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on 5 September 2016
This is a very good external hard drive enclose for 2.5" drives - probably one of the best I have used.

The tool less installation is a breeze - just slide the cover off, insert the drive into the connectors (obviously making sure they are lined up the correct way first) and then slide the cover back on. Job done - hard drive installed and all you need to do is plug the cable into the drive and USB slot and you are good to go.

In use performance seems really good - the USB3 transfer rates are very quick and you can notice a difference. I used this to add an SSD drive to my Xbox One and it has cut the loading times of some games by roughly half - a very quick and easy way to upgrade the Xbox One.

The only 'gripe' (and hence only 4 stars) is the supplied cable is quite short (around 12 inches) and isn't a standard USB cable (one end is a propriety plug), so it would be difficult to replace with a longer cable - I guess you could get a USB extender cable for additional cost, but I haven't tried this so cannot vouch it would work.

Overall though, very happy with this.
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on 16 April 2015
Nice little enclosure. Does not feel cheaply made, aside from the garish blue activity LED. Powers entirely off the port effectively on all my machines - an old Windows laptop and a 2014 Macbook Air - with an SSD or HDD installed. The white model sites nicely beside the Apple stuff.

With a 2.5" HDD installed the case fits snuggly and there is no rattling or wiggle room, however with a more slimline SSD the drive does rattle inside as no spacers are provided, which could lead to damage of the drive and/or interface electronics. I improvised with a piece of packing material so now there is a snug fit.

Despite the item description my unit DID NOT COME with a carry pouch, which was disappointing as it was one of the things that swayed my purchase decision towards this specific unit.

The unit identifies itself as 'JMicron Generic Media' when in use, which makes me a little uneasy about things like TRIM support/garbage collection when using with an SSD, though modern firmware should be able to cope. YMMV.
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2010
This is dead easy to put together, all the bits are there, including a teeny tiny screwdriver for the teeny tiny screws that are easy to lose, but they do give you a spare one in case you drop one on the carpet.

It even comes with a swish leather case, something my much more expensive WD passport drive didn't have...

After that it's just a case of plugging it in.

It comes with a power lead for people who don't have powered USB ports but as that terminates in a USB plug it's next to useless.

It also comes with some software on a mini CD, but don't bother with it, the thing is just a storage device. Keep it simple...
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on 16 May 2016
Great little hard drive adapter. The case itself is very sturdy and the connection is very fast. I'm using this to connect a 1TB SSHD to my Xbox One and it works seamlessly. The adapter really hugs the hard drive inside the case so there's no need to worry about it's safety. The white looks great against the solid black backing, and the cable is nice and sturdy. It is a rather short cable however, which means the positioning of this drive for the Xbox took some balancing, but it sits nicely on top of the Xbox.

The sturdy casing makes me feel great about housing my drive, whilst providing the speed and functionality I need. There is a very intense blue LED on the front to indicate that it's on that can become a bit overbearing, but with a small bit of tape it can be covered. This is no issue when the device is plugged in, but the power off. If nothing else, it's a good reminder to switch your device off at the wall.

It's a great case that works very well. It's fast, durable and smart. Exactly what I needed.
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on 6 February 2018
Exsctly what it says on the tin.
Easy to install and very easy to dismantle.
Would like for it to come with a better leather pouch instead of the one you'd find with a £2 buy.
But other than that, does the job perfectly. Not came to fault after a good months use so far.
So very pleased with the overall product.
However, do note that the cable is only short as well, but is of good quality.
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on 18 May 2017
Pretty much as expected and is proving suitable for what I wan't to do which backup storage of photos etc in parallel with other backup/security methods.

It does occasionally 'freeze' when transferring large numbers of big files but is better when the transfer rate is throttled. Had the same issue with a different supplier and suspect there is some basic issue with the chipset's buffering capability or data flow control - so be watchfull and check that all files are transferred correctly before putting back in the draw/safe etc.

Other wise pretty god, well built etc.
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on 30 October 2015
Had a spare hard drive knocking around from when I upgraded the one in my PS4 so I purchased one of these to make use of it.

USB 3.0 speeds are excellent and it works on everything I have thrown at it (PC, Smart TV, Tablet and even phone using an OTG adapter)

Fitting the hard drive was a simple 30 second job, and it worked effortlessly. Only minor gripe being that the Hard Drive did rattle inside the enclosure so I sorted it by stuffing a small piece of foam under the cover. Minor issue for something which is this much of a bargain.
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on 29 December 2012
I am very pleased with this hard drive case. The package contained:
- the case;
- leatherette covering case;
- mini screwdriver and three tiny screws - you only need two but it was good to receive a spare in case you lose one - I also thought the screwdriver was a nice touch;
- USB to micro USB connector;
- USB to power connection which I didn't need as the drive worked perfectly well without this being connected;
- mini DVD containing the manual and backup software - I didn't use this at all.

I bought this to use with a 150GB hard drive that I salvaged from a laptop that given up the ghost. Everything was so easy to set up that it only took me five minutes from opening the box to completion. My computer instantly recognised the drive and a quick reformat gave me a working external hard drive for less than eight pounds. As a bonus it also looks very good. Highly recommended.
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on 14 October 2010
Needing to exchange a notebook hard drive I purchased one of these to remain use of the existing drive thereafter. For the princely sum I was not expecting the best, however I have to say that the item is outstanding value fr money.
The item perfectly houses the hard drive without any flaws and would wholeheartedly recommend it. Not sure of the seller I used, but whichever one it was they were reliable and prompt.

This is an update to my earlier review as I have had a number of these units and used them extensively.

I am surprised by some of the negative reviews as I have had my units since 2010 and have had just one fault where one of the securing lugs broke, something which has not prevented me from using the enclosure/caddy.

I still hold that these units are very good value for money and I am still using them without any issues, there are many alternatives to these and some might think that being cheap they might not suit there purposes but in truth the opposite applies. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews there are by far outweighed by the positive feedback from people like myself who are impressed by how efficient they are especially given how little they cost!
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on 28 April 2016
I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of this purchase.

The 2.5" enclosure was well packaged and delivered on time.

I used it to allow me to "clone" my laptop HDD to a newly purchased SSHD 2.5 " drive and it worked perfectly.

Quality product at excellent price - the supplied cables, (which I only needed one of), would probably have cost as much as the whole package.
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