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on 8 September 2017
great item good price
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on 13 July 2013
Only downside to this was there is not user guide. You have to download one. Not being technical with electronics I needed to call a friend in to find out how to operate it. Easy when you have been shown and we have had no trouble with it at all.
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on 5 June 2017
Great product, easy to use. For the money, absolutely the best
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on 3 July 2010
Excellent I love this, easy to set up, easy to get updates/fixes very easy to use I got one for my elderly Mother and she is able to use it easily, records well, good memory (300 hrs I had) amazing what you can store
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on 4 December 2009
I bought the Humax PVR-9150T for my mother, who at 67 years old, is a bit of a technophobe. No need to worry here because the set up and operation couldn't be simpler. Plug it in and it searches for channels etc.
Recording couldn't be easier. No more looking through video tapes to see what can be recorded over etc, just simpley find the programme you want to record on the electronic programme guide and press the record button, job done! The series link feature is a god send too, another button press and every programme of a series will be recorded. The same with playback, find the programme in the recorded list, press select and off you go! Another great feature is being able to pause & rewind live tv, no more waiting for the ad break to make a cuppa (or fill the wine glass!!!).
Getting to grips with the remote control took a little time, getting used to what button did what etc, but after a couple of days it was easy.
My mother lives in a fairly weak freeview signal area and her previous box used to pixilate badly, but no concerns with the Humax. All the channels are crystal clear with no pixilation at all.
As I said at the start, my mother is a technophobe, but she has taken to this like a duck to water. She reckons its the best electrical product she's ever bought, and I tend to agree with her.
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on 29 September 2010
The 9150T is an excellent little device that should both meet and exceed the needs of just about most people. It can indeed record from two separate channels at once, so with this device we, The Consumer, are already having our (two) cake(s) and eating it! The 9150T is, in effect, a scaled-down version of the 9300T, both in HDD storage and in physical size; on the latter, it sits comfortably on top of my CD-player within a furniture unit.

Excellent though it is, prospective buyers should beware of the following: the 9150T is NOT HD-capable and does NOT feature a HDMi output socket (and so Amazon should not be advising an HDMi lead as an extra). The rear panel features:

- RF (coaxial, female) in (from roof aerial/receiver)
- RF (coaxial, female) out (to TV or VCR)
- SCART in (pass-through from DVD, LD, VCR, etc.)
- SCART out (to TV or other VDU)
- RS-232C data port

It comes with a bog-standard 'kit' SCART lead which I only used on the day of installation and set-up before getting a proper gold-plated Ixos. Whatever problems with the PSU fan and/or screen 'freezing' the 9150T may have had upon release last year have since been eliminated and are no longer an issue.

I find the device both excellent and easy (intuitive) to use; have never encountered a SkyPlus-whatever-box, and so am unsure just how much 'better' some can claim it to be. Am surprised just how much 160GB can actually store (100 hours is one helluva lot!) and can wholeheartedly recommend it to others. If the 9150T has any shortcomings, I'd say it is only the lack of A) RCA Phono audio outputs (overcome with a SCART-to-2 RCA Phono lead), and B) an LED clock on its fascia.

ERRATUM/ADDENDUM (added 31 Oct 2010)

Contrary to my statement above (and another reviewer has commented likewise), one CANNOT "record from two separate channels whilst you are watching a third" - if recording from TWO channels at the same time, you can then only watch ONE OF THOSE TWO being recorded. Have now removed/edited-out the erroneous sentence.

Having said this, I still rate this 9150T very highly and still recommend it most heartily!
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on 11 October 2008
Have now owned a Humax 9150 for two weeks and would echoe all the previous positive comments. It is incredibly easy to set up and operate. Everything is logically laid out so learning the operations quickly becomes intuitive. Picture quality is excellent. Yes there is a some fan noise but nothing worse than you experience with a PC. As another reviewer says you only really notice it when the TV is switched off, which is when you should have the Humax in standby mode anyway. It is also set up to check for software updates daily. Ours is in the bedroom so it was a bit spooky to find it switching itself on every morning at 4 AM. This was quickly remedied by changing the setting to later in the day.

