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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2009
Invasion of the Bane--- disc one is EXACTLY the same as the single episode release.
Revenge of the Slitheen
Eye of the Gorgon
Warriors of Kudlak
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane??
The Lost Boy

From the above you will note that there is no need to purchase the single episode release of Invasion of the Bane as you won't get any extra special features or anything. It annoys me that Amazon do not put up proper details of D.V.D.s so one is often buying blind. I got caught out and bought the single release and wasted my money. I have posted these details so that others do not get caught out.
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on 11 December 2008
I am sorry I simply cannot agree with the review that said this was a bad series. As some of the other reviewers have said this is more akin to classic Dr Who of the past but with absolutely top notch acting and very good attention to detail/Special effects. It also has a lot of nice little touches such as allusions to Dr Who and strong internal continuity. Yes it was designed as a kids series but it definitely has almost universal appeal. Couple this with a great 4 dvd set at a price that is less than the typical price of a single Dr who dvd and you have one of he best value box sets I have seen.
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on 10 October 2008
Since Doctor Who's revival in 2005, it seems that everywhere we turn we are bombarded with Doctor Who merchandise, magazines, toys, DVD's ect and now we have two spin-off series. The first being the more "adult" Torchwood and the second, the more "child friendly" The Sarah Jane Adventures. Both have their own merits, however The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA) works so much better as a Doctor Who spin-off than what Torchwood does. Firstly, we have a character who many fans have known for years and in a lot of cases, grew up watching. Sarah Jane Smith is once again played by the brilliant Elisabeth Sladen, and here she's back and better than ever armed with her own sonic-lipstick and supercomputer Mr. Smith. Fair enough this does sound a little silly, and it sounds even sillier when we start talking about Slitheens and an alien pop factory, however the show is aimed at kids and it does a good job of catering for that audience as well as an older audience as well. Meaning that this series is enjoyable to anyone who doesn't take it too seriously.

The show itself is of incredible quality compared to some other children's programming. When aired originally each "story" was split into two 30 minute episodes, ending on a cliffhanger which was resolved the following week and that format is restored here in this set.

The episodes are each brilliant in their own way (well maybe except for Revenge of the Slitheen but it's still not bad). Highlights include "Eye of the Gorgon" "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" and "The Lost Boy". That being said, every episode of this series is enjoyable and entertaining, but the ones I mentioned are just the strongest of the bunch. Also present here is the first episode Invasion of the Bane which originally aired as a New Year's special and also acted as the show's first episode which guest stars Samantha Bond as Mrs. Wormwood who goes on to return in the final episode of the second season.

The acting is always on top form. If you are new to the series starting from "Invasion of the Bane" please don't be put off by the one major mistake the writers made which was creating the character of Kelsey, how thankfully was replaced by the much more likable and entertaining Clyde. Aside from Sarah Jane as the lead, we have Maria Jackson played wonderfully by Yasmin Paige who is Sarah Jane's "companion" if you will. Also starring is Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, Sarah's adopted son (yes she has a son now!) and Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer, the comic relief of the series. Writing, directing and production values are always up to scratch, a lot of effort was put into making this series and it shows on screen and in the quality of the series itself.

The special features aren't as in-depth as those featured on the Doctor Who DVD's, but as the boxset is aimed at the show's target demographic then it is to be expected. There is still a lot to be found on the DVD's though in terms of special features, there is a quiz which "unlocks" an outtake reel, some interviews, Blue Peter spots, trailers and character profiles as well as others. The DVD's come in an attractively designed box, which houses the four discs and the menus are the same as those on the Sarah Jane Adventures - Invasion of the Bane (BBC) [DVD] DVD, which display an animated and interactive version of Sarah Jane's attic.

