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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2017
Classic album, still in my Top Ten of all time after all these years!
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on 9 September 2017
My first ever vinyl I could listen to this record for hours.
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on 29 May 2017
very nice album
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
key tracks..
silent all these years

it seems like a lifetime ago that tori amos was being hailed as the new kate bush, and looking back you wonder why she ever was. this album tells a story...the 12 songs packing in tori's life into 12 vignetes.

for once the 4 singles on here..(crucify, silent all these years, winter and china) were the right tracks released from an album. all are stunningly frank, honest and beautiful songs. she is one of the most remarkable female songwriters of all time, and although you wont always understand the meaning to all the lyrics...you can feel what shes trying to say. like all great singers, these songs will have different meaning to different people..and that's the beauty of it.

tori isn't afraid to face her demons either. the penultimate track 'me and gun' sees tori sing acapella, about being attacked. instead of being self obsessed, she tackles the song with fire and grit, and almost an acceptance of "this is what happened, this is how i feel, move on" which makes the song all the more heartbreaking.

a fantastic debut album from a fantastic singer. if you are are looking to buy your first tori album, then this is the place to start!!!
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on 12 December 2015
Ignoring her synth-pop efforts in the 80s, this was Tori's debut album when she was already 28 years old - which would put her well past retirement in today's pop world. Perhaps that's why this sounds like such a mature album from an already-accomplished musician and composer. Although the album is 23 years old, it seems timeless, probably due to Tori's classical music training heavily influencing the melodies she creates on her acoustic piano. For me it is these classical (and memorable) melodies that separate her early few albums from all of the later ones, where the songs may be lyrically emotionally charged but are musically quite anonymous. No such criticism here, however, where the quality of the music is matched by Tori's soaring Kate Bush-style vocals.
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on 11 May 2005
Tori Amos's wonderful debut solo album sounds as fresh today as when it was first released in the early 1990s.
The album is essentially Tori Amos and her piano, it has a raw, emotional appeal - at times lush and beautiful, at others spare and stark Highlights include the haunting 'Me and My Gun', an autobiographical song about a sexual assault sung without accompaniment; her first hit single, 'Silent all these years' which is possibly the best track on the album, along with the other singles: China, Winter and Crucify.
A wonderful, accessible album - even if you do not particularly like girl and her piano music there is much to admire here.
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on 15 January 2012
How can you describe an album that took your soul away and throw it to an unknown place and leave you there for 57 minutes? Pretty much, nothing enough. Little Earthquakes maybe one of the greatest debuts on the planet. I don't know one artist that is this developed by quality in songwriting, music and emotions just in debut album. It is simply a work of art. I can see how big of a inspire Joni Mitchell is on her music.

In her debut, Tori constantly refuses to tell us empty stories, every one of them are either emotional and dark or more happy. It's so personal that you can feel what this woman felt, gone through. Some songs are deeply dark that you are just drowning in it, and some are cheerful but also very insightful.

It has been 20 years since this album is released and this still effects music today. I haven't listened to any of her other albums, but I think this one is a pretty good start. All the songs are amazing but my favorite songs are: Mother (beautiful!), Precious Things, China, Little Earthquakes.
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on 27 August 2007
Tori Amos' 1992 album 'Little Earthquakes' is arguably the greatest female singer songwriter debut since Patti Smith's 'Horses'. True it is highly derivative; the influences of Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro and especially Kate Bush are highly evident in Tori's style and sound. A trained pianist, Tori has considerable skill in both playing and writing memorable tunes. She is also blessed with a truly wonderful voice, capable of soaring heights and sensual whispers. As if that isn't enough, Tori is also an accomplished lyricist, describing personal issues with accuracy and honesty - employing ringing phrases that remain with you.
Tori clearly had a great many personal issues and `Little Earthquakes' was her attempt to purge them through her music. The songs deal with self hate, rape, dysfunctional relationships and death. The subjects are described and performed in highly emotive and dramatic terms, these are songs that WILL make you cry.
Stand out tracks are `Crucify', `Silent All These Years', `Winter' and the title track `Little Earthquakes'. `Me And A Gun' is an acapella track that describes a horrible rape, this track I personally find a little too harrowing and frequently skip but its power is undeniable. There are also funny moments; `Happy Phantom' is a ghost watching her boy friend and `Leather' describes a sexual encounter with an air of resignation.
`Little Earthquakes' launched Tori on a long career that has produced many wonderful albums, however none have quite the power and impact of her debut. Tori herself inspired a whole generation of female singer song writers like Liz Phair, Alanis Morisette etc and 15 years later she is still capable of greatness. Thanks for the music Tori!
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Never one to follow rules or trends, Tori Amos finally decides to jump on the reissues wagon at her own time. Long overdue, she reintroduces her first couple of albums, presenting 2 of the most important reissues in recent years, both curated by herself. As an artist who cannot be fully experienced only by her A-Side songs, and boasting a back catalogue of superb B-Sides, and unreleased material which often surpasses the value of album tracks, this new deluxe edition of her "Little earthquakes" debut collects the album's original 12 songs, plus an extra disc of 12 B-Side gems, 5 live performances, and her legendary cover of Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit". A most splendid selection and content, considering the extraordinary quality of the material, most of which previously featured only on individual CD singles.