I have no hesitation in giving this piece of kit 5 stars for performance and price.
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on 21 September 2011
Despite owning an integrated digital TV, offering Freeview, for over 10 years I have always resisted buying a machine that would allow me to record the multitude of available digital channels; being quite happy to use our Sanyo VHS machine to record programmes from the four available terrestial stations. In part this was due to indecision regarding the best means of recording digital and the potential cost of the machines.
But finally I gave in, and being a bloke I researched, to the nth degree,the available machines and the least expensive sources. Having decided that I wanted a hard drive recorder the reviews eventually led me to the Humax range and finally to the 9150T 160GB Twin Tuner.Given that we rarely watch anything twice I deliberately chose this machine knowing that it would not record in HD; this omission is reflected in the relatively low price.
I have now been using the recorder for many weeks and wish I had opted to buy it earlier.
It is so simple to use. After plugging the aerial into the recorder and linking the machine to the TV via a scart plug the installation was extremely quick.
Recording is simple. Selecting GUIDE on the remote control lists all the available programmes on all the available channels for at least 7 days- I have yet to find out whether I can record beyond a week. By highlighting the required programme and pressing OK recording will then take place at the appropriate time.And if the programme is one of a series you will be given the choice to select this option if you want. It is possible to record at least two programmes starting at the same time whilst watching a further programme.So now once the Radio Times arrives we choose the programmes to record and then schedule them into the recorder.
Play back is again very easy to access. Select MENU on the remote, choose RECORD, select RECORDED PROGRAMMES and there you will find all the recorded programmes.
In addition, should you need to answer a phone call or answer the door, this Humax allows you to pause real time viewing and then continue to watch the programme from that point when you return.
The picture quality is fine. Not HD of course but still pleasing to the eye.
A brilliant little machine that does everything I expected at the minimum of effort and at a price I could afford.
Now all I need is the time watch all the films and series we have recorded!
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on 14 April 2009
Firstly I'll cover the points raised in 1-star feedback:

The fan only comes on when you turn it on, and lasts for about 4 seconds. Totally quiet after that.

There is indeed no male-female RF lead (required if you want to use your TV's own tuner). I reckon you can get one for about 99p in Wilkinsons.

The guide does take a while to load. Hard to put a distinct time on it as I tend to not scroll through to the next day, but I reckon under a minute for the current programmes and the rest is built up from there and takes a few more minutes. Guide is lost even when left on standby, but this may be a side offect of the low power consumption during standby (0.9W). At least you can watch TV and see whats on whilst the full guide is uploading. In my opinion low power in standy is more important than retaining the guide. Scheduled recordings still works in standby.

Timed recordings generally starts when the program does. I have found that I have might have lost the first few seconds of 1 or 2 programmes though.

OKay, so now my review. (I have had this 10 days so this is still work in progress)

The unit is brilliant, even does things that a Sky+ box doesn't such as picture in picture.
You can search for programmes, to see when they are on again if you've forgotten to record them. Searches all channels over the next week (and may be beyond).

Fairly straight forward to use.

No HMDI output, just Scart. So this doesn't 'upscale to 1080p', whatever that means. Well I think it means that if you had a HD TV then you wouldn't benefit from an enhanced picture. Possibly one to think about if you are buying a HD tv. If you wait a couple of years you could probably get an equivalent device that receives HD freeview anyway (which would be better than 'upscaling' current digital transmissions anyway).

I got a included a 5 year guarantee with mine (not an Amazon purchase) However, you should only anticipate electronics to last 2 years before they get outdated anyway. If I get 2 years use out of this I would consider it a good investment.

Buy it now.

**There is no USB slot. There appears to be some sort of mistake with the manufacturer's description on this site**

Update November 2010:
No real probs with this. I have found that the recording misses the first few seconds now and again. I think this may affect BBC1 more than other channels but am not too sure.
This is still a brilliant unit.
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on 21 January 2009
I bought this because my previous Bush PVR, which was only 18 months old, had started playing up so badly it was no longer usable. I dismantled that one and put the hard drive in my PC! After surveying the reviews for a new PVR I settled on the Humax PVR9150T. The only real downside from the reviews that I had read was that many people complained about fan noise. I have had it for a little over 2 weeks now and it really is a superb bit of kit. It takes a little while to get use to the features on the remote so it is worth taking the time to read through the manual and play with the settings a little to see what they do.

The signal from the twin tuners is excellent. You can record anything on freeview at the push of a button. It copes with a TV series really well and adjusts for time shifting in the programmes very well...mine has only cut one programme short so far and that was only by about 1 minute.

The feature that really impressed me was the timeshifted recording--my old Bush machine didn't have that. Basically, anything you are watching it records silently in the background so, if there's a good film on at 9pm for example, but I don't want to start watching it until say 9.30--provided I have the Humax set on that channel from 9pm, I can come along at 9.30 and just rewind the film back to the beginning at up to 32x speed. Then when I'm playing it back, if the phone rings I can pause it, if I miss some dialogue I can rewind it, if I get to an advert break I can skip over it...it's brilliant and it all works perfectly. I've watched a lot more TV since I bought this!

As for the fan noise, I can't actually hear any on mine. I was a bit concerned at first. Perhaps my fan isn't working but then it doesn't seem to get really hot so maybe it just has a quiet fan? Perhaps this is a problem that Humax have fixed?

This is a superb product. I would highly recommend it.
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