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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Just look at the bonus disc - it contains some of their strongest-ever songs: "Everything's Gone Green", "Procession", "Temptation", "Hurt" - "Hurt", for ****'s sake, where did THAT come from? When did you EVER hear music like that? PIL's "Metal Box" maybe? Talk about (to paraphrase Sounds, or was it NME?) people sitting on sofas in the rain wondering where this music came from! It's as though (with disc 2) Rhino have unearthed a lost classic New Order LP (except that you've heard all the songs before).

Anyway, you try following up the best LP ever made (Closer) after your lead singer's just died and see how you get on.

Plus...the rare alternate version of "Ceremony" AND the half-hearted packaging of the London CD edition dispensed with.

Why would anyone not buy this?
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on 2 October 2014
This is an odd record as it's part Joy Division and part New Order. If Ian Curtis hadn't committed suicide, I guess the music on this album would form much of the third Joy Division album. As it was, Barney provided lyrics in the same Curtis vein that do work to an extent but he doesn't find his own style until "Everything's Gone Green" and "Temptation".
The band bring forth a more muscular edge with Morris's drums at the forefront, while swathes of electronica wash around the sound. The production really lets this album down. The muddy sound and Barney's vocals are mixed so low, it was my least played NO album. So I finally bought the remastered version and yes, it is a bit gloomy but the new mix gives it a cleaner metallic sound. The vocals are still a little stilted and hidden but this will be played a lot more now!
"Doubts Even Here" is the best track and has Hooky singing (very Ian Curtis baritone!)
Worth having at last....
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on 9 April 2015
This is the missing link between Joy Division's Closer album and the electro-rock of later New Order. I love the original album, but would hesitate to give it a five star review on its own, as it probably lacks the immediacy of New Order's later albums and doesn't have the sublime lyrics of Ian Curtis. What it does have is the logical progression of the use of synthesisers and drum machines from Joy Division's later output. It's also drenched in Martin Hannett's trademark echoing delays and clever use of other studio trickery.

What makes the collector's edition a release I'd give an unqualified five stars to is the additional disc of the non-album singles of the same era. These include the two tracks demoed as Joy Division songs and released as the first New Order single. The A-side of the Ceremony single is a great guitar lead track, but for me the B-side In A Lonely Place is an epic masterpiece. Then there are the Temptation and Everything's Gone Green singles that signpost future classics such as Blue Monday. Stuttering bass synthesisers, Hooky's "bass guitar as lead instrument" parts and Barney's abstract vocals make both these early singles absolutely brilliant.
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on 7 October 2009
Still my favourite NO album, very similar to late Joy Division, although I even prefer some songs in their versions on the Peel Session album. Senses, for instance, sounds a bit overproduced here. Dreams never end, on the other hand, improved a lot in the Martin Hannett version.
Pity that Rhino messed up the bonus disc on the 2008 edition of "Movement". (Swapped channels on Ceremony? Tsk, tsk ...)

Does anyone know if Amazon UK has actually started shipping the corrected August 2009 versions? I want to make sure not to receive a faulty 2008 CD.
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on 9 June 2016
I'm only reviewing this for one reason really, just to point out that disc 2's 'alt version' of Ceremony is a bit confusing when you add the cd to iTunes. This is in fact the original recording of the first 7 inch single (you remember the one, old gold cover ink that came off on your hand - typical Factory!) that seems to be so hard to find these days. The later remixed version that seems to be everywhere including the greatest hits album, Is inferior in my opinion, vastly inferior. To be clear, the first version of Ceremony on disc 2 is the later remixed and mastered version, the superior original is the 9th track (if you just copy the disc into iTunes the info that shows up will currently be incorrect). Equally rare is the inclusion of Cries and Whispers, Hurt and Mesh which are unavailable anywhere else (not even streaming services or download as I write this) - these four songs I mention here, are reason alone to buy this. They, along with the remaining songs I've not mentioned on disc 2, are the bridge between Joy Division and the stadium New Order that we came to know later on. It's just a shame the naming (when you add disc 2 to iTunes it comes up with 'alt version' etc) isn't a little more accurate.
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on 7 October 2009
For fans of both Joy Division and New Order, this is an important album as it charts the territory after Ian Curtis untimely suicide and before the superstardom augured by Blue Monday. It ranks as my second favourite LP by the group after Power Corruption and Lies. (If you're new to NO, I'd recommend buying this and Power Corruption and Lies rather than Substance or any other compilation -- those 4 CDs contain essentially all the most important songs the group produced IMHO, though you might also buy the remastered Low Life too.)

Contrary to some of the complaints on this site, I must congratulate John Davis for a great remastering. I own an original Factory LP of this, which I bought in 1981, and I'm playing it (on my Pink Triangle LPT, with an Ortofon MC30 cartidge) side by side with the CD (which is on a Rega Planet) and the original, which is in mint condition, sounds really rather muddy by comparison. Definitely worth buying this rather than the earlier non-remastered CD.

