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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2013
One of my personal favourite Soulfly albums and in my mind, Max's finest piece of work since leaving Sepultura. Soulfly's first three albums were a bit hit and miss inconsistent and too 'Nu Metal' for me, but this album trumps all that came before, worth a purchase for the excellent title track alone, has at least 7 brilliant songs and a cracking cover of Helmet's 'In The Meantime.' Quality dips a little toward the end as Max's world music/ tribal jam seems to take over a big chunk of some of the songs, and adds very little in my opinion. Apart from that a corker of an album and if you get the Extended version, you get 5 or 6 live perfomces featuring some Sepultura songs off the Roots album! Welcome back Max!
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on 15 August 2017
Great album in top condition. The sleeve is slightly frayed around the edges but a bargain for the price.
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on 8 September 2017
Great condition
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on 3 March 2004
As a long time sepultura and soulfly fan, I found last album '3' somewhat disapointing, lacking as it did the fire of earlier attempts. Having listened to 'prophecy', I'm pleased to say that max is definately back on form, and there isn't a bad song on the record. From opener 'prophecy' through the first few tracks, this begins to sound like Soulfly's heaviest offering to date. 'Defeat U' is a brilliant song, and you can literaly taste the anger that seeps from both vocalists. Towards the end of the album, the record becomes more relaxed and more spiritual. 'I believe' interperses heavier moments with a more gentle vocal style that adds convicion to what max is saying. 'Moses', a collaberation with Serbian band Eyesburn, adds a reggae flavour to the records which may seem out of place but is somehow pulled off without sounding contrived. To end the record, the lovely 'Soulfly IV', an instrumental track and wings, featuring asha provide a more gentle and relaxed element. The album also features a cover of 'in the meantime', one of my personal favorate songs originally by the american band helmet. All in all, a very good record, and worth every penny.
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on 9 April 2004
The godfather of metal returns with his fourth Soulfly opus `Prophecy`!
Upon listening to the first 30seconds of this cd it becomes aware to the listener that Max Cavalera has returned to his angst thrash driven beginnings,without comprimising the world music tinges that he has managed to incorporate into soulfly`s music so well.
Title track `Prophecy` kicks of the way you`d expect it to.An ear trembling resonating guitar noise intro before the heavy guitar attack begins.Resting somewhere in between `roots` and `refuse/resist`,this track has the grinding verses and catchy choruses before the thrash tastic fast paced riff (ala `arise`) of the end.Damn fine stuff!
Then we go into the dual axe attack of `Living Sacrifice`!the stand out moments for me on this song is not the catchy chorus,but the way that the verse makes me feel that there is a breeze around me spouting forth the lyrics,in an almost story teller like way,before the introduction of the much missed solo to Max`s work,courtesty of Marc Rizzo!
We then lead into the riff laded `Execution Style`,followed by the two minute belter of `Defeat U`,a straight up old school hardcore track,complete with ultra metal solo in the middle,and accompanied on vocals by the iron lunged voice of Danny Marianino from the arizona hardcore band `North Side Kings`!
Without a chance to breathe,`Mars`hits you in the face with its tribal heaviness before leading out in a latin acoustic guitar sound that relaxes you nicely before `I Believe` kicks you in the ribs.
The simple heaviness of this song is awesome,blended with the angelic voice of Asha Rabouin in the background.
Next up `Moses`,a collaboration with the serbian reggae,dub,metal band `Eyesburn`!A perfect blend of both styles that leads out in a super heavy bouncy end that only max knows how to do best!
Then we have `Born Again Anarchist`,a classic soulfly track,mixing catchyness with sheer heavyosity,containg a scream that seems to ring out like some kind of sound effect!
Next up,`Porrada`,sounding something akin to oldschool bands like RDP,Discharge,GBH and Nailbomb!
Coming after this attack is the cover song `in the meantime` from the much ahead of there time/overlooked band Helmet!
The last two tracks of the album lend to the more mellow side of soulfly,the instrumental `Soulfly IV` and `Wings`,once again
with vocal duties being handled by Asha Rabouin!
So there we have it,the album in my opinion Soulfly have been waiting to make since there conception.Perfectly blending old with new,thrash with world music!!!!!
Buy this album and prepare for your ears to bleed!!!!!
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on 30 March 2004
This Soulfly album features an all new lineup, most noteably Mark Rizzo, ex Ill Nino axeman. It seems Max has had no qualms in introducing elements of his play straight into the record. Execution Style features a classic Ill Nino sounding intro whilst tracks like I Believe and Living Sacrifice display the prominent chord stabs that are a lynchpin of Ill Nino style. Happily, Max hasnt abanoned anything of old Soulfly, Prophecy and Mars show more of a return to original Soulfly/Sepultura sound and Born Again Anarchist is packed with the thrash that Nailbomb had.
Max's production is impressive as sonically, this album is superior to Soulfly's previous efforts. Again we hear Max's love of world music in Moses and throughout the album. <If you own and enjoy all of the other Soulfly albums, then this beautifully packaged piece is a must. Otherwise i'd recommend it to folks who want to try Soulfly for the first time (or their self titled debut) because it maintains classic hallmarks but adds some excellent spice to the mix.
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on 31 July 2004
Although i am a big fan of Max Cavaleras work,i have always critised him fairfully.I absolutely loved Soulflys debut album,Primitive was good, but i was never impressed with 3. So on to Prophecy.In some ways ways this is an amazing return to form,the first six tracks all equally venomous.The first letdown (for me at least) is "Moses". A noble attempt it may be, but it doesnt work. And from then on (aside from Porrada) the album is a bit of a letdown.I feel kinda bad saying this because Max is just trying to evolve and Progress and he has!
The same critics that have slammed Soulfly for being a "Roots tribute band" will argue that this time they sound like Chaos A.D. There is a slight resemblence on a few songs, but its not like that is a bad thing is it?
So this is a good album, the first half very powerfull and angry,and the second half containing more laid back, mellow exerimental music from Max,which will certainly work for many people, but sadly im not one of them.
You also get cool live recordings,so even if this album doesnt quite live up to its high expectations(remember we are talking about Max Cavalera) all in all this is a good buy and if this was any other band,this album would certainly be wiewed with different eyes and probably be called a masterpiece.
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Soulfly's fourth studio album, Prophecy, released in 2004 is my favourite Soulfly album to date.

