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on 5 December 2008
I was looking for a replacement for my old Epson R320, this Canon product caught my eye because I needed to print direct to CD's/DVD's. I read lots of reviews and looked at lots of sites and once again decided to use Amazon.
Ordered on the Saturday night and it arrived on the Wednesday morning using the free delivery option. Well packed and all intact. A myriad of documents and bits inside the box, software, ink tanks, print head, cd caddy all well secured. No USB cable but I knew that anyway and just used the one off my old printer. Set up took about 45 minutes, maybe a bit long but I wanted to take care with every step to make sure I got it right. When first turned on the machine makes a lot of mechanical noises as it sets itself up.
The install of the print head and ink was a breeze. I had a small bother with the front paper cassette because by that time I was getting impatient to start and missed some instructions on set up. The printer looks sleek and is far less intrusive than my old one.
It is supplied with some sample 6x4 sheets & two sheets of paper for aligning the print head and only needed the one, took a while to complete and made some funny set up noises again but the process was all automatic, just load the paper in the back tray and press go.
Software install was simple, registration done online, and then was ready to print.
I must say when I tried printing my first project I thought something had gone wrong, I thought it wasn't working, it was that quiet in operation. finally the quality, oh the quality of the print, look, if you want an outstanding inkjet that will also print to Cd's, just buy this one.
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on 9 October 2008
I've just bought this from Amazon - speedy service and nearly the best price online -many thanks. I am mighty impressed by the iP4600 already and don't think anyone need look further than this unless they need A3 printing.

I bought this mainly for my consulting work, and was after a printer that could produce the best quality colour documents. It has been very hard finding useful reviews on business-grade ink-jet printers, as most reviews seem to concentrate on photo printing ability rather than plain paper performance. However, although this may primarily be a photo-printing machine, it is absolutely outstanding at plain-paper documents too.

Setting up was straightforward - it all fitted together fine and there was nothing complicated in the 6-stage process that is clearly set out in the documentation. As usual, no USB cable is included so if you don't already have a spare one, you will need to buy one to use this printer. One very minor gripe was that as part of the setup process, it walks you through the installation of drivers from the CD, followed by a restart, and then configuration of the system. Part of this includes a clever printhead self-alignment procedure, but when presented with the on-screen option to carry this out, you have to press 'Execute' rather than 'Next'. If you do the latter, it doesn't carry out the alignment process, and there is no back-button to allow you to re-select it. I couldn't find any way to manually start the alignment test, and in the end had to reinstall the drivers to trigger the whole installation process again. That being said, it seems to calibrate itself automatically so there is no user-involvement required other than feeding the paper in and running the alignment test.

Printing documents at normal quality on basic paper produces excellent results - plenty good enough for presenting to clients for routine documents. Using good paper and high-quality printing, it is still surprisingly fast and the quality is superb - close to 'proper' litho-printed standard -and just the job for when you want to really impress. Text is crisp black and very well defined indeed - unless you get the magnifying glass out, it really is very hard to tell that it hasn't been professionally printed. White text on colour backgrounds is superb, and blocks of colour are impressively solid with no speckling or banding. It really is excellent, and I prefer the matt finish of the ink to the slightly glossy output of some colour lasers. Certainly anyone else looking for a printer to produce really professional documents will be delighted with this - you just can't fault the output at all. I was prepared to spend £100's if necessary to get top-grade document printing, but truly there is no need - this does the job beautifully.

I don't normally use my own printers for photos as I prefer the quality and price of online services. Having said that, I have printed some photos with the iP4600 to see how it does, and again it is very impressive. The quality is absolutely excellent and it is also remarkably quick. You would be very hard pushed to spot the difference between a lab-print and one of these - it certainly does not look like it has come from a sub-£100 ink-jet. Price per print is a little tricky to estimate, but 6x4 paper sells for c.7.35p per sheet on Amazon, and if you could print an average of say 300 prints per set of inks (£40ish) that would add 13p or so of ink cost, so a total price of about 20p per print sounds about right. Online services charge 5-10p + postage, so still represent better value if you're printing off a decent batch, but for speed and convenience, these printers are an excellent choice.

