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Perfect Symmetry
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 26 May 2012
The album itself is a 3 star but because of the DVD extras on the deluxe version it's deserving of 4 stars because they make it more enjoyable.

The debut Keane album was an amazing piano driven masterpiece, then came Under the iron sea which developed the sound and added distortion effects for a fuller and more powerful sound, in my opinion. The latter is my favourite album of theirs and it will be forever their best. After Under the iron sea Tom went through a difficult period being addicted to cocaine and as a result the band nearly broke up. With this album the band wanted a new sound and something to make them be happy about being a band and making music again. The change in sound was quite drastic for the most part and for me the band went downhill. The album overall, after I got used to it is pretty good but that Keane sound of old is basically well over.

The album begins with Spiralling; the 1st single - an 80's sounding song with synths and a driving rhythm. There is very little of the Keane we knew and love remaining! It's actually a pretty good song and a catchy one too. The lovers are losing Richard explains is about the two different types of people. It's got a pretty good chorus and is one of the best. Better than this is one of a couple of clever songs lyrically. It's got a bouncy beat with clapping and some crazy type vocals from Tom. You haven't told me anything is another clever tune with a good guitar riff. The theme is about the jaded state of mind where you think you know everything. Perfect symmetry is probably the best song on the album and is a taste of the Keane from the 1st 2 albums. The piano is strong through most of the song. It does have that Keane melancholy about it (which most of the songs are lacking) with a touch of sarcasm. You don't see me is my least favourite. It's pretty slow and lyrically isn't that good. Again and again is probably one of the 2 most upbeat songs on the album. The chorus is pretty catchy, as is the sound throughout and you can hear the piano throughout. Playing along is very slow and relaxed but it's pretty interesting lyrically. Pretend that you're alone is a smart tune with an interesting topic. The rhythm is good and once again you can hear the piano, reminding you that this is actually Keane! Black burning heart is one of my few favourites. It's got a cracking chorus, a good rhythm and quite differently, French at the bridge being read by a man. Love is the end is probably the slowest and most boring track on the record. The subject is clear and it's alright lyrically but certainly not one of the better tracks.

The deluxe version has a DVD with a 20 minute documentary on the making of the album (giving you a well-needed insight into the band's state of mind), a track by track video commentary (very useful and helped me to understand and have a far better appreciation for the songs), demo versions of all songs (just like with the Under the iron sea deluxe) and rehearsal footage of Spiralling which is just a performance of the song live with many different camera angles and Tom playing the electric guitar.

It's a big change in sound for the band and even though it's pretty good when you get used to it, it certainly doesn't have that immediate appeal and incredible sound that the first two albums have, in fact it's nowhere near as good. In my opinion I think it's a selfish album that the band created because they needed to experiment with their music and see what they could do now that they were a reformed band again. One important difference is Tom's voice. His voice sounds pretty flat and weak throughout the album and isn't close to the quality it was on the 1st 2 albums. Maybe the cocaine messed up his voice but it doesn't really make sense because on the Keane Live DVD, which was recorded more recently after the band reformed and Tom quit his addiction (it's older), his voice is really good (not as good as it used to be but still good) so maybe it's just something he did to fit in with the new sound by altering the tone. Instead of that choir boy sound its very shaky and low. Maybe it has something to do with the new songs being in a different tone or pitch and that's why he sounds better singing the older stuff. It's definitely something to bear in mind and clearly lowers the quality of the album.
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on 1 December 2012
It lacks a regular and more musical creativity, still can not overcome their first album. This album is for fans only.
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on 23 February 2016
very fantastic and perfect
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on 15 December 2013
Really up to all my expectations. Arrived in perfect order, and am now playing it all the time.
Look forward to their next CD
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on 8 October 2015
Very fast. Great CD.
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on 27 October 2014
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VINE VOICEon 20 October 2008
The first 2 albums were great, simple catchy songs great lyrics and the whole gelled together well. This new album, is a departure from the well trodden formula of the two first albums. I think it is important to try out something new, rather than turning the same things out again and again. It is quite easy to get bored with the same old thing. I think it is a brave move to have taken the emphasis of the music to another level and here we have some very original songs. I really enjoy the opening track 'Spiralling' with some high pitched 'Oohs' thrown in for good measure, gets the album off to a cracking start. The songs have been written and put together to be different and this album is able to stand alone against the previous 2. Having listened to it a couple of times now, it is definitely growing on me.
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on 20 January 2009
Instantly recognisable melodies, soaring vocals and heart-felt lyrics combined to make Keane one of the UK's premium music acts. However, mid 2006 their worldwide fanbase was rocked with revelations of frontman Tom Chaplin's drug addiction. Three years on, they're back with a new album, and a new lease on life.

