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on 4 May 2017
great band great album
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on 4 September 2017
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on 12 March 2017
good cd
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on 24 June 2017
arrived quick, cool band
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on 27 October 2017
Great album, arrived quick, but the case was broken when I received the package
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on 15 May 2017
Great sounding record, quality gatefold packaging
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on 29 October 2017
Great Item
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on 1 July 2010
FIRST OR ALL i suggest buying this album before you preview all the songs for the suprise factor.

Gematria - fantastical fun, excellently done, funny, threatening, and excellent.

Sulfur - so sweet, so perfect, it was this song when i heard it that made me buy the album, its dark.

Psychosicial - the first song i heard, it was years ago and i was like "what the puck is this".. needless to say, i wasnt fond of it. but now i can hear the excellence i was not attuned to back then, the percussion! its so sick!! and PSYCHOSOCIAL! its catchy as a cat on the barn.

Dead Memories - words.. they lack. need to listen, see for yourself.

Vendetta - interesting! Sounds Like a Chuggaluging Choo Choo train, Kind of Groovy country style on the vocal tip. but some sort of death metal style guitar/drum section that pops up here and there is an interesting twist, its kind of dark and groovy at the same time.

Butchers Hook - The Controverser, this track gets mixed reactions, it seems to be love or hate, some times you may love it other times u may not see the point, its strange, its just strange what is what where when why how who whoaahhh!!!!

Gehenna - the suprise
} just wait till u get the album for these 2.
This Cold Black - the second suprise

Wherein lies continue - this track has a really demented section in it, i have never heard anything like it before.

Snuff - i dont like it but many people do, its not bad but its not to my taste. preview it to see what i mean.

now its getting pretty ramshackle at this point, the scales are wobbeling. which way will it ultimately go?

All Hope Is Gone - one of the best songs on the album EXCEPT the funny thing is they totally ruined it! which is kind of funny actually. let me explain, this track would of been a modern day thrash classic, the sections with the verses are really fast, heavy, on point, really sick, high octain stuff. but then, the chorus is really sludgy which is a horrible contrast, and not only that but it plays the chorus like 10 times and only two verses, it also has a guitar solo which i find to be rather bland and pointless, but its funny when it ends because it just leaves a sense of like... "so what?".. then its right back into the SLUDGY CHORUS(that whole section and its transitions sound like it was done by school children, seriously, its funny i actually laughed out loud at it once) HOWEVER the song has its good parts, it has this little section with no vocals just the instruments which is done well and like i said the verse sections are seriously sick. if your not as picky as that then you will like it all, and at first i was fine with it untill i started to feel that its a bit ruined.

ultimately the scales go in Slipknots favor. there was a few moments where everyone was like "ohhhh whats gonna happen here", a few sharp turns in the road on the cliff side but gosh darnit they took risks and it paid off BIG TIME.
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on 13 October 2008
I have read other people's reviews of this album, but I am not going to analyze it for you. I will tell you that, musically and lyrically, it is Slipknot's most well presented album, tjhough taking no credit from its precedessors. All Hope Is Gone still has the same presence that the first two albums had, together with the roundedness of Vol 3 (Subliminal Verses), but it is different; it still retains the power that first drew me in and the style is just as vital but, in a sense, has come of age, without losing any of the band's originality.

Lyrically brilliant, this album has something of the Marilyn Manson touch to it; there is anger and a passion, but directed anger and a passion that comes from awareness: Gematria (The Killing Name) is that anger, whereas Butcher's Hook and All Hope Is Gone are reflections of the awareness. But, for those who just want to listen to a thoroughly amazing and outstanding heavy metal album that makes you want to rock until your head explodes... this is it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 August 2008
At the southern edge of The Home Forest is a vast field of corn
stretching away to an uncertain horizon.

A dirt track winds it's way from who-knows-where to a small circle
of silver birch trees, marooned like an island, among the waves of
an undulating yellow sea.

At the centre of this stark enclave stands an old wooden barn.
Broken and bruised weather-bleached boards are testimony
to years of neglect.

The woodland creatures instinctively know this to be a bad place.
Badger, Fieldmouse, Raven, Bat or Wolf. None will go near it.

Sometimes at dusk we have seen shadows move fleetingly within and
around it's walls. Uncertain shapes. Half-heard gutteral whispers.

Slipknot's devotees have an innate empathic connection with The Dark Side.

It's good to be scared. It's fun to peer into the Heart Of Darkness
and see ourselves reflected there.

Slipknot have until now been good companions on this occasional journey.

I say "until now" because 'All Hope Is Gone' is a great disappointment.

The tried and tested formula (for formula, however worthy, is what it is)
is beginning to sound a bit tired.
The blisteringly fast machine-gun percussion; the twin-lead guitar volleys;
the shoutey-growley vocals.
We've heard it before and we've heard it done more convincingly.

'Vol.3 - The Submiminal Verses' delivered the goods in spades.

'Iowa' remains their tortured, twisted masterpiece.

There are, to be fair, some redeeming moments.
'Sulfur'; 'Butcher's Hook'; 'This Cold Black' and 'All Hope Is Gone'
all demonstrate Slipknot's continuing ability to throw out some
good dark energy....but it's slim pickings.

Mr Taylor seems to be experimenting at times with his sensitive side.
On the pitiful evidence of 'Snuff' and "bonus" track 'Child Of
Burning Time' he really should have left it well alone.

More decline than development. More comfort-zone than risk-taking.
'All Hope Is Gone' bears witness to an erstwhile great band's
growing complacency, lack of focus and loss of vision.

Let us hope that the execrable strains of 'Psychosocial' will not be
their final legacy.
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