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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Doll Domination
Format: Audio CD|Change
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 October 2008
The Animal Kingdom is full of sound. From the smallest single-celled creature,(Groove Amoeba) to the magnificent mountainous mass of the great Blue Whale,there is a world of elusive and exotic cadence lurking behind every beak, snout, proboscis mouth and muzzle. Sometimes within,sometimes beyond our range of hearing. Bird, fish, reptile, insect all enriching our experience with songs of almost infinite variation.

With the Pussycat Dolls' new album 'Doll Domination', however, evolution asserts its' own magisterial influence in a wholly winning way.

Make no mistake - Mammals make the best music !

These five fine examples of their species deport themselves here with addictive aplomb.

Marlon Mole thinks that the project is nothing more than a vehicle for
Ms Sherzinger's self-evident talents.
Lorna Ladybug considers it unseemly that these young ladies find it
acceptable to cavort wildly in their undergarments on National Television.
(Scatty and Gritz, the cubs, are wholly unperturbed by this
red-blooded behavior - they are in fact positively enthusiastic about it !! ).

Frankly the entire population of The Home Forest would appear to be divided on this one !
Words such as "product", "vapid", "shallow' and "fake" have been bandied about wantonly.

... BUT ! ... If "product" it is it must be said that Pussycat Dolls give Very Good Product indeed !

18 Songs - one or two a little on the mediocre side but on the whole a more than worthy showing.
Writing, production and performance coalesce in an almost organic way to reveal one of the year's most surprisingly uplifting albums.

Ms Sherzinger does of course have a magnificent voice and it is entirely correct that the spotlight should place her at the centre of the stage but her cohorts and guests, including the estimable Madam Elliot, Mr Dogg, Mr Kelly and various young gentlemen from The Block (among others), add surreal credibility to the overall impact of the entertainment.

Highlights include : "I Hate This Part" ( Ms S. at her very best ); the chugging urban clatter of "Takin' Over The World" ( Giving Destiny's Child a worthy run for their money ); "Out Of This Club", a slinky dancefloor smooch; "Whatchamacallit", a cracking dancefloor stormer and the throwaway but faithfully ebullient closing track "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps".

Heck ! Truth be told The Wolf loved it all !

Highly Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 15 December 2008
Being a big fan of fun pop that I can dance to, I loved the Dolls' first album PCD. It's not exactly music that will change the world but it was shimmery, glittery and slick pop that covered an eclectic range of styles from hip hop to burlesque and never bored. As such, I had high hopes for Doll Domination. Nicole has a wonderful voice, and with the 'it' team of hot producers on board I felt all looked bright.

Well... I can't say I dislike this album, but it didn't match my expectations. The promised lead vocals from the other Dolls do not appear on the UK version, this is the Nicole show and after a while it all starts to sound the same. Where Carmit and Melody got a look in before now nobody does (Carmit has since left the group) and the whole thing might as well be Nicole's solo album. In that respect, it feels overindulgent and unbalanced - they could do with putting the others on the mike once in a while, her power vocals get a little grating after a while and that unfairly detracts from Nicole's genuine talent. The feeling that if you've heard one you've heard them all isn't helped by the fact that for a dance troupe it's extremely ballad/mid tempo heavy. The overall pace is pretty slow and that doesn't do it any favours; it needs a few of the filler ballads cut to give it some edge back. What also doesn't help is that it has lost the eccentricity of their debut one - by choosing the same urban producers as everyone else now they're firmly in one genre and it all just adds to this 'samey' feeling that you get after a while of listening to it. When the Dolls first came out they were something a little different... now they're just fitting the mould.

