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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2007
The dust has settled on 'The Crusade' now, with over six months passed since its release. Having taken a quick look at the overall rating for this CD, however, I have to say I was quite stunned at it being almost 5 stars. So, here's my two cents on Trivium's 3rd album, take it or leave it.

What started off as a band with great technical chops and confidence quickly spiralled to stratospheric proportions just 2 years ago as 'Ascendancy' caught the metal world's attention back in 2005. Less than 18 months after its release and despite massive amounts of touring, Trivium found time to write and record 'The Crusade'. The hubbub was there, the adverts were in place at your local HMV, and it seemed like this was an album all metalheads needed to know about, and acquire, of course. And thanks to Roadrunner being so efficient on the marketing front, it sold like hotcakes. But that doesnt disguise the fact that this is, in fact, Trivium's least consistent album yet.

'The Crusade' does a few things right, for sure. The guitar work seems far more varied than previous works, and with Matt Heafy ditching the screaming vocals almost altogether his strong James Hetfieldian vocals come to the fore, giving the band a more traditional edge. In the HEAVY deparment, 'To The Rats' thrashes about with all the pace and poise of a classic Testament number; 'Entrance of the Conflagration' serves as their best homage to traditional metal and 'Unrepentant' shows some furious welding of a honed melodic edge with tight but restrained riffing.

But on the other side of this album, the band seemed to have branched off and tried to write songs with a bit more variety to them, which is certainly commendable considering 'Ascendancy' and its fast-speed-fits-all mentality. But unfortunately, most of the time it just doesnt pay off. 'The Rising' in particular is an aimless dull affair, with riffing so tedious its more creepy than sleazy. The album's token 'ballad', if you can call it that, entitled 'This World Can't Tear Us Apart' is as dour as it's title suggests and lyrically it plays like any tried and tested progressive-love song you've ever heard. These moments are all the more frustrating when pitted against the face-melting might of album opener 'Ignition', and the delicious melodic vocal hooks found on various tracks. But unfortunately for everyone of them there's an 'Anthem', with its shudderingly embarassing chanting sounding like it's come from the tail end of a Motley Crue outtake, and Heafy trying far too hard to sound like Hetfield.

With 'The Crusade', it seems Trivium have tried to do two things; refine their thunderously heavy moments and expand their song writing palette. On the former they have definitely succeeded, but on the latter I think they've failed this time around. They can certainly be commended for trying something different with around half of these songs, but that 'something different' will hopefully be majorly tweaked and improved upon come album number 4, or I prophesise some serious problems ahead for these young metal titans.
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on 10 October 2006
The Crusade is a kickass album that goes off to a kickass start with Ignition and Detonation. Musically, the songs are completely different, but lyrically Detonation is part 2 of Ignition.

In fact, The Crusade is a lyrical masterpiece from start to finish. With several songs being dedicated to events that have happened, such as Entrance of the Conflagration: a song about a woman that drowned her children in the bath. Unrepentant: a song that tells the story of a man that killed his daughters for fear of them following in their older daughter's path. And Sadness Will Sear: a song about a gay teenager that was killed for the way he was.

The Crusade covers many styles of music, ranging from the Motley Crue style Anthem (We Are The Fire), to the Def Leppardy The Rising, back to the Slayerish intro to Detonation. Although the songs have hints of other styles to them, there is a definite Trivium sound to all of them.

This album features the song The Crusade, and when Trivium said this song was epic, they meant it! This extremely technical 8 minute long intstrumental did more than keep me interested all the way through.

Musically, every single song is amazing. Matt Heafy's voice sounds amazing, along with his and Corey Beaulieu's guitar riffs and solos, Paolo's bass lines and solos, and Travis's drumming make The Crusade album of the year, and it is a must-have.
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on 10 October 2006
the crusade, where do i start?