I was a little nervous about buying this printer as it seemed too cheap to deliver the quality I wanted. I was totally wrong - this is a superb machine and worth every penny. It looks great and performs brilliantly. My last machine was, I suspect, harmed by using cheap non-branded inks. The quality of print output noticeably improved when I switched back to Canon inks, but damage had already been done. I use a lot of illustrations and graphics in my reports, and the vibrancy and quality of the print output from the iP4600 is really impressive - way better than any printer I've seen for under £1,000. And this time, I am going to stick to using Canon own-brand inks....
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on 1 November 2014
Great printer! So much better than later Canon PiXMA models, such as iP7250, etc. because it still has a top/rear loading paper tray. This easy-to-adjust loader is very useful for the quick use of miscellaneous types and sizes, eg. A4 photo paper, envelopes, labels, overprinting documents, etc. without having to unload the main (A4) built-in tray. The automatic double-sided duplex printing is a must to have and the ability to print on CDs and DVDs is very useful also.

Some history - when my old Pixma iP4700 workhorse finally died, I bought the iP7250 (which in itself is a reasonable printer with added Wi-Fi - the iP4700 no longer being available, except at ridiculous prices). The iP7250 I first bought has 2 built in trays, one of whuch is designed really for small photo sized paper, but no top or manual paper loader. Printing occasional DL and A$ photo paper was difficult - you had to unload the main A4 tray each time. So as the iP4600 was still available on Amazon at a good price, I bought this to be my main printer and have never looked back!
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on 16 October 2009
We always buy Canon printers now, and although the ink is expensive, the machines do their jobs. We use ours for work so they get a hammering. We had 2 pixma ip 4200's but they packed up after 4 years of daily use, not only printing pictures and lots of documents, but we print CDs for commercial use too. It's a slow process but cheaper than buying purpose made machinery for this. We read all the reviews and hoped the few poor ones were not typical. The new Pixma ip 4600 is so much faster and even on draft, the text print is good quality. It prints on CDs very well. Our only gripe is that initially when you first ask it to print, it does a lot of dithering, but once it does its first print job, it stops this. I guess it could be clearing the print heads after not being used for a few hours, wasteful but perhaps necessary. It loads the paper from underneath rather like a photo copier, which seems odd as you put photo paper in the top feeder, why we need 2 feeds I don't know, it's not that much trouble to change the paper!

We are still using the ink that came with the printer, and it seems to be lasting quite well. It was very easy to install, though it installs far more programs than we are likely to use. Looks-wise; it's good, black, shiny and quite solid.

Overall, can't fault it yet - I'd say this is a useful work tool, no whistles and knobs, but does a good printing job. Not tried printing photos yet, so can't comment on this aspect.
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on 5 August 2009
I bought this when my old (10yr) HP 815c Deskjet gave up the ghost. Very pleased with this printer so far. Photographic printing very, very good IMHO and plain paper everyday stuff crisp and clear even on fast setting. I didn't want an all in one, scanner, fax etc as I already have them individually and if I had I would have purchased one. Why do people say things like, I wanted a scanner, I wanted all in one, if only I'd known it didn't have ..... etc etc Don't they read the specifications before they purchase???? Set up was easy with no problems to speak of - certainly not with the product or Canon, just my stupidity at not locating the front paper cartridge!!! TIP - read the instructions!!

Regarding the ink I have little to say, as it's early days. I found the cleaning mode a little irritating so I keep the creature switched off until I need to print. It starts up so quickly that I find this is not a problem. Ink consumption unknown as yet - watch this space! It is quiet and quick to print. Photos used to take about 10 minutes on my old printer so this is a dream even on highest quality setting. I do not find the glossy black finish a problem as others have mentioned - doesn't seem to attract any more dust than is usual on my desk.

All in all I'm very satisfied. Great service from Amazon as usual and with a £20 cash back from Canon on top I think I made the right choice. Doubt very much that it will last as long as my old HP because nothing does anymore, does it?!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2009
I have exclusively used Canon iP4000 inkjet printers for several years, using each until it wore out. My last one lasted for about 4 years. I label quite a few CDs and DVDs and this is one of the few available printers that offers that facility. I know of someone who had owned an iP4600 since they were introduced and is very satisfied with it but considered the 4700 (the 4600's successor) for its results and which uses the same inks, is slightly faster but less well built, and decided to get the 4600 while I was able.

The cartridges are one third smaller in capacity (at least) but can be rather more expensive than those for the iP4000 although they seem to produce about equal amounts of prints per cartridge, possibly slightly more. It is possible to obtain a colour pack of 3 inks for a little over £20, a considerable saving on individual inks at RRP. The thing I like about Canon printers is that the cartridges do not leak or dry out like a certain other leading brand. I once left my old printer unused for some 6-7 months, including a complete summer and it printed properly next first use.

The printer is a little faster and quieter than the ip4000, but the colours seem a little less vivid. The reds in particular seem always to have an orange hue, but not unacceptable. The other colours are good.

