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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2014
RHCP are one of America best exports they have made a few fluffs but this album is mostly brilliant the track "Give it away" is top rock and then there is "Under the bridge" you get your own meaning from that one Just good Music.
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on 24 July 2006
I have all the Red Hot Chili Peppers albums and this is easily the best. You forget how many classics come from this album: Give It Away, Suck my Kiss, Breaking The Girl, Under The Bridge, all of which are on the greatest hits album.

It has great guitar riffs, great rock solos, powerful vocals and bass lines and drum beats which complement each song perfectly, making great catchy amazing tunes.

My favourite tracks are :

Funky Monks

Suck My Kiss

Mellowship Slinky In B Major

Give It Away

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Under The Bridge
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on 19 August 2016
It was 1994 when I first heard this album. A lot of people had been going on about how funky it was, and I remember thinking 'They can't be funkier than Living Colour' (for me, the funkiest rock band I'd heard up to then). As soon as I heard 'The Power of Equality' I knew I was wrong. RHCP were funkier than anyone. Anthony Kiedis is an impressive frontman, who can switch from insane rapping to heartfelt singing seemingly effortlessly. The musicianship is outstanding. Flea is one of the best bassists around, and here he shows his virtuosity, as well as versatility, laying down some sick bass licks on tunes such as Naked in the Rain, Mellowship Slinky, etc... yet keeping it simple on I Could Have Lied. John Frusciante is the closest thing to our generation's Hendrix, and that's enough to describe him. Chad, like Flea, is one of the best at what he does, passionate but precise. Combine these four talents at the top of their game with Rick Rubin's slick production, and how could you have anything other than a masterpiece? Standout songs - Well they're all great, but my faves would have to be Funky Monks, Give It Away, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Apache Rose Peacock and Sir Psycho Sexy (oh, that outro)! One Hot Minute was a different beast, and one I quite liked eventually, but the Chilis have yet to top this.
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on 10 October 2003
A Great Album for any funky monks out there! there are so many songs of a high calibre that i'll just have to go over them one by one
Power Of Equality: 9/10 A Very Political song from the Gulf War days, interesting vocals and chorus.
If You Have To Ask:8/10 A Memorable chorus and some rather strange lyrics to this one "If You Have to Ask........ You'll never know" A Great chorus and fun Lyrics
Breaking The Girl:10/10 Good 12 string guitar work from Mr Frusciante, some interesting lyrics as i've probably said for all of 'em but they are!! I don't know about you but the insrumental bits remind me of Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven......
Suck My Kiss:11/10 an absolute stunner of a song with great guitar/bass work, vocals, drumming and anything else involved, good solo etc..
Funky Monks:8/10 a strange song, good guitar work in the intro however make it up
I Could Have Lied:10/10 a sweet and sorrowful ballad, even with swearing throughout, but who can call themselves a chili's fan if they can't tolerate rudeness?
Mellowship Slinky in B Major:8/10 Another odd one.
Righteous & The Wicked:10/10 A Song Speaking out against a lot of things, war & pollution being the main ones.
Give it Away: 11/10 A GREAT song, a classic buy the album solely for this song and the next 2! With more odd chili lyrics and interesting tunes and a chorus that'll be in your head for days!!
BloodSugarSexMagik:10/10 another great one, with more odd lyrics focusing on the 3rd word in the title!
Under The Bridge:11/10 If you haven't alread heard this one where've you been for the past 13 years? covered by numerous artists, notably the All Saints this is a sheer gem, a spine tingling intro and some sweet and soulful singing help make this the most lyrically decent song ever!
Naked in The Rain: 7/10 probably the weakest song on the album
Apache Rose Peacock: 9/10 Not for the faint of heart this is Anthony Keidis saying it as he sees it, lyrically just Odd. Ahem
The Greeting song:8/10 Probably a filler, but a good one!
My Lovely Man: 9/10 The Chili's tribute to Ex-Guitarist Hillel Slovak, don't misinterpret the lyrics!
Sir Psycho Sexy:9/10 another wierd one and a staggeringly long Track, 8 minutes, Phew!!!! almost as long as this review! some odd lyrics, where do they get this stuff?
They're Red Hot:7/10 the only one not written by the chili's but interesting nevertheless i think it only managed to find it's way onto the album because of the title, but hey ho!
I hope this review proved useful to you!!
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on 2 August 2006
There's not a lot I can say about this album that people haven't said before. It's awesome, all 4 band memebers shine, the stripped down quality of the album is fantastic. Go out and buy it.
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on 10 January 2004
I bought this album without knowing any of its songs... simply because I didn't think I could be disappointed by the RHCPs... and I wasn't!
As ever, Anthony Keidis proves he is one of the very best lyricists (in English language anyway) in the world. There is magik, there is true emotion throughout the album. The mix rap-funk-rock-punk is successful and works as if it was the most natural thing in the world... and maybe it is!
I listen to this album quietly in my bed before going to sleep, or full decibels with friends at parties, with a glass of "red blood" sitting quietly with a few close mates...
I heard Anthony on a radio interview and was not surprise to hear the personality that already shines through his lyric writing: a very deep, witty and funny bloke with his head way above the sky, who doesn't take himself so seriously, and a maaaaad sense of humour! One you'd like for a mate! (not just a pretty face and a gorgeous bod then! ;) )
This is a fantastic album, "stuck" in my CD player, doesn't wanna get off my ears... and I love it!
JUST buy it! You can't be disappointed!
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on 18 March 2004
This album means so much to me that it is hard for me to articulate my admiration for it.... But here goes: The chili peppers are as vital, and sincere as music gets, and this album captures that completely. From the sublime "could've lied" and "Under the bridge" to the unbeatably funky "Funky monks","sir psycho sexy" and "if you have to ask" there is no weak track. No-one can call themselves a chilis fan if they do not own and love this album. The musicianship is unbeatable, the songcraft absolute genius and the end solo to "sir psycho sexy" is just something else.
Now go ahead and buy the album. It's not for any particular music lover, Its for lovers of truly great music.
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on 23 February 2014
Whether you're a new Chili's fan or an old one, this album is absolutely quintessential to your collection, even if you're not a fan of the band, this album is still a pioneer of Rock Funk. From the likes of the debut album, to Mother's Milk, BSSM provides a more mature and better constructed listen, the songs are meaningful and they truly sound like a different band, I don't know if it was the effect of where they recorded or because Rick Rubin produced this album, but it is essential, I will go through each song and speak about them.

