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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2012
Typical Snow Patrol album - brilliant. Love listening to the album the whole way through. Great thinking you know all their best songs and after a few listens of the CD you realise that you LOVE some of songs that weren't released. Like an unexpected treat.
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on 5 November 2008
I always think of this album as the make or break 3rd album even though it is the Patrol's 5th outing. The first 2 albums `Songs for Polar bears' and `When it's all over we still have to clean up', although there are some good songs on both these albums; compared to the later 2, `Final Straw' and `Eyes Open', they feel like weak albums. This is shown through their live set when `Final straw' came out; the first 2 albums disappeared into obscurity with only rare appearances given to the tracks of these albums. The question is will the tracks from `A Hundred Million suns' become a mainstay in their live set or disappear as quickly as they were made.

If the first track `If there's a rocket tie me to it' is anything to go by it would indicate the former. The song starts off the album gently before gathering momentum into a thumping indie rock song which has got to be a contender for the third single. You can tell throughout the album, Lightbody and co are trying to keep the album fresh and different, often to varying degrees of success. With Lightbody's signature vocals throughout, it always can be recognised instantly as a Snow Patrol record.

Second and third track `Crack the Shutters' and `Take back the city' continue the momentum from the first track. `Crack the Shutters starts off with a chirpy piano before the song comes to life as Lightbody escalates the song to the chorus with `Crack the shutters open wide, I wanna be with you every night and day'. A class song much like the rockier, punchier `Take back the city. Both are great singles and along with `If there's a rocket tie me to it', will fit perfectly in to their live set.

After a storming start to the album it is almost as if they ran out of gas as fourth track `Lifeboats' sends the album into mediocrity as apart from a few exceptions `Please just take these photos from my hands' and `Disaster Button' which bring some much needed oomph to the album. It just feels like the other tracks have no real hooks or memorable moments. Lightbody's vocals go into automatic mode making the songs feel lifeless. There is just no variation in the vocals or connection to the lyrics turning what could have been a great album into just an ok album.

When I first so the length of the last track I was instantly intrigued as it lasted 16 minutes! I almost fell off my chair when I saw this. The first thought that came to my mind was that this was another frustratingly long gap between the actual track and the hidden track. My next thought was that they might actually be going prog!? Well it turns out I was wrong on both fronts as it is actually 3 tracks back to back which are pretty average and the fact that they have tried to link them unsuccessfully does not really help.

Overall compared to their last 2 albums, this is a slightly disappointing effort, especially given the strength of the singles. The singles will slot nicely into their live set, along with a few of the other album tracks but unfortunately the rest of the album lacks the same quality. No doubt this will not stop Snow Patrol on their quest to make the step up from arenas to stadiums, but they will still have to stick predominantly with the older songs that got them to the position they are in, in the first place.
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on 12 March 2012
Having seen Snow Patrol recently in concert I was fired to purchase earlier material as they gave one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Lead singer Gary Lightbody was charming and an excellent front man & the performance of their songs as ever was faultless!
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on 18 November 2008
4.5 stars would be a more appropriate score for this album, but in good mathematical practice I have rounded up not down.

If you like Snow Patrol, this is a very good album. Any of the tracks could easily have come from their last album "Eyes Open", and the rockier ones could have been from "Final Straw". Does it have more of an accoustic or mellow balance than "Eyes Open"? A track by track by analysis may lead you to that conclusion, but I am not left with that impression having it on my ipod and in the car.

All of which is great, you know what you are getting. And if you played their last two albums to death because you loved them so much, you will be in heaven.

HOWEVER, the difference between a realy great band and a legendry one is their ability to evolve and draw their fans along with them into subtly different styles. If the Beatles has continued to knock out hits like Can't buy me Love and Help into the late 60s, they would not have reached iconic status. And Snow Patrol do know how to evovle (Don't waste your money on their first two album, no matter how cheap they are. Just download "Making Enemies" from iTunes and you'll have all you need from these albums)

