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on 4 January 2010
Why didn't I know about this product sooner?! Logitech should be shouting this from the rooftops, it is a quality product and well thought out - it just works, and very well. Products like this make DAB redundant (if you have a wireless home network).

I have most of the usual gadget suspects but the Boom has really surprised me: it looks great; the sound is great (especially for the price point) and has a good level of adjustment to tune to your own taste; it sync's with my iMac and iTunes like it was made by Apple; I get all the BBC channels I listen to most frequently in crystal clear stereo, even '5 Live'; it feels bomb-proof solid and is neither too big or small; menu access is iPod simple and channels never too far away despite there being thousands of stations to choose from; channels 'tune-in' almost instantly; and the remote works really well.

Just when you might have thought radio was dead hardware like this lets you discover the enormous choice and quality broadcasting (and podcasts) out there. Although it isn't required, I would highly recommend downloading the complimentary (and free) 'squeezebox server' application from the logitech website - this also is a very clever and simple piece of software that adds to the boom's productivity and usefulness.

If I was being picky, I would prefer the colour screen (as squeezebox 'radio') and more pre-set buttons, but neither detract from this excellent product. Also, Logitech's website and the enclosed manual should tell you more about the whole squeezebox system and how it can integrate with other products (your PC/Mac, iTunes, Last FM etc etc) - the criticism is that Logitech doesn't tell you how comprehensive the product and the system is. This won't be the last squeezebox product I buy, it destroys the competition and rivals hands down.
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on 11 April 2009
I had been look for a wireless solution to access my music collection, and also provide the benefit of internet radio - which for me is still the BBC stations for the moment. Anyway, with my bedside clock breaking, this offered a solution that was ideal. The unit itself is pretty small - easily fits on a bedside table without dominating it.

As always, the packaging & build quality from Logitech is excellent, and the setup of the machine was far easier than I thought it was going to be. It can access both wired and wireless solutions, though output is only either a headphone or a subwoofer line out. However, sound quality is superb from such a small unit, perhaps the only thing lacking was a handle to make it portable, though it is a mains-only unit, so not perhaps too applicable. There is a quick start guide included which is pretty useful, though for the full information go to the slimdevices website for the full user guide. Logitech have excellent customer service, and there are forums and wikis for the product too.

The player can use one or both music sources:
1) SqueezeNetwork - this is an internet based service provided by Logitech - which can allow you to connect to other music services - e.g. Rhapsody, Last fm etc.
2) SqueezeCentre - this is an application that can either run on a PC or a NAS, which can offer additional access to your music collection on PC or NAS, as well as internet radio access so that there is no need to switch between it and the Squeezenetwork. Plug-ins to give extra features can be added to Squeezecentre, to allow rss feeds to be displayed show national news/weather to show when your music/radio is showing.. all fancy stuff!!

With my music on a QNAP server, the unit primarily connects to Squeezecentre on the NAS (ontop of SlimServer). Further improvements on the quality of the radio feeds can be increased by adding BBC iPlayer on SQueezecentre - which therefore gives access to all previous weeks programmes - this is great for any radio programmes you have missed, and provides radio replay without the additional effort booting up on the PC. RSS feeds and podcasts are available from various websites, and can be added into your favourites.

Small remote control allows navigation of the menus, selection of music/radio, volume, on/off and sleep functionality (in 15 min increments up to 90mins). Main controls on the unit are easy to use, and menu options can be added/removed from the squeeezecentre interface on the PC/NAS.

As a clock/radio - can wake up to music or radio, and standard features of "sleep" and "snooze" (9 mins). If you are looking for a DAB clock radio, consider stretching a bit further for this unit - it is well worth the additional functionality.

Negatives - in the 1 month I have had the unit, there have been less than 5 times when unable to access the radio via the NAS, though was able to switch to SqueezeNetwork and radio restored.

Above all, this is a slick machine providing me with internet radio, alarm, clock, music, news from a really small box.
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on 18 August 2009
I looked at a few systems before opted for this one. The Sonos gives arguably better sound, but this was a present for my wife who simply wanted something that she could listen to her music on. ie, to liberate it from the computer. High fidelity sound was not for her - simply ease of use.

Setup was straightforward. Plugged it in, it hunted for a network, found itself an IP address and was ready to go. Except that it wasn't because i hadn't installed squeezecenter on the PC. Once this was done, it found half of my music. I couldn't understand why it couldn't obtain the other half and spent a lot of time updating mp3 tags to no avail. Playing with the unit, i found the answer : the unit will not find new music unless you rescan your music folder when you add music to it.

This brings me to my main criticism of this unit. Logitech have clearly put a lot of effort into the design and the piano black finish is very nice, but i really wish they would have put a small amount of effort into making a slightly more comprehensive instruction booklet. All it covers is the first connection. After that, it refers you to the online guide. This seems to be an unfortunate trend, which i feel is a real shame as i'd rather sit with a coffee and read the manual and play with the unit and not at a PC.