Overall a recommended printer, but not quite perfect.
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on 16 December 2008
Canon PIXMA iP4600 Printer
This printer pleased me from the moment I opened the box, it looked good, was well documented and the software was easy to install.
The print head could easily be damaged by a ham fisted user but Canon provided enough warnings to suitably frighten most of us into being very careful.
Print head allignment was straight forward and gave you time to make a cup of coffee while it happily chugged away.
Print quality is very good with both photos and documents.
PictBridge capability provides hassle free photo printing if needed.
Keeping the printer supplied with ink will be a tad more expensive than I have been used to but I shall follow my golden rule to stick to the manufacturers cartridges.
For the average domestic user this printer is difficult to fault and the price is right!
A minor down side, I felt the plastic trays, doors etc were a little frail but in fairness I have found that modern plastics are surprisingly robust.
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on 25 May 2009
I ordered on Thursday 7 pm and paid for lowest cost delivery. Although Amazon originally quoted 5 - 7 days I received the item by Sat 10.00 am, 4 days earlier than expected!

Although I don't print in volume, I wanted a quality inkjet printer for general printing along with the capability of printing high quality photographs. I use Apple Mac OSX and Canon cameras therefore the only contenders given driver and technical support (in my opinion) were going to be either Canon or HP. After unpacking the printer, I somehow felt my decision just felt right. The product is very well packaged and is well built, as you would expect form a world-leading brand.

Please make sure you check the box carefully as it would be an easy mistake to discard the discretely packaged CD tray with the printer box.

A USB cable not included in the box, that's not a criticism towards Canon given this is pretty much industry standard. The quick start guide is easy to follow with the exception on how to fit the CD/DVD tray but I'll figure that one out later.

Before you unpack the print head please be aware there is a warning in the manual about blue ink which may be present in the silver foil. I did not find any but just thought I'd mention it so you don't find yourself getting into a mess. Onto installation of the print head, it feels as though you are forcing the lever upwards, don't worry it is stiff and it mentions this in the manual. Just don't rush this part as it helps to familiarise yourself with the mechanism. Be careful when installing the print head as it slots in at a 45-degree angle, this was the only fiddly part of the process, but simple enough once you've worked it out.

With the printer installed, the individual cartridges are very easy to install, just take your time. Now I wanted to ensure it works correctly but first I recommend deleting any old drivers on your system before proceeding just to ensure there are no port conflicts. The text page that this printer delivered is of astonishingly high quality. Ok this was just black and white but nonetheless, very clear and crisp. Photo printing delivered a beautiful 6 x 4 glossy print in less than a minute. Incredible print quality, vibrant colours, I thought I'd had it printed at a kiosk.

This printer is exceptional value for money. I was going to buy the MP630 for £127 however I don't really require the fax or scan capability as I have alternative devices which can handle that. In addition, I would advocate buying this printer and then buying the Canon Lide 200 for around £50 given it's scan capability is better than the MP630, assuming you have the space for two devices (Canon pre sales tech. support advised me on that point).

In summary, compact well built and no external power supply, it runs off a simple figure of eight power lead. Software installation ½ hour, total time unpacking, reading the manual and checking everything works, 1 hour (and that's only because I took my time and wrote this review as I went along). Not one technical call needed, works perfectly with Mac OSX. One small point, no wireless print capability but it s till runs perfectly off a Mac home network.

Fantastic value for money, excellent choice. 10/10 Canon and Amazon.
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on 4 December 2012
Nice little printer, prints very well to the edge of the paper, and does duplex printing without fuss (one major reason for this purchase). Seems to drink ink sometimes, and can take 5 minutes to actually START printing if it is some while since you last used it, as it initialises itself all over again (it seems).
4 years on and its still doing all it should. When nozzles were blocked and wouldn't clean using Canon's utilities, I found Printer Hospital's solvent cleaning kit got it all back into action again without trouble or much cost.
VERDICT - - Good printer for careful home use - but plastic case seems more flimsy than my tough old HP Deskjet 500 which felt much more robust.
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on 11 September 2010
Hmm yes its prints nicely....takes about a week before it does.
Unfortunately it lasted only 4 months (with a fault that another reviewer seemed to have had so a weakness with the printhead perhaps) but thank you amazon for a fast refund and free return.
I was relieved when it broke as the cost of ink and the now tiny cartidges made running costs horrendous (I believe the ip4500 which I was originally interested in was a different matter)...back to Epson which costs us a quarter of the price to run.
It had some nice features but newer Canon machines are simply too expensive to run so a warning to anyone looking at their products.
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