So great, buy it, listen to it, love it. But come on guys, push the boat out a bit and take us somewhere we haven't been yet.
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on 4 August 2012
Being a mature listener of Radio 2, I've heard a few songs by Snow Patrol over the years, including, of course, the iconic Chasing Cars, but until recently I've never felt driven to buy any albums. Then I heard Lightning Strike, and felt compelled to find the album it came from. It arrived propmptly, (thanks Amazon, although the jewel case was damaged which was disappointing, but I decided to tolerate that!)and I've listened to it so many times over the past few days I'm starting to lose track! I love it, and will definitely be buying more Snow Patrol. Gary Lightbody writes some fantastic lyrics, and has a wonderful delivery. I'm hungry for more!
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on 22 October 2008
I am not a close personal friend of the band but, unlike some of the commenters, I have heard all of the album. I'm not even a Snow Patrol fan, but I think it's good stuff. So don't criticise something you haven't even heard yet!
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on 9 February 2009
I found with Final Straw and with Eyes Open that I liked only a couple of songs immediately. The rest grew on me as I continued to listen, until I wondered how I could ever have not liked them. Perhaps because it's Snow Patrol that really got me into the alternative rock genre and my taste in music has changed a lot since I first heard their previous albums, I found that I loved A Hundred Million Suns much more quickly than I did the previous two. I was a little nervous about getting this, because rarely have I encountered a band that hasn't peaked long before they produced their fifth album, but alternatively, the reason I adored this immediately may just be that they keep getting better and better.

There were still tracks that stood out to me - the uplifting Crack the Shutters, the dreamy Lifeboats and my personal favourite, The Golden Floor, which I find I just have to tap my fingers along with - but every track on this album is wonderful, with the thoughtful lyrics and the beautiful composition which I have come to expect from them. At the same time, though, it's not too reminiscent of anything they've done before. I would thoroughly recommend it.
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on 7 December 2008
My first "contact" with SP was "Eyes open": I inmediately loved the album, as it pushed me to buy the previuos ones. I must confess that the two first collections were not of my taste, except for a very few songs, but "Final straw" finally threw me to the Patrol's feet and songs like "Chocolate", "Run", "How to be dead", "Spitting Games or "Somewhere a clock is ticking" became a part of my being. This last "One hundred million suns" is as good as the previous two and even better, at least for me; I find a good bunch of great songs all along the set, most of them being better than the hit single "Take back the city": "Crack the shutters" recovers the spirit of my personal fav of all SP songs, "Chocolate", I trace influences of U2 and Coldplay in several tracks, like "Engines" or "If there's a rocket...", also love "Please just take...", "Disaster button" or the first and the final parts of "The lightning strike", the rest of tracks keep a very good level. I've listened to the album many many times, and each time I find new things that make me love it deeper and deeper, specially "If there's a rocket tie me to it": it must be the next single.
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on 17 March 2009
I'm actually suprised this wasn't the title of the album - maybe another artist had a copyright on it? But this is the title of the epic 16minute song in 3 parts that ends the album (I just saw them live at the O2 and this song is played as the encore in its entirity!). Although it sounds very different the idea/theme and scope reminds me of the Dark Side of the Moon in that it and the beatiful video that played behind them has a common theme (stars, sunlight, the earth - just no Moon!).
I really hope they release part 3 of this song as a single - with parts 1-3 as a "B Side" - and then stick the video out on DVD single too :)
What's weird is that being at the end of the CD it would normally get the least play time - but having seen it live it's rocketed to become my favourite track.
Golden Floor is probably my 2nd favourite... it has a haunting vocal that is just beautiful. The others (the singles) would then complete my list of other favourites - all are excellent, though not quite up there with the best from the other 2 albums.
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on 6 February 2010
I think this is Snow Patrol's best album yet. Snow Patrol are brilliant at writing good lyrics and amazing tunes. I have favourite songs from their previous albums such as Chocolate, Run, Shut Your eyes, Make this go on forever and I loved the albums they were on but the songs on those albums didn't seem to fit together as well as this one. The songs on this album seem to be part of one story and in my opinion that is what makes a good album. Although Crack the Shutters and If there's a rocket tie me to it are immediate standouts however if you're looking for a song as big as Run or Chasing Cars you could be disappointed. But if you're looking for an album full of quality music this is for you. Apart from Lifeboat and The Golden Floor, I especially recommend "The Lightning Strike", the lyrics are fantastic (far more imaginative and poetic than most rock bands out there) and intertwine with the music so well. I'd say this 3-part song is their best yet and is of pure genius.
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