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on 31 March 2018
Anyone who has an interest in odd and random humour, or is already familiar with the Boosh, either from the original radio series, or the TV series released later, should most definitely purchase this boxset. Complete with all your favourite episodes from all 3 series, along with a whole slew of added bonuses, such as outtakes, scene development, origins of the ideas, and voice-over commentary featuring Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher, and Dave Brown.
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on 4 February 2010
"...your face, an oval of cream, your nose...a slope of delicious cream, your ears...two cream flaps.." That, or something close to it, is a love poem recited by Howard Moon from series one and what got me out of bed in the middle of the night to sober-up in the cold of the bathroom.
Series Two I already knew quite well and was my reason for buying myself this treat just after Christmas - the least funny time of the year - and series three, especially the first two episodes - almost bested all my expectations.
The Mighty Boosh is magical and sweet. It gets dark sometimes in the magic forest, but not rancid - the scarey creatures never get the upper hand and that's because there is a joyful wellspring at the heart of it. Howard Moon and Vince Noir bicker and try to out-do eachother whilst remaining utterly inseperable - if only because Vince has to rescue Howard from whatever trouble his wearing of trousers that are not only too big for him but usually made of a tweedy-type fabric has got him into. Vince basically overcomes every danger by smirking at it and re-styling its hair, and if he can't then he phones Naboo, their stoner shaman friend who turns up with Bollo, his familiar - a gorilla who also DJs - and sorts most things out. The plots are almost the same every episode - but then so are the plots to Doctor Who and it doesn't matter. We don't want to be diverted by clever-clever plots - not that this world is particularly surreal. It all hangs together quite logically - but it's a childish world where many more things can be. The sets are like the Wizard of Oz, the musical pieces brilliantly observed spoofs whilst also being somehow genuinely musical. "It's genius!" as Vince would say.
Okay, so in series one Bob Fossil can get on my wick - and I prefer it when that member of the team is disguised as a number of different characters - which he does do very well.
Before you think I'm made of fluff and angel-breathe, I do also enjoy 'The League of Gentlemen', but I wouldn't recommend watching that AFTER The Boosh because it will seem awfully actorly, serious and bitter, plus the laugh track will get on your nerves (The Boosh doesn't have one).
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on 3 March 2012
the mighty boosh is for sure one of the best british comedies out there it dumps all logic and social acceptance in trade for unique and whacky comedy these guys have created something fresh and very funny vince is a hip young guy who's with the fashion and trends where as howard is a square who loves jazz they seem to bounce off each other perfectly and you never know whats coming next throw in other funny characters such as bob fossil and a load of crazy situations and you've got yourself the boosh its a hard show to review unless you have seen it. for boosh fans buy it !
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on 26 December 2012
Bought this as a gift for a nephew but i'm a big fan of the Mighty Boosh myself too, it was actually more expensive from amazon than if you buy each series separately but the reason i still chose to buy the box set was not because i'm stupid, lol, but as it was a gift i felt that it looked better boxed like this.

The series themselves, well definitely funny, weird, daft, kooky, original :)
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on 27 April 2010
As a late comer to the charms of the Boosh this was a perfect catch up. It has the complete televisual run so far, plus a horde of extras which gave background and insight into the collective comedic genius of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. I thought it something of a bargain - hours of entertainment,incredibly watchable and unerringly funny! It has become my standard late night chill out viewing following hefty study sessions and never fails to put a smile on my face. Recommended without hesitation or reservation.
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on 4 January 2010
This is an excellent chance to catch up with any episodes you may have missed when they were first shown a few years ago c.2004-2007. If TMB is new to you, then it should appeal if you liked the increasingly abstract world of Father Ted, or Reeves and Mortimer's wilder flights of fancy, except this show goes way beyond that; it creates a universe with characters you could never imagine - nearly all male and all different, with the the two principal characters, jazz-freak Howard and fashion-obsessed Vince bickering at the centre; Series 1 is set in a zoo, 2 and 3 in a shop but with the action taking place in all kinds of unlikely settings. There is a documentary explaining how it all came about, and a host of other extras. Once you get into the idea, all the episodes stand alone, so you can watch any one again and savour the madness! With so many amusing lines, this is a show to enjoy alone or with a gang of mates. Unless the occasional use of the f-word offends, what's not to like?!
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on 6 October 2016
Watched all 3 series in a few evenings. Brilliant nonsensical humour. The discs feature the faces of some of the more interesting characters. Would definitely recommend to friends and family but maybe those who aren't more conventional when it comes to what they find humorous?!!
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on 23 November 2011
Brilliant series - I always knew I would like this show but never got round to watching it when it aired back in 2004. I have had to ration myself otherwise I would have watched all episodes back to back. I found it took a little tie to get over some of the comedic devices used as I had seen them before - then I realised that I had seen them in later productions so obviously was watched where they had been hatched. Given this it made for an easier experience. You need to give yourself to the series and suspend everything for maximum enjoyment. Noel Fielding is amazing and I liked the way that some of the filming was obviously non scripted and some of his responses made Julian laugh on camera. The Howard Moon character is superb - really allows the cuddly stupidness of Fielding to come out. At this price you could not get better value.
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on 10 July 2010
Can't sing their praises highly enough. I think Noel and Julian are absolutely right when they say you can't describe it, just watch it. Even so, I'm gonna give it a go, 'cause that's what these things are for. It's very unique, raw, very funny. They've created a world that is normal and yet vey strange, and also strangely (considering how weird it does get) completely comfortable to watch (apart form the crack-fox. Brilliant). This has all three series and many other goodies besides, including lots of documentry footage, interviews, a p*iss take of/homage to the gorilla cadbury ad, plently of exra scribbles from Noel and even some stickers for the younger audience. Really good value for money, I love it.
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on 12 October 2017
Love it! Great to have the set on DVD! Would recommend!
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