I'll start with the new vocal style, it is so amazing. All "true" metal fans shall think that after Ascendancy, trivium couldnt get any better, well they are totally wrong. Trivium has proved everyone wrong, and made one of the most amazing albums ever. infact, i would definitely say it is the best metal album of the last 10 years. The vocals arent screaming as they were on the previous two albums, but now Matt is singing the lyrics. His singing is so amazing, it has been compared very similair to hetfield, thats how good it is!! The lyrics are really strong aswell, take this line from detonation(track 2) for example: "Fire rains down on the American dream

Watch all you love seethe and scream"

The power behind these lyrics reinforce Triviums very rapid rising to becoming THE metal gods of their generation.

Next i'll tell you about the sound on this album, With the killer solos and the pounding old school metal riffs, this album is one to definitely give a listen. I swear anyone who appreciates rock will love this album, especially with the more stripped back organic guitar playing. With amazing solos to air-guitar to and heavy riffs to pump your fist to, The crusade has it all.

Even the drums on this album are totally killer, Travis has proved himself as one of the greatest drummers on the msuic scene at the moment (Golden God won for Best Drummer, 2006)

So to finish with, I TOTALLY reccomend you to buy possibly the best meal album to be made in your lifetime, standing strong net to the likes of Master of puppets, The Crusade!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2007
If you are reading this amongst the huge number of mixed reviews posted on this album, you will probably be struggling to decide which opinion to go with.

To truly assess this album requires a bit of objectivity which is clearly lacking in alot of the devoted fan type-reviews. You will also see various genre labels banded around as people seem preoccupied with pidgeon-holing the band into a particular style and following.

Forget all that! This is heavy metal in its broadest sense, pretty much in the same vein as 80s Metallica, Megadeth and Testament with a contemporary re-working which does stop it from being a mere rip-off of what us more seasoned metallers have heard before.

In my book, there is nothing wrong in referencing your influences and Trivium are quite open in their adoration of bands like Metallica and more contemporary artists such as guitarist John Petrucci from the fantastic Dream Theater. In fact, it is precisely this mix of influences from bands at different ends of the metal spectrum that produces such an intoxicating fusion of thrash,heavy metal and progressive elements.

This is great stuff - great production, great solos, great arrangement and in terms of the previous album, Ascendancy, a natural progression for a band which still has a lot of years ahead to progress and forge their own sound - Heafy has only just turned 21 after all!

My particular favourites are the album opener, Ignition, Detonation and the title track. Having said that, it's actually difficult to think of a weak track.

Forget your preconceptions and the hang ups regarding the homage to Metallica - this is a hugely enjoyable album for all those who appreciate the basic essence of rock and heavy metal.
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on 10 October 2006
The Crusade has been one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year, people have been talking about it for months. BUT does it live up to the hype? The fact that it hasn't been out of my cd player since yesterday should say it all!

The Crusade is a clear progression from Triviums earlier albums (Ember To Inferno, Ascendancy) most notably with the vocals. Matt has replaced the screaming with singing, a move which will surely encourage more new fans. Musically the album is more diverse and the talent in this young band shines through even more. This time we get more input from all members of the band, which can only be a good thing - the tracks written by Beaulieu and Gregoletto are as good as those written by Heafy.

There are a number of stand out tracks on the album, there's a favourite for everyone! Highlights include Entrance Of The Conflagration, And Sadness Will Sear, To The Rats as well as the single Anthem (We Are The Fire). A lot of these tracks have the potential to be real crowd pleasers at gigs. Perhaps the most different track on the album is the title track The Crusade - a 8 minute instrumental which allows them to show off their musical ability. Whilst scepitical about it at first, it is great!

Overall The Crusade was more than worth waiting most of the year for, and no doubt will be in my cd player for ages! They have proved that Ascendancy was not a one off and that they are here to stay! 10/10
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on 11 October 2006
There are many words to describe this album, my favourite one being AMAZING; this album is a fusion of Trivium's old sound and a new more mature Metallica-esque sound, which I must say, they pull off very well.

The main thing I have to say about this album - the songs don't half stick in your head. I love the fact that I'm sat in Maths at College and all I can think of is...woah-oh-woah-oh... and it's like yeah...maths is boring but this album has to be good!

I'm not kidding, try it out and you'll see!

