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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2002
I personally thought "Never Say Never" was THE R&B album of 1998, and certainly one of my all time favourites. Since then, Brandy's gone through a lot - and it shows on "Full Moon". A more mature and far more confident Brandy reappears with more vigour and "in yo' face" attitude whilst still retaining that innocent sweetness.
"Full Moon" is an amazing CD. (Quite how we managed to get it before the Americans i'll never know or complain about) I never thought it possible for a CD to fall into so many categories but this does - R&B / Hip Hop / Soul / Pop - all of it! All the styles simply compliment each other brilliantly from the fat and funky "Full Moon" "I Thought" "All In Me" & "Anybody" to the chill out and quite incredibly emotional "When U Touch Me" "Nothing" "Come A Little Closer" and especially "WOW" (which pretty much sums this cd up)I gave "Another Day..." & "What About Us?" five stars as well, but if u think they're the best on the album, then you have far more to listen to...
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on 18 June 2002
Having heard 'What About Us' i thought I would buy 'Full Moon' and give it a try. I didn't buy it on the strength of 'What About Us', I bought it on the strength of her previous albums. Needless to say, 'Full Moon' more than exceeded all of my previous expectations and is probably one of the best albums in my collection.
Every song on the album falls into the genre of R'n'B/Soul, but there are many other influences from other genres too, such as the excellent Eastern-influenced 'Apart' and the absolutely beautiful 'Love Wouldn't Count Me Out', which is full of big orchestral arrangements and a strikingly dramatic and honest chorus. 'Wow' is an uplifting and thought-provoking song, with pop-style strings and a gospel-influenced vocal arrangements. The are many catchy numbers that you can dance to, such as 'I Thought', 'Can We' and of course, the amazing single 'What About Us'.
It is rare to find an album where every song stands out and even the 'Intro' could be released as a single, but Brandy has achieved this and more with 'Full Moon'. It is also rare for one so young (Brandy is just 23) to achieve so much and make such a great album. I wholly recommend this album to anyone - ANYONE!
WORST SONG: I love every song, but if you made me pick i suppose it would be 'When You Touch Me'.
BEST SONG: So many too choose from, but probably 'Full Moon'
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on 16 March 2002
As always, after a very long time of anticipating for this album, Brandy's fans will not be disappointed. This album was definitely worth the wait!
It is not a 40 minutes album, like most albums on the pop-RnB scene seem to be nowadays. This album features 17 songs, and all these pieces of art have their place on the album.
A lot of work has been done on every aspect of this album, which is more complete than "Never Say Never", and reflects a more mature artist. Brandy will bring tears to your eyes in "When You Touch Me" and will command an intimate space with "Come A Little Closer".
Everybody will like very stylish, RnB songs like "What About Us", which you all already know, and very, very good songs like "Full Moon" and "I Thought".
Brandy, it seems like even if you tried to, you could never disappoint anybody! Congratulations to you and your team on that awesome album!
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on 21 February 2002
I am not usually a Brandy fan- in fact, the whole "Moesha" thing is not my scene. But, having loved "The Boy Is Mine", I listened to this CD (or most of it) when I had a chance. And it's great! The last 2 r'n'b CD's I really loved were Craig David and Whitney's "My Love..". Now Brandy has created a CD that is both classic and edgy- and matured greatly in the process. The dissonant (sp?) single is brilliant, as is "It's Not Worth It" (catchY!) and "Love Wouldn't Count.." (strong vocal). My favorite is the one she produced with her secret husband. It's called "Wow" and it's one of the most lovely pop songs I have heard in a long while. Brandy should be proud- in an age of artists releasing mediocre material it sounds like she really put the effort in on this one. I'll probably give it another star when I hear the last few tracks. Full Moon is a keeper...
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on 3 June 2016
This is a very good album. Sure, there is a mix of styles, but it feels very cohesive.

1. B Rocka Intro - 7/10 - The sound is a very futuristic and jerky version of "What About Us?".
2. Full Moon - 10/10 - I still enjoy this song to this day. The production, with the thumping bass is great. The chorus is very catchy, as are the adlibs.
3. I Thought - 10/10 - This is my second-favourite song on the album. The production of the track is very good, with a beat one can't resist but nod to. I like Brandy's adlibs all over the chorus, especially the higher-pitched adlibs on the latter choruses.
4. When You Touch Me - 8/10 - The tempo slows way down on this song. It is a very sensual song, with Brandy delivering the verses and chorus in whispery vocals. She unleashes the power in her vocals as the song progresses, especially over the course of the final chorus.
5. Like This - 5/10 - This is a mid-tempo track, with snappy beats. It is my least-favourite track on the album. I find the chorus to be a tad too repetitive.
6. All in Me - 9/10 - Brandy sounds good on the track over the frantic beat. Darkchild did a very good job on the production of this track. The dubstep breakdown in the middle of the track is brilliant.
7. Apart - 8/10 - A very nice, chill track. I like the way the verses and pre-choruses are delivered in an almost call-and-response manner.
8. Can We - 8/10 - Great track, with a nice production and good vocals. The middle-8 is great.
9. What About Us? - 8/10 - The production of this track is similar in respects to that of "Can We". It flows very nicely from the preceding track and is an enjoyable listen.
