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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 November 2011
Good value but the lock isn't up to much, but it's okay for the price. Don't store anything of value in it for too long, like an expensive helmet. I use it for storing a bit of shopping while I nip in somewhere else. It's quite large, you can get two, 2 litre milk bottles in it side-by-side and a bit more.

To fix it to a rack there are four metal bars and four M5 screws. The fixing centres on the bars are 100mm apart. The two bars are 125mm apart. I now bought some M5 x 25mm fine knurl thumb screws to replace the supplied screws. It makes fitting a lot easier and there's no need to blindly faff about with a screw driver with your third hand! Depending on how far back you fit the box will govern how much the lid opens because it hits the back of the seat.

I've added some pictures which will give you a better idea what it looks like and how you fix it.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 2 October 2011
I had one of these bought for Christmas. I'm not good at looking over my shoulder and feel unbalanced with a rucksack - this is an ideal alternative. I did have to change my carrier to get this baby to fit which was a pain, but the spacious box made the hassle worthwhile.
The lock is cheap and unfortunately the two side clips have both pinged off over the year, but I suspect this is more due to the amount of stuff I've tried to squeeze in which has caused this to happen. I've just cut a small tie down strap to size and use this instead which helps to compress the load as well as keep the box closed.
In all, a great item - (if you don't overfill it), and which keeps your stuff dry, if not secure.
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on 11 October 2011
Edited review one year on:
Having to add something, only a year later, one of the clips has now snapped off, somewhere I have no clue where. So actually am now not so happy because it's only lasted me one year. Not awfully good value as it turns out.

Original review:
I haven't yet regretted buying this item. It has been so handy.
This was a must for me personally as I needed a large box that would carry my large U-lock that is very heavy. I also wanted enough room in order to put other things in the box such as my helmet or jacket. It will hold a helmet happily - I did try two helmets but it didn't hold those unfortunately! It is waterproof - also a great plus for the British weather!

Now having said how good it was for me, I have had to do a few modifications which I will explain.
The ready made holes were exactly the same width apart as my rack, therefore I had to drill new holes in the box and the metal straps that hold it in place and then source some nuts and bolts to hold the box to the rack as the holes I drilled in the metal straps were not threaded. Not a problem for me but others may not have practical skills like me.
I also added some tool clips on the inside as I found everything inside my box bumped up and down and made a right old racket. Not a problem if you plan to just have soft items like clothes in it, bit of a problem if you plan to put your lock/lunchbox/repair tools in it. I imagine an elasticated strap would do the same thing if you didn't want clips.
The lock is extremely flimsy - makes me wonder what the point of it is as one tug and its gone - hardly going to stop someone from getting inside it. This will also need modifying once I get round to it.