You would have thought years of drug abuse would knock a man's confidence. Not Tom Chaplin. "It's the best thing we've ever written," exclaims the excitable frontman. A great review in itself considering the remarkable success of new album Perfect Symmetry's predecessors. Both shot straight to number 1 in the UK. From the angelic masterpiece Hopes and Fears to the dark, brooding Under the Iron Sea, Keane represent people's need for emotional songs with catchy lyrics. The enjoyment of being in a successful band with your two closest friends would seem like a dream come true to most, Keane however wrote second album Under the Iron Sea barely talking, pretty much hating each other. "Under the iron sea kind of encapsulates our feeling at the time, we weren't communicating, we were barely talking" says chief songwriter Tim Rice-Oxely. Many attribute this to Tom's addiction, which most believe nearly split the group up for good. After a stint in rehab, Tom and Keane emerged with a newfound spirit within the band. They set out touring around the world, culminating in a sell out show at London's 02 Arena. "We had this reinvention as people, we might not have this, so we might as well enjoy it."

Perfect Symmetry thus represents a new chapter in the already torrent story of instant fame they have come to represent. A David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys inspired "sprawling mass of melody". Its instantly noticeable 80s influence makes a distinct departure from anything that the band have done before; one thing however remains the same, the lyrics. While the sounds at times are what could be described as funky, the core idea of Keane still remains. The idea that meaning within music should not be sacrificed just to satisfy Radio 1. The idea that feeling of loneliness, isolation, love etc are universal, and therefore people can relate to music that simply put, is heart on your sleeve sounding. This fusion is no better illustrated then in opening track Spiralling. The song begins with an emphatic "Oooh", quickly you realise this is not the same Keane as we are used to. However as you continue into the song, you realise that Rice-Oxeley has not lost the ability to tap into our inner most thoughts. "When we fall in love, we're just falling, in love with ourselves, we're spiralling," lyrics that Rice-Oxeley describes as " both mine and Kanye West's favourite from the album". Strong praise indeed.

The album continues at rocket pace through three further tracks, before you realise it you are listening to arguably Rice-Oxeley's finest achievement as a songwriter. Perfect Symmetry, the song the album gets its title from, acts as a remarkable centrepiece for the tracks that pre/proceed it. "something about it reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody" says Rice-Oxeley proudly. Tom agrees, " It's just the best song Tim's ever written, it's a honour as a frontman to sing it". Yet more indication of the pride Keane have for their third release. Other highlights include the rhythmic nonsense displayed in Pretend That You're Alone Now. Nonsense? "We are just the monkeys who fell out of the tree, we are blisters on the earth". Not exactly heart warming, but you can see his point. Latecomer to the tracklist Black Burning Heart is yet another Keane classic in the making. We conclude with the tear jerking epic Love is the End, which if truth be told, is the only one of its kind on the album. This does not take away the true genius of the record however, which will no doubt stand the test of time. Keane are here to stay, Perfect Symmetry is undeniable proof.
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on 13 November 2014
What`s not to like about it.
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on 15 October 2008
This album contains their best song to date, I will give you a clue (It is the title track), it includes everything, a good chorus, a choir towards the end of the song. It is a good album, spiralling we already know is a great track, and follow up The Lovers are Losing is just as great. The whole album is pretty good.
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