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on 14 February 2017
I remember purchasing this game on my WII many years ago and fortunately for me the WII U has backwards compatibility so I bought it again.

Back when it was first released I would have given it five stars but now that it is several generations ( console wise) old it obviously visually it looks rather dated, fortunately the grind house feel to the game distracts you from the blocky graphics to an extent also the added adult humour is a joy to listen too. The gameplay is action packed and full of excessive gore and the controls are responsive and easy enough for anyone with a hand and reasonable eyesight to pick up and play! There are plenty of mini games and weapon upgrades to give it replay value despite the fact it's limited by being an on rails shooter
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on 3 August 2012
Imagine, a hoard of zombies rushing towards you and you blasting them to bits with your shotgun, what's not to like! This must be the best light gun game I've ever played.

In this wii version you get the basic "story mode", "director cut" and a few of mini games. The story mode contains 7 chapters; each chapter have you blasting zombies away in different locations, from a hospital all the way to a prison facility. And as you progress, you earn cash to buy and upgrade weapons. Completing the story mode is pretty easy because you have infinitely "lives". Each time you die, you can just continue from there, and the only penalty is that you lose 1/2 of your current score.

Once you have completed the "story mode", you will unlock the "director cut". In the "director cut" you play the same 7 chapters again, but this time each chapter is longer (exploring areas that weren't in the story mode) and more zombies! And ti make thing more interesting, the cash and weapons that you accumulated in story mode aren't carried over to the director cut. And you no longer have infinite "lives", you get 3 lives on each chapter.

I find the director cut mode to be alot better compared to the story mode. So I would recommend that you don't spent too much time on the story mode, just complete it quickly (forget about getting high score or upgrading weapon, all you need is the magnum and the basic shotgun to do the job here). Once you unlock the director cut, you can get serious on high score and upgrading weapons and have lots of fun :)

Anything bad about the game? Well, it has been said before, the frame rate can sometimes be rather erratic and that's all. Oh, definitely NOT for under 18s, the gore and violence in one thing, but the level of profanity is outrageous.

Best enjoyed with a light gun or wii zapper.
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on 19 March 2009
those that have played any house of the dead game will know the score, stand there (or sit) while the game guides you round and you shoot at things on the screen, now add a beyond foul mouthed samual l jackson-a-like and a whole shed load of zombies... mutants, and then crank up the craziness by making the story line include things that would make most churches start screaming about how this game is destroying decent society.

its all set in a bayou... somewhere in america and the whole game plays like a grindhouse film, think planet terror rather than death proof. so its got sleaze and swearing plus a grainy and jerky film look which i think works well and also masks the limits of the wii on picture.

if you like shooting games or you are into zombie films/games then buy it, if you are not easily offended and want something for your wii thats not cute bunnies or hula hoop practice then buy it. the only bad thing anyone i've shown the game, has said was my girlfriend saying, oh so there's no way our son can play it then?

it is not for children
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on 25 October 2013
The wii seems built for light gun games... it's just a pity that there are only a few decent ones that come to mind. This is definitely one of them. The game is themed in the style of old 80's grindhouse movies, has some great humour and doesn't itself too seriously. Whilst being an arcade shooter series, the addition of being able to purchase guns, play different difficulties and unlockables add to the replay value. It's not hardcore challenging either...but that may disappoint some gamers.
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on 22 February 2009
This game is probably one of the best on-rail shooter games for Wii at the moment, although it narrowly misses been one of THE best games full-stop due to poor programming - as new data is loaded off disc it creates 1 frame pause as you play, which completely ruins the feeling of immersion and breaks the flow of gameplay.

I can't believe the developers didn't notice this (it's been mentioned in pretty much every major review of the game on websites), but was released with the pauses...
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on 18 October 2009
It's an "on rails" arcade style shooter, which means it's pretty mindless gameplay wise. Point is, within those constraints, it does a very good job. To be any fun at all a controller that points at the screen like a gun is essential, which of course the Wii does have. After a hard day at work when you can't quite face that tough GTA mission you've already had 10 attempts at, it's nice to clean the world of mutants for half an hour on HOTD. And the addictive mini games are perfect for passing 5 minutes while the kettle boils. A game like this has its place, enjoy it for what it is.
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on 24 July 2014
When they say over 18 they mean it, but mainly not for the violence, it's the language, it is awful! and constant right from the start! (Quite funny though). I love shooting games and I do like this but definitely can't play it with my 6yr old son....ever! If it was remade with 2014 graphics I'd buy it again.
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on 22 September 2013
I'm a big fan of light-gun style games and this is one of the best, lock and loads and enter the world of the house of the dead... Overkill indeed, none stop zombie and heart pounding action. The 70s style to the game is a nice touch but I'm not a huge of them dropping the F bomb all over the place, don't get me wrong i'm not prood by any standards it just felt forced and silly. But all in all a very fun game
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on 15 November 2017
happy with my item
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on 19 February 2009
Pretty good game overall, though not as good as House of the Dead 2. Very funny mature humour. Let down by occasional stuttering and calibration is a bit dodgy sometimes. Have tried with both Wii Zapper and Hand Cannon and cant get 100% satisfactory aim. Overall, if you like shooting games then its well worth getting.
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