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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2009
Compared to the 10th anniversary edition, this new 2009 release (ignore the [1995] designation in Amazon's listing) has very noticeably better picture quality. There is greater detail but, more importantly, the colour grading is far more accurate. Well worth paying the extra money for, with or without the extra features.
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on 4 April 2009
This new special edition of Pride and Prejudice is well worth the money I paid for it. Finally the colour has returned to the world of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy with breathtaking results. I own the 10th Anniversary Edition as well, the Special Edition easily beats it in every way. This is the best adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and it has now been given the treatment it deserves!
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on 16 March 2002
I can't say I've ever enjoyed a Jane Austen adaptation as much as this one in my entire life! The whole series is an absolute delight from start to finish.
Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle portray the lead characters of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett perfectly. Never has Lizzie been so pretty, witty or charming nor has Darcy ever been so brooding, mysterious or handsome as in this series. The chemistry between the leads is electric and the sparks certainly fly in one of the best romantic love stories ever told.
The fact that the writer's have taken the step of showing more of a background for Darcy also helps the viewer appreciate what a good and kind man he really is all along, rather than, as in other adaptations, he appears to suddenly change into being nice.
The casting of Julia Sawahla as the selfish, stupid Lydia Bennett was also inspired. She carried off a difficult role so well that in the end you still have to like her for all her faults.
As for the rest of the cast - there wasn't one that let the series down one tiny bit. Notably, David Bamber as Mr. Collins was suitably sweaty and snivelling, Alison Steadman as Mrs. Bennett was fantastically highly strung, Adrian Lukis as Wickham was a suave villan and Anna Chancellor's, Miss. Bingley was deliciously nasty.
If I could give the rating more stars I would. It's an absolute must for all Jane Austen fans and if you're not a fan already then watch this and you will be!
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on 4 November 2008
After two dreadful DVD releases (the first and the 10th anniversary edition) in which all of the warmth had been drained from the glorious original 16mm print as seen on TV and on VHS, the BBC and 2 Entertain have finally repented and this, one of television's most beloved series has been restored to its former beauty. In 2005 I foolishly bought the 10th Anniversary Edition as the cover art-work suggested that the problems with the original transfer had been corrected. Upon viewing it, I wrote to the head of BBC in Australia with the challenge that if she could find any of the colours on the packaging actually on the DVD, I would happily walk naked down a Melbourne street at peak hour. Luckily for the locals, none could be found, and the offending item was returned. Now I am delighted to say that the original warmth has been lovingly restored in the Blu-Ray edition. Yes, as previous reviewers have stated, it was not shot in HD, nor even in 35mm - just humble 16mm, and at times some of the long-shots are not entirely distinct - yet it is a small quibble, and this is well worth the purchase to be able to once again see this iconic series in the rich tapestry of colours in which it was originally made. Thank you BBC/2 Entertain for restoring a true gem.
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on 30 June 2006
This is an absolutely fantastic adaptation of a truly classic novel.

Jennifer Ehle as Lizzie is wonderful in her performance as the independant, intelligent Bennet sister who will not marry for anything less than love.

All the characters were brought to life in this adaptation and this is FAR superior to anything before or after it! Namely the very flashy, confusing version starring Keira Knightly. This, in my opinion was just an excuse to cash in on a very successful novel.

No one can match Mrs Bennet, Lizzie, Jane, the bungling Mr Bingley and his poe-faced sisters. And absolutely NO ONE can take the place of or replace Colin Firth as the proud heart stoppingly gorgeous Mr Darcy.

I have seen this series over a hundred times (no exaggeration) and have not tired of it and i know that i never will.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon and a sunny Wednesday afternoon alike, this series is always a welcome distraction to life and everything that comes with it.

A special mention must be made of Mr Collins. He is so totally cringe worthy it makes me laugh. The actor who played him did an award winning job of bringing the character to life.

