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on 1 March 2010
I'm very much enjoying FSX. About the only fault I can find with the gameplay is some occasionally confusing mission instructions appearing. For example, I played one mission where I had been told to maintain 210 knots. I was then told to descend to a particular height and part way through my rather slow descent, I was told by the control tower to reduce speed to 180 knots. However, when I reached the end of the descent, it told me to level off and maintain 210 knots. It meant 180, but said 210 because it was expecting me to have completed the descent before I was told to reduce speed by the tower. Anyway, only a minor criticism...

The more significant problem is a number of random crashes on Windows 7 64 bit (I don't know if 32 bit is affected). The crashes usually happen when manipulating the menus at the top of the simulator, particularly after the simulator has been running a while. The error log reports problems with UIAutomationCore.dll. Doing some research on the web, it turns out that a number of people have this problem and that there seem to be a few problems with FSX and the new version of the system file, UIAutomationCore.dll, that comes with Windows 7. I managed to find an older version to download (from Vista) and placed it in the Flight Simulator program directory. FSX now operates using this older version and I haven't had a single crash since.

So, pretty disappointing from a Microsoft branded product, but at least it can be fixed if you're prepared to search.

(For those interested, the version of UIAutomationCore.dll that I have with my Windows 7 installation is, product version 6.1.7600.16385, file size 733KB. The old version that I downloaded is version 6.0.6001.18000, product version 6.0.6001.18000, file size 148KB. For avoidance of doubt, I would strongly advise against *replacing* the new file, even if you can bypass the system file protection. Placing the older file in the program directory is entirely adequate.)
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on 25 September 2014
Having used Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (FS2004) a couple of years back I knew what to expect if I bought FSX. It's a bit like a DSLR camera, you start with the basics and then add to it as you become more professional. If you search Google for add-ons you will quickly realise that there are a lot of additional planes and helicopters along with scenery packs (Not developed by Microsoft). You can easily spend hundreds on these but don't let that put you off. There is enough in this pack to keep you going as far as missions and general flight planning goes but some of the add-ons on offer will offer more eye candy than the standard FSX offers.

Don't get me wrong, it's okay but, it's quite basic and not very realistic at low flight. Scenery packs are developed for specific areas so if you like London for instance, you could invest in that area?

I have had some issues with the default terrain textures which seem to jump out into the sky, blocking everything outside the cockpit. This can be very annoying when you are coming in for a final approach. I have researched and some say it's a case of messing arround with the texture settings. The settings are very customisable so it's going to take some time I guess. You can set it a very high detail if your system can handle it?

My system is no slouch so I have everything on max but as I said, my textures are having issues so I may need to turn them down. As far as I am aware, Microsoft do not provide support for FSX any more so it really is down to you and research I'm afraid.

My system is running Windows 7 (64 bit) with 16GB Ram. I have an i5-3750k and a HD-7950 with 3GB with everything installed on an 256GB SSD drive. The whole package installation takes around 13GB once installed although if you do intend to get expansion packs it's worth taking that into account at a later date.

Overall, this is a big improvement over FS2004 but not massive. There is more on offer in terms of missions but the general game play is the same. It's obviously better looking too especially with added scenery packs. There's also a more sophisticated learning environment with added audio guidance. FS2004 lacked this I'm glad it was addressed for FSX. You do feel like you are learning more.

Make sure you have time on your hands for some of the tutorials. They can last a long time!

I have taken a star away because of the odd bug here and there and the texture issue I'm having.The default graphics and cockpit textures could have been a little better too. But, as this is a "simulator" it's also important to realise that the game play and realism is what really matters. The balance of realism is up to you depending on your experience but I suggest you keep it to a minimum to start off with?

At around £20, FSX GOLD is a steal. If you like flight sims, you will love this. It just needs time, patience and the odd add-on or two!!
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on 21 September 2014
This is an obsolete piece of software that will not run on modern versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and 8.
Microsoft themselves say that the product is old and is now considered obsolete and that they no longer support it.
I have heard that it works on the obsolete Windows XP system, which Microsoft stopped supporting some time ago.
Yet despite all this it is still on sale by dealers who seem to me to wish to off-load their old stock.
WHY on earth is AMAZON helping them to do this.
This useless piece of junk was delivered to me today, Sunday 21st Sept. and it is going back to Amazon. If they don't repay the cost - including special delivery - I will take the matter to Trading Standards and further with their advice.
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on 4 April 2014
This is the first modern flight simulator I have played, so thought I'd share my findings for anyone in a similar position who isn't sure what to expect.

First of all, the game is much better when played with a joystick. You can use keyboard and mouse, but I found this very difficult to get used to, and as soon as I got a joystick, it became much easier to handle the planes. I can recommend the Thrustmaster T.Flight X - that's what I bought and it has worked perfectly to date.

Learning the controls can be a very daunting prospect at first, especially if you go into key mapping and see the incredibly long list of commands covered! Don't be put off - you get used to it and you'll soon find what you want to have access to most and then it's just a case of working out the right set up for you. Some of this will depend on you're preferred viewing method. I like to use outside views and so need to have more controls mapped than if you prefer a cockpit view, where you can just press whatever control you need from in there. The detail in this is excellent, as it really gives you that sense of being there and doing it.

There are some great tutorials that cover everything from your first take-off and landing, to an introduction to flying jets and helicopters. I strongly recommend that if you came to it as a complete newbie like I did, that you play through all of the 'Beginner' level missions at least, and then do some free flights to get more used to how everything works.

There has clearly been a lot of detail worked into the game, but I found it didn't really hit me at first because a lot of the scenery is like a big Google map satellite picture that you fly over. Buildings are placed throughout the game world, and airports have been built up to be realistic (down to terminal gates, plane stands, and taxi ways). The realism you want is largely down to you - you can always take off straight from the runway, or you can taxi there and go through the whole communication process with Air Traffic Control. This continues into flying and landing at your destination - you can just fly in and shut down, or arrange your landing and taxi to your stop.

