primal screams/shouts then back again!!! And Steven Carpenter's mad guitar riffs and Abe cunninghams wicked beats on the drums and Chi Cheng's kool bass lines!!!!!I am a prety open minded guy, i like stuf from Marilyn Manson to Metallica and this has to be an all time great!! My favourite songs have to be the great 'Engine no.9' the wicked '7 Words' and 'Nose Bleed' they are all ripping tracks!! This album is real nu-metal and i think is as good as good and better than most other bands claiming this genre!! This cd is nice and klunky and primativly raw but clever and rythmic too!! If you dont have this album i order you to go and buy it now i garantee you'll love it!!!!!
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