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on 18 October 2008
Bought this a few weeks ago - the 120GB version. It's great. It does everything it says it does and more. I've not got a Tuff-Luv case for it as there isn't one that comes with it (poor show). I still thnk the price is too high as much cheaper abroad. However I bought mine (sorry Amazon) from Heathrow Terminal 1 Dixons for £195. However Dixons now raised their price to almost that of Amazon so I'd recomend getting from Amazon now.
I've filled 3/4 of the hard drive now with muisic/films and many TV programmes. Not a problem though as easy to connect to laptop or external drives or flash memory and you can file manage from the Archos.
I think the adverts and reviews for the system really undersell it.
Youtube is great. I've not found anything remotely interesting on web-tv but web-radio has some good music channels and comedy chanells. You can use BBC iplayer.
The internet opera software is better than the one I've got in my Nintendo wii - it plays nearly all videos and is very quick. I've got the dvr station and the mini keyboard doobry is actually quite quick to use. I paid for the upgrade to get the different formats of video/music. Most reviews complain about this but it's not a huge amount of money and I'm guessing it's a way for Archos to ensure they get some money directly.
I've downloaded hundred of flash games from the internet - all free - loads of sites. Just take care they don't need left/right/up/down but have mouse control and they should work. Sme are actually really good - burst the pimple on the spotty teenager is my favourite of the day. The widgets are actually not that bad - the currency converter autoupdates if you're connected to the internet - the calculator is easy to use - the weather is good (sunny today) - I won't use the others though. It wold be good if Archos do some more if if I find out that others can work too from other systems.
I've not paid to get any moviews from the Archos movie club or games form the Archos site as I think they're a bit poor and a bit of a ripoff and there is no need.
The TV scheduler is good - I have sky and it has listings (via internet) that are very good to use but wuite a few channels missing on their listing. It is great that the Archos has an infra red beamer and auto channel changes for you if it's pointing at your sky box (we have sky+ downstairs and it doesn't work on that but it's fine on normal sky box upstairs which is where we use it).Very easy to use and the channels they don't have on their listings are not ones I watch so no issue. I'm worried I've seen websites saying there will be a subscription after one year - I've not seen anything in my documentation about this so it could be a rumour...
The speakers are not so loud - but I use headphones when I'm out and about and mini speaker dock (or connected to a TV) when I'm at home.
I bought the DVR station and that does look a bit cluncky with lots of wires but it does the job well. When they do improve it they should think about how it looks with all those wires and the transformer plug is large and heavy.
I recommend upgrading the firmware just as soon as you can - it makes a lot of difference on speed - especially with USB connection. I've upgraded mine twice in the last 2 weeks and wil check now every few weeks - it's very easy to do this.
The wifi link works well - it doesn't pick up wifi signals as well as my laptop does though - I was in a hotel last week and the laptop picked up the free hotel wifi but you had to move the Archos close to the door to pick it up. At home though it works well even at the back of the garden so I can use it anywhere I am - it doesn't quite pick it up down the road in the pub though.
Transferring DVDs is easy.
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on 9 February 2009
I am an Archos enthusiast. I love the flexibility of the platform. I had the AV420, with the DVR station and all. So, now it was a natural thing to have the new model's accessories.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that, sadly, Archos has a terrible marketing team. So i was confused by te multiple and unclear options of travel docks, battery docks. I ended up buying a travel dock and only after that I discovered the battery dock. And it is something that you NEED to have. So I ended up with a spare accessory. Too bad for me.

So, I came to this DVR station. It is gorgeous. It works nicely. It is stronger and prettier than that terrible one that came with the AV420. And the remote control is smaller and better, although the buttons are somewhat cumbersome for my taste. But you have to really point it toward the DVR station for it to work. It seems to have a narrow arc of transmission.

Another thing that annoyed me was the lost opportunity of having at least two small speakers. Something that every dock station for an ipod has. I know, i know... You will say that I will put this on a TV and should use the TV's speakers. But, remember. Archos is facing the ipods. They must do better than just this. Sometimes, I just wanted my expensive DVR station to do something as simple as that. So I could just carry it to somewhere without a TV and have music around.