That's not to say it's no good though - I Hate This Part is a great song, there are still a couple of stompers on there and the Ne-yo written Happily Never After is lovely. The production's slick, and when it's hot it's hot. My personal favourite is the sassy 'Whatcha Think About That,' a kiss off for an ex to let him know he'll be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Overall I'd say this album was fine, but they can and have done better. They need to mix it up and turn it up next time around.
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on 18 March 2009
When i first brought this album, i had to listen to it quite a few times for the songs to grow on me-thats because the sounds are new and a little different. They are mostly catchy but quite a few are very mediocre and so after playing them a few times, just boring and annoying. There are some really bassey tracks with catchey tunes which are great for the happy sunshine days cruzing in your car. Some of the lyrics are cool and generally its a fun album. But the high use of repetition of lyrics and tunes in alot of the songs which dont have a catchy enough tune stops it from being a generally brilliant album. Its still sexy and cool tho!
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on 12 February 2015
Despite my sneaking admiration for pop music (well, it was a sneaking admiration until I was dumb enough to start writing reviews of it on here), my enjoyment of The Pussycat Dolls debut album "PCD" still came as something of a surprise. Whilst I've long been an unashamed fan of the kind of manufactured pop put out by the likes of Girls Aloud, the r 'n' b side of things, as done by the likes of Destiny's Child, had largely passed me by. I did still manage to enjoy the album, however, although I thought it was let down by the cover versions it contained.

In the 3 years between "PCD" and "Doll Domination", quite a lot has happened to the group, much of which has helped keep them in the public eye. Lead singer Nicole Scherzinger recorded a solo album, promoting rumours that the group would split, although that album was never released. There was also Nicole's relationship with Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and the reality TV show that was supposed to select a new member of the band, although the winner never actually joined them. The publicity may have helped keep the group in the papers, but the long break between albums hasn't helped sales. Indeed, this album has been far less of a success both in the UK and in the US, selling roughly a tenth of the copies of "PCD" in both markets to date. Given that the publicity machine was working fine, something that really hurt Sandi Thom's second release, the answer to that can only lie on the CD itself.

At 18 tracks and 62 minutes in length, this is an album that by sheer playing time alone would be pretty good value. Unfortunately, most of the hour of music here is instantly forgettable and so the album would stand up to repeated plays simply because you can't be sure if you've heard the songs before once you play it again.

To answer my initial query, it is the content of the CD that has led to its failure. The group have tried to trade in their sense of fun, which is what made them different for song craft on this album. Unfortunately, they just don't have good enough songs to manage it and they've ended up sounding just like anyone else. Given that most of the group seem to have been relegated to the background for this album, it possibly also explains why Nicole's solo album wasn't released, as it would probably have sounded just like this, which means it wouldn't have been good enough.
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on 22 June 2010
I love the pussycat doll's from there first to there second album both album's are amazing but Doll Domination is fantastic especially Elevtor and When I grow up to very catchy song's.
It's a shame that Melody,Ashley,Kimberely and jessica are leaving the pussycat doll's there is only one remaining and her name is Nicole Scherzinger but there are gonna be 4 new member's to the group I would say a comment on I feel what the group are gonna sound like but it will probabily be the same as when the original 4 where there it is just Nicole Scherzinger's Vocals that you hear on the album.
Great urban album and great song's it would of been nice though if you ever got a chance to hear the other girls truly sing on the album dont know if that is Robin Antins or Nicole Scherzinger or even Ron Fair's fault but it is on ever Nicole you hear and the other girls never really got a chance to show off their talent I think that is a shame but the album is great bottlepop song feat Snoop dogg dont like it you cant really hear the singing because of the Auto tune and watchmacallit is a fantastic song.
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on 29 November 2008
PCD was good, this is as good as not better.

Ignore all the negative reviews, they aren't hitting the point, you hardly get a group producing such varied genres, from the mature/vulnerable (I Hate This Part) to the club bangers (When I Grow Up).

When I Grow Up - Instant hit. 10/10
Bottle Pop - Features Snoop, OK attempt on a flirty electro song. 8/10
Whatcha Think About That - Features Missy, the standard PCD type song. 8/10
I Hate This Part - heartfelt ballad. 10/10
Takin Over' the World - Nice upbeat, Doll dominating song. 9/10
Out of this Club - Features R Kelly, bog standard ballad. 7/10
Who's Gonna Love U - Taken from Nicoles solo album, amazing addictive ballad, unique. 10/10
Happily Never After - again taken from 'Her Name Is Nicole', hearteflet ballad, better than the Backstreet Boys' version. 9/10
Magic - Different genre, first of Timabaland ingenious producions, Very well planned beat/rythm. 9.5/10
Halo - Just brilliant. A full 10/10.
In person - Again, something different. A very concert-friendly song. 8/10
Elevator - Rihanna type song, normal R&B that people love. 9/10
Hush Hush - Grammy worthy, 10+/10
Love The Way You Love Me - A nice addition. 8/10
Watchamacallit - Name comes from their love of having names like Stickwitu etc, ingenious song, easily to get addicted to. 10/10.
I'm Done - Nicoles affection for Lewis. 9/10