10. Anybody - 9/10 - Another one of my favourite tracks. I love the prominent percussive sounds at the beginning of the track and how they fade out into the synth sounds and base drum and snares. The adlibs are great. I like the "we don't want no one to know", which is sung in a lower register.
11. Nothing - 8/10 - Brandy's vocal performance in this song is very passionate. The refrain is very nice.
12. It's Not Worth It - 10/10 - The accapela intro the sounds very nice. I like how this segues into the spoken bits and then into the main track. Brandy again employs her signature call-and-response type of delivery on the verses. The beat is very uptempo and nice, and Brandy just rides the beat until the end.
13. He Is - 9/10 - This is a very nice passionate track. I like how relaxed Brandy sounds over the chorus. The key change towards the end is also great.
14. Come a Little Bit Closer - 10/10 - This is my favourite track on the album and remains one of my favourite ballads. There is something incredibly soothing about the production and Brandy's vocals. Even when she delivers the bridge and adlibs in a higher register, it is still soothing. The key change again is brilliant. The entire song is very catchy.
15. Love Wouldn't Count Me Out - 9/10 - Another very nice slow song. The sadness in Brandy's voice fits with the message of the song. The strings throughout go very nicely.
16. Wow - 8/10 - A very chilled-out midtempo song, with a catchy chorus.
17. Another Day in Paradise - 8/10 - This is a very nice duet with Ray-J.
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on 7 September 2002
Her latest album 'full moon' is very much like the supersition surrounding the time of a full moon: It's mysterious, magical and induces a trace in the listener!
Brandy continues to grow on her latest project, not only in her attitudes towards life, but her voice has also matured, it's far more sassy and husky than on her earlier works. 'Full moon' is an exceptional album, like the lunar cycle the album takes the listener on a journey of pure emotion; from the torrents of anger in songs like: 'apart' and 'what about us' to soothing love in ones like 'He is'and 'When you touch me'. Brandy recorded her album in a very emotionally chaotic period for herself: The death of Aaliyah, falling in love and becoming pregnant. These events seem to have had an effect on her album, it is a far more human production.
'Full moon' however will not be to everyones tastes. Its much more raw than other female r'n'b albums, and infact heads more towards soul. Brandy has turned away from the depressing materalistic lyrics of the modern r'n'b album, and has put together a collection of songs which really envoke emotion. Then why not five stars i hear you call? Well its not perfect, the cover of the phil collins song 'Another day in paradise' sits on the album like oil on water- unable to mix. The song itself is not awful, hey phil collins wrote it so it can't be! However it is sooooooooooo out of place and is not only cringe inducing but leaves a bitter taste at the end of the album. Personally i think the pre-ultimate song 'wow' should have been the last song, its full of self-love, courage and leaves a warm glowing feeling within the listener :)
If you do not like soulful music, then Brandy's album will seem nothing more than annonying whinging, and i advise you to stay clear of it at all costs. However if you like your music more natural and emotional then "full moon" will surely cast a hypnotic trace upon you. In Brandy's own words 'Full moon symbolises completion' go out and have your music collection completed too! Brandy wont be back anytime soon due to having her baby, so **buy it now**!
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on 26 February 2002
This is definetely one for the ladies. It has a strong lyrical content and has a brilliant message to share with anyone who listens to it. It still has the same flare of the brandy style we have all grown to love. All in all this is one album not to be missed or you'll regret it!!!
This album which has taken brandy three years to complete has definetely taken her on a journey we can all relate to. The song full moon just says it all in a nut shell, the style is like nothiing you ,ight of heard before sounds more like a timberland remix but none the less it is still brilliiant and suits he voice
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on 28 February 2002
brandy's third album is easily her most proficient work to date. her deep husky voice is deeper and huskier than ever, yet she manages to add a few extra notes to the top of her range as well. this album is highly original, no songs being reminiscent of any i've ever heard. brandy's lush harmonies are the best i've heard in long time. the best songs on the the album are definitely 'apart' which has a swing feel, 'anybody' which has to be released, the fantastic ballad 'love wouldn't count me out' and the single 'what about us' - incidentally brandy co-wote all of these tracks. this album shows a diverse collection of sounds, digital effects and live instruments have never sounded better thanks to the largely rodney jerkins production - but don't expect an album full of 'po ya colla' style pop, this album has a definite soul aspect to a very new style of r&b. the best r&b cd this year, brandy deserves a couple of grammy nominations next year!
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on 11 April 2002
I really don't think I could default this album, its excellent! Brandy has a wonderful voice and will do well in the future. The tracks on the album are really meanful, most of them are written by Dark Child-Rodney Jerkings which is also fantasitic. I just can't stop listening to the album I have had it for 2 months now and I havent got bored of it. Its the best album she has done but the only thing which is a shame the British version doesn't have Die Without You, this track is wicked don't know why it wasn't on the Britsh Album, but apart from that the albums fantastic. All I can say is GOOD LUCK BRANDY.
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I only discovered Brandy through the excellent single "Top Of The World",and soon had her album "Never S-A-Y Never",but this album exceeds all her work so far.From the funky "I Thought" to the smooth "Nothing",this album has it all.Stand out tracks include "It's Not Worth It"(guesting Micheal Jackson),"Can We","All In Me" and the title track "Full Moon",plus the single "What About Us",and the duet with brother Ray-J "Another Day In Paradise",but really it's all fantastic!Roll on the next album!
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