So overall its been a great buy for me.... BUT not everyone will be so pleased, especially after having spent a fair bit of money on it.
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on 7 September 2009
The topbox is OK, but the lock is not very secure. I had one of the curved bottom ones that are very similar before getting this- the flat bottom means it can be mounted further forward for better balance.
The lock is not very secure, and easily bypassed. The other box (same lock) was easily broken into when left locked up- the lock fits into an L shaped bit of plastic when locked- the top bit was sheared off along one of the mold lines. I got a metal L bracket, bent it, bolted it onto the rear face of the lid and over the top of the L shaped part for strength and support, helped with epoxy resin. Not foolproof but far superior to the way you get it.
Fitting an additional lock is possible but takes a bit of work because of curves and protruding lips. Worth the effort if you leave it parked with anything valuable in the box.
So the box is not perfect, but after looking at all I could find there was only one other I would get- better in most aspects including being about half of this price, but because it was a more rounded shape I couldn't fit the item inside that was needed. My item does fit in this, but the topbox needs more work to give it a bit of security. If I didn't need to carry this item I would have the other box.
Update: changed to 4 star from 3 star following over a years use. Quite happy with the box following the modification, either it has defeated attempts to break in, or it's been left alone!
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on 30 March 2012
I've bought one of these before from a local bike dealer so I knew what to expect. It took minutes to fit, though you do have to remember to leave room for the lid opening. Although the metal strips inside were much narrower than those on my previous one the general finish was much better, having a glossier lining. As others have said a reflective patch on the rear would have been more use than the manufacturer's sticker, but you could easily put a self-adhesive one on the shiny oval patch behind the sticker. Don't try sticking anything to the textured area, it will just fall off. The lock is just to keep prying eyes out, it's not a security device so don't leave valuables in it, It's ideal for keeping your things dry and secure on your journey, though don't put anything too heavy in as it will affect the centre of gravity of your bike. Consider fitting a centre stand to your bike if you plan to put any kind of weight inside, as your bike may fall over if left unattended. If you're concerned about water entering the fixing holes a blob of silicon sealant should keep rain or spray out. I wouldn't be without my top box now and own two which speaks for itself really.
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on 15 May 2012
This is the first box of this type I have owned, but I am pleased with it. It closes nicely and locks without any problem. It has a good seal around the edge so it has proven waterproof so far. It holds a surprising amount (I folded up 4 pairs of jeans and it also held my D-lock). Fitting it requires some simple tools. The pre-drilled holes for the brackets were in the wrong place for my pannier rack so I had to drill some new ones, but this is to be expected given that all panniers are not all exactly the same. I lined mine with sponge so that things don't rattle around so much.
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on 13 August 2011
This is a fantastic idea. I spotted a work colleague with something similar last year and that was the first time I had ever seen one. I was using a standard water proofed canvas twin pannier and even so, water would still find it's way in. I cycle 12 miles a day, so I thought a plastic tail box was a must.

I looked around the shops and they were about £45, when I saw this on Amazon I thought it was a very affordable price.

The positive points about this truly outweigh the negatives. The negatives can be remedied in one way or another.

it's completely plastic and has a lip around the edges of the lid to prevent the intrusion of water. I have left my bike outside work in torrential rain and it was totally dry inside when I opened it later on.
it is lockable
It is well made and fairly rigid.
it is easy to fit to any pannier rack. There are 8 holes inside and you don't necessarily need to use the bolts, you can use cable ties.
it is lightweight
I have cycled 300 miles with the box since I have had it and with cable ties it has remained securely on the back. The latches are still intact.
I can get tons of stuff in there. On my way to work I'll have a pair of shoes, water proofs and tools in there, if I get hot I will cram my cycle jacket in there too.

Negatives with remedies:-
The lock is cheap BUT if it was any better and if anyone really wanted to steal the contents of the box, they could undo the bolts on the box or pannier rack.
My cycle ride is bumpy and bolts always come undone on my bike. I have not used the bolts that come with the box as they would have dropped out long ago. (I have used cable ties through the holes and around the supplied top brackets).
The box needs to be attached a good inch away from the saddle to allow the lid to open, this also shifts the weight with the box is full further back. This makes the rear of the bike pretty heavy, but it is better than a twin pannier as I was always having to ensure that the weight was equal on both sides.
The weight when the box is full will cause the pannier rack to rattle and in turn this will make the bolts on the rack come undone. Ensure these are done up tight and if necessary put cable ties on where the rack joins the seat post area (this part is most prone to coming undone).
The ride can be noisy if there are tools at the bottom of the box.
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on 24 October 2009
Good, spacious, easily fitted box. As with all boxes of this type has to be fitted slightly back on the panier to allow the lid to open. Easily opened and closed. Good value for money.
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on 3 December 2009
I leave my bicycle at the station and don't want to carry helmet, lights etc on the train into work. So finding a lockable box was ideal. Easy to fit, and very practical. I've also mounted a rear LED light onto the box, and lots of reflective stickers both on the sides and rear for extra visibility, so I feel safer too when cycling home in the dark.
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on 13 April 2015
i havent attached it to my pannier rack yet,but goin on the box itself it is well built,quite sturdy,lock seems ok to me,though others say lock isnt great,i cant see any problem with it though?
but this has yet to be tested.
there are pre-driled holes in bottom of box wich is handy so you dont have to drill holes,but you may need to if the holes are not in the right place for you,brackets look strong enough so all ok so far,i intend to store a ebike battery in this box,and looks perfect.

exellent packed,and delivery quite quick.about 3-4 days.
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