Baby Love J R Remix - Nice remix. 8/10
Lights Camera Action - a bit too sexified. 7/10
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps - Doll Domination's "Sway". I love it. 9/10

If I Was a Man - Single material dance hit. 9.5/10
Space - Nice R&B ballad. 8.5/10
Don't Wanna Fall in Love - Upbeat, vibrant cover. 8/10
Played - slow, nice song. 7.5/10
Until U Love U - Its a grower. 9/10

Verdict: Every single song isnt a crowd stppoer, but 80% are single material, and there are MANY gems.

If you liked ANY PCD song, then I 100% recommend getting this. Just started liking PCD, theres new material for you too.

Not sure? Then listen to: Halo, Hush Hush, Whos Gonna Love You or Elevator.
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on 27 December 2008
This new album from PCD is great. Ok, so there is a few songs which aren't that great-but isn't there on every album?

Some people say they need to decide which style of music they want to do but i think the mixture on this album is really good and it shows off just how good they are as a band.

My fav songs:

I Hate This Part
Happily Never After
Hush Hush
I'm Done
Baby Love
Bottle Pop
Whatcha Think About That
Lights, Camera, Action

Worth buying - but don't bother getting it if you don't like PCD- because you'll only moan after :)
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on 26 October 2008
Like i said in the title for my review, this album is even better than PCD,although they released fantasic singles from that album the rest of the album were covers.There were two tracks which were wicked on their first album though which were hot stuff(i want you back) and bite the dust.Right here is a review of each track from doll domination:
When i grow up-10/10 This a fab choice for the first single,but there are even hotter tracks than this song
Bottle pop-10/10 This song is insanly catchy a great song,love snoops rap,one of my favourite songs off the album
Whatcha think about that feat missy elliott-10/10 Great choice for the second single,a favourite of mine,watch out for missy singing near the bridge of the song
I hate this part-10/10 This is also the second single,the video is quite good look for it on youtube,a lovely ballad
Taking over the world-10/10 Another catchy song,nice to hear melody singing in the bridge with nicole their voices go well together,melody is a brillant singer
Out of this club feat r kelly and polow Da Don-7/10-I think this should be an uptempo song,instead it is a slow song,not one of my favourites
Who's gonna love you-10/10 I love this track lovely uptempo number,one of my favourites on the album
Happily never after-10/10 This lovely ballad was written and co-produced by no other than the sexy man himself ne-yo(the king of rnb),this song is another favourite of mine
Magic-10/10 I love this funky uptempo number written and co-produced by timbaland,another favourite of mine
Halo-10/10 Another great ballad from the girls
In person-6/10 An alright song,not a favourite of mine though
Elevator-10/10 I love this song,again melody gets to sing a lot of the song,another favourite of mine
Hush Hush-10/10 A lovely emotional ballad, another favourite of mine
Love the way you love me-10/10 A brillant uptempo number,love the bridge which melody sings, i feel her part in the song is the best part.Another favourite of mine
Whatchamacallit-10/10 I love love this song another favourite of mine
I'm done-10/10 I love this song, a lovely ballad
Lights,camera,action feat new kids on the block- A great funky uptempo song
Perhaps,Perhaps,Perhaps-5/10 A cover,i don't like this song but it is rather catchy
I really like this album i just feel it is time to let the other dolls sing apart from melody and nicole,but you defo need this album in your collection,otherwise you will be missing out on a brillant album
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on 28 September 2014
Another album that I bought only for one track but found myself listening to the whole album.
Great as one of those albums you stick on when the girls are round and you've had a few drinks, everyone sings along even though it's kind of embarrassing to admit you know the words!
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on 22 April 2014
had to buy this CD has had one particular song stuck in my head now i have so many different tunes stuck in there but such a good CD that i have bought another CD by the pussycat dolls only one point is that hush hush isn't as disco as the version on youtube
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Doll Domination

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