The bonus CD is a nice addition. I agree the remastering is not as clean as for the album and it would be depressing if the original masters have been lost. But it's great to have the 7" version of Temptation, with its guitar flurries in the intro (I only have an original 12" ...)
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on 29 January 2015
I bought Movement on vinyl when it was released back in late 1981 & have been playing it regularly ever since.

Despite being totally overshadowed by the subsequent Power, Corruption & Lies LP (& the attendant Blue Monday 12" of course), it's this early embryonic era of New Order that I always find myself revisiting - possibly because I was still very young (13 or 14 years old) when I first heard these astonishing songs & found myself indelibly marked by them somehow. Though understandably transitional & often ill-defined, the album & singles gathered together on this latest "collector's edition" make up some of my favourite music of the last 30-odd years, & though the band themselves have always claimed to be rather underwhelmed by much of it ("We were happy with the songs, not all happy with the production" - Peter Hook) it has nonetheless retained a smouldering emotional intensity - an anger, almost - that's difficult to overlook. Combine that with Stephen Morris's ferocious percussive ordnance, Gillian Gilbert's icy & magisterial synths, the secluded crepuscular vocals, & the first tentative appearances of the pulsing electronic bass-lines that would define their later records, & you have a spellbinding suite of sombre but hypnotically beautiful songs.

Though Movement's production may seem frustratingly murky in comparison to the luminous PC&L it's nonetheless invested with a consuming & seductive mystery that the later album lacks.
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on 31 October 2008
This 2 disc set collects the first album and all of the singles at that time. The bonus disc includes: Ceremony, Temptation 7"mix, In a Lonely Place, Everyting's Gone Green, Procession, Cries and Whispers, Hurt and Mesh, Ceremony (Alt Version), Temptation 12" Mix. Neither of the versions on disc two is the Substance version of Temptation like another review says.

The album was the beginning for NO and definitely different than later albums. But the beginnings are all there, from the bass hooks, to the driving drums. Sumner's vocals are more like Ian Curtis's on this than on future albums.

Rhino did a nice job with this package. Sonically, disc 1 (the album) is excellent. Disc 2's sonics are ok, but could have been better.
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on 30 September 2008
New Order- movement (remaster)
this is the genesis of the group, their rework,
their breakout and attempt to forge a new
direction away from joy division..

however, in reality, it echoes it, and provokes
more thoughts to what might have been..

it's actually a pretty powerful album in comparison
to their other works, however its down to earth,
gritty realism doesn't have the mass appeal that
their other albums do..

its tough to listen to for me, at times, but
if you're in the mood, it will strike a great
chord with you..

the lyrics are obtuse, the choruses unfamiliar,
the tone is haunting...

'dreams never end' really does stand out though..

So lets talk about specifics: for the album
1) i've done a comparison with some of the tracks from
the original us cd release, and there is a marked
improvement in most of the tracks, the percussion is
clearer, the bass stands out, and vocals are slightly
more prominent..

2) listen to 'icb' the strumming tones, the guitars,
the drums, you can hear each instrument clearly...
its not too loud, and doesn't clip..

I'm listening through altec-lansing speakers, and also through

3) the softer tracks also sound clear, and well preserved

4) Tracks are complete and not missing parts, no glitches,
or stutters.

The bonus disc:
1) well, there aren't too many tracks on here, and
there's not really too many ways to mix them up, so
i'm happy with the ones they chose...

2) first issue, they've included temptation 1987 from
substance, and not the original or 7inch??????? ok,
that's not right..

3) finally, mesh/cries and whispers are sorted out
4) in a lonely place, everythings gone green, procession
all are fine..

5) both versions of ceremony are on here, and the original
version sounds better than the horrible one from the 'singles'

6) lastly the full version of 'hurt' is included here,
unlike the edit from substance..another excellent track

this album is probably my 3rd favorite, although i
don't listen to that often...

it still holds up, after all this time, and i think
it might tough for newer fans of the group to get into
because its so different in tone and structure...

it's actually more rock, and less electronic... however
the bonus disc shows the transition pretty well, with
some standout tracks..

a little more care, and this would have been an
excellent package, however its still very good...

that plus the fact there are very few sound issues
with the discs makes it worthwhile..

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on 7 October 2008
I grew up listening to New Order. Throughout my angst teenage years of pubescent dreams I continually got told "turn it down !!" by my parents as from my bedroom I played (far too loud) the likes of Denial, Procession , Confused beats , Mr Disco etc etc. I'm 40 now and still get told "turn it down" by my wife and kids . Some things never change and I can honestly say New Order (as sad as it sounds) were/are part of my life. As a young lad I was lucky enough to go and experience the mecca that once was the Hacienda. Imagine going to a Nite Club owned by the band that you idolized ? Amazing experience amazing place. Unfortunately I also got thrown out of possibly their last gig in the UK, in Glasgow. Mistaken identity ! It was my brother throwing paper off the balcony. Anyway if you are a New Order fan you'll have aready bought all these latest editions and if you're not , Just buy and you'll not regret it, no Regret whatsoever..(just the Price of Love)
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