The album opens really well with `Prophecy,' `Living Sacrifice,' `Execution Style,' `Defeat U,' and `Mars,' which in my opinion is the best set of five songs in a row on any Soulfly record. The end of the album isn't just as strong as the beginning, something all Soulfly albums had in common until Conquer, but overall the ratio of outstanding tracks to dull tracks is excellent.

Prophecy saw the band carry on with the style that they had developed with their previous album `3,' only with additional classic thrash metal influences and a clarity and focus in the songwriting department which is unrivalled on any of the older Soulfly albums.

This was the first album to feature former Ill Nino guitarist Marc Rizzo, who adds many guitar solos to the proceedings. The album also saw the return of Joe Nunez on drums, who drummed on the band's second album Primitive but was replaced by Roy Mayorga on the other two records, their debut and 3.

The aforementioned five tracks are obvious highlights and worth the price of the cd for alone. Considering the album as a whole, it is probably the album with the most definitive reflection of Soulfly's overall sound; bridging as it does the band's Nu Metal era roots, groove centered main style, tribal sections and some of the Thrash Metal influences which would creep more heavily into the band's sound on subsequent albums.

I highly recommend this album to Soulfly enthusiasts and would highlight it for ideal selection of a prospective fan's first Soulfly album, on the basis of its strong songwriting, general style and ratio of wheat to chaff
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on 26 March 2006
Similar to other reviews of this CD it does kick off in amazing style and for the first four tracks you'll be bouncing around the room just like you did when you first heard Beneath the Remains or Roots. We start to lose the plot with Mars, and then I Believe is way too long. Then, as you knew would happen, we go tribal with the lengthy Moses. Lengthy is the problem, it has a promising start but then loses its way and you can't wait for it to end. With the momentum lost, I felt the same about Soulfly IV and Wings - Whoever said that Wings was a great track wants his head testing - Its painful. These are preceded by a cover of Tools In the meantime. Just not good enough, sorry. I'm fortunate to have a copy of this CD with 5 bonus live tracks - These 5 tracks are worth the extra star and I'd urge you to seek out one of these copies. There's so much promise, but too much tribal filler. Better next time?
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on 29 April 2004
If you are a dedicated Soulfly fan, you will love this album. If you are aSepultura fan from the Chaos AD era you will love this album. If you are anailbomb fan you will love it. Max Cavalera demonstrates how he is one ofrocks most respected figures by writing brutal riffs and clever lyrics inthe songs 'born again anarchist,' 'mars' and the title track 'prophecy.'But of course there are the usual slow, instrumental and melodic introsand outros you would expect to find on any Soulfly album, but when thecrunching riffs kick in, they explode in your face! A must for any heavymetal fan.
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