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on 9 December 2010
Yes, I wrote a review for this product, the CX300-iis, not too long ago, praising its great sound quality at a value price. I have had these earphones since July 2010 and everything seemed fine - I had looked after them perfectly, treated them well, no physical breakage whatsoever. I had stated in my earlier review how some of these reviewers may have bought fakes, or treated them badly, because mine seemed to have a long lifespan ahead of them. It's a shame that they decided to break now - I had used them in the morning one day, perfectly fine. Went back to try and use them in the evening and for all of a sudden no sound came out of the left earpiece - how annoying and odd at the same time. I have no clue how and why this happened. It just goes to show that looking after these earphones has ABSOLUTELY NO POSITIVE OR LONG TERM EFFECT TOWARDS ENHANCING THEIR LIFESPAN.

I'm not prepared to buy another pair of these earphones. I still trust Sennheiser and their products, but for them to release a product with such commonplace issues that many reviewers have stated and voiced AGAIN and AGAIN without doing anything about it, is ridiculous and unacceptable. For cheap headphones, I would strongly urge you to look to another brand. For any audio equipment above £25, I would recommend Sennheiser products due to the staggering increase in the build quality of their products.

So for anyone buying these, just be prepared to have low expectations regarding how long you expect them to last for, in order to avoid disappointment like myself and many, many others. If they last over 6 months, you should be happy! For all other consumers who feel that their money should be invested in something that will last/be worthwhile, avoid this like the plague.

By the way, most of these 5 star reviews - I bet you - are from those who have just bought and tried the earphones. Wait to see their faces and review scores when they break before 6 months of usage...


EDIT 12th July 2011: It's great to see the overwhelming response I've had. I recently just tried the earphones again to see if the problem still persists, but it's actually become worse; both earpieces don't play any sound at all. It's pretty much useless now. I highly recommend that you buy off trusted sellers, even if it's more expensive (e.g. Amazon). That way, if anything happens, you can at least obtain warranty easier if something goes wrong.

At least it still blocks out a good amount of external noise when inserted - its only function for me is to act as earplugs at nighttime!
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on 13 December 2010
Got these a replacement to the CX300 mk1s which I have been using every day as I walk to an from work.

First thing to note is the build quality. A bigger, gold plated jack looks and feels alot sturdier. Its bigger size has however not been a hinderance. The junction reinforcement, where each cable splits off has also been beefed up making these feel much more resilient. Not much has visually changed with the driver unit, it has now got a sloped back but overall looks to be the same size etc.

The biggest difference comes in the sound department (where it matters!). The bass response is much better and is pretty astounding for in-ear headphones at this price. I quite like walking along to the odd dance track and tunes like Mylo - Destroy Rock 'n' Roll (Tom Neville Clean remix) sound excellent. The bass has plenty of weight and presence and the high end is tight & crisp.

I'm not going to comment on how well these head phones fit as that is a completely personal interaction, they either will or they wont. There are three different sized rubber ear pieces included, so hopefully one pair will work. There is also a soft sprung clasp pouch included, for stowing the headphones when no in use. This is a welcome extra but I've reverted back to my usual hard shelled tin as it offers a bit more protection whilst bouncing round my bag.

To summarise, if you already own CX300s, the mark twos are a worthwhile upgrade. If you are in the market for in-ear headphones, these should not be overlooked. Top Quality Sound and Build for next to nothing.

**** ONE YEAR EDIT ****

Well after a year of daily use (hour walk to and from work) a connection in the left ear has gone. Resulting in only faintly audible levels coming from the left hand side. There's a two year warranty so it should be covered.
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on 19 March 2015
I bought the Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision in Black, having spent £26 on the pair of earphones. I have previously used Sennheiser, currently owning a pair of headphones with which I am very content; the sound quality is superb. I expected the same quality and high standard from these pair of earphones but was severely disappointed...

Every time I see the words "Heavy bass" or "Improved bass" I scream internally at the stupidity and naivety of everything associated with this phrase.