THIS is the only version of Pride and Prejudice anyone should own.
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on 17 March 2009
The picture quality is sharp and bright and makes an already fantastic production visually better. The characters seem to be even more alive and the remastering brings out their facial features and expressions even more so. The background characters at the assembly room and the Netherfield Ball, once barely noticeable stand out. The costumes look sharp and fresh in particular the red capes worn by Lydia and Kitty on their way into Meryton. In my opinion certainly worth the investment.
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on 7 May 2002
I hate myself for not discovering this brilliant BBC 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice any sooner then this Easter. Since buying it, I've watched it hundreds of times and am still fancinated by it every time I watch it again! I was never into period drama, but by this film, I am truly humbled to call it a 'one off'.
It is challenging enough a task already to turn such a famous much loved novel into a film, but to a film that is as high quality as the book, it's extraordinary! The producers have truly done a good job, as well as doing the novel justice.
This film is perfect in every aspect, as well as being completely faithful to the novel itself, the choice of location, the costumes, the acting, the dances, the music, the script and choice of cast, especially the leading man and woman, Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet, is outstanding! Ehle really has the talent in bringing out that liveliness, wit and spirit of Austen's favourite heroine, and surely nothing can show Darcy's deep hidden affections better than Firth's 'come to bed' eyes.
However, despite the beautiful graphics menu, I would like to comment on how annoying the rolling of credits are, at the beginning and end of each episodes on the DVD format. 'The Making Of...'on the DVD also disappointed me slightly as there's no interviews with the two main characters. However, despite the minor shortcomings, a 'big thumbs up' to Pride and Prejudice 1995.
The price may be expensive for a DVD, but believe me, ...for an experience of a lifetime is definately worth it!
Overcome your prejudices, P&P is not just for the over 30s, I've just turned 17, and am already a proud owner of this exceptional 1995 adaptation on both the VHS and DVD format. When will you be?
Let this be one of those rare ocassions where I give 5-stars to a most deserving product...
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on 21 September 2005
I'm very disappointed with the video quality of this Anniversary Edition because the colors look washed out just like the previous releases (in the UK and the USA) of the widescreen edition. A reviewer's comment on the USA widescreen edition posted at can also be fittingly applied to this Anniversary Edition: "... the colors are not just washed out, the digital remastering has changed the color tone of the film as if someone used a Photoshop/Premier digital filter without knowing what they were doing. The VHS and original [DVD, fullscreen edition] not only had rich color saturation, but also had a warm tone that felt 'right' with the period film. The [widescreen edition] DVD is not only washed out, but has a strong blue-white tone to it that gives a cold modern feel to the scene..."
There's no need to replace your previous DVD with this Anniversary Edition.
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on 19 March 2006
I absolutely love this story.....and the way the story is told in this tv adaptation is superb. The cast is fantastic, the settings are beautiful, I can't fault it, in any way. Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle have a great on screen raport and at the end a great on screen romance. I have owned this DVD for many, many years and will never get fed up, with watching it. Even my boyfriend has to admit, that it's a great story, he particualy likes Mr Bennetts dry wit. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
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on 2 June 2006
Of all the Jane Austen adaptations this is the greatest. And that's including cinema's most wonderful adaptation - Sense and Sensibility. Her character based plots demand mini-series length plots to truly flourish and that's what allows this work to blossom. It has room to breathe. It also helps that the creators have been so careful in the set construction, costumes, writing, direction and most importantly in any Austen adaptation, its casting.

There really isn't an error in the casting here. Mrs Bennett is suitably screeching. Her husband, nicely unsentimental. The pick of the support is Mr. Collins. He can come across as an unsufferably twee monster on the page, but in this adaptation he is played as the perfect fool. It's a wonderfully droll performance. And of course our hero and heroine are uniformly excellent.

This is a stately production; of the kind only the BBC can really make with such veneer. Any lover of acting, or literate writing would be silly not to add it to their collection.
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