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VINE VOICEon 16 September 2009
It's a little radio transmitter which takes its power from your iPod or iPhone (I'm using it with my iPhone 3G and iPod 5G). Bonus is there's a (shortish) USB cable and plug for your cigar lighter socket (I have an oldish car), so that you don't have to drain your player battery. Plugging it in doesn't seem to help the signal strength.

So you set its transmission frequency and tune in your radio (I had to turn off the auto frequency control). You then get a reasonable signal, especially if you have followed the recommendation to set the frequency to somewhere there's static. Obviously if you're travelling a distance, you may need to reset the frequency (since what was static in Stoke may be noisy in Nottingham) or suffer deterioration or loss of your puny signal.

I get a reasonable reception with the iPod/transmitter on the dashboard (using one of those anti-slip mats which I've reviewed elsewhere) and my aerial in the rear screen (it seems to be integrated with the heated rear window elements). It might be better if I put it on the back shelf, I suppose: I've not tried it.

It is significantly poorer than an aux input, but gives acceptable quality.

So: a good buy, better that a big-name product I tried at three times the price. Just don't expect miracles.
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on 16 September 2014
I bought this to use with my iPod. At first I thought it was brilliant, not only did it play music with little interference, it also charged my iPod when i plugged it in. I also liked how it didn't need to be plugged in and you could use it without any leads getting in the way. However, after a few months of use, the lead stopped charging my iPod. Furthermore, I noticed a lot more interference and the sound quality was greatly reduced. I also got an iPhone 5s so therefore needed to buy a new transmitter as this would not work with it. I therefore bought a TrackNet universal FM transmitter that uses the jack connection and I have found this product works better, with less interference, and I can use it with both my iPod and phone, making it far better value for money.
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on 11 July 2012
I have a factory fitted stereo in my car with no aux in for a ipod jack and so was sick of radio on long journeys (which I do a lot of!)... Someone recommended an itrip and after reading reviews I decided on this one.
The price was brilliant, although I was concerned that going for a lower price would give lower quality - not the case!
I had also read that it was tricky to tune in / set-up and that it often needed re-tuning whilst en-ruote - again not the case!
I often drive from one end of the country to the other and rarely have to re-tune - perhaps once if at all - my top tip is to choose a frequency that is either right at the top end or right at the bottom end as there a very few radio stations using those - I stick with either 88 ish or 108 ish...
It was so simple to tune in the first time - literally less than two mins and I was away - and the ipod is constantly charged if you leave it plugged into the cigarette lighter...
All in all an excellent little purchase - at under £10 I was happy to throw it if it didn't work but it's one of my most bargain buys this year - and now my sister, mum and best friend all have one too!!
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on 5 June 2011
I used to own an old 80gb iPod video, for which I used an iTrip when travelling in the car. However since updating my iPod to a new 64gb touch, I required an updated transmitter to suit.
This little device from Tecknet works perfectly; it provides clear transmission on the selected frequency with minimal interference.
It does like to be as close as possible though to the ariel, as luck would have it our car has a space in the dashboard where I can rest it perfectly. If however you're not so lucky here and find yourself having to rest it on the passenger seat or something you may find interference increases.
Sometimes finding a blank frequency can be awkward as there's alot of stations around, but you can normally find one either at the top or bottom end of the range. (107.8 works well were I live)
One other bonus is that it also provides an excellent way of transmitting your music through your HI-FI at home, so it's not only just great for the car.
In summary, this is the transmitter to get for all new iPod's and iPhone's. It does exactly what it claims and does it very well. Highly recommended.
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on 4 December 2010
I had a Belkin FM transmitter which was consigned to the bin when it packed up not long after I bought it. And frankly, it didn't work very well either - lots of crackling and hiss. Great if you're about to eat Sunday roast, but rubbish if it's music you want to listen to. So, I was a bit sceptical about this product being any good. However, after reading many 5 star reviews and considering the price of this product I purchased the TeckNet transmitter for use with my iPhone 4. My car is a Ford Focus Titanium with the standard Sony DAB radio/CD player. The TeckNet worked straight out of the box! I followed the simple instructions and got good quality sound immediately. There are occasional crackles, but these seem to be rare and it's FM after all - not a direct or bluetooth connection. I just wish I had known that there was a black version of this product. The version I have looks a bit cheap and tacky due to its chrome borders and doesn't match my iPhone. My wife says "who cares?". Well I do. Aesthetics matter. Why else would anyone buy an iPhone? It looks great and is very pretty, but it's near useless at handling phone calls, business emails, SMS texts and repeating/re-using blocks of text compared to a BlackBerry ... but that's another story.
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on 3 July 2010
This transmitter was bought for use with an iPod Touch 3rd Gen for our annual holiday and for use with the iPod as our main Hi-Fi for wireless transmission from around the house.

1. First impressions were bad due to the quick start guide which stated 'Plug MT-96 into your players dock connector and begin playing some music (though you wont hear anything yet). Plug MT-96's power adapter into your cars cigarette lighter or 12 volt accessory socket.' This immediately had me worried because I wanted it for in the house as well as in the car. However, connecting the transmitter to the iPod and tuning the radio into the displayed frequency played the music. For clarification, the unit CAN be powered by the iPod.

