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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2008
I have just finished reading this book (ordered directly from Amazon in the USA). At just under 700 pages, it is no "lightweight".

The book obviously follows on from "Convoluted Universe: Books 1 & 2", but, for some reason, I found it easier to read than the previous two books. Perhaps it was just a matter of time; the ideas from all the other books have had time to sink in while I have been waiting for this one to be published. Or, perhaps, this book was meant to be more of a "stand-alone", to serve as yet another "introduction" to Dolores Cannon's work.

Hopefully, the contents will "strike a chord" with some (if not all) of Dolores Cannon's readers. There is an important message in this book for each and every one of us.
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on 6 March 2010
Read the first two books which were fantastic, real mind openers. Absolutely flew through this book, it expanded again on the first two though there was a significant shift from garnering info from past lifes to direct contact with higher vibrational beings, sometimes they were occupying the body mostly not, the person was used as a vehicle of communication. The information provided is a definite shift to concentrating almost solely on now, the changes occuring, why they are occuring and how people are involved.

For those of you wandering why there seems to be a lot of natural disasters at the mo, why governments, banks, politicians etc.. are having a tough time of it or why you have no time for them or the media at the moment, why the pursuit of material wealth seems a little pointless. This book will go along way to explaining this and hopefully sparking something within you if it hasn't been already. It's all about vibration baby!
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If there were a Nobel Prize for bringing essential knowledge to humanity, Dolores Cannon should absolutely be the first to be awarded it.

In my opinion, this volume is better and even more mind-expanding than the preceding two volumes, since Dolores' hypnotized subjects present us with such new concepts - forms of life we would hardly have been able to imagine, new types of walk-ins, powerful beings come to end all life on Earth but only if this should become absolutely necessary (no need for alarm), knowledge of the very highest calibre provided by the subconscious (presumably it's the same subconscious speaking through everyone), including the latest information about the new Earth, and much, much more.

This is another weighty tome (amounting to 693 pages) and space does not permit me to refer to but a few of these fascinating forms of life/revelations.

One preliminary item of information I would like to convey is something Dolores cites from a book by O. T. Bonnett she has published: when we wish to be healed we should talk to the cells in our body to get their cooperation and when speaking to them we should always refer to ourselves as "we" - in this way we seem to them to be the voice of God, and we better get their attention.

Also, the subconscious which Dolores so often communicates with during her regressions, and that always possesses the totality of the available knowledge, always refers to itself in the plural form.

As regards healing, we learn that we can ask the body (and perhaps the subconscious?) to dissolve any blocks that might exist, or visualize the block or blocks being dissolved. The theory of germs causing disease is just a theory. Germs exist but they're not the cause of illness. (This is also confirmed by Nostradamus, as reported in one of Dolores' books on that man of genius.) The explanation of disease through possession by devils and so on is closer to the truth. Otherwise, people create disease for their own purposes. As regards the causal function of negative emotions, it is stated that the repression or the negation of such emotion is more detrimental than the experiencing and sharing of appropriate emotional reactions. It's the blocking of emotion that causes disease.

Consciousness is the substance of everything, and the hardest thing to bear is lack of respect or acknowledgement. Even our coffee has consciousness. We should acknowledge the consciousness of everything and thank it "for being, and being available".

We're told that Earth is a planet of drama. There are other places that are more "light comedy". No two worlds are the same - they contain different energies and different atmospheres. There are even worlds where there's no free will.

Apparently (as also stated in the works of Shakuntala Modi) creation is all about our being sent out into the various universes in order to accumulate information and send it back to God.

Dolores has found that in the course of our various incarnations "we must experience life as absolutely everything" before we can return to the Source, and in this volume she contacts lives that her clients have had as worms, as an eagle (where all its energy was found in its eyes), as a flower, a whale, giraffe, etc etc.

She interviews a subject who in a previous life used black hole energy compressed together very strongly to heal different problems in various places, such as the Earth. Some places need a certain part of the energy, others need another part. Different black holes have different amounts of pressure.

Many are coming to Earth for the first time in a human body in order to help in this difficult time of transition. They are trying to raise the energy levels, to bring a higher vibration into the Earth and then expand it. They are protected so they don't accumulate karma and get trapped here.

We are given a description of the Source. It is a huge energy of incredible power and is to be found in the Great Central Sun. It is a bright light that does not burn like the Sun we know and is a place of great compassion and comfort. There's nothing but the white light, and it is the most beautiful place one can imagine. "There's no attachment to anything. We just are." The energy is strong and loving. It's cleansing and purifying. "It's washing away everything that's harmful or negative to us." This Presence is actually with you all the time.

The Second Coming is the healing of the negative thoughts of the planet. People are helped to change their thoughts and empowered so they can empower others. Blessings are of great value, blessings of your house, yourself, your body. All harmful and negative things should be released to Source. Focus on love, peace, forgiveness.

One person related an experience where she was an orb. Orbs gathered information and transferred it back to where they came from. She was "part of the Whole". The orb is "just another of the forms that the soul has taken." The orbs also sprinkled energy on the Earth that was available to be used.