However, all in all, we're delighted with it, so much so that we're looking at getting the Netgear NAS to go with it as well as the 'big brother' of this unit to connect to our hifi.
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on 15 January 2010
I already owned the duet with two recievers so I bought this to use in another room. Firstly as my wireless network was already setup for the receivers I had no connection issues. I use short key authentication over WPA-PSK security and I've no issues setting up any of the Squeezebox range so I do not agree with some of the reviews earlier on. All the devices I've used have supported this security protocol, you shouldn't need to change settings. If you scan the Logitech (or Slim Devices) forums help can be found, usually issues are around DHCP and IP addresses.
The sound quality for such a small device is excellent, I store my cd's in WAV and FLAC format and have had no quality issues at all. I also use a NAS so I don't need a PC turned on all the time. The Internet radio is also exceptional. If I had two gripes, the first would be the lack of battery option. This is a wireless portable device so why no batteries? If it did I could carry it room to room. The 2nd gripe is that the firmware on all the logitech devices doesn't support 'n' standard wireless networking yet, only 'b' or 'g'. So if you need to make sure your wireless router if a 'n' standard is broadcasting all three, but most do this as standard. The downside of it not supporting 'n' is you can get low signal and dropdowns across a larger wireless network. I solved this with a cheap repeater. All in all I'd recommend this product highly for sound quality, it's the lack of batteries and 'n' support which gives it 4 stars not 5.
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on 27 July 2009
My wife and I were thinking of getting a DAB radio for the kitchen but in the end we plumped for this gizmo- and how glad we are that we did. It offers so much more than a DAB radio. I've only had it a week but the current top 3 things I can do with it are...
1. Listen to any BBC radio show from the last 7 days thanks to the BBC iPlayer plug in
2. Have personised radio based on the music I play on the Squeezebox (via LastFM)
3. Easily access podcasts, even when the home PC is switched off

It really is a clever box of tricks that is easy to use. It's well built and punches out a decent sound. The display is clear and easy to read. I really dont think you would regret buying one of these.
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on 11 February 2011
I have had two of these in different rooms for about two years on the whole they are excellent products, though you can't hide the fact that this still needs some technical appreciation to set it up, and as such it is not turn on/off appliance. The sound is good for the size, clear display and reasonably easy to use, though could be better. There are two options to link this directly to your wireless (probably the most relaible / but restrictive option, as it only works for internet radio) or to link it in to your PC to use this as a server, which enables you to stream anything on the PC, works very well with Itunes.

Issues I have Faced
1) Had to change the Firewall from Zone Alarm to Comodo in order to get the Squeeze box to work initially
2) To get BBC Listen again Radio service you need to install third party piece of software to set this up (AlienBBC). It's not too difficult to do, but it's additional fiddle.
3) 20% of the time it does not connect first time. At this point you have to reboot the PC and or router or the Squeeze box server software running on the PC. It then usually works, but not always.

Note I have had it running on a new Mac as well as (Windows 7) and this seems to work 80% of the time like the PC.

In short this is a great product, but not recommended for your those with no PC experience and don't expect it to work 100% of the time first time. More computer like, than appliance like.
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on 31 May 2009
I was looking for a product like this around 2 years ago for my kitchen/diner. This unit didn't exist back then, so I opted for a Squeezebox 2 with an Onkyo 725 DAB and Q1010 speakers. Happy at first, especially with the sound, but soon got fed up with speakers always being in the way and the loss of so much shelf space (including a 4-way power block).

So, I decided to 'downsize' to the Squeezebox Boom. I was worried I'd lose too much sound quality, having previously tried out small speakers, but it turns out the reviews here are spot-on with regards to the outstanding sound quality this unit produces. Sure, you lose a bit of stereo separation due to non-detachable speakers, but otherwise I'm completely bowled-over by the fullness of the sound I hear - whether streaming lossless FLAC audio from my Linux server or receiving internet radio @ 128K. Plenty of volume if you want it.

I miss no part of my old setup. All my favourite DAB stations are available as internet streams at largely the same quality, and there's loads more stations to choose from. The only downside being a slightly smaller screen to my old Squeezebox.

Overall, a wonderful piece of kit that would even work in a small living room.
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on 13 November 2011
I have had this for 2 years now and it is still the best thing I have bought. The deep bass and clarity of sound is fantastic and easily rivals products like Bose if not better. The access to radio stations and your free Last.FM account means you can do away with adverts forever and the many other functions like waking up each day to a different sound; bubbles, wind, rain, birds etc. (there are hundreds) is pretty cool too. I paid about half this amount when I got mine but still think that it is the best thing since sliced bread so well worth the cost.
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on 19 December 2010
Bought to replace a tired Pure DAB radio and cheapy ipod dock at the same time.

Works faultlessly with ReadyNas Duo (I have about 30gb of music), sound is loud, clear and bassy.

The Squeezebox itself is very well made, and looks sleek.

I'm using it in my lounge - it easily fills the room with noise.

Exceedingly easy to set up and use - the menus on the boom itself are straight forward. I find myself often controlling the boom via laptop (with Squeezebox Server) as I work - and have hardly used the remote.

Exceeds expectations!
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on 3 January 2009
I bought this device to sit on a bedside cabinet and it's just the right size and looks good! The sound is pleasent and good for the size of the unit. At low levels the bass entension is impressive and at high levels the unit automatically reduces the extension to avoid distortion. Treble and Bass controls are available for fine tuning and these work well.

Listening to Radio 4 in the morning is a breeze (with the AlienBBC plugin), and far less fuss than the scratchy FM reception in my area. It's also good being able to listen to the many Internet radio stations or growing number of online music services such as last.fm. The presets on the unit make programming favourites easy. It's a shame the same presets aren't available on the supplied remote.

The display is clear and dims at night. It's a pleasure to lie in bed flicking through my music collection with the remote control and the sleep mode means I can be sure that it won't wake me up at 3am if I leave it playing as I fall asleep.

The firmware updating issue others have mentioned (swapping between two versions), is easy to solve by removing the older firmware from the squeezecenter installation.
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