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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2008
To be brutally honest, no-one really expected much of a departure from Inhuman Rampage, which is good... because they're not "really" getting one. Ultra Beatdown clings heavily to the tried and tested formula that brought DragonForce their popularity in the first place. Thank heavens.

To the untrained ear, choosing whether to pick up Ultra Beatdown or Inhuman Rampage makes little if any difference. Though similar as it is, any long-term fan of the band will still be able to tell the albums apart. Not all of Herman and Sam's fantastical guitar effects are recycled (though beware, some are) and ZP shows off new vocal skills on many of the albums tracks. Songs such as 'Heroes Of Our Time' inject new verse/chorus layouts into the mix and 'Heartbreak Armageddon' features an insane keyboard solo that (for once) isn't being totally overpowered by Sam and Herman's wizardry.

'The Last Journey Home' is probably the one track that sets this album apart from the others. It starts off sounding like a new 'Trail Of Broken Hearts' then totally messes with your mind, turning into what can only be described as a bizarre space-age romp through time and the friction of reality. I realize that as a review, the previous paragraph is far too vague to be of any real help, but this song needs to be heard to be believed.

Conclusion: DragonForce sound exactly as they should. Ear-piercing wails, earth-shattering drums and mind-blowing four-minute-plus solos. We wouldn't want them any other way. I don't believe that being similar to past efforts should be a reason to lower the score, if the last album was amazing and this is more of the same, it deserves just as much praise. 5 stars.
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on 15 January 2017
A very good collection from the early days of Dragonforce. Each of the ten tracks are executed with their usual competence and originality. A couple of the tracks are a little different from the generally inspirational anthems about brave men riding into battle to defend us from the forces of evil, but still very entertaining.
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on 23 August 2008
Ultra Beatdown is an excellent album. It continues the successful style that Dragonforce is known for and makes it even better. Everything a Dragonforce fan could want is right here as usual, from ZP's unique vocals, Herman and Sam's insane guitar solos, Vadim's fast keyboard routines, Dave's ultra beatdown drumming (Sorry I couldn't resist) and Frederic's amazing bass rhythms.

And thats not all, the special edition here has 2 extra songs. A brand new song (Scars of Yesterday) and a song from Dragonforce's side project Shadow Warriors (Strike of The Ninja).

I can't give this album enough credit, its simply incredible. Dragonforce have made a success from their fast style and it continues in this album and puts even more emphasis on the style they play.

I seriously recommend this album for anyone, old fans and new fans alike. Plus its safe for kids, no swearing in this album.
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on 27 August 2008
This is an awesome new feel good metal album by Dragonforce. I downloaded the album a couple of months ago and since then i've been listening to it none stop ever since and even still it never fails to amaze me. Everything has improved from Inhuman Rampage, it's still the same style fast paced guitar solos, fast drumming, ZPs awesome vocals and everything else. This is what a Dragonforce fan would expect from them just another ultra kick ass album.

It's hard to pick a favourite song because they all rock but if I had to pick it would be "Reasons To Live" man what a song what an intro it has my favourite intro to a song ever so cool great song too mosh too. The lyrics in the song are great aswell very feel good e.g "We All Face Our Fears In The World, We All Hold Our Place In The Universe", I also really like the bridge section in this song as Herman and Sam play some very cool solos (which arn't just super fast) and Vadim plays a keyboard solo which is very cool. Other songs to Mention are "The Warrior Inside" is another one of my favourites it's very different to other Dragonforce songs some parts are just amazing and quite catchy too.

Now the bonus tracks which is the reason why I bought this version. The bonus tracks are quite strange but at the same time they are brilliant "Strike Of The Ninja" which is only 3 minutes 18 seconds long Dragonforces shortes. "Scars Of Yesterday" is an awesome song they use ALOT of nintendo video games effects and works really well deffinetly a strange one but still awesome. I have this album (downloaded version) for 2 months and I still can't stop listening to it and the reason why I say feel good metal is that every time I listen to this it always puts me in a happy mood and makes you feel like you're on top off the world sounds strange but it's true. The second disc on this album is quite good, The Making Of The Album is funny and interesting to watch (ever hear of someone recording demos in someones kitchen) and The Making Of E - Gen Guitars and that interesting.

Overall This album is an Ultra kick ass Metal album for people who find todays music too depressing, check this album out if you hated Inhuman Rampage because this kick Inhuman Rampages arse. Now i'm well excited to see 'em in October. I'm glad Dragonforce didnt sell out they stick too what they do best and damn they are good at it. Dragonforce Rock!!!!!!!!!!
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on 19 July 2008
J. Martins sums this album up pretty well. It's different enough for current DragonForce fans to be pleased with as there are some differences (as said before, The Last Journey is probably the "newest" type of song for them) but it doesn't stray too far from their usual style to put people off.

I was hoping for a bit of a progression from the band so this album wasn't just a re-hash of what they've already done and, while it isn't totally new stuff, the album is really good. In my opinion this is probably their best album since Valley of the Damned, but I could just be wrapped up in the excitement of it being a new DragonForce album
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on 6 September 2008
As always, the epic Dragonforce haven't disappointed us with their new album `Ultra Beatdown.' The harmonies throughout the album scream pure chaotic metal. Although it's exactly what you'd expect from the riffing metallers themselves, they still put the Power into Power Metal.

Each solo still has the ability to make your head explode which as we all know is an instant plus! Although there's the distinctive sound of Dragonforce they've still managed to reach new dimensions with this album.

If you're a Dragonforce fan, this album is a must-have and for the people who have never heard of Dragonforce before, what rock have you been living under!?
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on 5 September 2008
In my personal opinion it's better than the previous album and the bonus tracks dont let down the album.
some of the long ongoing riffs by herman melt your mind and will leave you knowing you've got a good buy.
A track you have to listen to is call "reasons to live" starts really heavy and such a well put together track.
If you would like a taster of the album go on youtube or what ever and check the song "heroes of our time".
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on 28 September 2008
This album sees the guys continuing to do what they do best - make power laden records with guitars played at break neck speeds. The songs are rousing and show power metal at it's most brutal. My favourite songs are Heroes of our Time and Heartbreak Armageddon - both dancefloor fillers and I just know they're gonna be killer live! Miss this album at your own peril.
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on 3 November 2012
Ultrabeat down is ok but for me the guitar tricks and magic special effects start to get a bit old by album number four and the band seems a bit tired. the playing is still fantastically over the top and everything but the whole thing just seems a bit predictable and samey by this point, the addition of a new bassist doeesn't really change things at all. the vocalist left after the live album that came after this and that tells me he felt the same. the band needed to have stopped relying on special tricks to sell records. Luckily they did with the new album and much more concerted effort with a new vocalist. so good I got it one both vinyl and Cd.

the vocals as wel have started to get a bit predictable. Basically this album is just a rehash of the last four down to absolutely everything. which is a shame it is ok if you have not heard the other albums I guess
but really the magic and stupidity felt better done on the other albums
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on 6 July 2014
Recieved as a present the vinyl had a few marks on and the sleeve was creased
the album itself is ok but not as fast and furious as Sonic firestorm or Inhuman Rampage , has a few more slower songs but still has awesome solos
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