This boxset does make a worthy purchase, and a nice addition to any Doctor Who fan's collection, plus the low price Amazon has the set listed at makes this both a bargain and a quality purchase.
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on 31 October 2008
This is the more "Child Friendly" Spin Off of Doctor Who unlike the adult version of Torchwood, Being a Fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood I thought to give Sarah Jane Adventures a chance and I did and I have always watched it on CBBC, This show has been proven to draw: Child, Teen (Myself being one) and Adults (My Mother Exibit A), Elizabeth Sladen and her Child Companions Maria and Clyde with her adopted son Luke attract Aliens etc. The Series was really good my favourite being Warriors of Kudlak and The Lost Boy, The New Series currently Showing on CBBC is showing real promise even though they replaced Maria it still carries on, If you are looking for a change from Torchwood and Doctor Who or something to entertain you while the shows are on a hiatus I recommened Sarah Jane Advenutres, you will never look back :D
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on 19 March 2009
Sarah-Jane Smith is the (former) Doctor Who companion with the nine lives. Like Bond girls, The Doctor's companions (male and female) tend to fade into oblivion upon leaving the show, with a few honourable exceptions (Billie Piper, Peter Purves), but the redoubtable Miss Smith just keeps coming back for more. In 1981, five years after leaving the show she had joined when Jon Pertwee was The Doctor, there was the oddly charming but critically mauled `K9 and Company', followed two years later by the Twentieth anniversary Doctor Who story `The Five Doctors'. Sarah-Jane then disappeared for twenty-three years before resurfacing in the revamped Doctor Who series, again with the (t)rusty K9, in `School Reunion'. But The Sarah-Jane Adventures is undoubtedly actress Elisabeth Sladen's piece de resistance; as she teams up with Maria Jackson from over the road and Maria's mouthy friend Kelsey, as well as her super computer `Mr Smith', to investigate alien activity on Earth (K9 being sadly indisposed, preventing a black hole from destroying the planet.
After the fun but typically patchy pilot episode `Invasion of the Bane', Kelsey was replaced by the brash but endearing streetwise Clyde Langer and the show really took off. Along with Sarah's adopted son Luke (artificially created by the Bane), and primary companion Maria, Sarah uses Mr Smith to help her locate alien activity from the attic of her house on Bannerman Road.
With six two-part adventures in the series, writers Gareth Roberts, Phil Gladwin and Phil Ford really have an opportunity to put some meat on the bones of each episode, and this leads to a solidly constructed, invigorating and relentlessly impressive series of stories. My personal favourite is the eerie `Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane', in which our hero is taken out of time by the Machiavellian `Trickster' and the girl she saw die forty years ago is brought to life and allowed to live in her place...
In all honesty there isn't a dud story here. Russell T Davies has struck TV gold once more, and with a further series being broadcast as we speak and a third already commissioned this particular spin-off looks set to run and run.
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on 30 July 2009
This family adventure will work wonders on kids as well as the parents. It's a joyful mood yet the action is there. Perfect in all the way. I just wish eash episode would be the length of any Doctor Who or Torchwood episode, in fact, slightly under 30 minutes is a little short to tell the story, hence the numerous two parts adventures.
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on 5 February 2009
I bought this DVD for my 10 year daughter for Christmas - and she loves it, watching over and over again. She enjoys Doctor Who but sometimes finds it a little scary but Sarah Jane adventures is definitely her favourite! It is fast moving and exciting and the child actors are great. This is one of those programmes aimed at children that I find myself enjoying too. It is a great programme to watch together.
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on 2 October 2008
some of the jumps between CGI and rubber suit are a bit naff but for plot and style it's a cracker! and Liz Sladen is looking great for nearly 60!

The Trickster episodes are brilliant! quiet scary for kids - great plot!

it's a shame Maria has left the second series but the first 2 episodes of that were brilliant too!

obviously a less budget than Dr Who but very good for all that!
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on 7 June 2009
Terrific children's BBC Doctor Who spin off that often feels more sophisticated, grounded in real emotion and coherent than it's parent show. Much of the credit for this is due to Elisabeth Sladen, who gives a subtle and nuanced performance throughout. For those of us who loved Sarah Jane first time round as the doctor's companion, her 'second chance' to have these exciting new adventures feels like a vindication for us too. Series creator Russell T Davies knows this and cleverly creates a world in which Sarah is forced to confront issues that many of her original audience will relate to (including loneliness, the passing of time, the role of fate in our lives). Which isn't to say that this show misses out on any of the things that younger viewers would expect: the actors are all excellent, there are impressive special effects and monsters that amuse rather than frighten. The scripts fizz with sharp humour ('Eye of the Gorgon' has some witty one liners) but also have moments of pathos - particularly around growing old. As the season progresses, there is a real sense that Sarah Jane has found a family and has finally begun to enjoy her life back on earth. Any fan of sci-fi should love this and cherish it always. Can't wait for season 2.
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on 10 April 2015
I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (both new and Classic series)but have been putting off buying this for a while due to the fact that i had never seen the show & its aimed at children.So i picked up the first series second hand and for a good price to check it out and see what all the fuss is about..I needn't have worried as the show itself is a cracker and my eight year old daughter (and myself) love it almost as much as the Doctor - So a win - win situation all round.
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