We learn that we are all God. "He wants us to be equals to him. He wants us to ask him questions, to be challenged. Not to be thinking `Oh, I have to bow down to this.'" The Void is "that nothingness out of which everything comes." The "real reality" is "the pure emptiness, the nothingness from which all consciousness stems." This nothingness is the Source, the darkness from which the light comes. The darkness is simply "that which contains light".

Re the Shift, when this happens "it will shift this entire universe into a better place". Each great disaster brings the Earth closer to the Shift. "There will be two Earths. One will overlay the other." The Shift into the new vibration will be like "beautiful waves of energy". The ones on the old Earth won't know this is happening, and won't even be aware of the ones who've left to go to the New Earth.

Dolores surmises that the reason why the people on each Earth will be unaware of each other is that it will be similar to the concept of the creation of parallel universes and dimensions. "Each time we make a decision, another universe or dimension is instantly created so the other choice also becomes a reality and another `you' splits off to play that part." "If we are not aware of these other parts of ourselves acting out the other decisions ... then the people on the two Earths would be unaware of each other."

The new energy is present and becoming stronger. It is physically affecting our bodies. Our own frequency and vibration is being changed. Dolores states that never before in the history of the universe has an entire planet changed its frequency and vibration to shift into another dimension. That is why beings from many different galaxies and dimensions are watching Earth in great excitement during this period in order to see what happens. This is also because what happens is affecting all the other galaxies and universes.

There is an enormous amount of mind-boggling information in this volume, much more than I have space to even hint about it. Please read this book, which I believe is Dolores' crowning achievement so far, her masterpiece. Make sure to read the final chapter, which is a suitable epitome.

Dolores will receive immense acclaim from the powers that be for her marvellous work in educating us at the highest level, and lifting our consciousness and vibration at this most momentous point of time in the history of the Earth. I believe Dolores's work is a key factor in the ongoing/coming Ascension of Humanity and our Earth.
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on 29 April 2013
As usual, Dolores has a wealth of clients with fascinating yarns to share from places very much other than here. There is description regarding the Bermuda triangle and I`m not about to spoil the book by spilling the beans. But the beans are really good and I for one am ready for answers now about some of the Earth`s deepest mysteries. Life is moving on fast in these critical times of planetary change, these channelings cast much needed light on the whole process and we all need to take responsibility now. It`s time to end seperatism and see ourselves as a family of light if we can. This book helps us to see that bigger picture if only in our own limited way! Dolores always appolagises for being challenging, but I think those of us who are reading this genre are now quite un moved by the fantastical and it probably remind us of `home!` I always love this stuff-it`s never doen to Earth!!
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on 25 January 2012
Well i am still breathless from the journey of book 2 when i dived straight into this one, and oh boy i was not disappointed. The woman is a genius, her compassion and love she for each and every client is simply outstanding. Every single page and there is over 700 of them are jammed packed full of mind candy, she stretches and bends your mind and back again. All of her claims are backed up by multiple people, who have no way of knowing each other yet all the knowledge is exactly the same. Her hypnosis techniques are all breakthrough methods, which comes from years and years of honing her skills. It doesn't matter if you cannot afford yourself a past-life therapy, for in all of her books you will find something that resonates with you, for you to begin your journey of enlightenment, And i can also promise you all none of you will ever view life in the same way again, now is the time to awaken to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams, it would help if you could read books 1 and 2 first and perhaps The Custodians before this series for some of her trains of thought starts there...
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on 1 February 2009
Volume 3 continues on from volumes 1 and 2 and have proved to be very interesting. All three volumes appear to prove that we are not alone and there is more to this life.
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on 19 August 2012
Some of what is in this book is amazing, such as the past life stuff she does with clients and how it effects current incarnations etc. But other information is nonsense and there I fear to fill the pages. The universe is undoubtedly convoluted, but not completely illogical or unfathomable in my opinion.
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on 5 August 2014
Dolores Cannon's The Convoluted Universe series of four books opens the mind to possibilities and knowledge of the cosmos and our place in it not available anywhere else, as the information comes straight from the source. After reading them you will never feel the same about life on Earth or death again.
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on 3 May 2013
This has stories from many people who visited Dolores Cannon's office for sessions. Their experience as aliens on other planets, their different way of thinking and their struggle to adapt to Earth's dense energies are told by Dolores Cannon who has unmatched curiosity and an open mind to take things in. I find her books easy to read and digest.
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on 13 May 2015
Another successful instalment into the world of spirit, reincarnation and life lessons. Cannot recommend this series highly enough! So clearly outlines why we incarnated on this earth, what we need to learn, karma and forgiveness. Not at all a religious book, but one of complete acceptance, honesty, clarity and spirituality. Simply, succinctly, expertly put together for the basic layman to follow. So easily dispells the notion of victimisation. So healing once you understand that you agreed to everything that you have been through before you incarnated. So obvious to see
how judgmental we all are. So revealing to understand how forgiveness is the key to clearing karma and "moving on"!
Read the whole series in order to obtain the greatest understanding, piece by piece like a jigsaw, until the picture becomes clear.
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