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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2017
I bought Take This To Your Grave because it's not available on Spotify and I was not disappointed. Now my personal favourite album by Fall Out Boy, every song is a winner. If you are a FOB fan, or just a fan of the pop punk/emo genre, I highly recommend purchasing this album. Arrived promptly and in pristine condition.
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on 5 April 2017
thanks for not making me pay £500, really appreciated. hope you have a good day knowing that you charge fair prices and just generally make people happy
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on 12 November 2014
Not happy with this item was ment to be new item but clearly was very old case totally ruined
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on 19 November 2004
Every song on this album is fantastic. Not a single track that you'd want to skip.
The songs are technically sound, filled with guitar harmonies and underlying riffs, but still remains amazingly original. The vocals have excellent harmonies too, and often two part vocals doing crazy things keep you interested.
The lyrics to the songs are clever and well thought out, but what is really amazing is patrick (frontman's) singing voice. He is one of the best pop-punk vocalists ive heard in a long time. Every song has a new hook or harmony to keep you listening.
The album's only weak point is that the songs are all very similar sounding, and that the album is a little short, but when they're produced such a punchy, catchy, to-the-point record, what else can i do but give them 5 stars.
Good job Fall Out Boy. I think any pop-punk or even emo fans should definitly check this out.
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on 17 September 2004
Well, when i bought the album it was because i read an article about them in a magazine. It sounded good, so i was curious about what they had to offer. I must say i was not disappoimted by them. The vocals on the album are heart-felt and at the same time they are well-executed and they sound good with the rest of the music, which is great. The songs never get boring, even though you hear them over and over again, cause every time you listen to them you will hear something new. To all of you out there who love catchy pop-punk with great vocals and melodies... BUY THIS ALBUM!!!
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on 19 May 2005
First of all, I am writing this a few weeks before their new album 'from under the cork tree' is released. I bought 'TTTYG'last summer on the strength of the reviews on amazon. Other reviews have really hyped up this album, and yes it is good (and yes they will be massive), but it is not that good.The good things first though. This album is very very catchy and will have you singing along even when you don't want to. Their singer Patrick Stump, despite having the least rock n roll name ever, is a very good singer compared to other pop punk bands.
The bad things:The lyrics can feel quite bitter at times and you begin to wonder if this album is just them venting their anger at all the girls who rejected them. I've put this as a bad thing but it does make a few songs slightly more interesting. Like most pop punk bands, the actual music often seems to lack creativity and the songs sound very similar, but hey, if power chords do the job, why change em?
All in all, this isn't a perfect album, but Fall Out Boy do what they do best,they make good catchy pop punk. Now that Blink-182 have split there is a big gaping hole in the genre, and by the sounds of Fall Out Boy's new song 'Sugar We're going down' from their new album they deserve to fill that hole instead of simple plan, who are also rising up. 'TTTYG' is an indicator of how big Fall Out Boy are going to get and in time they will hopefully become very very big.
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on 25 July 2007
Early Fall Out Boy before they got really famous were just as good as they are today. I have to admit that I had to listen to this album a few times before I could appreciate just how good it is and now Fall Out Boy are my favourite band. I think I like all there albums equally and this album does have some great songs such as The Pros And Cons Of Breathing which is my favourite and it is closely followed by Saturday and Dead On Arrival. The instruments are well played and the singing is excellent. I reccomend this album to any rock\emo music fan.
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on 5 May 2004
Fall out boy seem to be tagged as the next big thing in the states for this genre at the moment, and with take this to your grave as there debut its not hard to see why, full of great lyrics and great long song titles! It is probably the best new album of 2004 that i have perchased. stand out tracks: chicago is so two years ago, Grand theft autumn/where is your boy? and homesick at space camp. i would recommend this to any fans of Dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, finch, starting line ect....
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on 13 June 2006
I actually bought this album AFTER having bought From Under The Cork Tree, as I really enjoyed that album, and wanted to see where FOB had come from. I have to say, I prefer this one. Being a fan of deeper, meaningful lyrics that I can relate to, TTTYG's theme of teen life hits the spot. From the repetetive but immense 'GTA/Where is Your Boy' and my personal favourite 'Saturday' down to 'Calm Before the Storm', each track catches you, sucks you in, and leaves you thinking about the inspiration for such clever lyrics (esp. Grenade Jumper)

A storming debut
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on 10 February 2012
I like all of Fall Out Boy's albums, but this is by far the best one. It's more polished than their first album, while still keeping their own sound. None of the songs on this album disappoint, whereas on the others there was always one song which, while I didn't dislike it, never really caught my interest. If you've heard and liked some of their later stuff then there's a very good chance you'll also like this album. If you've heard and disliked some of their later stuff, then obviously I'm not going to say this will change your mind, but if you're willing to give them another chance, this is the album to look at.

I will say that there's sort of a 'samey' feel to most of the songs. I really like the sound that's on show, so this isn't a problem for me, but if you only sort of like it then the album seems like it might get a bit tedious. But I, personally, love it.

To me, the best song on the album is 'Chicago is So Two Years Ago'. Honestly, I could listen to that song all day, everything about it is perfect to me.
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