2. As it suggests, finding a frequency which has static on neighbouring frequencies is a good rule of thumb for setting the transmitter, however when washing the car (iPod and Transmitter inside the car) and moving around the vehicle, you can go into 'pockets' of static which is weird considering your not stepping into the 'Line-of-Sight' between the aerial and the transmitter. However, stationary, the transmitter provides a reasonably solid signal

3. While moving, the transmitter isn't up to scratch, it doesnt provide a signal strong enough for the car radio to hold onto and static is met fairly regularly.

4. The supplied car adapter is great for charging the iPod on the move and is worth the small amount of money just for this and the ability to transmit the music, however the iPod shows the message 'Charging is not supported by this accessory' if any USB extensions or the white USB-iPod connection is used, though you can obtain relativly long Micro-USB leads which work without a problem. This error was also true when I used my mobile phones charger in it which is Micro-USB also.

I would personally reccomend paying a little extra for a transmitter which can scan for blank frequencies which would be much more convient, however this does exactly what it says on the tin.
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on 15 April 2011
An excellent product for the price. I've been using it now for a few months and it's still working. Jury is still out on medium to long term useage, but if it packs up after a year, it's still been good value. In built-up areas, you might find a lot of interference, particularly where there may be a lot of heavy-duty electrical fields. It works very well in smaller towns, for example, but in big metropolitan areas, the quality of reception can be somewhat choppy. I find it no worse than the competition in this regard - one of the drawbacks of using this technology, so don't less this dissuade you from buying, in preference to another manufacturer. On the plus side, it does let you recharge your ipod. Our previous Belkin model required the cigarette lighter socket, and the socket adapter broke off in the car, rendering the device and the socket useless. This device doesn't require that socket, so in my view that's a plus.

Remember to unplug and pause your ipod when you turn off the engine, as the device will otherwise run down the ipod's battery.

All-in-all, however, the best device of its kind on the market.
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on 20 April 2011
Updated: 21/10/11

I've just received my second one of these, the first I ordered back in April (Original review below). It had been used pretty much on a daily basis driving to and from work, the gym, the supermarket, etc, so it was constantly being connected and disconnected several times a day. Unfortunately, the connector came loose one morning when I pulled it out and it just stopped working when I plugged it back in.
For the price though, I'm not complaining, the fact it lasted 6 months with my daily abuse I think it did rather well.
It does come with a power adapter for your cigarette socket, but in the six months I've owned this I've never needed to use it. It draws power direct from the iPod, I did worry this would drain the battery, but having done several long car journeys, it's not once run out.
I thought about opting for a different type when my first died, but the fact that I've had no problems with this up until its life ended, it's dinky, no wires, no messing, just plug and go, I decided to stick with what I know.
This isn't the first one I've bought and it won't be the last. Very happy with this product.


Having hummed and harred over several different FM transmitters for the last couple of weeks, I'm extremely happy I opted for this little bad boy!

My partner has a donkeys old Belkin transmitter he uses with his old Touch, which my new Touch did not like one bit in either his, or my car, understandable though given its age.
I was about to opt for the iTrip FM Transmitter with App Support, thinking that for the price, I should have no problems, when I came across the MT-096.
I was immediately sold by the reviews, the fact it's a fraction of the price of the iTrip and it comes with a car charger, made it the winning choice for me.

It's extremely easy to use, just find a free frequency on your radio (90.6 works for me), plug the little mite in, match the frequency on the transmitter and Bob's your uncle!
All in all, great product, works very well in a Peugeot 207 with the Touch 4th gen in the Manchester/Cheshire area.
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on 17 April 2010
For £10, this FM transmitter works great. Got for my 3G ipod touch. Plugged it in. Instructions suggest finding a frequency with static, chose 87.6 freq on the transmitter, tuned radio to same frequency and it worked. I found putting it on dash board worked better than on seat. Occasionally, a little ghosting, but no more than radio would normally do. We live in the sticks so not as many channels as in the city. Daughter has used it with her 2G ipod touch as well. Have put in Toyota Auris, Renault Clio, and with radio indoors. Used it for 3 hours and it used 1/3 of itouch power. Havent used adapter with it so cant comment. If on you're own in the car, I would suggest playing a playlist rather than having shuffle on because as you can only skip tracks using the itouch. You can use radio button for controlling the volume. Also you have to remember that turning the radio off doesnt turn off the itouch, and you have to remove the transmitter or it will drain your ipod battery. These are not critisms, just observations. I think that the quality is as you would get from your radio and if you want concert quality, why are you playing it in the car in the first place? It also worked fine with my stereo in the house and worked fine, even from the next room.
You cant beat it for the money and I will be telling friends about it.
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on 2 January 2013
I use this with my iPod to listen to music when travelling from West Sussex to Basingstoke. I had no trouble in finding a free frequency, I set it to 87.5 for my journey to work in Hampshire, I do get interference on that frequency when travelling into Surrey, when that happens I switch to 87.6 and that resolves the problem. I have two pre-sets set on the car radio, one for each frequency. I do sometimes get some minor interference but that is rare and only every noticable on the very quiet music tracks. I think it is brilliant and much cheaper than a similar unit on sale in a High Street gadget retailer. I drive a RAV4 and there is a accessory power socket in the centre console so I plug the iPod in, set the playlist going and shut the lid. It does charge my iPod, although sometimes the iPod protests and says it cannot be charged by the TeckNet even though it is!
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