1. Power of Equality - Flea's bass tone in this song is phenomenal, it's one funky number.

2. If You Have To Ask - John and Flea come together really well on this song, usually it's played slightly differently live, but the album version is the foundation, it's a great track.

3. Breaking The Girl - The only song on the album which I have no clue about, I don't know the meaning... some people say it's about a virgin having sex for the first time, others saying it's about a drug addict, who knows, who cares? it's a great song with beautiful guitar work.

4. Funky Monks - As the title of the song suggests, it is funky, Frusciante plays a hard finger-picking pattern through the song, combine that with the great vocals and Flea's use of a 5-string for added "boom", it's a personal favorite.

5. Suck My Kiss - Probably the most "hard rock" song on the album, it is a distorted, aggressive song, I like it, but not when I'm trying to chill.

6. I Could Have Lied - A haunting song, you can tell it has a lot of meaning to Anthony, I suspect it's about a failed relationship. John is off the charts in this one, the solo he pulls off is fantastic, a must listen.

7. Mellowship Slinky in B Major - Now, if you're talking to me about funk, this song is probably the one that comes to mind... Flea and John are phenomenal (when are they not?) great bass-line and guitar work to blend with it, a great song.

8. The Righteous and The Wicked - Flea again utilizing the 5-string for this one, a truly great blend of lyrics and music, up-tempo and hard-hitting.

9. Give it Away - Well, who doesn't know this song? arguably the Chili Peppers most famous song (along side Californication, Under The Bridge etc) just a really all round great song, no more to say.

10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Ah, the title track, this one took me a little while to get into at first, I don't know why. Nonetheless, it's an amazing song with a fantastic solo, fitting for a title track.

11. Under The Bridge - I have nothing to say, you already know it. ;)

12. Naked In The Rain - Damn, this song is epic... Flea de-tunes his bass and produces some amazing slap bass in this one, it's a great song.

13. Apache Rose Peacock - Another funky one, similar to Mellowship Slinky in B Major to me for some reason, a great number.

