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on 6 June 2017
This is a wonderful film with MG as the slightly backward Tim. The character Tim is very watchable and likeable as he plays the odd job handy man tending to his new friend Mary's garden. There friendship grows stronger day by day and week by week until they eventually fall in love with each other. It's one of those films you can watch over and over. Now there is one negative here. The quality of the film playing. Yes you can see it clearly but it's not in hd quality and doesn't feel the screen of my 43 incher. On iTunes it does and the picture is sharper. It's just a little niggle but having bought the film some time back on iTunes I only recently bought the film on amazon as I'm having trouble getting into my film library on the big telly with iTunes. Like I said very sadly disappointment with the pic quality of this marvellous film on amazon. I shall in future watch Tim though on me iPad with iTunes.
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on 24 September 2012
Firstly, this is not a review of the film itself - you're reading this, so presumably you already like it!

Although not in the public domain, for some reason "Tim" has been subjected to countless poor-quality, bargain bin, pirated VHS & DVD releases.
These are invariably taken from an edited (93 mins), faded, worn out VHS master & hugely impair the enjoyment of this simple but great film.

Finally, Peace Arch Entertainment/Phase 4 Films have released a quality edition of the original full-length version, found here:
Tim: 30th Anniversary Edition [DVD] [1979] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Touted as being digitally remastered, the region 1 NTSC disc's main feature is taken from a very good condition, though not perfect, print. (Do any pristine prints of this actually exist anywhere?)

It's open matte, in the 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio & runs to 108:20 mins. Though the case states the soundtrack is 2.0 stereo, it's actually in the original 2.0 (dual) mono.
The main drawback with this transfer is that it has been slightly vertically 'squished', meaning that characters & faces on screen appear somewhat elongated. This is fairly slight though & will hardly be noticeable to most viewers.

Also on the disc is a completely separately-encoded French language dub of the film. This print source, though decent enough (& 'squish'-free!), is not as clear as the first, with many speckles & scratches. Far worse is the quality of the dub, which is very lo-fi. Tinny & indistinct, it sounds as though it was recorded in the next room! Obviously, this soundtrack is also in the original 2.0 (dual) mono.
It is taken from an unconverted PAL master, so though again full-length, it runs 4% faster, at 103:38 mins.

Finally, there is an illuminating 18 min interview with the director, Michael Pate. Although there is no indication as to when it was recorded, it looks to have been relatively recently, sometime before his death in 2008. This is a valuable supplement, as he talks very eloquently & goes into great detail about many aspects of the film's production.

In summary then, though I have to deduct one star for the 'squishing', for the time being - & probably for several years to come - this is the only edition to own.

If any Antipodean film buffs come to know of any quality DVDs of "Tim" in the Southern Hemisphere, please post their details in the comments section!
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on 29 June 2012
This film was released in 1979, but I saw it only a few days ago on TV and was so taken with it I just had to buy the DVD. This is one of Mel Gibson's earliest films and, in my opinion, one of his best. His character has what would be described today as learning difficulties, yet his manner is generally genial, polite and hardworking. By chance he starts working for a local businesswoman, played by the lovely Piper Laurie and the film effectively charts the development of their relationship.

Knowing nothing of the novel by Colleen McCullough (of Thorn Birds fame), I probably fell into the same trap as others and assumed the older woman would quickly seduce the young man, but the plot unfolded in a way I found both unexpected, surprising and ultimately heartwarming. Mary Horton, Piper Laurie's character, is no Mrs Robinson.

I won't give away any more about the storyline, suffice it to say that the characters are all believable. Laurie and Gibson are excellent leads and there's a good supporting cast. No doubt some would place this in the chick-flick category, but I think that is an unworthy view. In my opinion it is an excellent film and the only reason I have not given it five stars is that it looks every one of its 33 years alongside newer productions, but don't let that put you off. Tim is not a classic, but a solid piece of film-making that should stay with you for quite some time afterwards. Enjoy.
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on 27 July 2017
Love this movie, seen it many times, but the quality of this DVD makes it unwatchable.
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on 3 July 2016
Only had this film on video, so needed to updated it to watchable DVD, lovely old film with the old thoughts of the way people were discriminated against and treated with disability's, and it has happy ending.
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on 22 March 2018
I am more than Happy with the Order Thank You
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on 30 March 2018
Great film, as good as I remembered. Mel Gibson amazing, shed a tear or too!
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on 16 July 2009
Ok, so on the surface of it, it's a chic flick. But look a little deeper and you will see Mel Gibson playing the role of a man with learning difficulties in a really sensitive way. He's actually not what makes this film, it's the other, lesser known Australian actors and actresses that play some really earthy and believable parts.

Through out it's believable and touching. The 1970's fashions can be a bit distracting at first (check out those maxi dresses) but get away from that and this is a great storey and well told. This was Mel's career highlight.
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on 22 September 2010
This isnt the best quality, the best plot, the best acted out film - I grant you that.....but, it takes me right back to my youth and its one of my absolute favourites. Its a very sweet and tender film. Im so happy to finally own it and I am sure that it will get aired every time I am having a girlie curl up under a duvet and watch something easy on the telly......perfect!!!
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on 31 January 2016
Really moving film never seen it b4 i brought it another great mel gibson movie
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