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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 22 September 2007
With the other reviews being so brief, I thought it was worth elaborating a bit on why this album is such an important and worthwhile UK Metal album.
UK Thrash has been on a massive rise, as has the thrash genre generally, and this is the first quality new release by a new act. True, SSS had a CD reissued quite recently by Earache but that had been available for a while. Also true, Onslaught released a new album this year but they are one of the old guard (check out all their stuff). Therefore, you see what I mean - Enter the Grave is a totally fresh release from the plethora of up-and-coming UK Thrash acts.

So why is it so good? Well, what Evile have managed to do, and do really well, is combine the joyous power of 80s Thrash with various extreme influences from the years that followed (the death and melodic death scenes from the late 80s onward). The result is an album that is 100%, full-throttle Thrash for the OOs. Imagine a combination of Testament, vintage Metallica and Megadeth mixed with At the Gates, The Haunted, Obituary and Entombed (if you've listened to Morningstar you will see a clear similarity between Petrov's vocals and Matt's). The Testament dark, melodic intros are there, the riff power of Metallica is present and the modern sheen really gives it an extra boost and validates beyond a nostalgia trip. Stand out cuts are plentiful but my favourite track is, without question, We Who Are About to Die. Anthemic is not the word! Addictive mid-pace riffing and awesome vocal lines (a pleasure from their demo days) lead into a massive, furiously fast break that has solos flying everywhere. However, this song is just typical of Evile's quality, each song rips it up. Enter the Grave through to Armoured Assault - all top quality, modern Thrash.

Right now you know how good Enter the Grave is you should pick it up. Once you've done that, you will want to put it into context. Go to ukthrash.co.uk and check out the forum and the band list. It will shock you just how many bands there are attempting this stuff. Special mentions go to Mutant, Gama Bomb, Heretic (more melodic death but worth a gander), Amok (mentioned in another review), Pitiful Reign (on their way to big things), Rager and Deceptor. The Bangers and Thrash compilation (available from the Resilience Records site) is an awesome introduction as well.

Oh, and if you haven't bought both Sabbat CDs do it. Best UK Thrash band ever...
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on 28 February 2008
These guys are just steeped in the best of '80s thrash. But far from being another lame-duck, this album as worthy as anything by Slayer, Testament, Exodus or Destruction. Forget that it's twenty years late, it's a timeless album.

Evile know how to write songs and while the album has a modern sounding production, Rasmussen went to the old school. There is no overwhelming, clumsy bass overkill, or the really loud grasshopper-on-steroids drum sounds of the last decade. The mid-range frequencies rule here, and that's the way it should be.
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on 28 March 2008
First off we should get one thing out of the way here.....
This is by no means anything new, but hey, when are you ever gonna get anything new with thrash? That kind of underpins it's timeless appeal.

What you do get with this album is a band who are fully aware of their thrash metal roots, but have the benefit of modern production. Why on earth do you think Flemming was willing to produce these guys?

The result...... balls out thrash metal. Bloody tight lightning fast riffing, breakneck drumming. Something Slayer/Metallica/Testament/Anthrax/Megadeth would have been proud of in the 80's (and certainly in the case of Metallica would be proud of now).

If you want to hear just how metal this album is, just put on track number 7 "We Who Are About To Die"

The opening words in each of the first 2 lines of the song are "BLOOD" and "THUNDER" - can it get any more metal than that?!!

Buy the album, then go see them live, get in the pit, shed some blood, break a bone or 2. You'll love it.
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on 6 February 2009
There has been a revival of thrash metal since the early 2000's and Evile have been spearheading the assault, making fame playing the unsigned stage at Bloodstock Open Air for a few years before getting signed and playing on the mainstage, their music has been taking the metal scene by storm, with amazing riffs on tracks such as "We Who Are About to Die" and "Bathe in Blood" Evile add a whole new groovy side to thrash metal.

The Redux edition is any fan's dream, the original album, including some goodies; an extra 3 tracks, a DVD with lots of rare studio recording/interviews and some live tracks as well as a patch to stitch on to your denim jacket/bag and an engraved plectrum.

This package is GREAT for the money and I would recommend it to anyone into thrash, new or old.
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on 31 August 2010
Evile Firstly sound almost exactly like Slayer

However I do really like them because I like slayer they are the next generation of thrashers and they are english I think of them as the english answer to slayer slightly slower maybe

this album has Ten songs and Three bonus tracks plus a dvd

the main album is typical thrash so it is cool the songs race along at speed and they are good enjoyable to lsiten to good guitaring and bassing and drumming and nice Clear Vocals too like Tom Araya's
the art work is good too

the lyrics seem to be about moshing and killing or war which is nothing unusual
the enter the grave song is very catchy and has a gang vocal style chorus ENTER THE GRAVE

the dvd is entertaining although it is a bit random rather than the whole album played together in rehearsal you get it in chunks broken up with interview and live footage all kind of mixted together where as i think just having it all as separate films might have been better it is definatly funny Mike never got to move tothat house on the hill which is a shame I hope the death was quick poor mike I liked his bassing it was great
this is a good album for thrashers although it is not original in anyway

I would reccomend it to thrash metal fans and maybe some death metal fans
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on 7 December 2007
EVILE burst on to the stage with a great amount of confidence with there debut album ENTER THE GRAVE, containing enough thrash anthems to make you want to go and find that sleveless denim jacket you use to wear with all those EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, SODOM and KREATOR patches sown on, and start headbanging till your neck feels like it needs emergency surgery. A fantastic and superb album that pays tribute to thrash bands of yesteryear aswell as forging its own path, with songs about killer sharks, John Rambo, Roman emperors and surviving mosh pits. Play at loud volume only!!!
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on 5 February 2008
This album takes me back even though they are a new band. They have taken a lot of the best bits if 80's thrash and repackaged into a more modern format. Great for old thrash fans like me and to the newbies to this style of music. For fans of Metallica (early), Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, Overkill, Sabbat and their ilk and also well worth a listen for folks into Devildriver, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Dark Tranquility. Most impressed by Enter The Grave and it hasn't left my ipod for months.
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on 16 June 2009
1st what made me buy this cd the fact that its back to the basics of metal which was the megadeth yrs my fave era in metal
this cd has it all the fast riffs
brain crashing lyrics and the image
if your into true metal buy this you wont regret it
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on 29 January 2009
This band who hail from England have made a superior debut and if Slayer had not even existed(dreadful thought)than this probably would have been a classic! What I mean is alot of the guitar riffs sound like Slayers' but only recycled in a slightly different way and the vocalist sounds alot like Tom Araya. I still obviously prefer Slayer but these guys have done a very good job to say the least. I give this album 4 stars instead of 5 because of their lack of originality. I like the whole album and I highly recommend this if you are into old school Thrash Metal.
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on 28 August 2007
Heard about this band in kerrang Magazine and it got such a rave review I snapped up a copy. And boy I'm glad I did.

This is Old School metal at it's very best. Not just your average head slamming bass riffs and chest crushing drums (though there is plenty to be had!), but intelligent and gripping lyrics and awsome lead guitar work put Evile in a new class of there own.

Enter the Grave and Killer From The Deep deserve mention here, as both are superb examples of Evile's keen and fearless attitude to Metal.

The best Thrash since Slayer? Slayer are probably listening to Evile right now. Brilliant.
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