14. The Greeting Song - Probably the heaviest hitting song on the album alongside "Suck My Kiss" just a distorted power-chord heaven.

15. My Lovely Man - A song written for the late, great Hillel Slovak, great musically and great lyrically.

16. Sir Psycho Sexy - The sexiest song in existence, the poetic way Kiedis puts across this story is genius to say the least. If you weren't in the mood before hearing this song, you certainly will be after it. Pure sex.

17. They're Red Hot - A new twist on an old song, the joker of the album, it's a great ending and a funky awesome mesh of awesomeness.

Trust me, for the price of this album, you'd be stupid not to considering buying it. Don't base this off of things like I'm With You, you'll be disappointed, between this album and By The Way was the best the Chili Peppers ever were.
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on 26 March 2006
What an amazing album with some classic songs. Over an hour long, yet when it's finished you are left wanting more. Best song? Hard to say, 'Suck My Kiss', 'Under The Bridge' and 'I Could Have Lied' would probably be my top 3 if I had to choose, but that might change if you ask me again in 10 minutes.
1. Power Of Equality - 8/10 - Good start to the album, not one of the best songs.
2. If You Have To Ask - 8/10 - Similar to the first song, good but not great.
3. Breaking The Girl - 9/10 - Excellent song, one of the slower tracks on the album.
4. Funky Monks - 9/10 - Funky, upbeat song. Very enjoyable.
5. Suck My Kiss - 10/10 - Brilliant song, I love it. Chili's let loose.
6. I Could Have Lied - 10/10 - Completely different to 'Suck My Kiss', yet just as brilliant.
7. Mellowship Slinky In B Major - 9/10 - Odd lyrics, catchy tune.
8. Righteous And The Wicked - 9/10 - Some more good lyrics and another very good tune.
9. Give It Away - 9/10 - Classic.
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - 8/10 - Not the best song on the album, still a good listen.
11. Under The Bridge - 10/10 - One of the best songs ever, nothing at all I would change about it.
12. Naked In The Rain - 9/10 - Funkily brilliant.
13. Apache Rose Peacock - 9/10 - Crazy and hilarious lyrics, awesome song.
14. Greeting Song - 9/10 - Another superb track, running out of things to say.
15. My Lovely Man - 9/10 - Same as above.
16. Sir Psycho Sexy - 9/10 - Mental. 8 minutes of very dirty lyrics. Somehow outdoes 'Apache Rose Peacock' on randomness. Makes the 8 minutes go very fast, great song.
17. They're Red Hot - 4/10 - Disappointing ending, for me and I usually skip it. Shame, as it doesn't do justice to a simply fantastic album.
Oh, and it's taken me about 10 minutes and my favourites are now 'Apache Rose Peacock', 'Greeting Song' and 'Naked In The Rain'... or maybe 'Mellowship Slinky In B Major'... or 'Give It Away'... Hmmmmmm...
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on 13 July 2006
Let me first say this, usually the first paragraph of a review can tell you all you need to know, and so if that's all you intend to do then i will give you this - i always read the negative reviews first as opposed to the positive reviews of anything i buy, to get a more balanced view. In about five pages of reviews, there was only ONE negative one out of over 70 for this album. That should tell you everything!!

I first bought this album when i was about, i'd say, 12 or 13. Back then, i was unused to such diversity in music and couldnt get into it and so i wouldnt recommend it if you're that age. But now, 22, having heard a few of the Chili's better known songs and not deciding wether i liked them or not (it usually went that i didnt like the majority of the rest of their recent albums), i decided to put this CD in the player again and BOY was i in for a surprise!

My naive, un-educated ears had long been discarded and i could listen past the strange, inventive riffs that had put me off 10 years ago and found there to be some extremely good songs on this album. Infact, if it were not for the fact that you can tell the songs are from the same period in the bands history (though thats not to say they sound the same), you'd swear it was a "Greatest Hits" collection of some sort because pretty much EVERY TRACK (besides the last) is awesome, impactful and produces different reactions.

For example, you'd never think that an album containing the instant classic ballad "Under The Bridge" could also feature a song with the lyrics, "Deep inside the garden of eden, standing there with my hardon bleeding / Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen.."!

Best tracks, for me, are... actually, just look at the tracklisting. They're all, quite literally, there.
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