I was originally skeptical about this album because I liked their old sound, but my friend let me listen to this album on its release day and I had to buy a copy. It's amazing, quick paced but heartbreaking in its own way. This album is an amazing blend of musical talent but still with the anthemic qualities that make it as unforgettable as either of its predecessors, aswell as Metallica's Black Album.

A brilliant effort from the Floridian Metal outfit.
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on 12 October 2006
My second best album buy this year. Second of course to Come What(ever) May. The album does have a few draw backs, some of the crowd interaction parts, and the behind closed doors sounding effects seem a tad cheesy sometimes. But it does grow on you, and it is a very different direction from the previous album, it sure beats the childish sounding screaming, but maybe a bit too metallica. Of course the guitar work is amazing on the album and does blow you away, but not as ground breaking as Ascendancy. Taken as its there third album now it is amazing, and is very different to old trivium, but could have done with a little more work me thinks.
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on 2 November 2006
I have read many mixed reviews on this band and to be honest I have only started listening to Trivium after the news that they are supporting Maiden this December. What was gonna be a great gig is now destined to become truly awesome!! I loved ASCENDANCY - trash/metalcore/metal whatever you want to call it at its best - it was a breath of fresh air from these lads from Orlando. At last a proper band with some serious musical ability. THE CRUSDADE is softer than ASCENDANCY and I can see how these accusations of toning it down for the teenage girls have come about. But don't let that put you off, the songs are stronger and catchier than ever, certainly no shame in citing (and blatantly) embracing your influences - Metallica, Maiden, Slayer et al. This record is carrying on where ASCENDANCY left off and will become a huge hit - Even though ANTHEM sounds very much like a faster version of Skid Row's Youth Gone Wild (have a listen again!!). Thrash for School Girls? No Chance..........
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on 11 October 2006
Well like everyone else i was a little worried when i heard 'Anthem' but the more i listened, the more i liked. Every song on this album has the potential to be a single that would sell well.

Ignition -

A headbanging riff with a catchy chorus - powerful guitars and drums on this song. The superfast solo make this another Trivium classic.

Detonation -

"Thats the sound of humanity melting away" this hauntingly powerful line starts the ass kicking of this song. The chorus is certain to be a sing along at any gig "DETONATION!" with some major headbanging to follow it.

Entrance of the Conflagration -

Once again another classic. This song sticks out because of the singing yes its not screaming but there is still an amazing power behind it.

Anthem (We Are The Fire) -

The riff that starts this song tells everyone listening that they about to get their asses kicked."We Are The Fire" is going to be sceamed at every concert Trivium play. This song combines the sound of motley crue with the power of metallica leading to a face melting combination.

Unrepentant -

More technical then other Trvium songs with more vocal harmonies then ever before.

And Sadness Will Sear -

This song has a slower, more emotional feel then the other songs on the album.

Becoming the Dragon -

One of the more heavier songs on the album with some blisteringly fast double bass and guitar combo's. However the song breaks down into a more melodic finish.

To the Rats -

Some powerful singing on this song - Sounds something between Metallica and Pantera with powerful effect. The highlight of this song is the technicalness of the guitar solo's.

This World Can't Tear Us Apart -

A heavy metal love song is something rarely seen but in Triviums case it works suprisingly well.

Tread the Floods -

Not as strong as some of the other songs on the album but still a very catchy chorus.

Contempt Breeds Contamination -

A fairly heavy song with a very angry sounding Matt on the chorus almost growling sound on some parts.

The Rising -

A slow yet powerful song gets the penultimate place on the album - not as good or as catchy as alot of the song off the album.

The Crusade -

Well what can you say about this song...a 8 minute long heavy metal instrumental song with technical riff coming out of your ears in a wierd idea that hasn't been heard before.Will be interesting to see if this ever gets played live...

All together this album is some of Trivium's best work to date and marks a new chapter in the world domination process of the band

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on 9 October 2006
Wow this is amazing. i have been into this music for over 20 years now but lately have been bored with some of the music coming out so to hear trivium bring another killer album out is excellent. this is definatly in my eyes album of 2006
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