But the unit delivers its promises. That I can say. THe whole interface works nicely. The recording is good and simple. I felt that the audio, sometimes, was out of synch. But nothing terribly annoying.

Anyway. If you have an Archos Unit, you should buy it because it really opens many possibilities for you gadget. You will really be able to access your e-mail on your TV and watch you tube videos. You will record a show today and watch it during commute tomorrow. You will arrive home in the middle of an episode of Lost, put your Archos on the station and finish watching it on your 42" TV. It is worth it. But it's not perfect.
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on 16 December 2008
Almost a "must have" accessory. The simplest way to import DVD, VHS or just about any other video onto the ARCHOS. This is because it will record Video and Audio directly with out messing about with a PC.

Not so large that it can't be taken away on trips and the RGB/Component/S-Video and composite outputs mean it should work on just about any hotel TV - don't forget to take an S-Video and SCART cable with you.

The unit allows the player to stand up at a comfortable viewing angle and the remote control is compact but functional.

I use it with a 605 player. There is enough room between the player and the back of this unit to accommodate a 1.8" external drive which this unit will power from its USB socket when on external power, giving another 60GB of memory. Or just use a USB memory stick.

If however you want to travel with the smallest "no frills" playback only / external hard drive interface then have a look at the Mini Dock. I did not like it as there is no remote and the player (605) will not stand up.
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on 24 March 2009
The Archos 5 is amazing enough, but this takes it to a new level. The ability to take photos and video straight of a camera or memory stick is incredibly useful when away from a computer, or on holiday so you only need one memory card. The tv function is equally as brilliant, being able to record from dvd, live tv and anything else you can connect to t, which is basically anything.

If you have an Archos, buy this product, i've had it two months now and am still finding out new things it can do... 10/10
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on 21 April 2009
Make sure you get the correct DVR station for your Media Tablet.
I bought this one for a 605 WiFi Tablet as it was paired with it under Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together" section.

This one however only works with Generation 6 Tablets - which Archos helpfully call the "Archos 5 (5g and 7)"

I had to buy a Gen 5 DVR Station from New MP3 Technology in London.
Not really Amazons fault - more Archos's messed up naming conventions.
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on 17 April 2009
the archos 5 250gbs is a really good device it is the perfect companion to have when you are traveling or holidying, you can have all your tv recodings that you normally record and neverget to also holds and stores all your music and photo to watch and play whenever you fancy.
the docking station is a must to enable you to record tv and the other accessories are all an added advantage to make the archos a worthy product along with the tufluf leather case to protect it from every day useage,also like to add AMAZON are the best in my opinion to purchase your products from i found them very helpful in my purchase recently any problems you may encounter AMAZON do every thing in there power to make you a satisfied customer fully recommend anyone thinking on a similar purchase to go for it
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on 8 March 2009
Bought this a few weeks ago and I've had no real problems with it, it does exactly what it says it will do.
I do have a few gripes with it though -
1. It would have been easier just to have a standard aerial input & output than scart. Then it could have been used like any other recorder.
2. It can only record what you are watching at the time unless the output has twin tuners.
3. It takes a few goes to get used too it and maybe a few recordings before you can figure out the correct configuration for sound recording.

Once you get past all that, it makes good high quality recordings.
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on 9 August 2009
This is an essential companion for the Archos 5. When I bought my Archos 5 from QVC I received a snap-on recording device with it, but that has very limited use. My one criticism of the DVR Station is that I have difficulty with the TV Programme Guide, getting it to recognise the programme I wish to record - maybe this is not the fault of the DVR Station, but rather of the EPG. I find all other functions excellent, and recommend it to anyone getting an Archos 5.
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on 26 February 2009
My husband received an Archos 5 from my son for his birthday and decided to purchase the docking station for it,He is very pleased with the product and unlike one review we read it does actually work with our Sky Plus box. he has downloaded many films and music etc and is now enjoying many hours from it.A total Archos Fan.
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on 25 September 2014
I bought this for my Archos so I could connect it to the TV. It even has HDMI out and a remote control. I only use it for charging the Archos these days (it gives a good fast charge) since I bought a Smart TV with internet built in.
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