The front of this box states an "Enhanced Bass" sound, being Sennheiser and based on my previous experience with them, I didn't think too much of this, that the bass would just be a feature that has been fine-tuned along with the rest of the parameters involved in equalization. But, no. I was wrong. The bass is clearly the driving point of these earphones and the majority of earphones currently being sold to consumers. Every bit of marketing clearly advertises a 'Heavy bass' sound in most earphones I have stumbled across and this does NOT improve the sound quality of the actual earphones at all.

As for these earphones in particular, there is no clarity in the sound whatsoever. The bass gets so much in the way that it muddies everything up. Having experimented with all the different EQ settings on my iPod Touch, nothing seems to be able to rectify the horrible, horrible decisions instilled in the manufacturing of these earphones. Even the 'Bass reducer' setting is unsuccessful; the balance between the bass, mids and highs become uneven with the bass being noticeably absent as a result of this setting.

As a result of the ENHANCED BASS being the focal point of these earphones, the stereo sound is greatly diminished at the expense of the boosting of the bassiness in the center of the stereo image; while you'd expect a clear sound to be distinctly emanating from the LEFT and RIGHT channels, everything is pushed towards the middle, leaving a stereo sound that is not very wide at all.

The "Enhanced Bass" is the most idiotic feature to be sold on a pair of earphones, Sennheiser's in particular. At the expense of this, the stereo sound is terrible; you may as well be listening to something in mono. There is no sound clarity whatsoever, everything is so dark and dampened and there is no room for music or sounds to breathe at all; no room for them to interact with each other harmoniously and subsequently flood your ears with a very reasonably balanced mix of bass, mids and highs.

I have heard better sound quality from a pair of Sony earphones that have cost so much less than Sennheiser's. Unless you enjoy your bass, depending on your preferred music genres, and very narrow stereo images, do not waste your money on this.
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on 29 January 2015
I bought these earphones almost 7 years ago, in a shop on the town high-street. That in itself is quite a feat, the fact that they haven't broken, haven't deteriorated in sound quality and still look pristine is amazing.
I have used them in every which situation, took them with me to school and used them for a few hours every day, come home and exercise with them in. This includes running, lifting unpleasant heavy things, and boxing. They've been stood on, thrown about, even gone through the wash a couple of times and yet they remain defiant and undefeated.

Although I claim these to be the best earphones I've ever had, due to the longevity of these things - I haven't much of a basis for comparison. Before I got really interested in tech I was a fan of Skullcandy, mostly because they looked cool when I was 12. I had a few pairs of them. These absolutely blow them out the water in every single aspect, Sennheiser really are at the very top of my list for audio-related needs now.

They sound quality really was brilliant when I first got them, and they remain so nowadays. Obviously in-ear buds won't ever be able to compare to the likes of over-ear headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X's, but this really is top of the line for it's field, in my opinion. The lows, mids and highs are all so clear and crisp, and they're really capable of adjusting when you fancy pushing the limits on the equaliser. Not to mention the noise isolation, which really does work very nicely. Especially if like I did, you had to get a very loud and overcrowded 50-minute bus journey to school and back every day.

Congratulations Sennheiser, you da bomb.

EDIT: They finally kicked the bucket in January, and I bought another pair immediately. Still going strong now in June, and hopefully will last me until 2023. Long live Sennheiser!
review imagereview image
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on 20 May 2017
This is the third pair of these we've bought in the space of several years - one each for my partner and I, and this pair being the first time we've had to replace them.

As a more affordable pair of Senneheisers, these work great. Sound is clear and high quality, although note these do boost the bass a bit, so if you're not a fan of that you will want to adjust the equaliser settings on your phone. They work great for cancelling outside noise as well - I sometimes wear them at work just to reduce the ambient noise around me, and they do an excellent job of blocking out awful political discussions in the office!

There are some negatives. The asymmetrical length for the cables is supposed to enable you to wear these with the device in a pocket, and reduce tangling. In my experience, the longer side is far too long, loops awkwardly and catches on clothes and limbs and therefore tends to send a lot of *rubbing against stuff* noise up the cable, and this also makes it more prone to tangling rather than less.