Every track on here is remastered for the first time, enhancing the beautiful arrangements, allowing the instrumentation to truly shine (the mesmerising "Girl", and the electrifying "Precious things" are just some of the tracks which are greatly benefited from the remastering), with Tori's voice sounding crystal clear. Presented with extensive artwork (which, strangely enough, omits the original back cover photo of the pallic mushrooms), liner notes, and housed in a beautifully designed 8-panel gatefold digipack, everything - from the arresting cover images of Tori and her miniature piano, to the actual songs - is assembled with detail and care, honouring this classic album with one of this year's most essential reissues. New listeners should buy this in complete confidence, Toriphiles I am sure have already done so.

Following the Y Kant Tori Read album, "Little earthquakes" is the solo record that introduced to a wider audience the fiery, red-blooded redhead, who brought the piano back to the forefront of cutting-edge rock, and went on to become one of the most influential artists of her generation. Ripping her heart open, and bearing her soul for all to see, Tori addresses her audience through her unique storytelling an array of issues, such as relationships, femininity, religion, empowerment, sexuality, and family. Each song tells a story, every story is more intruiging than the other. There is such disarming honesty and astounding intensity in these songs that it becomes apparent upon first listen that "Earthquakes" was destined to define an era, and inspire a whole generation of female singer/songwriters.

From the glorious pulsating opener, "Crucify" (the unedited single version of which is still to be found only on "A piano: The collection" box set), to the magnificent climactic closing title-track, there is not a single track not dripping with emotion, evoking striking and unforgettable images, or failing to engage its listeneners in so many ways (a mention is due for the shockingly bruising "Me and a gun", a stark account of Amos' own experience of being raped, performed acapella). Although on subsequent releases she, admittedly, developed a tendency to over-indulge, Tori's songrwriting genius and emotional clarity are best showcased on this album, which remains among her most accomplished and enduring works. Complexly structured, finely executed, utterly emotional, and deeply confessional, brave, bold, blazing, brutal, these "Little earthquakes" are simply shattering.

***** for the album
***** for this edition
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on 17 March 2008
Well,there do i start,then i bought this album in 1993 i already had some of her single releases off this album but i did not realise that every track would be as special as these songs are.
First of all "Crucify" which was i song that i could instantly relate to with it's insecurities."Girl" is next and really touched me deeply as it reflected my life pretty well even though i am a man as i suffered the self loathing that is portrayed in the song and indeed on much of the album."Silent all these years" was the first track i heard of Tori back in 1991 when it was first released and has remained a classic in my eyes,"Precious things" is quite an angry sounding track but works so well for me "Winter" is a beatiful song in every way,i could never get enough of this track and never will."Happy phantom" changes the tempo and is a wonderfully joyous romp about being a ghost,i always loved the line where see mentions chasing nuns out in the yard,"China" is a deep song about a relationship breaking down and is still special to me now,"Leather" is a another great track for me,"Mother" never really did a lot for me even though there is some lovely piano work on it,"tear in your hand" is another great track,beautifully done "Me and a gun" well this is her rape track and is very very personal is fact too personal for me to listen to much but this was so brave to open her thoughts like this and just shows what a special and complex woman she is "little earthquakes" is a worthy end to a stunning album nearly 7 minutes of great piano and vocals.This is my favourite album of the 1990's along with "the Stone Roses" debut album,anyone that has not discovered "Little Eartquakes" really should do but remember she does take you on an emotional and deep journey.
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