Sound is another impressive element - engine sounds, alerts, and ATC comms are very realistic.

I also recommend you spend time getting used to using the flight planner. If you just jump in and fly, you'll need to know where you're going to land somewhere. If you plan your flight, you can use the in-game GPS and you'll know where you're going and how long it will take you to get there. It's easy enough to pick up how to use it, and if you do miss anything then there is a vast knowledge base that covers everything in the game.

Once you're used to how the game works, you can play through the variety of missions available (anything from a secret flight to Area 51, to a Carrier landing), or you can do what I have an jump into the vast world of Flight Sim add-ons! There is tons of freeware out there, literally thousands of pages of it. Everything from planes to scenery and additional traffic (planes, road traffic, and ships). You don't have to be a computer whiz to use it, as most pieces come with detailed instructions on how to install, and some even come with an installer built in to it.

I recently registered for the Flyaway site and pay for member access, as once you start downloading this stuff, you'll want the extra speed and removal of download limits as there is so much you can get through. You get a lot to start you off with in the game itself, especially with the acceleration pack version, but there really is just so much you can add to it.

I mention this because I found the simulator itself got boring pretty quickly if you don't have anything to make it work for. Most planes have an autopilot, and while it's obviously up to you to use it or not, just flying for the sake of it didn't really appeal for long.

There are several things out there dedicated to giving you a reason to fly from A to B. FS Economy is a good place to start, as it's free to play, and then Air Hauler is a good piece of software that focuses purely on cargo. Again, it takes a bit of getting used to with how these elements work, purely because rather be added as a part of FSX, they are stand-alone programs that interact with it - but once you've played a couple of times, they are very good enhancement of the original software.

So in summary, don't expect to see your street modelled in detail because it's not set up that way, but the water effects and areas of attention to detail is impressive when you consider it covers the whole planet!

Sounds are excellent and add to the experience, as does the fact that you can sit in a cockpit and experience an actual flight as you would if you were in the real thing.

And look at what's out there to take the simulator further - whether it's adding elements to it or giving you a reason to fly from one place to another.

Hope this helps you decide if it's for you!
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on 15 November 2016
Hi. I am disappointed by the support I had from Microsoft. The Simulator is fantastic, but to get it running was not easy. I installed with no problems, but the online activation of the game failed for some reason. I contacted Microsoft and I was told that their server had some problems. They were going to fix the problem and I should have received a message from them within few days. I waited, and waited... then I called the support. To find the right number was not easy, but at the end I managed. They told me that as soon as a fix was available they were sending me a message. I waited for 2 years, asking every 2 months if there were any news... then I managed to have a cracked version of the game and I informed Microsoft that I was going to install that version because they were not able to activate my bought copy of the game. The answer from them was: "Thank you for contacting... "
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on 30 April 2013
Reported to Amazon that Microsoft does not support this software on Windows 8. Thank you for warning about this now, due at least in part to my feedback.
Tried to install it on Windows 7.. It worked only once as the computer was not on the internet due to lack of Antivirus on the windows 7 computer. It can not now be registered on the net and so is now unusable. Solution??
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on 24 March 2014
After installing the game I had problems with my computer, not game related but I still had to reinstall my computer and completely wipe it clean. When I tried to reinstall the game for a second time Microsoft put some sort of lock on there games so you can only use it once. After a month on and off messing about with it I have given up. Just remember if you buy this game it can only be installed once on your lap top, after that it goes in the bin.
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on 2 August 2013
If you have never installed Microsoft flight simulator 2004, or Microsoft flight simulator X on your computer in the past, IGNORE my review, and enjoy the game, it will work fine and you will like it alot.

If you have removed the game and have come to reinstall the game, read on and then cry ! I have a Windows 7 machine, it is extremely difficult for you to install Flight Simulator X, IF you have recently uninstalled the same product on the same computer. What I am saying is that if your installation fails of the flight sim, and you come to uninstall it to reinstall it, you will find (like I did) that the installer will REFUSE to allow you to start the install process, as it believes that you already have an installation on the computer. I have gone though the registry top to to toe (and it took me over 2 hours just to do that) to find ANY entry about flight simulator and remove it. I then searched the computer file system, and found more entries that the previous install did not remove when told to uninstall, so I removed them, then I found hidden folders with more flight sim files in that had been missed, and still to this day I cannot install the simulator due to something telling the installer , that there is a current installation already in existence on the hard drive. I even took to creating a new user account on my Windows 7 machine, and attempt to install it there, but alas it still shows the same error. On looking up what others have found or tried or found to cure the issue on-line, I found that Microsoft are aware of the fault, and THEIR OWN repair to the fault is to FORMAT your computer as there is a corruption in the installer system that windows 7 is using , and that cannot be removed and reinstalled in itself.... So for now, this simulator will sit on a shelf until the day I want to format my computer for a necessary reason, Currently there is no fault with my PC, and I am not prepared to format a 5TB drive just to be able to install a game. When the system fails for an actual reason, like windows no longer runs, or a virus has done something... THEN I will format. I am just so annoyed that Microsoft cannot cure this without a format.... its utterly stupid.
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on 6 December 2013
I'm very pleased with this software.

I will write a more extended review soon.

Meanwhile, I dropped a star because the scenery is crap that comes with it and since my last encounter with flight simulators in the late 90's, I was disappointed to note how little they seemed to have moved on in the intervening time. I know this was developed in the mid 2000's but even so. However, there is enough of an improvement in PC technology to make flight simulation a much more reliable and pleasurable experience today.

More soon . . .

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on 29 June 2014
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