But overall, for a £23-£30 pair of earphones that seem to last a good 18 months or more of *heavy, continuous use* you really can't complain. We never kept them in the little bags they come with, they were often roughly handled in and out of bags and pockets, and more than once I've dropped my phone with the earbuds in my ears, resulting in the cable getting tugged out of the jack. And yet it took this long for the first pair to need replacing.
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on 8 February 2016
Why on earth would you make one cable shorter than the other?!

For some reason they've designed these so one earphone cable is shorter then the other, so not only is it annoying as hell, you look like a pillock when you've got extra cable hanging over your coat of whatever you're wearing.

I've bought them before and the last ones never had this. It's unfuriatingly idiotic design. Why sennheiser? Whyyyyy!?

The sound great though :)
review image
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on 13 June 2017
I purchased these as a replacement for an older pair of Sennheisers that worked wonderfully for 7 years. I was impressed with my old headphones, they put up with a lot over 7 years, and thus I thought had a good reputation for quality as well as sound. This pair of Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Ear-Canal headphones has been a real disappointment. I don’t abuse my gear, I use it and treat it responsibly. That said the left ear piece, the extra rubber on the cable into it, started to wear and then broke off two weeks ago. Before I could try to fix it with glue, the sound had shorted out. This is incredibly disappointing and I will be filing a return under Sennheiser 2 year warranty. I have all the docs but will they accept Amazon EU S.a.r.L as selling a ‘genuine product from a genuine dealer’ as per the warranty? I certainly made the purchase thinking they were. We shall see. I hate the uncertainty and will keep you posted. Bottom line, the quality was very disappointing, these headphones did not even last a year under normal use.
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on 22 June 2017
I'm not used to ear-canal headphones so I might be being unfair and picking on this model - but I don't like these.
When placing these inside your ear, there is a very limited 'sweet spot' for these to sit right - too loosely out of your ear and the sound is tinny; too far into your ear and the bass is rough plus it feels it's pushing too far into the canal. The sound is great when you get that sweet spot; but only lasts for a few seconds due to my main complaint:
The wiring design is asymmetric - the left ear's wire is about half the length of the right ear's. This feels like it causes an uneven pull on the left earphone, and very quickly the sound in that ear goes tinny. Combine that with the fact that clothes brushing against the wire causes bassy pick-up, and it means that I need to keep my iPod held in my hand, outside of the coat pocket it's happily sat in for years.
I did try switching to the larger ear plugs (3 sizes are included) but it made no difference.

EDIT: In visiting the review page to leave this review; I learn that the right earphone is intended to wrap round the back of your head. D'oh.
Having tried that out; the earphones are more comfortable to wear and don't lose their position as easily; but my review pretty much stands: it's hard to position the earphones at just the right depth; they tend to slip out of position; I'm not sure the bass response is good in any case; and with the right ear cable resting on the back of my neck, I'm fairly sure the earphones have some amount of pick-up from the cable rubbing my neck as I walk.
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on 20 June 2017
I am using this product for a month by now. As described, the headset is not noise isolating. In addition, people next to me can hear the music output of this headset, even at a low volume.
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on 29 September 2017
A few years ago I dipped my toes in the audiophile world having gone from rubbish apple earphones - long before the buds to a £70 shure pair that isolated really well didn't fall out and locked me in the world of music I was sold I believed spending £300 on the next shure 535 would be the next coming of Christ in music quality. What i failed to realise was as a young gentlemen I listened to modern music electronic or hard rock and metal and i really liked having some bass emphasis where the guitars and drums were the beat and in EDM music and your radio type chart music, I basically liked the consumer sound. The expensive shure's, sure they were neutral (it means something different to everyone who isnt a sound engineer) and i felt they were the right pair for someone with money to spend who wanted a specific violin to squeak when the the bow hit the strings in a certain way and was always frustrated because the compensation is you lose the bottom end for detail with inears having such a tiny earspace to work with and they still broke with use just like a cheaper pair.

Bottom line these are a solid buy for £30 and a £30 pair is actually all i needed. Don't fool yourself you with what everyone else says only you know what you like to listen to and enjoy.
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